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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Dixie and JR go to find Annie. Jonathan tells them they will not find her and neither of them are fit to be around Emma. Although Dixie is not ready to give up on finding her daughter, she tells JR that she understands Annie's bond with her daughter. Ryan wants to believe Annie but is baffled as to why she refuses to take a DNA test that will prove that Emma is hers' and not Tad and Dixie's. Julia confirms to Tad that medical evidence says that Emma matches his DNA. Adam is confronting Sean and assuming that he's "hurt" Colby. But Bianca defends her brother and reminds Adam what his son has done to her family. Krystal tells Adam that he must realize that his daughter chooses to be sexually active and let her know that her father loves her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lucy as well as Barbara is stunned by Dusty’s acceptance of Craig’s offer to hold a benefit for Jen. Spiro is angry with Simon because he thinks Carly went to the cops. He threatens both their lives subtly and explains Simon now owes him double interest for his problems with Oakdale PD. Katie breaks into Simon’s room only to find Carly there. Katie wants to know how serious things are? Carly calls her on her feelings for Simon while married to Mike. She better figure out what she is doing before she loses Mike. After Carly leaves in a rush, Simon finds a snooping Katie in his room and tells her to leave because he is only interested in finding Carly. A dark day befalls Oakdale as one by one, the residents of this town learn of Hal’s untimely death when he interceded in a robbery. Each person shares memories of him. Many gather at Yo’s to remember Hal. Jack, with Carly at his side, speaks to the group gathered. A concerned Simon finds Carly, Jack and Parker huddled together talking and seems rattled.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shane tells the court that he saw the whole thing that night. Thorne wants to hear the details, so does the judge. Shane tells the whirlwind circumstances. The judge calls a recess and declares that no one can leave. Thorne is confused and doesn’t know what to think. But, if it really was an accident, Taylor doesn’t deserve to serve ten years of her life in prison. After a lot of legal bickering back and forth, the judge asks Thorne what he’d like to see happen here? Assistant D.A. Tartaro agrees to a lesser sentence and her lawyer, Stephanie and a nod from Thorne convince Taylor to change her plea from guilty to not guilty for the gross vehicular manslaughter charge. In her cell, Taylor profusely thanks Thorne for his compassion and tells him how much she misses Alexandria.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi calls Bonnie to Chez Rouge to ask for a ride and money to fix her now broken down car. Bonnie claims to be broke. Bonnie calls surrogate Lauren to gush about having dinner together. Mimi discovers a receipt showing that Bonnie has ordered an expensive dinner for two negating her claim to be broke and confronts her believing that she was dining with an elderly man she was trying to swindle. Bonnie claims that’s the truth but Mimi doesn’t believe her. Mimi tells Hope that Willow is a former hooker. Hope confronts Maggie before heading off to talk to Shawn. Maggie advises Willow to stay away from Shawn. Abby visits Stephanie in the hospital and Stephanie laments that Max hasn’t come to visit her. Max admits to Shawn that he was leading Stephanie on to make Chelsea jealous. Abby brings Max a gift to take on his visit to see Stephanie and she talks Max up so much after he leaves that Shawn questions whether Abby has feelings for Max. Max realizes after giving the gift that Abby had picked out a teddy bear with a romantic message. Stephanie hyperventilates when Max breaks up with her so he decides to stick around.

John stops the lovemaking with Marlena to get down on one knee and propose again. Before he can, Sami bursts into the penthouse desperate for Marlena’s help with her own problems. Sami tells Marlena about blackmailing Lexie and tries to put the blame on Lexie when Marlena is furious with her. Sami asks Marlena to talk to Roman on her behalf but Marlena refuses. Marlena refuses to even forgive Sami herself so Sami tries to make Marlena feel guilty and selfish. Bo asks John to help him prove Patrick’s guilt. John asks Bo to consider that Patrick could really be innocent but agrees to meet with Patrick. Patrick demands to be let out of the arrangement with EJ but EJ insists that Patrick must stay in his employment or he will tell Hope that the baby she’s carrying is really Bo’s baby. Patrick threatens to sell EJ out if Bo gets too close to the truth but EJ warns that that’ll be the last mistake Patrick makes. EJ purposefully runs into Sami and offers her a shoulder to cry on.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Helena interrupts Colleen's would be seduction of a drugged Nikolas who thinks he's getting Emily in his bed. While she warns Colleen that servants with aspirations of grandeur tend to be get their throats slit, Emily arrives, prompting the terrified nanny to praise the Lord that she came, Helena was about to kill Nik.For once, Emily is on Helena's side in a dispute. A patient rejects Patrick because of the HIV risk. The patient dies later.Skye's delivery turns into a comedy of errors. Lorenzo is the only one there who might know what to do, but he is tied up, so Luke and Robert have to do it and are completely lost. Sonny refuses to back up Ric's claim that Jason beat him. Alexis pushes and Ric drops the charges. Ric is angry with Alexis over this and accuses her of wishing he was Sonny, of seeing his brother when she looks at him. She says no, what she sees is him having sex with her daughter.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Marcie is heading to the school to speak to the kids. She gets there and Britney is mean to Starr. They both get detention, but then Britney takes things too far when she talks aloud about how Starr's dad raped someone once. Marcie gets through it and returns home to her family. Jessica finds Nash while out and she begs him to cancel being a part of the wedding. Nash will not do that. He believes that Antonio was being sincere when he made the offer to have Nash in the party. Jessica knows that the whole time Nash will be thinking of nothing but how he wishes that he were marrying Tess. Evangeline still can't make up her mind about prosecution Spencer. Mark comes over and takes shots at Nora, knowing that she isn't up to speed after her illness. He also knows that Evangeline is in the running for the job but feels that she doesn't have a track record. She did lose the case for Todd but his conviction was overturned, so in the end it all worked out. Michael arrives and tells Evangeline that he really wants her to take care of the case for John. Evangeline talks to Cris about it and then makes her decision to take the case. Cristian and Antonio meet and Cristian tells that he feels his brother is being dishonest by not admitting that he is rubbing Nash's face in the situation by having him in the wedding party. Antonio thinks about what his brother says and realizes that he is speaking the truth. Chris feels on the other hand though that it might be a good thing to have Nash be up front when the nuptials take place. That should slam the idea home that he and Tess are never going to be back together again. Britney is so rude when Marcie come to visit the class that Sue bans her from the Halloween dance…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and Rebecca continue to try to figure out what secret is causing Theresa to forget about Ethan, yet appoint him Little Ethan’s guardian at Crane Industries. Gwen figures it has to be good, and she’s determined to find out what it is and blow her out of the water. Theresa almost got caught by Jared telling someone that Little Ethan is really Ethan’s son. Sheridan remembered seeing Luis last night, and wished she were with him, but Chris kissed her and brought her back to reality. Phyllis came to clean, and she and Sheridan talked about Luis spending the night at the mansion. Sheridan figured he was there in case the intruder came back, but when the maid told her she’d found him kissing Fancy in her room this morning, she was upset. Luis had heard Fancy having a bad dream and gone in to help her, but Fancy had grabbed him and kissed him, which is what Phyllis saw. When Sam called and told them to get to the office, they went right away. He came down hard on them, but gave them another chance, provided they stay away from each other.
Ethan and Julian talk about his custody suit against Theresa, but are interrupted by Gwen and Rebecca coming in. Gwen and Ethan leave quickly when it becomes apparent Julian and Rebecca want to renew their relationship, which they do in the guise of Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes. Chris gets a call from someone, probably Spike, and tells him to leave him alone. Phyllis starts cleaning the cottage after Sheridan leaves, and finds the document Chris dropped when he burned the Omega papers. Someone came in and walked over to her, and when Sheridan came home, Phyllis was dead on the floor. She called Luis to come investigate. Theresa decides to cancel the custody hearing and go find JT instead in order to get him to keep quiet about Little Ethan’s true paternity. Fox called the agency who sent him a contract to hire Miguel as a model and told them he’s no longer modeling, then told Miguel he can’t get any more modeling jobs since he’s an old face and they want new ones, thereby insuring Miguel won’t be able to support Kay and Maria.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Devon gets on the Newman elevator. A man comes running up behind him, shouting to hold the elevator. Devon seems to be ignoring him and he lets the door start to close. "What is the matter with you? Are you deaf?" the man says after stopping the doors closing. A worker on the floor tells the man that Devon is in fact deaf. The man is quick to apologize. Devon heads to the coffeehouse where he finds Lily with earplugs in her ear, trying to see what it feels like to be Devon right now. "Take that out! That is stupid!" Devon tells that there is a special speaker coming to the school and even though he has someone to sign for him, it just isn't the same. He announces that he is thinking about quitting school. Michael meets with Will and tries to come up with other solutions for Dru to pay for her behavior but Will is firm. He wants at least years imprisonment. Michael heads to the Winters' place to give them the news. They are devastated. Michael has the kids removed before telling the parents that there is more they have to deal with. Will could force Neil to testify against his wife. Neil says that he will not say anything against his wife, but he may have no choice in the matter. When Dru hears that the best that Will will take is 2 years imprisonment, and that she should consider it, Dru is incensed with anger and vows to stand and fight. "You should think about it as losing at a trial could open you up to 8 years imprisonment." Neil and Drucilla decide to fight! Lily is angry that her mother is looking at jail time. Daniel finds her waiting to talk to Carmen. She is sure that she can get the woman to drop the charges. Daniel tells her to forget that idea and he drags her out of there. Later though, he loses track of her and knows instinctively where she is. Lily finds Carmen in the boardroom and Carmen jumps when she see the girl. "Oh you scared me." Lily says that seems to be something she and her mother have in common. "What is wrong with you people?" Carmen asks when Lily starts shouting at her about going after a married man and then being surprised when people don't like it. People are peeking in from the hall at the fiasco. Daniel comes rushing in. He pulls his teenage wife to the wall and holds her. Carmen Mesta walks out. "Lily! You have just made things twice as bad for your mother by doing that to Carmen!" Nick and Phyllis make it to Pépé's Tavern and the citizens of the town surprise them with a great wedding. Nick had to help with a fire in town so that the JP who is also the Fire Chief could do the wedding. They get hitched and honeymoon on the jet…

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