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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica is really disappointed to find out that Kendall has gotten back with Zach. Kendall admits to Babe that she has her doubts about Zach just like Babe has about JR. Josh goes through the many condolency letters sent to him by parents whom his father has heroicly given children to. He tells her that he'd like to tell all of these people what kind of monster his father was and that the kids are probably genetic clones of Greg. She tells him that there's no point in doing that. It will only hurt the parents and children to find that out. Also they chose to ask for Greg's help and to have an anonymous donor. And she tells him she believes that he is just getting frustrated over his failure to have a relationship with Babe. Ryan finds out that Jonathan has been hiding Annie. Jonathan tells his brother that he is willing to risk his own consequences in order to help a mom who would give her life for her child. ANd Ryan should agree that they should have had a mom like that. Ryan tells Jonathan that he believes that Tad and Dixie have the right to know, however, whether Emma is their child. At the hospital, Julia helps Tad to get the DNA information and tells him that based upon the evidence, Emma does have his and Dixie's DNA. Ryan asks Annie what is up. SHe finally reveals to him that Emma is not her child.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy Bonus recap

Will surprises Gwen with a trip to St. Lucia for their honeymoon.  Casey sends a tape of Gwen singing to his brother Adam who is a music producer.  As Will and Gwen are dancing, Will gets a bad phone call, but doesn’t explain what it was about.  Craig apologizes to Lucy, Barbara, Lucinda, and Dusty, and announces that he is no longer associated with the Jennifer Donovan foundation, but explains that he is having a party to help fund the hospital.  Katie gets jealous of Carly and Simon’s relationship and heads up to Simon hotel room to find out the truth.  Jack leans on Spirro and threatens to throw him in jail if he does anything wrong.  After their meeting, Spirro heads to the Lakeview and tells Simon that the blonde called the cops and he’s going to pay for it. 

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig tells Barbara. Lucinda, Dusty and Lucy that he canceled plans for the foundation but he does want to have a Halloween benefit to raise funds for the hospital. Dusty persuades Lucinda to agree to the idea so they can discover Craig's real agenda. Lucy takes the direct approach and demands Craig tell her his agenda. Will and Gwen celebrate with Maddie and Casey because they are back together again. Will surprises Gwen with plans for a honeymoon trip. Jack threatens the loan shark and gets men to follow his every move in order to protect Carly. Katie is very bothered by the thought that Simon and Carly may have made love. Will gets a devestating call that could put an end to his happiness. The Loan shark isn't happy that Carly talked to the police so he tells Simon he will pay for Carly's mistake.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne visits Taylor in her cell, finding it hard to believe that she cherishes him. Time won’t heal this wound but she exclaims that she will pay for what she did when she is sentenced. Somehow he doesn’t think ten years is going to explain that to little Alexandria. She says she is sorry and he has every right to hate her. It’s little comfort to him that the person responsible is the same person who has become the most important woman in his life and he even thought Darla approved of that. Now they are all looking at her like some ding-bat which she is not. Taylor agrees, she was a SAINT, not a fool.

Thomas joins in with Ridge and Phoebe and Brooke. Shane plays cat and mouse with Stephanie taunting her if he should offer his testimony or just keep his mouth shut. Is she trying to buy his testimony? She cuts to the chase and asks what does he want – it’s his. With Thorne hidden and watching nearby, Taylor has a tearful reunion with Thomas and Phoebe and Ridge. Sally wants to support Thorne and get Darla justice so she sits on the prosecution side. The judge hands down the sentence and Stephanie breaks into court spouting that this man saw it all, it was not vehicular manslaughter and Taylor needs to change her plea. Assistant attorney Tartaro objects, but Thorne rises and face to face with Shane asks if this is true? Did his wife fall into the path of Taylor’s car?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie still turns down Tek’s proposal but Tek refuses to take no for an answer. Lexie hands Tek a restraining order. Tek ignores the order so Lexie threatens to dial the police to make him leave. Carrie can’t understand why Austin isn’t as upset as she is and is determined to make everyone involved pay for their crimes. Carrie confronts Lexie about lying to her. Lexie defends keeping the secret by telling Carrie about her threatening phone call. Carrie still plans to report Lexie’s behavior to the AMA and to Abe. Sami tries to stall when explaining what happened to Will but Lucas insists that Sami tell Will the truth. Sami tries to downplay her actions but Will decides to move back in with Lucas. Kate stops by and Lucas tells her what Sami did but Sami blames it all on Kate. Sami despises Kate’s offer to let Lucas and Will stay with her. Sami tearfully pleads for a second chance but Will and Lucas both walk out on her.

Hope heads to the police station to take Patrick’s side in her statement. Abe talks with Hope about Bo’s behavior. Roman and Abe argue with Bo about taking the law into his own hands. Bo asks for the chance to prove that Patrick is working with someone and Abe offers to talk to his bosses about looking into Bo’s concerns. Abe warns him to stay away from Patrick and the case. Patrick arrives at the station and secretly delights in Hope being overly apologetic for what Bo did. Bo has to be held back when he runs into Patrick at the station and Abe rescinds his offer before relieving Bo of duty. Patrick meets with his accomplice, EJ.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robert and Luke find Skye and prepare to rescue her, but Lorenzo realizes they are there and turns the tables on them.However, thanks to Skye, they reverse things again and knock him out, but she worries about if they should leave him in such a state, and it's long enough for the labor to begin. Mac informs Lucky he will stay away from Maxie and the baby. The cops come to arrest Jason for attempted murder. Emily sees Colleen about to make a move on Nik while he is asleep and stops it. Later, she asks for Bernie to do a background check on the nanny. Colleen tries to tell Nik to stay away from Emily, but he says he will always choose Emily over anyone. Lulu turns to Sonny to get rid of Maxie.He does not think that's a good idea. Alexis figures out that Jason knows about Ric and Sam. Sonny's people tell Emily that Colleen's clean, but her past does contain a string of mysterious deaths of the fathers she has worked for. The nanny drugs Nik and tells him she is Emily, then crawls into his bed. Sonny tells Ric that he can either drop the charges or he will tell Alexis about what happened between Ric and Sam.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

The Buchanans are back at the house and Paige has come over as requested. Nigel goes to get Asa to have him tell if Spencer could possibly be his son. They have to be careful how they proceed with their query into Spencer's past as that could compromise the murder investigation. Todd has gone to the jailhouse. Todd tells her to get out. He knows that there is a rule that only one person can see a prisoner at a time and that is how he gets Blair escorted out of there. He asks Spencer if it is really true that he is Asa's son. "Where is your mother? Did you off the old cow too? Is she mummified? By the way, where is my kid?" Blair comes in while Todd is in there. She tells Spencer that she has moved back into the mansion with Todd and her kids. When she asks Todd to confirm that, he comes over to her and she and Todd kiss and nibble on each other's lips right up close to the bars so that Truman can see. He isn't unaffected, feeling that Blair is just doing this because she still wants him as much as he wants her. He promises to show her how much he loves her when he gets out. Adriana stands by and listens as her mother screams in terror over being locked in the closet. Dorian really has a meltdown inside. She cries and screams and claws at the tiny lit space under the door. She even thinks that David is doing this but he doesn't answer her screams. Adriana hears that her mother is getting really terrified and finally she lets her out of the closet. The sight of Adriana brings relief to Dorian's face. They go to the stairs and Dorian falls to the ground. "I was here the whole time mom. I was the one who locked you in the closet!" Dorian can' believe this. What she did was a mistake but Adriana knows about Dorian's upbringing and this was an intentional act to hurt her. Adriana says she refuses to feel guilty about this and she runs out. Antonio pushes and finally Nash agrees to be a part of the wedding for Bree's sake. Jessica worries about it though as she knows that the whole time, Nash is going to be thinking that this should have been his wedding with Tess. Claudia is the club when Antonio comes in to pick up his order. "Wow that's a lot of food." Antonio tells he is having Nash over for dinner. "And you left him with Jessica?" After she learns that Nash is going to be in the wedding, she orders the best vodka the club has with rocks… Todd wants to know where his kid is. He toys with the idea of hiring someone to get in the jail and beat Spencer to pieces. "I promise you, if you beat these charges and get out, I will kill you." Blair tells Spencer that she will kill him if Todd doesn't.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox kept trying to get Kay to open the bathroom door, but she couldn’t, since she was in the tub with Miguel. Fox got the key and opened the door, but Miguel ducked under the water, leaving Kay “alone” in the bubble bath. She and Fox talk for a while, with Miguel doing his best to hold his breath, but it gets harder and harder. He moves, and Fox wonders what’s in the water with Kay, who says nothing is there. Just when Miguel is almost out of breath, Endora zaps him to his room, safe and dry. Kay got out of the tub and told Fox she loves him, then ran to Miguel’s room to see where he went. He tries yet again to get her to leave Fox and marry him, but she still wants the answer to what he’d do if Charity came back. Fox came to his room and Kay had to hide until he left, and then she went to her own room, still saying she’s marrying Fox.
Tabitha and Julian argued once again over custody of Endora, with him wanting custody and Tabby saying he’ll never have it. She says he’s shown he’s not a fit father, and he says she’s too strange to raise a child, but she has the last word when she reminds him of how he’s trying so hard to make Fox doubt Kay’s love. She vows that there is no way he will ever take her daughter from her.
Sheridan went for a late night walk on the grounds and dreamed of seeing Luis and kissing him. As she looked at the mansion, thinking he was in there with Fancy, he walked out on the balcony and saw her, smiling. Fancy came out on her balcony and saw him, declaring that she will do whatever she has to in order to win his love. Gwen and Rebecca still want to know why Theresa backed off of chasing Ethan, and what JT Cornell has to do with it. Gwen asked Theresa about it, but the woman had nothing to tell her, making her wonder even more what was up.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

A message comes in for Jack but Carmen has the phone when the message comes in. Jack has no idea and they exchange phones so that each has the phone that belongs to them. Later Jack realizes that a call has come in that he missed. He goes back to Carmen and fishes around to see if she noticed the message that came in. He soon learns that she did see the message from Mr. Kim asking for permission to make purchases for office expenditures. Jack tells that it would make sense for Mr. Kim to come to him for advice on purchases for Jabot. Carmen knows that this is none of her business… "But if something were to go wrong, then the damage control would come to me anyway. I guess that I wouldn't mind if you sent some more business my way." Jack smiles. Jack goes to his sister and tells her how Carmen knows their dirty little secret. "We have to get rid of her. I don't care how we do it but we have to just get her out of here." Jack makes contact with Ji min and while he is on the phone with the man, Carmen enters. Jack tells her that Mr. Kim has decided to offer her a position as Corporate Liaison for NVP and Newman's Asian offices. She will have to move to Asia of course, but there will be an apartment already set up and waiting for her. She is suspicious of this offer and Mr. Kim suddenly offering it, through Jack. He tells that this is an opportunity that is perfect for someone like her. She didn’t know that he cared that much about her career development. "Oh I am very interested in seeing talented people get what they deserve…" Gina has a scarf around her head and a sore throat, so when she arrives at the hospital, Lauren is suspicious. "Get out of here and don't come back." Later she sees she made a mistake and apologizes. "You don't have to worry anymore." Paul has returned. He tells that Sheila is dead. They confirmed it all with DNA testing. "I don't believe it!" Lauren says. Paul tells that he is most likely her as the dead woman did indeed have extensive work done to her and her face was the face of someone that would have been able to get close to Lauren. Paul shows the picture of Sheila that he has. She has the face of none other then…PHYLLIS! Phyllis meanwhile is on the corporate jet with Nick heading to get married. They get word that there is going to be an electrical storm and the flight will have to be diverted. "Not again!" Phyllis exclaims. Ashley comes to Mr. Kim. She is upset to see that he has been looking into her files and trying to make things better. "You need to understand Mr. Kim. The lab is my area. You are just a puppet here and nothing else."

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