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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Adam takes Krystal to the hospital when there are concersn about her pregnancy. Since she is over 35, doctors tell them the pregnancy could be a risk. She asks him if he will love their child no matter what. At first, he does not know how to answer that. But he remembers his brothter, Stuart, as a "special child", how he was not ok with seeing how Stuart was different and all, but now he realizes what an awesome person Stuart is because he is "different". And he concludes that if their child is "special", he'll love it no matter what. Everything is ok between them until David comes and reminds Krystal that he is aware that Tad could be the father. Tad is very upset about the fact that Annie and Emma have left town and he's still chasing his tail in his efforts to find Kate. He asks Di what she knows about whether Annie gave birth to Emma. Di believes that Annie did not lie that she did and that David might be scamming him. Tad tells Aidan that he is near a breaking point and doesn't know what to do. He then goes to tell David he needs to see the DNA evidence for himself. David tells Tad he cannot help him with any proof. But he guarantees that he's telling the truth that Emma is really Kate.

Bianca asks Babe what her intent is with Josh. Babe tells Bianca that she is getting back with JR and ending it with Josh. Bianca knows if that happens, it could destroy her brother. Plus she is concerned that Babe is trusting JR, yet again, only to find out he's not worth it and will never change. When she asks Babe about Josh, Babe reveals to her all of the awesome times she's spent with Josh and what an extraordinary person Josh is. Bianca is fascinated and asks Babe to tell her all that she does not know about her brother. SHe encourages Babe to seriously consider leaving JR for Josh. Babe tells her, however, that she can't. She believes that Josh will get over her in time and Bianca should bond with her brother.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Craig provokes another arguement between Paul and Meg because Megi is upset that Paul doesn't trust her. Craig cancels plans for the foundation and admits to Emily that he never plannedto start the foundation he just wanted to rattle Jennifer's family. Carly lies to Jack and tells himSimon found an oversees investor for the project. Lily tells Jade she is Rose's daughter. Lily also persuades Will to forgive Jade. Will and Gwen decide to rebuild their marriage since there is nothing standing in their way anymore. Katie is shocked to realize that Simon is in love with Carly.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she just heard about Taylor. He fills her in that she’s at a hearing right now pleading guilty. He feels guilty for not realizing Taylor needed help when they divorced and she started drinking. He’s glad Brooke is there and she vows she always will be for him. Shane reads the headlines to Hector, saying there could be accomplices, like Hector. Smugly, he thinks he is the answer to all of their problems. He could tell the court or he could pack his bags and head for the hills and never see them again. Showtime for Shane, he pretends to be leaving to make Stephanie beg him to stay and go tell the Judge what he saw that night – it was an accident that couldn’t be avoided.

In court, Taylor pleads guilty. Bail is denied with sentencing in three weeks. Taylor makes a statement that she doesn’t want to drag this out so Thorne and his little girl won’t have to go through this. The Judge agrees to sentencing that afternoon. Storm tells her that her love for Thorne is clouding her judgment, but she won’t hear of a change or one more second of torment for them. Thorne visits Taylor in her cell and she wants him to remember her and that her feelings were genuine and real. Everyone else has ditched her, but he showed her true love. He pays little heed as his heart is hardened.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Willow cozies up to Shawn to show off for Belle but Shawn asks her to leave them alone. Willow eavesdrops as Shawn tries to convince Belle that his fling with Willow meant nothing and leaves in tears. Shawn insists to Belle that he really does care about her and Claire. Belle tells Shawn about Philip leaving them. Shawn wants to reunite but Belle feels that Shawn has changed. Bo tries to talk to Hope once he finds her at Chez Rouge but Patrick tries to keep him away. Hope has Patrick leave so she and Bo can talk. Bo offers to walk away if Patrick walks away too. Hope refuses to believe that Bo’s hatred of Patrick isn’t totally personal. Patrick steps in when Bo physically grabs Hope in his effort to convince her. Bo fights with Patrick but Hope steps between them. Roman is called to the scene and is forced to arrest Bo for assault.

Kate meets with Roman to ask for his help in keeping Sami from Lucas. Roman scoffs at Kate’s worries about Sami and Lucas moving together and suggests that it’s really Kate’s kids that are the problem. Roman begins to consider Kate’s concern when she mentions how it’ll affect Will. Kate gets Roman to agree to talk to Marlena about Sami. Austin and Lucas try to pull Sami and Carrie apart. Their fight turns into a food fight when Will’s cake is knocked over. Lucas splashes them both with water and takes Sami’s picture with his cell phone to get her to stop. EJ eavesdrops outside the door as Lucas, Carrie, and Austin confront Sami about being blackmailed. EJ knocks on the door pretending to be concerned but Sami sends him away. Sami tries to blame Lexie but Carrie plans to reveal Sami and Lexie’s misdeeds to everyone so they will hate her too. Lucas decides to move out. EJ joins Kate to tell her about the scene at Sami’s apartment and Kate questions whether EJ is getting too personally involved with Sami. Austin suggests that he and Carrie should leave Salem for Switzerland. Will returns home and Lucas breaks the news to him about moving out.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Siri

Gus and Harley find out that they may have a new addition to their family and are ecstatic. Ava finds out that Coop knew that she was adopted before the arrest, and takes it badly. Alan-Michael vows to make sure that Olivia pays for what she has done. Alan plans on protecting his family - including Olivia and Lizzie. Jonathan promises to be there for Lizzie, and his baby. Ava and Alan-Michael have some fun together and end up in the same room at the Beacon. Tammy is pushed out of Lizzie's room, and then tells Jonathan he has a choice to make. Olivia tells Buzz the truth about how Ava was conceived. Coop overhears the tail end of their conversation.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

The judge orders counsel into chambers. Todd feels that Spencer being a Buchanan is just another reason to hate him. Bo wants proof but Spencer will not hand that to him on a silver platter. He tells how Asa had an affair with Emma and that was how he came to be. Blair thinks that this is sick and she stomps out of the room. Rex begs Adriana not to go through with this plan to get back at Dorian, but she is determined to make her mother pay. She promises not to take things too far. After Rex leaves, Adriana sees that Layla is in the living room still staring at the flowers that Vincent sent. She feels bad for her friend. "Oh don't pretend. I know that your boyfriend is trying to get dirt on mine!" Adriana is shocked by Layla's outburst. Layla says that it isn't fair that Adriana gets a second chance at love with Rex, while she doesn't. Adriana is surprised by what she hears in the girl's voice. "Love? You are in love with Vincent?" Rex catches up with a source in the park. Mick had some dirty dealings with Spencer but it was too much for him to handle. "They guy liked kids. There was this baby I seen him with once." Mick tells how he did a job for Truman where he took this Cochrane chick to the airport. Later, Mick wanted to make a few bucks and hit Spencer up for some work. When he arrived at Spencer's place, he saw the man coming out with a baby. He got in a car for a few minutes and then got out alone. The car drove off with the baby. Nash comes to Antonio and Jessica to thank them properly for being so cool about everything lately. He can get over Tess but he needs Jessica to do something for him first. Mick can't remember the car that Spencer was sitting in the night the baby was taken away but he runs to get a friend who may recollect. Rex turns and finds Marcie walking in the park with Tommy. He is happy of the child's adoption and hopes that he will be able to get another little guy back where he belongs. Rex is surprised to find Blair at Todd's place when he arrives to give him news. Blair eavesdrops from the stairs and hears about Todd trying to find his baby. Adriana tells the manager at Dorian's getaway that she will not be coming. Clint shows up and is seated. Viki arrives thinking that she is about to meet whoever wants to take over her paper. She becomes the other guest for the romantic evening to her surprise. She and Clint stare at each other confused. Dorian is dressed for her date and when she heads into the closet for the finishing touch, a hand pushes her in and closes the door. It is Adriana and she smiles knowing that she has ruined her mother's night with Clint.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Tabitha was still trying to get Endora to bring Kay and Miguel back, while Julian told Fox Kay must be with Miguel since both their cars are still in the driveway, even tho Tabby said she’d gone to get milk. Finally Endora starts bringing them back, and they end up in a bubble bath upstairs. Kay still wants to marry Fox, and still wants an answer from Miguel about what he’d do if Charity came back. Fox wants to believe Kay isn’t with Miguel, but his father is so sure he begins to wonder. As he passed the bathroom he hears noise and begins calling to Kay, trying to get in to see who’s in there. Sam was sorry he had to arrest his son, but Noah understood. Neither understood why Jessica left with Spike, tho. They were really upset when, leaving the station and headed home, they saw Jessica working the street. They want to help her but don’t know how, since she won’t let them, and they wonder what Spike has on her that keeps her with him.
Ethan caught Rebecca and a man he thought was JT, but it turned out to be a bellhop. He said he just got caught in the falling sheets, but Rebecca might have been with Arturo, who is from Rome. Ethan decides he must have been mistaken and apologized to his mother-in-law. Theresa is relieved he hadn’t found JT, causing Gwen and Rebecca to wonder what is up with her, since she’d run all over Rome and almost died trying to get JT to tell Ethan they were the ones who sent his paternity info to the tabloids. They spy on Theresa as she watches Ethan walk away and hear her say she’d love to tell him her secret if it wouldn’t cost her so much, and they become even more curious and determined to find out just what this secret is.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Devon worries that there isn't going to be much room at the shed for three people to be living there. Lily tells that they are going to look for a 3-bedroom place now. Daniel thanks Jack for letting he and Lily live at the shed. He tells that Devon has moved in now, and that they will be needing a bigger place. Jack tells of a property that his family owns by the university. Traci used to use it. It is empty and Jack will give the kids a good buddy discount if they want it. Daniel calls Lily and gives her the good news. The kids will check this lead out. Neil meets Carmen for a meeting. She asks about Devon but Neil refuses to discuss personal issues with her. Carmen will not be treated this way. She feels like he is harassing her. "Oh poor Carmen. First Dru and now me. The whole world is out to get you aren't they?" She stomps out of there. Daniel is heading to the elevator when Carmen comes around the corner and sees him. Daniel gets on the elevator. The door starts to close. "Can you hold the door?" Carmen shouts. "I can't reach the button," Daniel says as he watches the door shut. People are watching and see how Carmen has been slighted. She is in the conference room when the phone rings. It is Dru looking for Neil. "He isn't here." Dru doesn't believe that Neil isn't there. She was directed to that room in the building to find him. "Don't play games. Just put him on." CLICK! Carmen has just hung up. "I could just strangle her!" Dru spits. Nick and Phyllis go to see Michael and Lauren before heading out of town to do a little business and get married. You know that you will not be legally married?" Michael cautions. They know it but they just want to exchange vows before the baby arrives. Jack finds Carmen crying alone in the office. She tells how things have gotten out of control and how Dru is the cause of all that. Now people are looking at Carmen like she is crazy, "…AND I AM NOT GOING TO LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Jack just stares at her, surprised at the outburst. Neil and Drucilla end up at the kids new home. Dru tells that she called work to speak to Neil and Carmen was rude. Neil hopes things don't get worse because Carmen answered the call. Carmen sees a message for Jack and figures he has her phone. Paul tells Michael and Lauren that Sheila had some work done to herself. The doctor who performed the work has been killed, and his records have been destroyed or are missing. "Trouble is that we don't know what Sheila looks like now. She could be anywhere in the world and we wouldn't know. She could even be here in Genoa City."

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