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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh is distraught after Babe has told him it's over between them. He tells Simone that he cannot accept her job offer because it's too painful to be in the same office as Babe. He won't speak to Erica or Jeff and tells them he must move out of the hotel where they are nearby. Bianca is shocked to notice her mother getting so close to Jeff. Erica tells her daughter that she only loves Jack and only has "business" with Jeff and good excuses to move out of Jack's house. But Bianca seems to know better than that. David goes and find Josh and tells him he won't let him give up on Babe. It sounds like David has a trick up his sleeve in order to "help" Josh win his daughter over. Althought Josh does not listen to David, David knows all the secrets after Colby has told him what she overheard when she was hiding, in regard to Babe sleeping with Josh and that Krystal could be pregnant by Tad instead of Adam.

ATWT Recap Written by Amy (bonus recap)

Will and Gwen find out that Jade lied about the pregnancy and Gwen suspects that Jade faked the fall in the library as well. Simon demands that Carly back off so that Spirro doesn’t come after her. Carly refuses to abandon Simon so they decide to become partners once more. Lily rushes to Jades side and Lucy informs them that Jade could possibly be Roses real daughter. Katie sees Simon and Carly hugging each other and starts to get jealous.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lily, Holden and Luke learn Jade is seriously injured: Lily is desperate to see her now supposed niece. Holden is worried Lily is going to get hurt, but she is more concerned about Rose’s request to help her daughter. Will and Gwen are stunned to learn Jade was never pregnant. Jade has to have emergency surgery. Gwen thinks Jade had a plan set in motion that night they met at the library. Mike and Katie tell Jack that Carly is no longer with Simon and he needs to go see her. Margo jumps on the bandwagon. Carly finds a beaten up unconscious Simon and wants to help; Simon orders her to leave because he made the mess and he will clean it up without putting her at risk. When he comes back,he wants her gone. Katie is a bit affected when Simon doesn’t even acknowledge her. Nancy suggests he may be over her finally. Katie wants to know what is going on? Mike wants Jack to go see Carly and essentially run Simon out of town, so things will be better for all of them. Will confronts Luke. Luke admits he just found out Jade was never pregnant. She was going to try to sleep with him again. Gwen then realizes that Jade was trying to make her cause an accident at the library supposedly causing a miscarriage so Will would hate her. Luke tries to defend her, but Will is on a rampage. Why would Jade do this? Lily sits with an unconscious Jade and talks about Rose and Theresa. Simon comes home to an empty hotel room and is sad, but Carly has stayed. They agree finally to work together and get the building back up and running, so the money can safely get paid back. They seal their deal with a shake and of course a hug, which Katie sees. She runs off and right into Jack. Jade awakens and asks Lily if she found her niece?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric, Jackie, Sally, Felicia, Dante all are sitting around reading the headlines of Taylor's arrest, that she was the one they were hunting for all that time. Phoebe joins in and confesses they lied, but it wasn’t her mother’s fault, it was an unavoidable accident. Ridge slips in on Thorne who laments he can’t believe it either. Taylor meant the world to him, a reason to smile again and to laugh and to help Alexandria. And he fell in love with her, but now she says she killed Darla. How does he forgive her? Thorne doesn’t want to hear Ridge’s defense and vows he will never believe or make this Darla’s fault. And he still questions that Taylor loves him and could do this. Ridge warns him that Taylor could get a mandatory ten years. Is he willing to just stand by and let that happen? He’s the one person that can make her change her mind.

Stephanie visits Taylor in county jail. She advises her she does not have to be a martyr and confess. Taylor says she already has. Stephanie opines that she is NOT guilty of pre-meditated murder. If she is guilty of anything, it’s just of lying and they have all done that. Taylor says she will not change her mind. Stephanie begs her to think what she is doing and not throw her life away. Taylor is shocked that they want to take this to trial. She claims she does not deserve Thorne’s forgiveness; she DESERVES to rot in hell.

Lt. Baker talks to the D.A. in court. She doesn’t like the fact that Mr. Logan is going to represent someone who has already pleaded guilty. She is only letting Stephanie, Hector and Phoebe off the hook in exchange for that. She wants no surprises in court. Storm greets Taylor but she is not swayed. Judge Owens starts the proceedings and states a continuance is impossible. Thorne interrupts and the Judge tells him he can observe, but there will be no testimony. They read the charges and despite both her lawyer and Stephanie begging her not to plead guilty, Taylor looks back toward Thorne, who doesn’t respond, and then tells the Judge that she pleads guilty.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin and Carrie stop by to see Lucas to ask for an annulment and Sami lays on the guilt trip on Lucas’ behalf. Austin defends his character by bringing up how Lucas neglected to tell Austin that High Style was Carrie’s company. The gloved hand slips a note under Sami’s door telling the truth about Sami blackmailing Lexie. Lucas insists on reading it first and shows it to Carrie and Austin. Sami denies it at first but finally admits it when no one believes her. Everyone is furious with Sami and when Sami defensively tries to place the blame on Carrie, Carrie lunges at her.

Chelsea tells Patrick that now is the perfect time for him to go after Hope. Patrick acts like he doesn’t care for Chelsea’s advice. Kate drops by to reprimand Chelsea for her prostitute plan but Chelsea claims she was only following Kate’s advice. Shawn stands up for Bo by pointing out that he neglected Bo’s specific instructions about taking the boat out but Hope still blames Bo for being with Chelsea instead of her and Shawn. Patrick rushes to the harbormaster’s office to act concerned for Hope. Bo threatens to throw him out so he leaves on his own. As Chelsea eavesdrops, Patrick later pleads to Hope about going away and she reluctantly agrees. Bo comes looking for Hope but has to settle for leaving her a phone message instead. Belle complains to John and Marlena about her life turning out this way because of everyone keeping the secret of Claire’s paternity. John advises Belle to take a step back and let things happen. Belle agrees with Marlena’s advice of running to Shawn right now. Marlena lets John believe that Belle chose to follow her own intuition rather than his advice. Belle arrives to the harbormaster’s office just in time to see Shawn making out with Willow.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly is not willing to go along with Jax's wish for Alexis to be in their wedding, but he uses logic to get her to agree. One of Lucky's cop friends warns Liz that Ric's surveillance uncovered her secret about Jason and the baby. Ric offers to have Lucky reinstated on the condition that if he ever hurts Elizabeth again, he will destroy Lucky. Sam and Jason talk and she tells him she chooses him and he tells her he regrets breaking up. Maxie creates a scene when Dillon defends Lulu. Patrick returns home, still not completely convinced that the treatment will help Laura. Ric offers Liz his support. Lucky apologizes to Jason. Jax is angry that Sam was not with her mother and Ric was gone when Alexis was ill. Maxie goes to Lucky, begging/demanding support. Liz goes to Jason after her lunch with Ric and asks to dance with him so she can warn him about the place being bugged and what Ric knows while he holds her. Carly warns Sam not to underestimate Liz's hold on Jason.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair plays 'Happy Family' by making Jack's lunch and seeing him off to school. She promises him that they will be having a big family dinner that night. After Jack is gone, she turns and finds Todd behind her. "What the hell are you doing?" He tells her that no matter what she does, this arrangement will never be real. He is only going along with this for the children but he assures Blair that nothing will change his mind about her. She moves closer to him now and even though he orders her not to touch him she kisses him. He hates the feeling he gets around Blair now. She reminds him of someone else. There was another woman who he used to tell to back off and she never got it either. He finds Blair crazier than Margaret. Natalie goes to see Spencer to tell him that she wishes that he had died instead of John. She shows him her ring and calls herself John's fiancée, but Spencer feels he knows better. He asks Natalie if John ever actually told her that he loved her, or if that ring that she waves now has taken on a much bigger meaning that it has. He will not go to jail for the rest of his life so that she and everyone else can have a scapegoat for all the problems in Llanview. He can't believe that any man in his right mind would take Natalie over Evangeline. Natalie is crushed by his words. He found her relationship to John dysfunctional. He was aloof and obsessed with finding his father's killer. "You gave and gave and gave Natalie and all you got were a few crumbs in return. You just weren't woman enough." She can't believe how evil his is. She wonders aloud if he got this from his father. "My father will regret the day that he was born!" Natalie finds that totally strange to say. "Spencer, your father is dead." Nora is having some trouble with the case. She doesn't think that she is going to be able to handle it. Evangeline agrees to help her with it. Michael and Marcie finalize their adoption but are told that there is information missing from the file to do with Tommy's biological parents. Still it will not affect the adoption. Todd calls Evangeline to let her know that he is driving Blair to court but that it means nothing. Todd drives Blair to the courthouse, but he makes it clear that he is just giving her a drive and they are not a couple. When they arrive, Todd sees Evangeline and leaves a displeased Blair with Michael and Marcie to see her. Spencer doesn’t rise when the judge told to do so. "That wasn't my name that you called out your honor. My father is Asa Buchanan!" Kevin, Bo and Clint are together and they show little emotion at Spencer's announcement.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Julian tried to do work, but he kept thinking about Eve and how she’d affected his life, making him a better man. He gave it up, saying it does no good to dwell on the past, then walked into his room and found her there. She had come to pick up something she’d left, and he assumed it was some pricey trinket he’d given her, but it was actually just a carnival-prize brooch he’d won her. As she left, she tossed it on the floor and stomped it to pieces. He picked it up, realizing he’d made another mistake, but too stubborn and hurt to do anything about it. Eve went to TC’s house and found him watching a movie they’d seen when they were dating. He said he is happier when she’s there, and she said she’d always be there for him. Jessica and Spike were out on the street, with him pushing her to make money to support them. She didn’t want to turn tricks again, but he said if she doesn’t, he’ll tell her father about the johns she supposedly killed.
Ethan kept chasing Rebecca and JT Cornell, trying to get him to tell him who really gave his paternity info to the tabloid. As they ran between their room and Theresa’s on the ledge, Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, and Jared ran down the hallway. Ethan opened the curtains as Rebecca stood outside the window and she almost fell off the ledge, but Ethan saved her while JT ran. Later, they met back up and took off again, with Ethan in pursuit, until they ran into a hallway blocked by a cart full of dirty laundry. When Ethan caught up, he saw Rebecca and a man’s leg sticking out of the dirty sheets tossed out by the overturned cart. He thought he had his prey. Tabitha tried to talk Endora into bringing Kay and Miguel back to reality, but with no luck. However, when Fox tried to explain why he took her chocolate, telling her it’s because he loves and worries about her and has since the first time he saw her, she begins to relent. Miguel kept trying to convince Kay to leave Fox and marry him, and it almost seemed like he’d succeeded until the mention of Fox’s name reminded her she loves him. She asked Miguel what he’d do if they got together and Charity came back, and he had no answer.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Kevin returns as Jana is leaving with Billy. He walks by them unaffected. Billy goes ahead and Jana goes to Kevin to assure him that things are under control and that she will be back for closing. He asks if she is going out with Billy and she tells how she is just going to see his house. Kevin rolls his eyes. She promises that she will be back for closing and runs off. Victor sees Mr. Kim in the hall and invites him in for a chat about business. Victor is surprised at the way that Mr. Kim has taken to Jack. Mr. Kim says that he is impressed with the way Jabot and the family that started it. Lauren finally gets to leave her bed and go see her baby. They haven't even got names. Michael hadn't been thinking about that. Lauren can see that Michael was keeping himself distant in case he lost the child. Victor and Katherine talk about the sale of Jabot. Victor is surprised to learn that after Jack tried to purchase Jabot and failed, he then tried to buy the company secretly. Jana is fascinated by the mansion and when they are done with their tour, Jill is there in the house when the kids come in. She is surprised that Jana knows about how she rose from the life of a manicurist to CEO of a cosmetics company. Katherine meets her too and is stunned when Jana recognizes a Sung Dynasty piece in the house. Billy tries to sneak a kiss at the door but Jana interrupts it by picking that time to put on her helmet. Later, Katherine and Jill tell Billy that Jana is lovely and not nearly the Bohemian that she pretends to be. Back at the coffeehouse, Jana is surprised to find Kevin there. He asks about her date and she tells that she didn't like how Billy shows off and she found him arrogant. She emphasizes what she says by planting a big wet kiss on Kevin. Lauren's baby stops breathing for a short while. The doctor isn't concerned as preemies might do that. It will only become a concern if the happens a lot. Lauren and Michael need to name their baby. She likes the name 'Michael' but he wants the baby to have his own name. They finally decide on Fenmore Michael Baldwin. Lauren gets the news that she is going home, but the baby won't be going with her. He will have to be monitored for a few days longer. Victor meets with the elusive Mr. Kim and asks about the friendship the man has struck up with Jack Abbot. Mr. Kim says that he is impressed with John's family. Victor talks with Katherine and learns that Jack set up a fake company in an attempt to buy Jabot. He then goes to his laptop and types in 'The House of Kim' to do a search. The site for The House of Kim pops up, and soon Mr. Kim's picture does as well.

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