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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

David finds Colby at the restaurant, pays her check for her and tells her he can help her if she helps him. He finds out that she overheard Babe telling Krytal that she slept with Josh as well as Tad and Krystal confirming that they slept together and he might very well be the father of her baby instead of Adam. JR holds firm on his decision to not go after Josh and get him in trouble for Colby's accusation. Babe affirms that she and Josh are done and she is going to commit to her husband. Zach manages to get Kendall back and she tears up her divorce papers. Erica and Jeff are getting along really well

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike and Katie find out they can have children when Mike's fertility tests as well as Katie's come back negative. Theresa tells Holden and Lily that the orphange mixed up the files and Jade is Rose's daughter later Lily looks at the copy of Jade's medical records and discovers that she ,Rose and Jade have the same blood type. Maddietells Casey what happened the night Louis raped her and she is touched that he is supportive and lving to her after he hears the story. Jade is rushed to the hospital after she trips and falls at the library after talking to Gwen. Will and Gwen wonder about the condtion of the baby as jade fights for her life and are told by the nurse that Jade isn't pregnant.Carly ends her partnership with Simon butwhen she goes to gether house keys she left in his room she is shocked to find Simon passed out on the floor.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge and Stephanie are trying to keep the media at bay. He berates his mother for as horrific as this is that Taylor hit Darla, how could Taylor have convinced his mother to keep quiet about it? He tells her once again her meddling has made things worse. She thinks he’s a little late and doesn’t appreciate the criticism. He informs her that he’s called Storm Logan, the best there is, and he’s going to represent Taylor, but it’s going to be darn impossible without Thorne’s cooperation.

Taylor calls a scared Phoebe and tells her what has happened. Lt. Baker also tells Taylor that as sad as it is, he is afraid both Hector and Phoebe may be charged with obstruction of justice. And then there is Stephanie who knows more than she lets on. Phoebe tries to explain to an unreceptive Thorne how it WAS an accident. No matter that Taylor had been drinking, Darla did fall back into her path, Taylor did not swerve. Thorne rails that there was no excuse for keeping this secret. His daughter is now suffering and will more because Phoebe nor her mother will ever step foot in his house again. Ridge tells his mother he’s going to see Taylor and tell her to shut up, stop digging herself a grave any further. He steps in and tells Baker that this interrogation is over. She bemoans that she hates herself and why did she drag Phoebe into this? Her kids are going to lose her all over again. He says no, they just need to get to his brother and convince him that justice and closure are not the same thing. Phoebe tells Thorne that Taylor put his needs above her own; he needed someone to talk to. She cries that if he can’t forgive her, at least someday forgive her mother. Taylor is led to and locked into her cell. Thorne goes to the Darla shrine/table and picks up the photo of Taylor and carefully handles it before squashing it in his hands with tears in his eyes.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

When Tek refuses to believe Lexie turning down the proposal, Lexie has to keep Abe from harming Tek. Lexie takes Tek outside to prove her case but Tek tries to persuade her to return to him. Lexie plans to draw up a restraining order against Tek. Victor tells Kate that Philip left town and promises to use their resources to find him. Hope invites Belle out to dinner to talk over Belle’s recent troubles. Belle believes that Shawn doesn’t want to be a part of her and Claire’s lives but Hope assures her that Shawn does want to be with her and Claire. Victor tries to apologize to Belle for his part but Belle doesn’t want to hear it.

The cop who brought Chelsea in agrees not to file a report and lets Bo handle the case. Chelsea claims she became a hooker because she was lacking love from her parents but Bo calls her on scheming to get Bo and Billie back together again. Chelsea eavesdrops as Bo agrees to Billie’s idea of all three of them going into family therapy. Billie makes Chelsea promise not to interfere with Bo and Hope but once she steps away, Chelsea calls Patrick. Shawn and Willow notice the storm upon them when the boat starts to rock from the rough water. Shawn leaves Willow to try and contact the coast guard while he attempts to steer the boat back to the dock. A large swell knocks Shawn overboard but he is able to climb back up. Willow was able to reach the coast guard and a helicopter is sent to rescue them. Mimi gets Bo to agree to call the harbormaster to check on Shawn. Mimi calls Hope when Bo doesn’t help fast enough and tells her that Bo chose Chelsea over Shawn. Hope demands that Bo join her at the harbormaster’s office and is upset with him for allowing Shawn to take the boat out.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Ric is determined to protect Elizabeth and believes the best way to do so is to go after Jason. Rodriguez warns Elizabeth that Ric knows Jason could be the father of her baby. Jason wants to work things out with Sam. Sonny is unaware of Carly's presence when he orders Jason to stop her from marrying Jax. Carly warns Sonny that she's going to marry Jax despite his interference.

Mac is devastated to learn of Maxie's pregnancy and refuses to allow her to bring a lawsuit ELQ. Dillon isn't pleased by his family's tactics with Maxie. Lulu suggests that Maxie terminate her pregnancy but Maxie claims she could never kill her baby like Lulu did. Lulu argues with Pete when he praises Georgie's work over hers.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Dorian is arranging to rent out an establishment for the following night. She has plans to make up for some wrongdoings… Adriana overhears everything. Layla is home and she only takes the flowers that Shaun brings over so that Vincent will not give the man a hard time when he returns. Evangeline comes over with a house-warming gift and she isn't happy to see the huge bouquet of roses in her sister's new home. David pushes Spencer until the man admits that he did drug Asa and leave the picture of Emma there. He says that Spencer used his mother, led her on and then dumped her. She wanted Spencer to have revenge and she hated the Buchanans. When Spencer learned that David and Paige were living in Llanview, it was like his mother was shouting from the grave. 'Go get them son! Do it now!' Spencer laughs over Kevin being sterile and Bo losing his badge. He could have made things worse for the Buchanans, but he was with Blair. Now, however, he is focused and things will be different. Vincent is sad when Shaun tells him how Layla only took the flowers so that he wouldn't get in trouble. "I guess that it is really over then…" Vincent gets up and heads out to the docks to be alone. He remembers being there with Layla once and kissing her there. Now he is all alone… He hears a noise and turns to find Natalie standing behind him. He tells how Layla and he have split up. She knows that he is probably the cause of that. She can tell that as she was the rabble-rouser when she first came to town. Cristian was the one who turned her around and her family helped too. "If anyone tried to hurt Cristian, they would have to go through me first." Vincent peeks at her beside him, without turning his face to her. David tries again to get Spencer to sign the Power of Attorney and Living Will, but he won't do it. Hugh is a Buchanan and when Spencer dies, all his money is to go to him. David calls Dorian, telling her how he has hit a stumbling block. "Get creative!" is her advice. David comes to Hugh's hospital room in medical clothes and a mask. When Paige is not around he gets in Hugh's room and asks the unconscious man for his signature. He props the man's hand up and sticks a pen in it, moving the paper to make a signature.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

After looking on the balcony outside Ethan and Gwen's room and seeing Rebecca and JT Cornell having sex, Theresa debated what to do and decided to keep it to herself. She told everyone there was no one out there, and the noises they'd heard had to be coming from somewhere else. Gwen wondered why she didn't tell the truth, and Ethan wondered if what she said was true or not, especially when he got a call from the management saying someone was out there. He headed over to check it out for himself, while both women held their breath. Sheridan told Chris she still has deep feelings for Luis, giving her ex hope she might be thinking of reuniting, and Chris fear that she was leaving him. He and Sheridan talked in the bedroom as Luis and Fancy waited in the living room to see what the future would hold, but Sheridan decided she still has to stay with Chris and James.

Miguel continues to try to get Kay to choose him over Fox while they danced the night away in Endora's magic kingdom. Tabitha discoverd the kingdom is in Endora's mind, and worried that Kay and Miguel might find information there that they have no need to know, and also managed to contact Kay and tell her she was trying to get Endora to let them out. Kay now knows she and Miguel are under Endora's spell, but it doesn't help her make up her mind which man to choose. Sam had to arrest Noah because he hit Spike first and the scumbag demanded he be sent to jail. Paloma took him to jail while Sam stayed and tried to talk Jessica out of leaving with Spike. She wanted to stay, but realized she couldn't without having Spike tell the police she's the one who killed the Johns. Paloma and Noah got closer, with Paloma enjoying seeing him shirtless.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren's temperature is up again. The antibiotic that the doctor used isn't working. They will have to try something else, and just keep doing that until something works. Michael gets frustrated and apologizes after snapping at the nurse. Victor wants to know what the details are about the way that Jack has been using his 250 million dollars. Jack puts him off but agrees to give the man information at a later time. Victor is curious about Jack's friendship with Ji min Kim. "I think that you are staying close to the man in the hopes of getting your father's business back." Jack denies that and tells that he and Mr. Kim have struck up a deal for a tie-in of both companies and that's all… Devon looks for a place to live and Neil looks over his choices. He freaks out at the amount of rent that Devon thinks he will be able to afford. Devon says he should be able to get cheaper rent as he is the perfect tenant. There will be no noise coming from his apartment, and Newman wouldn't fire a deaf guy, so he couldn't ever lose his job. Billy realizes that he knows nothing about Jana. He sees she is reading about the rich and famous and offers her a tour of the Chancellor mansion if she would like it. She loves that idea. They plan then to go on her next break. Neil is with Drucilla when he gets the call. The date for Dru's trial is set. It will start in two weeks. Victor is going for a doctor's appointment and bumps into Jack is there about Mr. Kim. Victoria tells how he has been taking his medication and how he hasn't had a seizure in several weeks now. After when Jack is alone, he finds Dr. Campbell and asks him if someone who had Victor's operation could revert back to his old personality. The doctor says that could happen but ideally, the operation is done for the purpose of stopping the hallucinations and seizures. Devon is at the coffeehouse and he goes to get refills for he and Lily. He isn't aware that there is someone standing nearby and when he moves, he bumps into the guy, causing coffee to spill all over him. The man gets angry and Devon apologizes. Jana rushes over to help and she offers the man another beverage. "What's the matter, are you deaf or something?" Billy is nearby and tells the guy that Devon is in fact deaf. The man is immediately humbled and he apologizes for the way that he reacted. Devon feels terrible that the man was almost scalded by the hot coffee, and he starts losing his confidence about living on his own. Lily tells him that he just made a mistake and comes up with the most wonderful idea. "You could move in with me and Daniel!" Neil tries to find Michael to talk about the trial. He calls the office and is told about the baby. Neil and Drucilla get to the hospital to pass on their well good wishes. Michael insists on taking care of the Winters case when they offer to find someone else to represent Dru. Kevin comes to his brother now to tell that Lauren's fever broke. The brothers rush off happily. Dru wants to get the kids for lunch but Neil has a better idea and drags Dru to his nightclub. She has great insight into how it should look and so Neil puts the decorating in her hands.

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