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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR surprises everybody by telling them that he is not going to go along with Colby's lie and get Josh nailed for the crime Colby alleges he di, just in order to keep Josh away from Babe. He tells Adam, Krystal, Colby and Babe that he blames himself for the failure of their marriage and is committed to making it right with his wife. At first, Babe is not certain what to do. But she agrees to make their marriage work. Erica finds her three children at Fusion and is very happy to hear that Kendall is done with Zach. Bianca, however, believes that her sister is making a mistake. Dixie notices that Zach is not over Kendall and tells him that she will never abandon or distrust him as Kendall has. SHe is very certain that she's found Kate. She is Emma. David knows it is true. Tad does not want to belive David. But he knows that the DNA test does not lie and that RYan is not committed to finding out the truth from Annie about where her daughter really came from or whom she really is.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

When Mike and Katie are dropping off copies of Oakdale Confidential at the library, Katie receives word Craig is back in town. Craig tells Lucy he is setting up a fund and donating money in Jen’s name; Lucy is furious and walks out. Craig tells Meg as well about his plans, but she knows he is partly doing this to upset Paul. Barbara and Paul will not take Craig’s actions lying down, but Dusty seems strangely cool. He tells Lucy he thinks Craig is trying to bait him into losing his cool so he can hold it over him when he tries to go for custody of Johnny. Lucy promises to testify against her dad and for Dusty as Barbara watches on. Luke learns Jade was never pregnant and promises to tell Will if she doesn’t Jade claims she will tell Will tomorrow. A concerned Will comes to see Jade worried about her. Luke makes a copy of her medical file as incentive for Jade to come clean. Jade gives Luke the slip. Gwen and Jack talk about what is going on with him and Carly. Jack later also confides in Mike about Carly and Simon sleeping together. At first Simon claims the money in the suitcase came from Lucinda and not a loan shark as Jack claimed, but when Carly tests him by threatening to call Lucinda, Simon admits the truth. Carly is furious that she is going to fail and Jack will be able to say I told you so about him. Simon doesn’t want her hurt so he wants her to leave and he will deal with it alone. Gwen, Maddie and Casey have fun at open mike night...until Jade calls wanting to meet alone with Gwen. Katie overhears Mike and Jack talking about Simon but they won’t tell her what it is about. Paul keeps taking Craig’s bait and threatens him passively. Will is curious as to why Jade would leave without her prescription - what is really going on? Gwen goes to meet Jade at a darkened library; Jade doesn’t look happy either.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor is brought to headquarters in cuffs and makes her statement to Lt. Baker and it's signed and witnessed. Ridge and Phoebe have a heart to heart and she reveals to him that it was Taylor that hit Darla and is there anything he can do to help her? Thorne is shocked and livid that Stephanie already knew about Taylor and kept it from him. More importantly she even encouraged him to fall in love with Taylor, the woman who killed his wife! She puts her spin on it that she was doing it to protect him. It wouldn't bring Darla back and it wouldn't change anything, and Taylor was still the wonderful human being who genuinely loved him. Yes, Taylor made a huge mistake but he can play God as there is plenty of guilt to go around. He feels he is loosing Darla all over again. Stephanie cradles his head and comforts him.

*******Late due to no TV coverage in Houston area with major flooding. Program will run overnight and will written sometime on Tuesday.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lexie meets with Tek to tell him she plans to stay with Abe. Lexie meets Abe for dinner later and tells him about saying goodbye to Tek but Tek interrupts their evening to propose to Lexie. Abe and Bo disagree on the culprit out targeting the Brady family. Willow learns that Mimi and Shawn are married when she brings Mimi to the Fancy Face III. Mimi lashes out at Shawn and Willow before storming off. Willow convinces Shawn to take the boat out. Willow and Shawn are too busy making love on deck to hear the coastguard storm warning that comes over the radio. Mimi rushes to warn Bo that Shawn is in trouble.

Steve visits Stephanie in the hospital but Stephanie doesn’t like seeing Billie with him. Billie urges Kayla to fight for Steve but Kayla doubts her sincerity. Stephanie urges Steve to reunite with Kayla. Chelsea gets an offer while parading as a prostitute. She tries to turn the guy down by claiming it’s not enough money but he threatens to beat her up. An undercover cop gets rid of the guy and Chelsea accepts his higher monetary offer. The cop identifies himself and arrests Chelsea for solicitation. Billie rushes to the police station and tells Bo about Chelsea’s arrest. Chelsea delights in seeing both her parents there.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam cannot understand why Jason is willing to give Liz all that he will not do for her. She asks Sonny how to cope. Liz tries to make Lulu see her side of things with limited success. Carly agrees to become Mrs. Jax.The boys are not thrilled. Alexis returns to work just in time to see Sonny demand that Ric stop watching Carly's house. Alexis asks Ric to not make Sonny angrier, but he plans to step up the campaign to bring down Jason and Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

David rushes home to tell Dorian how Spencer is a Buchanan. He wants to find a way that he can parlay this news into getting him rich as well. Dorian doesn't think that the Buchanans, or Spencer are going to give David anything. He and Dorian decide to put Todd a plan to get David some cash. They write down all the Buchanan names and their personalities, and then Dorian gets a great idea. David heads to the jailhouse to see his brother and implement the plan. Spencer reads the papers and can't understand why it is that he is to give David all his money. David says that he should get the papers for reparations. Spencer says that he might sign if David tells him what this idea of his is really all about. Clint shows up at Dorian's place and tells that he knows that David is living there and probably still sleeping in her bed. "Well, Clint I didn't think that you would care." Nash and Cristian get into it at the bar. Evangeline panics when it seems like Cristian is fighting again, and so soon. Claudia sticks up for him telling that Nash got out of hand ranting about Tess and Jessica and Cristian was trying to help. Evangeline can see that Claudia is in love with the man but Claudia doesn't see what is so great about that. Nash still thinks that he is going to get Tess back one day and he holds on to that hope. Just for the record, Claudia feels that Nash should go to jail that night. Antonio decides to cut Nash a break and he takes the guy home, instead of to jail like everyone else things he should. When he gets to Nash's place, he tosses the guy in the shower and turns on the cold water, giggling like a hyena. Starr is in the park. She sees Cole taking something from someone and pushing it into his pocket. She goes over when the kid is alone, and returns the clothes that he lent her. Jessica sees her talking to Cole and later remarks that the kid is cute. Blair has a man move her things into the penthouse. Todd is there and will not allow it. He manages to lock Blair out of the penthouse at one point, but later he lets her in, as well as the kids. The kids are ready to move in and that is okay with Todd, but Jack will not stay unless his mother stays too. Blair knows what the kids like and eat each day. Todd knows that he can figure all that out himself if he has to, but finally he agrees to let Blair stay with them. "Congratulations mom," Starr says grinning from ear to ear.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa, Ethan, Gwen, and Jared continued to look for the lovemaking sounds they all heard and blamed on each other. Finally Theresa looked out on the balcony outside Ethan and Gwen's room and saw JT and Rebecca making love yet again. Will she tell the others what she saw? Luis and Sheridan argued over his fake porno film that keeps showing over and over on the news. He explained what it was, but Sheridan still said she wants to stay with Chris and James. Luis realized better, however, and they ended up almost kissing right when Chris and Fancy came in from outside the cottage.

Spike talked Jessica out of pressing charges against him by reminding her he can tell what he says he knows about her killing the Johns. She backed down, confusing her family and friends, since they didn't understand what Spike was saying to her. Noah got fed up with the scum's smart aleck remarks and they began a physical fight. After Fox took away the chocolate Endora was enjoying so much, she zapped up a never-ending bag of chocolate to compensate. When he also took that away, she decided she'd repay the favor, and zapped Kay and Miguel to a magical, romantic get away, where they made the most of the opportunity. Fox slept peacefully in his bed, unaware his fiancee was gone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Lauren wakes and learns that her baby is being feed intravenously and that he has jaundice. She wants to see him but Michael feels that she has a fever and decides to get the doctor to see her instead. She has an infection it seems. A bacteria that is infectious and because of that she won't be permitted to see her child for a while. Michael will have to take precautions as well. The Winters can't find Devon anywhere. Dru blames Lily for telling him about her troubles. "If Carmen has anything to do with this, I will kill her!" Mr. Kim is at Jack's house visiting with Jack and Sharon. The man talks favourable about Jack on all levels. He leaves to make a call and soon Jack and Sharon hear the man groaning in pain in the other room. "My stomach…" Jack and Sharon set about getting the man to the hospital right away. Nick comes to see Phyllis at the hospital and shares with her how it was when Noah was born premature… Michael seems to have calmed down and talks kindly to his mother now as opposed to when he was shouting at her earlier. Michael goes back to be with Lauren. She is babbling. "Our baby is in danger. I just know it. I know that she is here. I can feel it. She is going to steal our baby!" Michael asks her who she talks about. "Sheila!" Jack and Sharon bump into Nick and Phyllis at the hospital and they learn about Michael and Lauren's baby being in trouble. They head upstairs to see how the couple is holding up and Michael completely snaps ordering Jack out of there. Jack understands the anger as Michael was protecting his family and in fact, that is something that he and Jack have in common. Sharon felt okay for the first time in a long time at the hospital. She used to feel bad about Cassie when she went there but now she thinks that being there with Jack made it okay. The doctor gives Michael the news that Lauren's fever is dropping and that the baby will most likely be released the following day. Gloria admits to Michael that she is the one who was at fault for Lauren and the baby having their medical difficulties. Michael goes to the incubator and smiles now… He takes pictures of the child using his cellphone and returns to Lauren who is clearly doing much better. Lily brings Devon home and Neil and Drucilla tell that they will try to lighten up more and let the boy have his independence. Devon has been thinking about that too and has decided that he is going to move out.

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