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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen tries to get on with her life without Will be dancing with lovable nerd Ellwood but she can't forget about Will Lucy and Dusty have lunch and share a kiss but Dusty tells Lucy he isn't readyto think about a relationship. Craig wants to fund the Jennifer Donavan research foundation to research stem cell transplants and help sick children. Carly defends Simon to Jack but later when she discovers the money the loan shark gave Simon she has to admit much to her dismay that Jack was right about Simon all along. Jade's doctor tells Luke Jade isn't pregant and Luke confronts Jade and she finally admits she was never pregnant with Will's child.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stunned, shocked and speechless, Thorne listens as Taylor admits she was the driver of the car that killed Darla. Slowly his love for her turns into bitter hatred, disbelief and disdain that she killed Darla, kept it from him, even lied to him, allowed him and Ally to fall in love with her and now has the nerve to even try and say Darla fell so she is blaming it on Darla. And all along it was her, the woman he loved, that killed his wife. Stephanie rushes to Taylor’s only to find Phoebe, but she’s told Taylor is up at Big Bear confessing to Thorne. Stephanie knows as soon as Thorne hears the truth, he won’t hear anything else and Taylor will be heading to jail. She lambastes Hector also for allowing Taylor to get caught up in this lie in the first place. She’d like to head this off so the police are not involved. Too late - Lt. Baker arrives and announces he knows Dr. Hayes was driving the car that night and when he gets his proof, she is going down for a very long time.

Taylor knows her crime is unforgivable and she hates herself. Thorne can’t believe she let him love her and want to marry her and be a mother to his child. Now he can’t stand to look at her. She tells him she loves him and Ally and she will miss them both terribly. She calls Lt. Baker and tells him she needs to talk to him – he’ll know what it’s about. Lt. Baker takes Taylor’s call at her house. He puts her on speaker phone for all to hear her guilty statement. Then he calls the Big Bear P.D. to arrest her. Taylor tells Thorne that she hopes he eventually finds closure and someday will find someone who will truly love him and deserve his love. He hears the words but can’t grasp them and walks out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo and Hope stop for breakfast at the pub but Bo doesn’t like it when Patrick shows up to talk to Hope alone. Hope sends Bo away to talk to Shawn. Patrick asks Hope to go away with him so he can prove that they should be a family. Hope seeks Abe’s advice on what to do. Patrick pays off Dr. Bader for altering Hope’s DNA test so it would show that Patrick was the baby’s father when it is really Bo’s baby. Willow and Shawn spend the night making love in the garage. Bo walks in on Shawn and Willow halfway dressed and criticizes Shawn. Shawn agrees to Bo’s offer to stay on the Fancy Face while Bo stays at the pub. Lauren decides to grant Bonnie’s desire to raise Mimi and Philip’s baby. Maggie hires Mimi as a waitress and enlists Willow to show her the ropes. Willow unknowingly convinces Shawn to let Mimi accompany her when they meet at the Fancy Face later.

Kate and EJ continue their lovemaking. Chelsea bursts into Kate’s office and deduces by the messy office that Kate was sleeping with EJ. Chelsea seeks advice from Kate on how to reunite Bo and Billie. Chelsea recalls Sami referring to her as a whore and decides to portray a prostitute in her efforts to reunite her parents. Sami gives Lucas the silent treatment but then yells at him for letting Will get in the middle of their argument. EJ purposefully kisses Sami in front of Lucas. Sami tells EJ that she can’t date him anymore because of Will and takes offense when EJ claims Sami is turning him down because she still loves Lucas. EJ though pretends to be bothered when with Sami, secretly delights in how well his plan is working. Kate calls Lucas to her office to complain about him living with Sami.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu comes to Nik about Liz's neglect of Lucky while he and Jason are discussing Sam's problems with Ric and the girls, though Jason does not admit that Sam slept with Ric. After leaving Wyndermere, Jason walks up on Sam and Liz verbally attacking each other. Diego volunteers Skye and Lorenzo's whereabouts to Luke and Sonny. Jax plots a surprise for Carly. He proposes. Luke says good-bye to his kids before going after Skye. Colleen overmedicates Nik, but before she can do anything, Emily comes home. While he is still groggy, Nik admits he loves Em and kisses her.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Josh helps out Cassie, who has a lot to do. He offers to watch R.J. so she can run errands. He also fixes her oven, since she burned her brownies. Jonathan and Reva talk about how she wants to kill herself, and about his problems with Tammy. Reva convinces him to set up a romantic date to win Tammy back. Cassie sees Reva and starts following her, suspicious about what she is hiding. Reva tells her doctor that she isn't going to bother taking any more tests or treatments. Jonathan gets his surprise ready for Tammy. Cassie snoops in Reva's room and finds a bank statement with the huge deposit. Reva tries to write goodbye letters.

Remy takes Tammy to the police station to get her mind off Jonathan. He and Marina ask her to move in to an apartment with them, so she says she'll think about it. Ava and Olivia fight while Coop and Buzz try to calm them down. Alan-Michael and Ava try to convince Frank to arrest Olivia. Olivia and Buzz make love, but then Frank shows up with Ava and Coop to arrest her. Olivia blurts out that she is Ava's mom. Tammy has a chat with Josh about Jonathan, then she phones Remy to let him know she will move in with him and Marina.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan seemed to have found JT and Rebecca and found out Gwen was the one who outted his paternity to the tabloid, but as usual, it was just a dream. He still knows nothing. He heard more noise and realized it was coming from next door, then went to complain and ask them to be quiet. He was shocked to find it was Jared and Theresa. Gwen tried to get Rebecca and JT out of the closet and the hotel while he was gone, but as they were leaving, Jared saw them. Luis was taking Fancy home and almost got them in a wreck when he relived their sex scenes in the porno film. Then they heard a call of someone tripping a silent alarm at the Crane estate and went to investigate.

Not finding anyone, Luis went in Sheridan's open door and looked around, finding her in her room, mesmerized by the porn movie scenes on the news. Chris was outside, since he'd gone to see about a noise he heard and found Spike, who wanted to hurry him up with getting money to him. Paloma, Simone, Sam, Noah, and Kay met to discuss an intervention for Jessica, to get her away from Spike before he kills her. At first she was resistant, but finally caved and admitted he has been beating her and she wants him gone. Spike wasn't happy with the scene when he returned from his chat with Chris.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The kids are concerned when they see Dru home with her things from the office. She tells them that she has taken a Leave of Absence so that she can be home with Devon. He doesn't understand this. She loves that job. "I do," she says. "But I love you more." Neil talks to Carmen about her going after Dru's job. He feels that was a bit much after having her tried for her behavior. Carmen says that she is terrified of Dru and now she doesn't have to worry about bumping into her everywhere she goes. Neil goes to Victoria to try to save Dru's job but she says that she didn’t like doing what she did. It was just business. The legal department and Human Resources pointed out that there could be problems with Dru staying at the job. Neil believes that Victoria did all that she could to help. Dru arrives home and the kids are suspicious of her having all her things from the office with her. "I only took a Leave of Absence. I wasn't fired," she tells the kids. When alone with Lily, she admits that she was fired. Victoria talks to Brad about the break-in and he is sure this has to do with the 'others' who may be out there looking for the reliquary. Victoria isn't so sure. Brad knows that the thugs didn't get much out of her portfolio but they are sure now that she is chasing the reliquary like they are. Colleen tells JT about the break-in and he too finds the break-in and what was taken to be too much of a coincidence. Lily tells Devon the truth about their mother even though Dru asked Lily not to. Devon gets angry over Carmen slowly destroying their family. He heads to Newman and lets her have it. He explains what kind of person Drucilla is and how she couldn't hurt anyone. Carmen writes, 'Dru started it,' and that is when Devon hits the roof. "I saw you Carmen! I saw you! Drucilla was in Europe and you were here! With Neil! At dinner, at work, at our apartment! You started it!" Neil finds them and Devon assures Neil that he wasn't going to hurt her. "That's for sure," Carmen snaps walking out. Jack pitches an idea to tie Jabot in with NVP. Jill shoots it down. "Too risky." Jack goes to Mr. Kim and coaches him on what to say to get past Jill's rejection. While Mr. Kim is talking with Jill in her office, Jack and Ashley arrive and to Jill's surprise, a meeting is held. Everyone in the room indicates their liking for Jack's proposal. Mr. Kim decides that from now on, Jill is to put all major decisions through him. He will expect a memo every Monday outlining what is 'proposed' to be happening that week.

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