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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ON the rooftop of Fusion, Josh is really amazed at how well Bianca can talk sense into Kendall. He wants Kendall to back off on his business regarding Babe. She wants Bianca to talk some sense into their brother about what trash Babe is. Josh is determined to have Babe and asks Bianca if she can help him. Babe goes to Sean's high school, informs him that Colby is falsely accusing Josh of a crime and asks if he can enlighten her about what happened between him and Colby. Back at the Chandler house, Adam and JR agree that maybe falsely accusing Josh of the crime might be worth it if it keeps him in prison and away from Babe. JR secretly tells Colby that she is brilliant to find a plan to keep Josh away from his wife. Babe walks in on their conversation and knows they are up to something that is not ok with her. There is a big conflict when Annie catches Dixie talking to Emma. Dixie is shocked to find out that Krystal is pregnant.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty apologizes to Lucy after Jack informs him Lucy found out that Craig wasn't sick enough to need to stay at the hotel. Craig buys Fairwinds in order to play head games with Paul and his plan works. Craig's head games with Paul may drive a wedge between Paul and Meg. Emily decides to become Craig's partner in the Intruder in order to learn how to become like Craig. Will makes it clear to Luke that he will take care of his child but he doesn't love Jade. Luke is puzzled when Jade gets a fever but refuses to go to the hospital. Carly finally decides to take the next step with Simon and waits for him in his room but is surprised when Jack arrives instead of Simon.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick laments to a waiting Jackie that Brooke threw him out, she needs some alone time before making her decision, but Stephanie had divorce papers drawn up already.

Stephanie re-instates her position to Brooke, wanting her and Ridge to get back together and marry and be a family. Jackie walks in on this private conversation and applauds and gives her overview of the situation of the same old problems to start all over again. She accuses Stephanie of being a manipulating witch as always. Stephanie shoots back from the hip as well. Brooke tells them both to stop, she won’t let them choose her life as their battleground. Phoebe makes an SOS call for Stephanie to come over; it’s about her mother. Nick stops in on Ridge and gives him some advice – don’t send mommy over to do his dirty work. Ridge starts in again on Nick sleeping with Bridget, and Brooke won’t believe anything he says as his squeaky clean, shining, white image is now tarnished.

At the cabin, Thorne tells Taylor that he wants a future with her. She cries that once she tells him something, he won’t feel the same. He gives her the ring. She cries, she wants it more than anything but…….she can’t until he has heard what she has to say. Slowly, Taylor unravels the scene – that night that Darla got killed, she got in the car when she shouldn’t; she had been drinking.

***** weather alert broke in and chopped off the last two minutes. Came back with the frozen look on Thorne’s face, so I assume she finally confessed to being the driver who killed Darla.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena talks over her insecurities about being taken from her family again with John. Shawn stops by the penthouse with gifts for Belle and Claire and Marlena makes him come in to see Belle. Shawn tells Belle that he cancelled the custody suit because he thought it wasn’t what Belle wanted. Belle has a hard time admitting her true feelings and Shawn walks out on the belief that Belle doesn’t want him. Willow offers to seduce Shawn but Shawn insists on taking Willow out on a real date first. Mimi runs into Philip and he tells her his plans to leave for good. Mimi tries to convince Philip to stay but he still wants to leave. Mimi rushes over to the penthouse to get Belle’s help in keeping Philip in town. Belle stops once they get to the airport and allows Philip to leave.

Lucas now boldly recites his feelings for Sami insisting that his time with Carrie was only because he couldn’t have Sami. Sami insists that she is over Lucas but he doesn’t believe her. Sami tries to throw Lucas out but claims that she wasn’t trying to do that when Will gets angry. Once Sami steps away, Lucas praises Will for making Sami change her mind. EJ eavesdrops from outside Sami’s door and reports that he failed at Kate’s plan of seducing Sami enough to keep her from Austin and Lucas. Kate is shocked to learn that Lucas has moved in with Sami. EJ hints that dating Sami is more than business to him and EJ and Kate kiss. EJ hides out of sight when Sami stops by the office to apologize for Lucas and Will’s behavior. Kate slams the door in Sami’s face and resumes her seduction of EJ.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam realizes that she will end up losing Jason if Elizabeth is pregnant with his child. Sam confides to Nikolas that Elizabeth might be carrying Jason's child. Jason shares his problem with Sonny. Carly tells Sonny she knows all about his scam to keep her living at his house longer than necessary and thanks him for making her realize that she's finally over him.

Luke tells Robin he believes Dr. Lagrasse may be able to help Laura. Alcazar forces Skye to leave with him. Luke is determined to rescue Skye.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Antonio brings Bree to Nash's place and finds him passed out on the floor and the house messy. Nash seems to have forgotten that he was to spend the day with the baby that day. He will take the child but Antonio refuses to give the girl to him. "You are hung over and not prepared for this." Nash isn't sure why Antonio is doing this to him, but then it suddenly comes to him that this is about he and Jessica kissing the night before. Antonio doesn't believe that there was any kiss between them, and even if there had been, Antonio isn't sure what the point it that Nash would be trying to make. Nash knows that after seeing the changes in Jessica lately, and her punching Claudia, it shouldn't be too hard to see what point Nash is trying to make. Rex and Adriana are with Layla at the apartment when Vincent comes banging on the door to get in. She doesn't want to see him. He will not go. Rex opens the door and Vincent tries to get in. Rex warns him that he can defend himself but Vincent isn't phased. Cristian shows up and tells that if Layla doesn't want to see him, then she won't see him. Vincent tries again to make Cristian see that he and Layla are the two most important people to him. Doesn’t work. Vincent tells Layla from across the room that he loves her and when she wants him back, he will be waiting. Asa fires Nigel when he asks Jessica to get the secret out of Asa that he is hiding, about the picture. Asa tells her about the picture that he found on himself after passing out long ago. David walks in just as Jessica is asking about the picture. "It is my mother isn't it?" Jessica leaves so the men can talk alone. David tells that his mother's maiden name is Bradley, and both he and Spencer have that as a middle name. When Asa tells that the woman was one of the great loves of his life, David asks. "Are you my father?" Antonio and Cristian talk about Vincent and how they are going to watch him, and bring him in if he screws up, even a little bit. Antonio looks up and sees Jessica walking in the park. He asks her why she didn't mention that she had been kissing with Nash the night before. "He kissed me. He was drunk and it didn't mean anything. Antonio has to wonder. She punches Claudia when she learns the woman slept with Nash, and now she keeps the secret of them sharing a kiss. "Do you have feelings for Nash?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan was surprised to find Gwen in bed in the room he thought JT Cornell had gone into. She said she had just come to have some alone time with him, but he wondered how she got there before him when he'd left her at home, and how she got into the room he just happened to go to while chasing JT. She decided to shut him up with sex, but it didn't work, and he ended up finding JT and Rebecca in the closet. He yelled at Gwen that she's a liar. Luis and Fancy were read the riot act by Sam. He is upset that they made the porno film, even if they were faking, and that it ended up on the news, and he's also upset that Fancy went to help Luis without permission. He said he'll try to smooth things over with the commissioner, but isn't sure they won't both be kicked off the force for what they've done.

Sheridan and Chris watched the news and Sheridan couldn't believe what she was seeing. She was very upset at seeing Luis making love with Fancy, even tho she tried to convince Chris it didn't really bother her. Spike crowed about how even he wouldn't make porn films, although he could, and how Luis acts like a big, bad cop but isn't above getting down and dirty. He wanted Jessica to go upstairs and service him, and when she said she was leaving with Paloma and Simone, he hit her, knocking her down. The girls ran to help, but Jess told them she'd tripped, even tho they knew better, because Spike threatened her. Chad and Whitney made love, as did Jared and Theresa, but both couples had some problems. Chad kept telling Whitney how much he loves her and hasn't been cheating on her, all the while remembering his trysts with his secret lover, and Theresa couldn't stop thinking of Ethan as she made love to Jared.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is alone in the office looking at pictures of reliquaries. Carmen walks in and tells that the problems with Dru in the office have to be dealt with, and so far Human Resources haven't been able to come up with a solution. Victoria will have to think about this as Dru is an important part of the team. Carmen feels that the only option that the company has at this point is to fire Dru. Lauren's contractions are coming a lot slower now but they still come. It is clear that she is going to have the baby in the near future. Michael coaches her as the contractions come. Victoria offers options to Carmen in order that she and Dru be able to continue their work. Dru is important to the company and the backbone of 'Beauty of Nature'. Carmen doesn’t think that moving Dru to another floor in the building will help, or that restricting her access to the rest of the building will stop Dru from stalking her. "I want Dru fired, or you will be hearing from my attorney." Dru is feeling down but Neil encourages her to go to work and just take things one step at a time. She will try. She puts on her coat and heads out the door. She goes to see Victoria in her office. She is told that she could be facing a huge lawsuit if Carmen is hurt on company premises. "You attacked her and you broke the terms of the protective order. I have no other choice but to let you go." Neil goes to see Carmen. She tells him that under the circumstances, he should call her Ms. Mesta from now on. She can't see how they can be friends anymore. She is afraid that Dru is going to attack her at any moment. "And you should also know that I gave the tape of Dru attacking me to the DA." Neil is not pleased with the way that Carmen is handling this. Dru doesn't need to be in jail, and Devon shouldn't lose her mother. He sees that this is about he and her. "You led me on, and now you are in your wife's corner." Victoria tells Dru that her leaving will not look like she has been fired. It will appear as an unpaid Leave of Absence. Maybe in time, Victoria can work things out and take Dru back. As for now, Dru is expected to be out of the building in an hour. Neil helps Dru get her things and he walks her to the elevator. He then goes to Carmen who feels no bad feelings over Dru losing her job. He assures her that both he and Dru will steer clear of her from now on. "That's not what I want!" she says. He understands now. "The reason that Dru had problems with you is because you are not a very nice lady."

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