Wednesday 10/11/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 10/11/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Amy & Boo

Will tells Gwen of his suspicions about Jade’s pregnancy, but Gwen doesn’t want to get hurt again by believing and asks him to leave.  Will tells her he will never give up before leaving.  Casey and Maddie share their first kiss since Maddie began to remember the rape months ago.  Holden goes to Jade for help in finding Teresa.  Jade gives him a phone number but when he and Lily try it, they learn that Teresa hasn’t lived there for a year.  Lucy busts Craig with his fake coughing fits and calls Jack.  Jack tells him he has 24 hours to find some place else to live.  Carly also lets Craig know that she is not happy to see him back in Oakdale and tells him to leave.  Carly sees Simon with Spirro and confronts him.  Simon tries to get out of the deal with Spirro, but the loan shark tells him that they already have a contract. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge squeezes R.J. very tightly and bemoans the fact that he can’t be there every morning to be a daddy to him, but now they have that chance to be that family again. Brooke needs him to be a little patient with her.

Jackie tries to downplay Nick’s guilt in that he thought his marriage was over. Stephanie meets with her attorney to file divorce papers for Brooke and Nick, so Brooke can get on with her life with Ridge. Eric and Ridge ask Stephanie to lay off Brooke and let her do this in her own time. Hope welcomes Nick. He asks Brooke for her forgiveness one more time, to undo the damage he has done. He vows he won’t let her down again. They are both shocked when Stephanie walks out of the kitchen and hands them the divorce papers – one simple signature, it’s over.

Yellow roses and lighted candles welcome Taylor to the cabin…..and Thorne laments something else too (a ring), but she isn’t going to get it out of him until he is ready. She cries and tries to explain. It isn’t him and she just prays he won’t hate her when she tells him what it is. He confesses he loves her. She doesn’t feel she deserves that. Brooke asks Nick and Stephanie to leave, she needs to make this decision on her own. But, Stephanie returns and urges her one more time to come back to the man who loves her; she won’t take no for an answer.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ takes Sami into the bedroom to make love. Will provides a stink bomb that Lucas throws into EJ’s apartment. EJ agrees to give Sami first crack at confronting Lucas and Will but EJ can’t wait to confront them. Will and Lucas pretend to not know what they are talking about and Sami convinces EJ to let her handle things. Sami suggests that Lucas move out. Lucas admits that he still has feelings for Sami. Marlena dotes on Belle as she recuperates at the penthouse. Belle suggests calling Philip to go home but Marlena suggests spending some time apart from Philip. Marlena advises Belle to make a decision based on her heart’s desires and stick with it. Belle calls Philip to ask that he bring Claire over to see her and once he arrives, informs him that she’s going to keep Claire and stay at the penthouse for a few days while she decides on her future. Philip leaves and packs a bag when Belle can’t promise that things will work out for them.

Mimi corners Philip to make him talk about their surrogacy baby. Mimi has Lauren, the surrogate, come over and Philip agrees to Mimi’s plan of signing over their rights to the baby. Bonnie is shocked to hear that Mimi signed over her parental rights and meets with Lauren to request Mimi’s baby to raise. Bonnie promises to mortgage Alice’s in order to pay off Lauren once she receives the baby. Mimi tells Belle to feel free to go after Shawn now. Bo and Hope discuss Patrick’s exoneration and his role in Hope’s future over dinner. Henderson calls Bo and Hope to alert them about Shawn’s latest stunt. Victor asks Shawn if he’s really trying to hurt himself. When Bo and Hope learn what fueled Shawn’s actions, they turn on Victor. Hope advises Shawn to talk to Belle. Victor offers to reinstate his offer to finance Shawn’s engine but Shawn refuses the money.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz and Maxie continue to throw barbs at each other. Alexis goes in for her first chemo session. The Quartemaines face the music over the defective condoms. Edward wants Dillon to say that he used the condom improperly, not that they were flawed devices.He does, which apalls Georgi, who sees him and Lulu as hard and cynical. However, one person does plan to sue ELQ, Maxie. Skye calls home for a moment to just let them know she is okay. Lorenzo uses that call to track her down.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney faced off with Chad, asking where he keeps going and if there's another woman. He said there's no other woman, all the while remembering being with someone in the seedy motel, then gave her a doll that looked like her, saying he'd been going to see the woman who makes the dolls. Later he remembered saying to himself that he's sorry to say she's not near enough for him. Ethan, Gwen, and Rebecca all ran around the hotel, looking for JT Cornell. Ethan wants to find out what he knows, while Gwen and Rebecca want to keep him from doing that, so they need to find and hide JT before Ethan gets to him. The drunk JT wandered around the halls, and caused Jared and Theresa to try to find out what all the noise was about twice, with no luck.

Kay and Tabitha, with Endora's help, taught the two women who would have been with Fox and Miguel had Kay never been born a lesson after learning they simply wanted to marry the guys and divorce them later for their money. Once that was taken care of, Endora zapped Kay back to "life", and now all she has to do is decide which man she wants to marry. Luis and Fancy managed to disarm Lester, which Sam gave them credit for, but he asked whether they are dating. They assured him they aren't, and then his worry was what would happen if the porno tape they'd made ever got out. They didn't have to worry long, since it came out on the news. Sheridan, after calming Chris down by saying she doesn't need to know about his past, got a phone call telling her to watch the news, and she was shocked.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lauren is wheeled into the hospital. She is in labor. Michael will not forgive himself if anything happens to that baby. The Winters have decided that they are not going to tell Devon the bad news about Dru's problem and its recent developments. He can see their faces though and he knows that something is up. Dru admits to Neil that she needs more help than even he can give her. Devon pushes Lily to tell him what is wrong with Neil and Drucilla, and finally Lily gives in. The therapist listens to Dru while he and Neil sit for their appointment and the doctor finds that Dru has been improving. She admits to her part in the things that have gone wrong he past few months. Now he feels that the next move is for her is to forget about the past and look forward. Paul and Phyllis can see that Gloria and Michael are fighting and they ask Kevin what that is all about. He says that he has no idea. Michael is telling his mother that what is happening to his wife and baby are her fault. He goes into a rant about how everyone suffers for Gloria. Kevin, he and now Lauren and their baby. Phyllis talks to her friend and assures him that a pregnant woman having pain isn't always a bad sign. Paul can't help noticing that this has happened to Lauren all of a sudden. Michael offers to leave the hospital if that will help Lauren relax and stay calm. She wants him with her. Brad overhears a message to Victoria from someone who she has hired to find the reliquary. He gets angry with her for investigating this as it could bring danger to the family again. He orders Victoria to end this but she doesn't take orders from him. His concern is that there are more people out there like the man that he killed. Victoria feels that no one will even know that she is searching for the reliquary. She has brokers in place who will search for her. Colleen and JT are together at the coffeehouse. Colleen can't keep her head straight as she feels guilty that she isn't working with the professor. JT understands if she needs to go and do research, and so off she goes. Brad asks his mother about the reliquary and if it could have something inside. She says that one would be able to tell if something were inside the reliquary as the weight would give the secret away. She doubts that after all these years, there could be something in there. Victor and JT catch up when they bump into each other at the office. She is upset about Brad's behavior after hearing about the search, and JT promises to keep their talk a secret.

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