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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Colby has accused Josh of statutory rape, they both go to the station to give their statements about what happened the night in question. She alleges that he took her to his hotel room, gave her alcohol, told her he'd protect her but revealed that he just wanted to have sex with her and pretend she was Babe. Adam and JR eat that whole story up and are ready to nail Josh. Erica and Jeff defend their son. Babe and Krystal are determined to help Josh. Sydney goes to find Sean to see if they can brainstorm about Colby's lies. Babe then tells Josh she is willing to confess to everybody what they did together the night in question, in order to prevent him for getting falsely accused of something he did not do.

David tells Dixie he knows exactly where she will find Kate and he wants to go with her to find her daughter. But Tad insists that David stays out of his and Dixie's business. She tells David that she wants to go and find Kate with Tad. David agrees to back off. Dixie and Tad go and notice Ryan and Annie having breakfast with Emma at the restaurant. Dixie notices Emma and seems to know that she is Kate. And she lets them know.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily considers becoming Craig's partner in the intruder.  Maddie tries to get her life back to normal by bringing Casey some food at the dorm and also spending some time with him.  Lily still sees visions of Rose telling her to find her daughter Theresa and keep her from making a big mistake.  Lucinda worries about Lily's intent to find Rose's daughter but Holden and Luke are determined to help Lily find Theresa.  Holden asks Jade to help Lily find Rose's real daughter.  Will begins to think Jade is faking her pregnancy and promises Gwen he will do whatever it takes to find out the truth. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick admits his mistake. They have both made mistakes. He pleads his case - don’t give up on what they have together. Ridge keeps interrupting with wisecracks and Nick fires them right back and tells the pig to shut up. Ridge urges Brooke to just tell him the marriage is over, it never should have happened in the first place, and they can move on. Taylor laments to Phoebe she is not sure she can ever be happy with Thorne while carrying this terrible secret inside. Phoebe just wants her mother to be happy. She is afraid of jail time for her, but also is proud that she wants to tell the truth. Eric tells Stephanie that Nick Marone is there now with Brooke and Ridge. He fills her in on Bridget's plight - she’s pregnant. And it's not Nick's, but Dante's. Thorne talks to a photo of Darla and thinks she will wish him well with a life with Taylor. He plans a special surprise for her. He calls and she agrees to go to Big Bear with him.

Bridget joins the group and confesses that she has hurt Brooke so badly and wants to make it up to her? Brooke asks to be alone with her daughter. She accuses Bridget of being very judgmental of her, is this some sort of revenge? Bridget confesses her love for her mother and pleads with her not to break up her marriage over this. Nick had not forced himself on her, she loved him, she was sober, she knew what she was doing. And she knew Nick acted out of pain, not love. And she's ready to get down on her hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. There is plenty of guilt to go around. Brooke forgives her and says she loves her daughter. She does have a decision to make whether to continue her marriage or not. Nick wants to stick around for Brooke, but Stephanie tells him why doesn't he see the handwriting on the wall? With Ridge alone with Brooke, he tells her she married a bastard and he thinks she realizes that now. He's not going to come between a husband and wife. She needs to take off that wedding ring and end the marriage and they can have an incredible future together. He knows she CAN make that happen and she will.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John and Marlena book the next flight back to Salem. Marlena regrets coming to New Jersey and not having been home for Belle. Marlena rushes to Belle’s side and asks her to come home with her and John. Philip confronts Kate about knowing Claire’s paternity while she’s in the middle of a business meeting at Chez Rouge. Kate defends her actions with her usual excuses so Philip cuts Kate out of his life. Kate lets it slip in her defense that Victor also knew all along. Kate visits Victor to vent about Philip but Victor makes her confess that she ratted him out. Philip stops Shawn from smashing a bat into Max’s torched car. Philip tells Shawn about Victor knowing and Shawn drives Max’s car into Victor’s living room. Belle laments to Carrie about Shawn not wanting either Claire or her. Shawn starts to enter Belle’s room when he overhears her telling Carrie that she doesn’t want to ever see Shawn again. Shawn leaves without ever letting Belle know he was there. Carrie urges Belle to tell Shawn she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Lucas and Will plot to sabotage Sami’s date with Will. Maggie pretends not to have EJ’s reservation and refuses to seat them for dinner. Lucas puts Limburger cheese in EJ’s car’s heating system. Will questions whether Lucas is doing this because he wants Sami back. Sami and EJ discover the smell when they return to EJ’s car. Lucas hires a female escort to pretend to be EJ’s girlfriend and hides out on the fire escape to eavesdrop on their reaction. EJ and Sami deduce that Lucas was behind everything and decide to get revenge by kissing.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason clashes with Ric, who wonders why Jason is acting overprotective of Elizabeth. Elizabeth learns that Maxie is pregnant. While waiting for Elizabeth at Audrey's, Lucky signs for a delivery and is confronted with divorce papers. Elizabeth and Lucky argue about Maxie. Lucky refuses to sign the divorce papers. Carly realizes that Max isn't faking his chest pains and gets Milo to take him to the hospital.

Michael has a hard time accepting Jax and Carly's relationship. Jason warns Carly that she's asking for trouble by entertaining Jax at Sonny's. Jax and Carly finally leave for the Metro Court. Alexis faces the inevitability of having to start chemotherapy. Alexis and Ric grow closer as she opens up to him about her fears. Colleen hovers over a bedridden Nikolas as he recovers from a knee injury. Colleen drugs Nikolas' tea in order to cozy up to him while he's asleep.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan continued to press Rebecca about who she's getting text messages from, and another one came in after he took her phone from her. JT Cornell sent it, saying he's missed her since she left Rome, so he had the number traced and found out where the messages are coming from. He gave Rebecca one more chance to tell the truth before he goes to find out who is sending them, but she still won't admit it's JT, or that she even knows him. Jared arranged a romantic get away at the hotel for Theresa, and she enjoyed it very much, even though she kept imagining she's with Ethan. Chris set up a romantic bubble bath for Sheridan, and then joined her after she pulled him in.

Luis and Fancy pretended to make a porn film for Lester until Sam finally burst in and busted the guy. Then he and Luis raked Fancy over the coals for getting mixed up in Luis' undercover mission and getting both of them in danger. She tried to sweet talk her way out, to no avail, and while sulking, Lester got loose and grabbed her, threatening to shoot her if he wasn't allowed to leave. Endora brought Kay back, sort of, when Tabitha asked her to. The problem is, Kay can only be seen by the two witches, while Fox and Miguel have no idea she's there, and don't even know who "Kay" is when Tabby asks about her. They also think Tabby is getting very strange when she keeps talking to the person who isn't there. Their lives are going very well, and they are both happy and best of friends, making Kay realize they would really be better off if she were never born.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru is cuffed and carted off to the elevator. She begs the officers to cover her hands. Neil comes out demanding to know what is going on. They can't talk now but he promises to get her out as soon as possible. Carmen is suddenly there. He can't believe that she did this to his family. "Wake up Neil! She is getting exactly what she deserves!" Neil calls Michael to handle things. Gloria comes out to the living room and Lauren is spitting mad. She overheard Michael and his mother talking and scheming to keep their dirty secret and she is pissed. She heads out to find Michael. Gloria tries to reach Michael to do damage control but gets his voicemail instead. She leaves a message. She tries Michael again later and gets the details for Lauren finding out about him. Lauren heads to the coffeehouse and approaches Kevin, revealing right away that she knows that he and Michael hacked into Newman computers. Kevin tries to save his brother's hide but she will have none of it. She walks off, then rubs her tummy expressing some discomfort. Michael gets the info from Neil about what happened to Dru. He isn't sure that he can save her this time, but he will try to get her out on bail until the trial. Carmen arrives for the hearing and walks right by Neil without saying a word. Neil just stares after her. Noah understands if his mother doesn’t want to party and so she arranges to have him go with his grandparents. Jack senses that something is wrong with Sharon and he follows her when she leaves the office. She tells him that she is just fine and gets on he elevator quickly. Nick and Phyllis go to the judge to ask for permission to marry before the six-month period but the request is denied. Will convinces the judge that Dru will not be able to follow the law if she is let out on bail, but before the judge can speak of her decision, Neil stands and pleads to talk on his wife's behalf. The judge hears about Devon almost dying and decides she can go home until the trial. Carmen frowns. Neil and Drucilla go home together and they decide that they won't talk about this with the kids until the next day. Michael finally makes it to the coffeehouse and Lauren is furious. She can't stand to look at him after he lied to her about what he did. She is beyond words and won't let him near her. "Waaah!" she shouts. She grabs her tummy and buckles over. Michael gets to her and holds her…

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