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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Colby finds out that she is not pregnant. But when Adam demands to know why she thought she could have been, she reveals to her family that she slept with Josh and he took advantage of her. Of course, Adam and JR eat that up, believe her and are ready to go after Josh. But Bsbe knows she's lying and demands to know what is up with her. In a private conversation with Babe, Colby reveals to her that she better come clean about what she's been doing with Josh, or Colby (along with daddy and big brother) will get Josh into big trouble. Right when Josh is at ConFusion, the cops come and bust him for statutory rape. David goes to confront Dixie about how she's hurt him. But he tells her that he can find Kate for her and knows exactly where she is. Meanwhile, Ryan and Annie are discussing parenting with Emma unaware of what David and Dixie are about to do.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva 

Jade takes a home pregnancy test to prove to Gwen and Will that she is pregnant. The test is positive and Will wants to go to Jade's doctors appointments with her because he still doubts that she is pregnant. Gwen tells Maddie it is time to face the truth that Jade is having Will's child. Emily finally realizes that her relationship with Paul is over and vows not to let anyone victimize her again. Paul and Megdecide to make a fresh start together. Dusty ends his friendship with Lucy because he feels Lucy won't protect Johnny from Craig. Dusty tells Jack to arrest Craig but since he is sick Jack warns Craig to move out of the Lakeview when he recovers or he will go to jail. Simon lies to Carly by telling her Lucinda has agreed to invest in their project.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge comforts Brooke and asks what was so bad that she can’t get past it? Brooke won’t talk to Nick on the phone, and Ridge tells him to stay away from her. Donna lays into Brooke about crying on Ridge’s shoulder and chastises him for letting her drag him back into this melodrama. Stephanie interrupts Donna’s solace and states he was only using her until Brooke came back. She will never, ever have Ridge. She wants Ridge to be happy and if that is Brooke, so be it. Donna says she won’t leave until Ridge tells her that.

Bridget admits to Eric that she is pregnant and he is aghast that a learned doctor would be so slow to learn. He’s even more shocked when she says she thought it was Nick’s, but tests confirm it is Dante’s. What about Felicia? Brooke tells Ridge she can’t look for safety and security anymore, that isn’t Nick anyway. She needs to look for passion and the thrill. Nick rushes in and wants to explain that the pregnancy has nothing to do with him; it’s not his child. Ridge tries to throw him out, but Nick shouts at him to butt out! Nick asks for forgiveness, but she says there is no excuse for his behavior. Ridge makes his pitch in front of Nick – to end her marriage and reach out and take what he has to offer.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abe and Lexie make love. Abe insists that Lexie cut all ties with Tek and Lexie agrees. John checks out the blood stain in Marlena's hotel room and receives word that the blood is actually pig's blood. John discovers a receipt from a storage unit that had been planted in between the New Jersey cops investigation and John's arrival. At the storage unit, John discovers Marlena locked in a steamer trunk. Billie comforts Steve but steps away when Kayla returns. Billie eavesdrops as Steve tells Kayla that he only remembers Stephanie and not her and they discuss his feelings of insecurity as a father.
Sami visits Belle in the hospital. EJ brings Sami flowers but first argues with Lucas about pursuing Sami. Lucas refuses to admit that he still has feelings for Sami. EJ scores points with Sami when he claims to her that the flowers are really for Belle. Victor warns Kate against continuing to meddle in their children's lives. Frankie offers to let Shawn reinstate the custody suit but Shawn still believes Claire is better off with Philip and Belle. When Frankie tells Belle this news, Belle acts happy but later while alone with Claire, admits that she really feels disappointed that Shawn doesn't want her and Claire as his family. Victor pulls Titan's monetary support from Shawn's engine plans. Mimi wants to talk over cancelling the surrogacy contract with Philip and Philip finally agrees. Bonnie overhears Philip mentioning that Kate is for the idea of cancelling and admits to him that Kate also knew the truth about Claire's paternity all along.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Michael, Morgan, Max, and Milo conspire to try to ruin Carly's romantic dinner with Jax. Jason and Liz and Lucky and Maxie deal with their baby worries. Liz does not want to marry Jason with him loving Sam and her still caring about Lucky. After seeing that Robert is taken care of, Robin turns to Jason for consolation after her dad is beaten up. Robert refuses to back down and tell where Skye is. Georgi is depressed about Dillon's change in direction. Lucky leaves Shadybrook and asks to see Liz, but her grandmother will not allow it. Ric overhears Liz making her first ultrasound appointment and tries to talk to her until Jason forcefully cuts off the conversation.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie thinks that John is standing in the bushes. She happily starts walking forward but then stops. "What are you doing here?" It is Vincent and he tells that he has followed her. She is furious that he's been watching her. He followed her after seeing her in the park and was in the bushes the whole time the funeral was happening. She hates that. He just wanted to help but she tells that she wants to be left alone. He knows that in time she will want to talk to someone and when she does, he will be there for her. Vincent heads to the hospital to see Hugh. Paige is there and Vincent introduces himself, explaining how he and Hugh went to college together. When alone, Vincent tells Hugh that he still has to buy him lunch one day as promised. He also admits to doing something to Cristian that could get him arrested. "I guess that I am only telling you this since you are sedated and can't hear me." Natalie arrives at the wake and find everyone drinking and telling stories. Viki is thrilled to see her and hugs her as she was very worried about the girl. Natalie is confused by the way they are celebrating John's passing and she speaks up crying about it. She knows they all will get on with their lives but she won't. She can't. Vincent walks in, holding Layla's hand and Natalie turns to him shouting. "You were right! They don't understand." She runs out. Viki wants to follow her but Clint tells her that Natalie has to find her own way. Layla is confused about what Natalie said to her boyfriend. "What was that all about? Vincent just shrugs. Todd asks Rex to start looking for his kid. Rex heads to the station to look at John's files about the child. Cristian gets a call from someone who says that he knows who set Cristian up. Blair is at Todd's place when he arrives. He finds the room full of candles and soft music playing. "Hello!" He shouts. Blair comes walking down the stairs in a sexy dress, open at the front, and wearing high heel shoes. She makes her pitch again to Todd about them getting married and her moving back into the penthouse. Todd isn't interested in this. He has told her that over and over again but she will not listen. "Okay, then I will show you how I feel about you!" She easily disrobes and stands before Todd naked…Nash has too much to drink and Jessica follows him into the alley. He wonders if Jessica was really the one who he has been making love to and he kisses her. Claudia sees them and sneaks back inside the bar to order a drink!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox and Miguel are arguing about everything, trying to one-up each other constantly. Tabitha asks them several times to stop, saying they're acting like little boys and need to grow up. Kay is upset at what she's caused to happen between them, and regrets everything she's done that hurt everyone she's ever loved. She wished she had never been born, and Endora, who'd been listening all this time, obliged, zapping her out of existence. Tabby was very upset, and then stunned as her mention of Kay to Miguel and Fox caused them to wonder just who this "Kay" might be. Rebecca continued to receive text messages from JT Cornell, even some raunchy ones, and Ethan kept asking who they were from. Gwen tried to deflect his curiosity by accusing him of being rude and attacking her mother in order to distract his wife from noticing he seems to want Theresa more than her, but Ethan wouldn't be deterred, finally managing to grab the phone from Rebecca's hands. Gwen, learning it is JT who is texting her mother, told her to cut off her phone and delete the photos, but once Ethan has the phone, the women don't know if the pics are still there or not.

Lester wondered if Luis was upset that he wants Fancy to star in his latest porno film, but Luis blows it off as if it doesn't matter. Secretly he's trying to figure out a way to get both of them out of there without raising suspicion, but doesn't seem able to. While Lester talks to the male star, who had spent some time drooling over his new co-star, Luis tries to get her out before being seen, but can't quite make it. Fancy is told to get ready to film, while Luis makes the male star an offer he couldn't refuse. Luis came out in his police uniform, impressing Lester, and said he's taking the star's place. Whitney complained about not knowing where Chad is or who he's with, and wondering if he's cheating. Theresa tries to tell her he would never cheat on her, but at the same time she's ordered her private investigator to follow Chad and find out the truth. Following Chad to his favorite motel, the P.I. realizes something is up, and it isn't good.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Noah comes to his mother with the camera. It is her time to tape her birthday message to Nick. Sharon screws it up and Noah has to rewind the taping to find the right place to start again. He watches the frames go backward, as he presses rewind… Dru tells Neil that she put her hands on Carmen and that she really didn't mean to. Neil tells Dru again that she isn't to go near the woman again. Dru leaves Neil and goes rushing to the lunchroom. "Have you seen Carmen?" No one has. Dru goes out into the hall and sees the woman. Dru runs over to her. "Oh hi Carmen!" Carmen takes one look at Dru and heads off without a word being said. Michael and Lauren talk about Sheila. Paul says that she is in Argentina and has been traveling under the assumed name, 'Lauren Scott'. Lauren takes this as a very bad sign that Sheila will be coming for her again. She can't let Sheila find out about her baby. "I just can't go through losing my baby again!" Gloria comes out and tells the couple that she will be looking for her own place now, since she has her job and will be keeping it. "Jack even likes my jewelry idea!" Michael finds this all very strange. Phyllis tells Carmen to be at the surprise birthday party that night at 8pm. Carmen worries that Dru will be there but Phyllis assures that she only gets to wreck one party per year and will not be there. "Neil might be though," she hints. Carmen smiles. Noah is with Phyllis on her computer, looking at the video that he shot of everyone. They are going to do a little editing. The phone rings and Phyllis has to leave to deal with a request for information. Noah gets on the computer and watches the video. He sees two ladies waving their arms and talking in an exaggerated manner, then…Sharon is showing, expressing her birthday wishes for Nick. Dru catches up to Carmen again and tells her that she didn't mean to freak out. She just can't understand why Carmen can't understand that she can't leave town right now, that's all. Dru tells Neil what she did just now with Carmen and he is very disappointed. Dru is ready to quit since she can't make things nice for Carmen who is just dying to call the po-po! Phyllis finds footage of Dru manhandling Carmen on Noah's video. She calls Carmen, who calls the police, this time with a copy of the tape. Dru is promptly cuffed and arrested in the office.

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