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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While Jack is alone in his home, he lays down the law to Sean  to be more responsible and not expect a free ride. He also informs his nephew that Barbara is ready to appoint Jack to be Sean's legal guardian. Erica has moved out of their home and into the hotel. She tells him there's nothing wrong with their marriage and she is merely there so that she can think better and get more work done. But is that the only reason? She sees a lot of Jeff while she's there. And they talk about a lot of very in depth issues and relive old history of when they were married. Jeff has indirectly encouraged Josh to be unafraid to act on his feelings for a married woman. Josh is doing just that. But Babe is not ready to leave JR for him quite yet. Colby is very certain that she is pregnant and is very worried what will happen when her father finds out. Adam and Krystal are rejoicing the news of their new baby.. Colby asks Sydney to keep it a secret. Sydney is ready to help her. But when Colby talks to her father and attempts to hide the pregnancy test, she accidentally drops the instructions when she gets up to leave. Adam finds it on the floor, inquires who in his house could be pregnant, and is able to put two and two together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke remembers how she told Ridge that Nick would never let her down. Now she realizes what a fool she has been. Donna brings Ridge back from the airport and has a romantic little dinner set for him...her way of thanking him for showing her Europe and how much she appreciates him. Eric is trying to read the paper but Stephanie keeps interrupting him with quips about Ridge and Ms. Logan and what she is up to, and if Eric had half a brain he could see it too. She looks out the window every few minutes, broadcasting what might be happening. Bridget tries frantically once more to get hold of Nick. He has climbed back on the boat from being dumped overboard and also tries to call Brooke but his cell phone is waterlogged.

Donna and Ridge dine and she purrs that it was hard coming home, with them spending so much time together in Europe, then suddenly he’s not here with her. She talks him out of going to see R.J. so late, but go ahead and take a shower. She deletes the message on the answering machine that comes through from Brooke. Bridget comes aboard The Marlin and Nick is horrified when she tells him she is pregnant, but the baby is Dante’s. He went through all of this for naught. She wants him to call her mother and try to make things right. This piece of news could make all the difference in the world.

Donna lights candles in the bedroom and tells Ridge she loves him and she realizes he can’t say that yet, but she just wants to get the elephant out of the room. He won’t ever love two people in the same way, but that’s okay. When they kiss, Brooke arrives at the door and throws herself into Ridge’s arm and slowly tells him she was wrong, he was right. She wanted to be safe but she isn’t. Is it too late for them? He covers her with kisses with Donna tearfully watching and tells her it is NEVER too late. He knew this day would come.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max escapes the wreck with only cuts and bruises and Kayla helps him deal with the blame he feels. Billie wants to get Steve to the hospital to be with Stephanie but he refuses to go because he believes making Stephanie angry moments before the race contributed to the accident. Steve finally arrives at the hospital and emotionally begs a sleeping Stephanie to give him another chance. Billie assures Kayla that she’ll step aside should Steve want to fight for his marriage. Billie and Kayla overhear Steve regain his memory of being Stephanie’s father. Belle’s condition worsens and Dr. Ross warns Philip and Shawn that in order to save Belle, they must terminate the pregnancy. Shawn agrees with Philip’s decision to sign the consent form. Shawn relieves Claire’s babysitter but Claire doesn’t stop crying until Philip arrives home. Bonnie stops Mimi from calling to end the surrogacy arrangement with Philip and Shawn. Moved by Philip’s connection with Claire, Shawn calls Frankie to drop the custody suit.

Tek convinces Lexie that Abe has been investigating her. Roman and Abe go over the evidence Abby brought them from Max’s garage. Roman calls Abe on his reluctance to end his time with Lexie. An unsuspecting Abe shows up for dinner with Lexie and Lexie slaps him. Abe works to convince Lexie that he meant what he said about his feelings during their courtship by kissing her. Patrick stands up in court to substantiate the claim that Bo has a personal vendetta against him. Bo stands by the evidence until Roman walks in with the evidence Abby found including a letter stating that the evidence found in Patrick’s house was planted and Patrick is innocent of Eve’s murder. Roman announces that they followed up on the claim and found it truthful so the judge drops the charges against Patrick. Hope is furious with Bo for not considering that the evidence wasn’t real. Hope offends Patrick when she refers to their situation as dirty laundry aired in court. Hope walks away from Patrick’s latest plea to be together. Roman orders Bo to leave Patrick alone.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo accosts Robin to demand that she get in touch with Robert and get him to give up Skye's whereabouts. Patrick invites her to go with him to Paris to see about Laura's condition and so she'll be safer. She refuses. Then, Robert returns, hears about the incident, and places himself on guard duty. Carly loudly worries about the consequences of Liz's pregnancy for Jason. Nikolas is hurt while riding, due to his saddle being sabotaged. and taken to General Hospital, but it's not major. He is released into Colleen's care. Later the nanny confesses to the baby that she is behind Alfred and Nik's "accidents." Maxie forces her way into Lucky's room to tell him she's pregnant. After overhearing Sonny's accountant tell the workmen not to rush the work on her home, she decides to invite Jax over for a romantic dinner. Lorenzo's men beat up Robert. Jason tells Liz he wants to marry her if the baby is his.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie gets up and decides that she isn't going to the funeral. Roxy slaps her hard and tells her that she needs to snap out of it. Viki talks to her about going to funerals for loved ones and knows that she will regret this if she doesn't go. Natalie gets dressed and arrives at the event. Dorian goes to the park upset. A man with no shoes on is sleeping on the other side of the bench. "Well if you think that you are going to steal my shoes, you have another thing coming!" the man shouts jumping up. It is David. Dorian thought that he was long gone on some quest to be a movie star. Turns out that the woman agent only wanted to get in his pants. Now he has nothing and needs a job badly. He actually slept on the park bench last night. Dorian offers his a job at CRAZE, but he wants something different. He toys with the idea of asking Viki for a job but Dorian hates that idea! When David hears that Viki is at John's funeral, he is stunned. He had no idea that John was dead. He feels that it is his fault. Dorian suggests that he go to the funeral if she feels that he needs to. They head over there together. Asa is home! He's been released and the family greets him. Bo tells how Truman might have a vendetta against the family and Bo will be looking into that. Asa tells Bo to forget about that. Bo can't. Too many things have happened to the family. When Nigel is alone with Asa, he tells that he knows that the man is hiding something. He found the picture of the woman that Asa had with him. He shows it to Asa now. Nigel hasn't told anyone about the picture but he just might. Nigel knows that the picture has to do with Spencer and New Years Eve. The funeral goes off without a hitch. When David goes to Eve to express his gratitude to John for finding out that he wasn't a killer, she appreciates what he has to say but isn't glad to meet him. Bo still feels that Vickers showed guts doing that. Next, everyone heads to the cemetery. The officers bring the coffin to the grave. The coffin starts lowering…Eve falls to her knees from her chair and crawls over to the box. "Goodbye my baby…Oh Danny Boy," she starts singing. When her voice fails her due to her grief, Evangeline picks up the ball and sings the rest of the song. Michael comes and gets his mother picking her up and taking her to Marcie. "John isn't here. Let's go." Everyone is gone by Natalie who wants to be alone there. Soon it is getting dark and she throws her flower in the grave and starts walking out. Suddenly she stops and turns in the darkness. "John?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay was upset that Fox had been hurt and might be the one who's funeral Tabitha saw in her water bowl, but still can't decide which man she wants. She had to step in between them to stop another fight. Chad left Tabby's and went straight to the motel to be with his lover, after another warning from Jared about doing just that. Valerie piqued Whitney's curiosity with her actions before she, too, left to meet someone. Chad, maybe? Theresa decided to help her friend learn the truth about the man she loves and hired a private investigator to follow Chad and find out just what he is doing, and with whom. She didn't tell Whitney about it, tho.

Fancy had to give Luis a lap dance today after her excuse for talking to Luis caused the club owner to suspect they are somehow together. After a few minutes, Luis told Fancy to leave because she was messing up his undercover investigation, but she only ended up being tapped by the owner to star in his porn film. The man asked Luis whether he's ok with that, trying to see just how connected the two of them are. Ethan kept questioning Rebecca about all the text messages she's getting, thinking she's connected to JT Cornell and whatever it was that happened that caused Theresa to do a 180. Rebecca kept trying to change the subject, telling him the messages are meaningless, but her reaction to them once JT started sending photos of him stripping made Ethan think otherwise.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Carmen tells Victoria that there is a problem with the arranging of the launch for the rollout of Newman's 'Beauty of Nature' products. They have to rollout earlier than planned. They need Dru to pull this off. Victoria calls Dru at home and tells her that she has to get in to pull this off right away. Jack come to Victor telling him that there is a mall in Savannah that he might want to acquire. He figures that Victor's real estate division would be interested in it. Victor will look at the figures and gives this some thought. Phyllis drags Jack in to hear Gloria's idea. He thinks that he has heard it all, but listens to her one more time. "I like it!" he says. "I think we should do it!" Noah and Phyllis have this great idea for Nick's surprise birthday party. They are going to get the important people in Nick's life and have them say a speech to Nick on videotape. Noah will be doing the filming and he gets Phyllis, Victor, Jack and Carmen to leave good wishes… Dru shows up and tells Victoria how ill her son is. Victoria is sorry, and didn't realize how ill Devon really was. "When this crisis is over, you can have whatever you need to take care of him Dru. You will be working closely with Carmen on this rollout of 'Beauty of Nature' products." Devon tells Neil that he wonders how many girls are going to be into deaf guys. Neil knows that he shouldn't have any problem with that. Dru follows Carmen who is on an elevator. Dru needs to speak to her but she will not allow it. When another person gets on the elevator too, that fulfills the rule for Dru to be close to Carmen at work and so she steps on the elevator too. They have to work together to get this event rolling. Carmen will try to get along but she doesn't want to be this close to Dru ever again. Carmen tells Dru in front of Victoria that she has to fly to New York the following day to do a cable interview. Dru tells Carmen that she will not be going to New York. Unknown to them, Noah has left his camera running in the lunchroom. It is partially hidden by a coat. Carmen tells Dru that she has a problem now with Victoria if she doesn't go. Dru grabs her calling her a bitch and telling her that she knows that this is a trick to get Neil. She gets Carmen in a chokehold and slams the door when Carmen tries to get out. Carmen is finally let go. She calls the police, but they tell her that without a witness, she hasn't any proof.

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