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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Totally disgusted, Brooke lambastes Nick for deliberately sleeping with her daughter and getting her pregnant. She can not forgive that, he makes her sick and she can't even look at him. Bridget begs Dr. Caspary to give her the ultra-sound tonight before Nick tells her mother that he is the father. Felicia confides in Dante that Bridget is pregnant, but assures him he is NOT the father and all of this will work out perfectly and everyone will end up happy with who they should be with. The ultra-sound shows Bridget is actually about nine weeks pregnant, too far along to be Nick's. She panics and tries to call the boat but only gets voice-mail.

Nick gives the usual excuses - he was drunk, he thought the marriage was over. Bridget was just there as a friend. He didn't deliberately try to set out to hurt Brooke. She can hate him, say what she wants but don't give up on them. He knows in time she will have forgiveness in her heart, that is the kind of person he knows her to be. Bridget forgave her for Hope, surely she can do the same. But, Brooke won't let him touch her and wants him out of her home and her life. She runs topside and laments that she wouldn't go back to Ridge because she couldn't trust him. She thought she had security and safety with Nick, and now this. He follows and he falls overboard as he grabs for her and she pushes him off. She calls him a bastard and throws him a life preserver, but calls the harbor master that she is NOT returning ever and puts the ship on course.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea confronts Stephanie about stealing Max away. Kayla shows up to support Stephanie but when Steve shows up, he brings Billie and Stephanie doesn’t hold back her anger. Fellow family members advise Kayla, Steve, and Billie on their love lives. Stephanie asks Kate to keep Billie away from Steve. Max and garage worker Travis are forced to do their own preliminary checks before the race because Shawn left and they are running late for the race. Abby returns to the garage while the race is in full swing and discovers a disconcerting note left tucked in a black glove that was hidden underneath Max’s car. Max’s car explodes when he accelerates to top speed during the race.

Mimi tells Hope and Bo about keeping Claire’s paternity a secret. Hope heads to the hospital to support Shawn and Belle. Hope urges Shawn to try to reunite with Belle. Shawn’s harsh words about the Lockhart family make Hope return to the courthouse.

Patrick’s lawyer plans to play up the claim that Patrick was framed. Roman asks if Abe is using the case to get back together with Lexie and Abe insists that Lexie could still be Patrick’s accomplice. Roman comes to the courthouse to support Bo and make sure he doesn’t make things personal. Judge Fitzpatrick calls Bo to the stand and Patrick’s lawyer accuses him of having a personal vendetta against Patrick. Tek pulls Lexie aside to warn her about Abe’s true intentions. Lexie wants to put Belle on anti-hypertensive drugs but Belle doesn’t want to take anything that could harm the baby. Philip wants Belle to have the medication but Belle begs Shawn to help her side of the argument. Dr. Ross sends Shawn and Philip out of the room and they argue in the waiting area. Belle makes Philip promise not to allow the drug should she slip into a coma. Belle slips unconscious and Dr. Ross gives the decision over to Philip.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd and Evangeline sit in the diner and they talk about John and what a wonderful guy he was. Evangeline feels that Todd has a lot of those great qualities that John had. She touches his hand. Blair is outside and she sees the two with touching hands. She sidles in and drops her purse hard on the table. Evangeline tells her that they were having a private conservation. Blair would like to have a private conversation with Todd now. Evangeline leaves and Blair tells him that they have to decide where their children are going to live. Todd sees no problem. He just wanted joint custody. Blair isn't going to give him that. If he wants equal control of the children, then she will give it to him only if he lets her move back into the penthouse and marries her. He can't forget that Margaret started something but then Blair kept the ball rolling. She reminds him of the earth-shattering love they made last. He says that he might not feel anything for her anymore. Natalie shows up at the funeral home, displeased that she wasn't asked to come with them to set up the funeral. Marcie, Michael and Eve didn't mean to shut her out. She gets involved and makes some decisions but Michael feels that her being there is a mistake. She suddenly leaves and heads to the park. She is pissed that John is in a place where there are so many flowers, the man hated flowers. Cristian is there but leaves when she tells that there isn't anything that he can do for her. Vincent comes over and has words of wisdom but she doesn't believe them. She knows that he hated John. He says that the man is dead and everything else is irrelevant. He knows that she is in pain but hopes that soon the pain will turn to happiness so that she will be able to have the chance to love again. Evangeline goes to Bo and asks if they can go and look in John's office to see if he left a Will. They search the room and find that John was very sentimental. He kept photos of family in his desk… After Natalie leaves, the McBains make the rest of the decisions and finally decide on a photo that will be used on the flyers for the funeral. Bo is alone in John's office now and he turns out the light and stays in the room. Soon his body is shaking from his sobbing. Natalie stays in the park alone and cries, Vincent sees her but chooses to leave her be this time. He can see that she is hurting. He turns and walks off.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

JT Cornell is back, sitting in Harmony and making text messages to Rebecca. She's thrilled to know he's there, but when she suggests calling him to help find out why Theresa appointed Ethan head of Crane if she dies, Gwen goes ballistic. She doesn't want him anywhere near them because he can blow them both out of the water and end her marriage to Ethan. Bex decides to keep his whereabouts secret. However, Theresa, who's still talking with Whitney about Ethan, Jared, and other things, gets an alert letting her know he's there. Ethan talked to Sheridan about being named Theresa's successor at Crane after her death, until Little Ethan can take over, and they decide something major happened to make Theresa change so dramatically in Rome. Ethan talks about her being sure JT could prove Gwen and Rebecca outted him and not Theresa, yet dropped it and Ethan in an instant. Sheridan figures the man knows something that could help them learn why Theresa changed.

Fox and Miguel continued to play basketball, each trying to best the other, while Jared and Chad watched. The game got more and more physical, especially when Fox pushed Miguel while he was trying to shoot and he hit the ground. The two friends jumped in to stop the fight that almost started, and then continued watching, wondering where it all would end, as the two played on. Finally, Miguel saw his chance for revenge and pushed Fox, which caused him to fall and crack his head open. Kay wanted Tabitha to tell her who the funeral she sees in the water bowl is for, but she can't. Kay then wants her to stop Death, which she also can't. Endora is willing to try, however, and zaps up some unicorns and butterflies that turn into black birds and begin dive bombing Kay and Tabby. It seems the spell failed, and actually backfired. At that time, Jared ran in to tell them Fox was hurt, and Kay was horrified to think he is the one who is to die. Luis goes undercover at a strip club, and Fancy decides to join him, becoming a stripper herself.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack is sleeping with Sharon and when he opens his eyes, he is in bed with his dad. That freaks Jack out and he rolls out of bed. When he looks back, Sharon and his dad lay side by side, she, not knowing that John is in the bed with her. Sharon tells him to get back in bed and she will make him forget whatever is bothering him, but he ain't going anywhere near that bed. He starts getting ready for work. Sharon seems hurt by his rush to get out of there. He tells that he didn't get much sleep. John laughs knowing that it is his presence that is making his son uncomfortable. Lauren is at the boutique and she sees the back of a woman who looks just like Sheila. Lauren grabs her keys and gets ready for the reunion, but when the woman turns, she is someone else…just a shopper. Lauren has contacted Paul and he calls her to meet at her place. He looks at the gift that she is sure that Sheila sent and he tells her that he was the one who sent the gift to her. Victor comes to visit Jack to talk business. He has Zapato with him. The second the dog enters the room he turns to where Jack sees his father and starts barking. Victor can't understand that. The dog barks the entire time that Victor and Jack talk. John loves the attention and wished that his children paid that much attention to him like Zapato does. After the talk, Victor goes to his office and thinks about Jack and his situation… He tells Zapato that it is time to start looking a little closer at what Jack has been up to. Gloria decides to be proactive and she sends Mr. Kim an email about her qualities and what she can do for the company. She goes to Ashley telling what she has done. Ashley finds that funny as her name came up recently and Ashley was asked about Gloria. She tells how she did relate exactly what it was that Gloria has been up to in the company. John comes to Jack at every moment and Jack can't get anything done. He orders Jack to do something for his wife. That is when Mr. Kim calls. Jack asks if Gloria has been fired yet. When he hears that she hasn't he orders Kim to keep her on. Gloria is stunned when Mr. Kim calls her personally. He says that he hasn't received her email, but needed to talk to her anyway. When Gloria gets the news that she can keep her job, she goes right to Jack's office to gloat. He lets her and she leaves triumphant at last. John is happy to see this and assures that that this is only the beginning of how he is going to turn his life around.

Ashley tries to wrap her mind around what her brother has just revealed to her. She isn't sure whether to slap him or hug him for keeping the secret of how he was getting the family company back. She asks about the money for it and he tells that he had a quarter of a million that he borrowed from Victor. He told the man it had been invested in NVP and he thinks that Victor believes him. Ashley isn't sure that she likes this. They go to the club to celebrate and have a hard time looking sad over what should be the day that they lost their company. Jack warns that if they are found out, they could be sued and Jabot could be ruined as that legal fees would tie the company up for years. Ashley isn't sure that this was worth the trouble. Katherine brings Mr. Kim over to meet Jack and Ashley… The man assures the two that he will not change much at the company and that it will still have the name Jabot. Gloria is with Kevin feeling a little better over the sale of Jabot. She sees when Katherine enters but this time she is with Mr. Kim. She hangs around and hears Jill talking about the sale of Jabot. She suddenly decides to be a part of the group and rushes over, extending her hand to meet Mr. Kim. "I am Mrs. Abbot…Gloria…John's wife?" The man ignores her, turning to Katherine and suggesting that they have dinner in his suite instead, and off they go. Will expresses his sorrow for what has happened to Ashley's family's company. She talks to him quickly and then leaves… Sharon tells Jack and Ashley that she just feels bad for them… Victor sends an article that he kept naming John Abbot as one of the movers and shakers in the business world. Jack can hardly believe it. Victor even offers Ashley a job at Newman… Ashley can't stand it. She feels really bad with all this deception going on around them. Michael and Lauren hit the sheets when they find time and the apartment alone. He gets a call notifying him that a body has been found and it is his grandmother's. She died and he didn't get to know her. A baby package arrives SPECIAL DELIVERY. Lauren opens it and finds a baby book inside with a quilted cover. She digs through the bag looking for a card but finds none. "Who would send a gift with no ca-…" She freezes, slowly raising her head to face Michael's…

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