Wednesday 10/4/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Right after Tad and Dixie reconcile after he reveals to her that he buried Greg, Derek comes and arrests Tad. He tells Tad he is under arrest for perjury. Kendall asks Zach to open up to her. He confesses to her that he is a bad man. Outside their house, Erica tells Ryan that he must get Kendall back and urge her to kick Zach to the curb. Ryan tells Erica that he needs to let Kendall make her own decision, however. Right when Tad is getting arrested, Zach comes and tells Derek he has the wrong man. And he confesses to murdering Greg. Colby is continuing to trash Babe and Krystal. Babe tells her she won't take any disrespect from her. But Krystal makes nice to her stepdaughter, telling her that when the baby is born, she wants them all to be a family. Babe admits to Josh that she loves only him. She is ready to sleep with him but she stops and tells him she must return to her family. Josh asks Jamie what he might know about Greg's murder. But Jamie is not talking. Aidan assumes that Di will be happy to see him after he's gotten back from his trip. But she is not ok with the fact that he was not there for her and did not even check in with her once while she was going through this situation that almost got her sister charged with murder. He tells her he will not give up on them, however.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Brooke the last thing in the world he wants to do is hurt her. All he can ask is that she find some sort of understanding, as painful as it may be, in what he is going to tell her. Brooke wants to know where he is going with this? He brings up many transgressions against Ridge and she forgave all of that, so he hopes the same here. He’s not going to make excuses for himself, but he knows he is going to hurt her now. That night she went to Ridge, something happened. She’s appalled and doesn’t want to hear the sorted details. He argues that he did something stupid and wrong and he hates himself for it. The woman he was with ………is pregnant. She can’t look at him; how could he do this to her….them? He blurts out that it wasn’t a stranger, he did not pick someone up at a bar. It is someone she knows, someone he’s been involved with before. Suddenly the realization hits her as she cries out in pain – no, not Bridget!

Donna defends her relationship with Ridge and glorifies her helping the sales of the company, but Stephanie vows that she will never be part of this family. She wants her son to be happy, and that will be with Brooke. Bridget bemoans the fact to Felicia that she has to believe her mother will forgive her. Felicia lectures that if she really loves Nick, they can make this work. Bridget’s doctor tells her that she is further along than a few weeks. Bridget is devastated when she knows th baby is Dante’s. She MUST have an ultra-sound tonight to prove or disprove this since Nick is telling her mother the truth right now.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie brings Max breakfast before the big race. Shawn interrupts their good mood with his sour attitude but Stephanie and Max try to be supportive. Max pulls Stephanie out of the room to keep her from being too insensitive with Shawn. EJ grants an interview for a newspaper column about Stephanie’s chances in the race. Kate is pleased with the good publicity. EJ stops by the garage to wish Shawn and Max good luck in the race but they doubt his sincerity. Abby brings two representatives from the leukemia and lymphoma fundraising society to meet Max and Shawn and attend the race. Shawn learns that Belle is still in the hospital and rushes to the hospital. Kate asks Stephanie to be a friend to Philip because she is convinced Philip’s marriage to Belle is over.

Bo asks Hope to come back to him but Hope insists she can’t make a decision yet. Today is Patrick’s hearing. Mimi visits Patrick in jail to tell him about losing Shawn. They talk about Patrick’s case and who among their loved ones believes in Patrick’s guilt. Bonnie stops by just before Patrick’s visiting time is up. Hope insists on attending Patrick’s trial. Bo smacks Patrick’s hand away when he tries to feel Hope’s stomach. Hope and Bo learn of Shawn’s breakup with Mimi from Mimi at the trial.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz confesses everything to Emily, from the pregnancy to the one night stand with Jason. Emily thinks she should tell Jason about the baby, but Liz won't until she's sure of the paternity. Robin talks to Lucky about the potential treatment for Laura. He is more optimistic than Patrick. Then, he sees Maxie and tells her they are over, he wants his family. Jason is worried about Liz, the mob situation, and Edward. Georgi accidentally insults Lulu after the latter girl insults Maxie. Later, Georgi admits she will never forgive Lulu for turning him into a business geek. As the episode ends, Jason asks Liz if he is the father of her child.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Gus and Harley snag a woman who is selling drugs. Later, the two have a nice time at home with the boys. Frank comes over and tells them they need to go on another mission. While on the mission, they discover an abandoned baby. Social Services cannot take the baby for a while, so Harley takes the baby home. Between Harley, Gus and the boys, Zack and Jude, they name the baby Gracie. Gus is enamored by the baby and Harley seems to like her a lot, too. The baby keeps them up almost all night long and the next morning is a comedy of errors getting the boys ready for school. Later at the station, Harley calls Gus at home, who is taking care of Gracie, and tells him that he needs to contact Social Services.

Later on, Gus finds the grand mother of the baby, whose real name is Sydney. Gus and Harley are sad. They start talking about babies and after a whole day of back and forth, go home, to bed, and decide they want to have a baby together.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Vincent tells Cristian that he is done as a boxer now that the commission has made its decision. He is a businessman and needs to make money, so he releases Cristian from his contract. Cristian vows to clear his name. Vincent hopes that he does just that. Natalie goes to her parents' place and they all crowd around her and offer her a shoulder should she need it. She realizes that she doesn't really need as much space as she thought. Todd finds Cristian and Evangeline in the park and Evangeline thanks him for the favorable article that he wrote about Todd in his paper. "You know, those people who bet against you made a lot of money…I know that I did…" Shaun has been friends with Vincent for many years. He feels that Vincent knows as well as he does that Cristian was set up. "You should know," Todd says appearing at the table suddenly. "You set him up!" Shaun gets in Todd's face and is ready to throw him out of the restaurant. Todd tells Vincent that he overheard Ted talking and that he knows that the fight was fixed. "Get me some coffee and a muffin and I will tell you all about it." Rex has a minute alone with Adriana and tries to get her into bed. She stops him, trying to make sure first that he understands that she wants to get to know 'Adriana' alone first, and then 'Rex and Adriana' will come into play later. Natalie tells her family how John was going to propose to her and she shows them the ring. Todd wants to know if Vincent profited from Cristian getting set up but there isn't time to answer as Layla appears. She tells Vincent of Hugh being in the accident and getting hurt. Vincent is upset hearing the news. "Yeah, I hear that he is burned to a crisp." Layla finds his comment unwarranted. Vincent makes a comment about John as if he doesn't care about him being killed, Todd warns him not to talk like that about McBain! Starr and Langston are in the halls. Britney and her posse bump into Starr and Langston on purpose. They have a shouting match. Langston and Starr see the girls talking to some cute guys and when the girls clear out, Langston and Starr go to meet the guys. They get invited to a party that is going to be wild, and Starr beams. "I love doing 'wild.'" The girls rush out giggling and Langston has to ask if Starr will really get wild at the party. "Why shouldn't I? I deserve to more than anyone else!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

A relieved Theresa told Whitney she didn't know what would happen if Ethan read the letter that Valerie left on his desk by mistake, and she's glad her mother was able to get it back. Whitney talked about her worry that Chad is having an affair, maybe with Val, but then said she'd rather believe she's wrong about it. Jared found Chad and Val hugging in the elevator and called Chad on it, but he had an excuse. Jared didn't believe him, and warned him again about ruining what he has with Whitney. Gwen and Sheridan talked about how Sheridan really still loves Luis. Sheridan says she's made her choice, but Gwen isn't sure she can stick to it. Ethan and Chris played with James and the new truck Ethan gave him, and talked about how Ethan feels as if Little Ethan is his own son.

Kay and Fox spent the day tasting cakes for the wedding, with Tabitha's help. Miguel came in and started telling Fox what Kay does and doesn't like, making Fox more and more angry. Finally, after trying tons of cakes, they decided to take a break, since they're all starting to taste alike. Miguel and Fox played one-on-one basketball while Tabby and Kay looked into the magic water bowl to see which man Kay will end up marrying. However, what Tabby saw wasn't Kay's wedding, but the funeral of someone close to her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

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