Monday 10/2/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 10/2/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Although Tad tells the court that he knows Dixie and Zach killed Greg, the jury acquits them of all charges and they are free. But it looks as though Tad has some secret plans to get his ex wife acquitted. After the trial, Zach tells Dixie he will take her home. But he takes her to Tad's home, knowing she might have some unfinished business with him. She has nothing to say to Tad. JR and Jamie are very angry at Tad. Krystal finds out that she is pregnant. Colby is not ok with that, assuming that it will make her less important to her father. She goes and talks to Sean and finds out that he had a similar situation with his parents. Kendall still does not know what to do with Zach nor he with her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Simon continues to charm Carly, but she has a change of heart again as she thinks they should stick to their original plan of waiting until the apartments sell, plus both are carrying torches still for their exes. Katie is thrilled to find Mike safe in a home in the woods. She faints though when she sees he is bleeding from the head. Holden is stunned to find Lily sitting in a wheelchair in the chapel; he is confused when she tells him Rose brought her there. Meg delivers Emily and Paul’s baby girl, Jennifer, but soon there is a problem. Meg works frantically while Paul tries to calm Emily down. Emily is frantic when her baby isn’t making a sound, and she is scared why Meg would be performing CPR. Meg gives Paul a knowing look, as he realizes his baby died. Mike explains he is willing to do the fertility tests, but Katie surprises him when she explains she has decided she no longer wants to obsess over trying to get pregnant. An electrical tower comes crashing through the window where Carly and Simon are, burying them both in debris. Holden explains Rose has died and Lily struggles with some memory loss, but is thrilled to see Luke. They share an emotional reunion where they admit how much they love each other. Paul tells Emily their baby died, but she doesn’t believe him; she is positive he switched their baby and is hiding her from her, like he and Craig did to Jen. Emily is in denial as she runs out into the night calling out for Jennifer. Meg stays with the baby, as Paul rushes after her. Paul catches up with Emily as she pleads with him that it is too cold for their baby to be outside. Paul scoops her up and brings her back inside. Dusty thanks Lucy for saving Johnny’s life. Lucy learns the man that saved her is at the hospital asking to see her. Simon finds an unconscious Carly, but is able to get her out from underneath a heavy object; she freaks when she sees what damage was done, and then blames him for not having a safe building. Katie admits that she is destined to only have one good thing in her life at once and that right now is him. Mike assures her that isn’t right and they will be ok. Johnny is not in his room and Dusty wants to know where his son is? A confused nurse explains he is with his father. Dusty demands to know where this person took him? The nurse explains, the sunroom and he rushes off. Simon reminds Carly an electrical tower crashing through the building is an act of God and had nothing to do with the corners he may have cut; Carly calms down and gulps down some champagne realizing it may be a while before they are rescued. Holden tells Lily their baby is getting so big; Lily responds blankly – what baby? A stunned Dusty arrives at the sunroom to find Craig talking to Lucy and unbelievably holding Johnny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Bridget they have no choice, they HAVE to tell her mother. She knows it may cost him his marriage, but she can’t help but be happy that she is going to be a mother. He won’t accept the fact that he may lose Brooke. Stephanie stops by to help Taylor with Phoebe’s birthday party. She tries to get rid of Hector by spilling the beans that Taylor and Thorne are a twosome so he can move on. He tells her about Shane who knows things about the night Darla was killed. Stephanie suspects blackmail, of course and hopes they can fix it before he goes to police. Shane assures Phoebe that he won’t tell anyone the Darla secret. He has fantasies of a newly grown-up 18 year old Phoebe.

Jackie pops in on Brooke, delighted she renewed her vows to her son. Brooke bursts her bubble that she doesn’t intend to have another child even though Nick wants one of his own so desperately. Nick excuses his mother and states he has something very important to tell Brooke. Slowly, the words seem to escape him and she gets nervous.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate comes to the hospital but Bo stops her from interrupting Belle and Philip’s time alone. Kate “learns” from Bo and Hope about Claire’s true paternity and Bo notes how unsurprised Kate is to hear the news. Philip accuses Kate of hoping that Belle loses the baby. Kate urges Philip to walk away from Belle and Claire. Philip remains committed to his family with Belle, Claire, and the new baby. Belle can’t echo the same sentiment. The baby’s heart rate starts to drop but the doctor is able to stabilize it. The doctor warns that there could be a serious physiological problem with the baby. Belle and Hope empathize with each other’s similar situations and Hope advises Belle to be with the one she truly loves. Shawn confronts Mimi about what he overheard. Bonnie tries to cover for Mimi but Mimi decides to face up to the truth. Bonnie stands up for Mimi and tries to take the blame. Shawn blames both Bonnie and Mimi but pulls Mimi aside to talk privately. Shawn insists that he doesn’t love Belle anymore but Mimi doubts him. Shawn refuses to forgive Mimi and declares their marriage to be over.

Chelsea confronts Billie about kissing Steve. Billie defends her behavior but Chelsea is bothered by the fact that Billie is doing the same thing she was warning Chelsea not to do. Chelsea tries to convince Billie to let Steve and Kayla fix their marriage but Billie questions whether Chelsea is upset because she really wants Billie and Bo together. Though Chelsea denies it to Billie, Chelsea later urges Bo to reunite with Billie instead of Hope by telling him about seeing Steve kissing Billie. Bo insists that he’s meant to be with Hope.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis talks to Epiphany about chemo, who talks to her plain, straight, and hard. Jax discusses the same matter with Sonny and Carly. Nik tries to convince Liz to stay with Lucky, but she insists she cannot. His luck with Alexis on the chemo is also dismal. Sam and Jason continue to struggle with forgiveness issues. Ric and Lorenzo's plotting goes on. Emily finds Edward depressed, loud, and drunk in the hotel bar. Jason helps her get him out of there before he does something stupid. Carly comforts Jax when he is worried and afraid for Alexis. They tell each other they love one another. Kristina's teacher hits up Sam and Ric to be the school fundraisers. Ric agrees. Sonny goes to see Alexis and when all else fails, reveals that he will take Kristina from Ric if she dies.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Alan takes a picture of Jonathan and Tammy kissing on the roof of Towers. Jonathan, trying to play it cool, tells Tammy that she needs to get on with her life and to leave him alone for he is married. Tammy tries to play along, too, but these words obviously hurt her. Alan is confused. Later, Tammy tells Remy that this time the fight felt real and he and Tammy go out as Jonathan, mad about the situation with Alan, tries to phone Tammy.  The hired hit man tells Olivia that it is too late for Ava. Frank asks Olivia where the hit man is and she tells him to just forget it. Later, Ava escapes and comes back to Olivia’s room and tells her that she better find a home for Emma for she doesn’t deserve to be a mother.

Cassie tries to find out what type of medication Reva is taking and finds it on the computer, but before she can read it, the lights go out during a thunder storm. She and Josh share a sweet moment and end up kissing passionately. Reva and Billy go to Vegas to be married, but she tells him that she just cannot do this to him. He gets Reva to play a card game where only one card is dealt, then, if the card is red, they get married. The dealer turns over the Queen of Hearts and Billy is happy that now they will wed.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Rex and Adriana head to Roxy's to see if they can get Adriana a place to stay. While there, they meet Michael and Marcie who apologize for getting Natalie upset before. Rex and Adriana have no idea what the pair are talking about. It is then they learn of John's accident and death. Rex is concerned for Natalie when he hears that she has run off. He has to find her. Natalie talks with Cristian in the park about John planning to propose to her. She isn't sure now what emotion she is supposed to be feeling. Clint and Carlotta are in the diner talking and he tells her about John dying. She is filled with emotion at the news and they hug. Dorian walks in the diner and stops when she sees them. "Excuse me." Clint and Carlotta part and see that Dorian has joined them. Carlotta leaves and Dorian starts in on the man right away. She just broke up with him and here he is hugging some other woman. Clint hasn't got time for this. He tells Dorian that John is dead. Dorian becomes calm and offers to help him get through this. "Don't believe her Mr. Buchanan!" Adriana is behind them and she tells Clint all that her mother has done to her. Clint tells her that she needn't worry about him getting back with her, and he walks off. Eve is given her ring back and she is sad that Natalie was hurt by her gesture. She goes for a walk and bumps into Natalie in the hall. She and the girl hug. "Wearing this ring was John's last wish. Won't you grant his last wish and wear the ring dear?" Nash goes to see Antonio to tell him that Jessica punched Claudia in the face. Antonio suspects that Nash did something to bring that on. Nash says that he slept with Claudia and Claudia came to his place to express her dislike of that. Antonio smiles. "I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to make me think that Jessica was jealous." Jessica is sitting in the park. Clint finds her and she tells how she has been having difficulty with the integration. "I don't feel very good. I feel bad!" He sees her swollen hand and when he hears the story of how she came to punch Claudia he immediately asks if she were jealous of Nash having sex with someone else. Adriana talks to Carlotta about getting back with Clint so that her mother won't. After chatting , she realizes that the key to really hurting her mother is to get Clint back with Viki! Claudia doesn't leave Nash's place like he told her to. She looks at a picture of Tess, and then she looks at the bottle… She walks over and pours a drink that she is soon sipping…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

One more dodge and weave today, with Ethan and Gwen reading Theresa's will but not the letter telling him he's Little Ethan's father. Someone did read it, tho, although we never got to see who, and then Pilar came in and took it off Ethan's desk at Theresa's behest. Now it's safely back with it's writer, and probably won't be seen again. Spike entered Sheridan's cottage and went snooping around and sticking whatever he thought was worth something into his bag or his pockets. Chris found him and almost stabbed him, but finally let him go, with orders he never bother Sheridan again. I wonder how long that will last? Paloma and Simone tried to convince Jessica to leave Spike before he beats her to death, but she won't hear of it. He comes in after Chris tossed him out of the cottage and grabs Simone, trying to intimidate her. However, Paloma jumped to her rescue and almost took his arm off trying to save her friend. Jessica begged her to let him go, however, and left with him.

Miguel continued to work on Kay today, telling her he only kissed Siren to protect Kay. She fell for it, of course, and just coulnd't keep her lips, hands, and everything else off him. Fox was about to find them together when Endora zapped him, sinding him to talk to Noah so he wouldn't walk in on his true love and her lover. Noah gave him good advice, and Fox headed back to find Kay. Meanwhile, Miguel and Kay were still liplocked in the pantry.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Billy is surprised that Jack isn't upset about the sale not going through. He isn't. He promises Billy that one-day, they will have the company back. Kevin smiles broadly when he sees Billy in the hall. Kevin tells him that the sale of the company didn't go through, and so it looks like Billy will not be taking over just yet. With a snap of his fingers, Billy warns him not to get too comfortable as things can change just like that! Devon has specialists visit him to give him tips on how to deal with his new condition. He still is frustrated but believes that he will hear again. Dru asks the doctor privately about Devon getting his hearing back. He tells that the type of hearing loss that Devon has doesn't typically come back. Daniel and Neil set up equipment in the house so that Devon can communicate by typing, and reading the monitors that are in every room, but when the machine fails, Devon just wants to be alone in his room. Jack tells Kay that he has come to accept that the family business will be sold and that he will be putting all his energy into making NVP a success instead. Katherine smiles and is glad to hear this. Jack goes to visit his sister who tells that Gloria has had some very good ideas recently and that has made her cockier than ever. "Don't worry Ashley, you might not have to put up with her for very much longer." Ashley knows that there has to be a deeper meaning to that but all that Jack will say about it is, "Be patient!" Michael wants to check out The House of Kim and then get rid of the back door code into the server. He is getting the creeps about this whole thing. Kevin and Michael do everything in their power and uncover every stone to find out what Jack's involvement is with The House of Kim. They find nothing that nothing and Michael will have to tell Katherine that when he meets her. Gloria is working with Ashley and they have come to the end of the day. They actually have enjoyed working together and tell each other so. Gloria feels a part of the team now. She spoke with Kay and feels that since the deal with Raaz isn't going through her job is safe. Jack and Michael walk the halls, talking like old chums. Michael rushes off to meet Katherine. "What was he just talking about?" Billy asks his brother. Jack doesn't know and Jack doesn't care. "Hey Jack! Do you think that he had anything to do with the Raaz Cosmetics deal not going through?" Jack says that Michael had 'everything' to do with the deal not going through.

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