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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Tad testifies for the prosecution against Dixie and Zach, Jamie disrupts the court by informing them that he knows his father is lying. Livia calls Jamie's witness to testify that Tad was detained in the airport security room and so he could not have seen Zach and Dixie doing anything on the night in question. Although the prosecution argues that there is no proof of that, Livia plays a video of Tad in the airport on that night.  Everybody is angry at Tad. But it looks like he has a trick up his sleeve in order to establish a reasonable doubt for Dixie. Josh is really upset that Greg's accused murderers are not brought to justice and tells his biological parents he does not know what to think or do. Krystal goes to volunteer at the Miranda Center. And it sounds that her primary interest is to meet Emma. Jonathan invites Annie and Emma to stay at Ryan's old house. But she doesn't want to inconvenience him after all that has happened. Colby goes looking for Sean. Adam finds her at the Montgomery house and tells Sean he better stay away from his daughter. At the end of the court hearing, after Livia has grilled him about his thoughts and feelings aobut Dixie, Tad  gets very upset and screams to the entire court that he will never forgive Dixie for abandoning him and giving their child to Greg Madden.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick reaches Bridget at the hospital and learns she is having a blood test and insists on being there. He also wants to tell Brooke, he can't spend another night like this. Brooke remarks she’d like to renew her vows every single day but now she has to get to work. The lab tech, Jerry, draws blood from Bridget and she asks him to keep this just between the two of them. Nosy Felicia pops in and says she is worried what happened yesterday. Did Bridget tell her mother? She is also curious how Nick took it since he always wanted to be a father. Eric and Brooke trade banter about her being CEO at Forrester and there while Ridge is on another continent. While Felicia and Eric gang up on her and spout her safety with Nick, she informs them she did renew her wedding vows, does that tell them anything? He tells her how dear she is to them and the company, but everyone makes mistakes. What will happen when Nick makes his? She states that Nick would never hurt her.

While waiting for the test results, Nick and Bridget reminisce about losing Nicole. He won't hear the word miscarry for this baby. It is HIS and will be born healthy and strong. Rock-bottom line is that life trumps everything and life has chosen them to make new life. He refuses to see this as anything but a blessing and they hug and cling to each other. She confides in him that she loved him because he made her a better person, turned her into feeling beautiful inside. It happened again just now. Jerry gives them the results - positive, baby healthy and developing well. She remarks when God answers your prayers, best not to just complain. Looks like they are having a baby. Neither know whether to be happy or sad.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max and Stephanie continue to make out in the sauna. Stephanie suggests dinner and they flirt over Chinese takeout. The conversation turns serious as Stephanie laments about having Steve so close yet so distant. Kate, Billie, and Chelsea decide to have dinner at the Hudson Street Diner. Billie tries to leave when she spots Steve there but is stuck having to join him when he greets them. Kate and Billie fling insults at each other while Steve tries to keep the peace. Kate and Chelsea leave Billie and Steve alone to talk. Steve pleads for a relationship with Billie and announces plans for a divorce from Kayla when she turns him down. Steve continues to plead and Chelsea returns to the diner for her cell phone in time to see Steve and Billie kissing.  

Belle’s cramps continue so Bo alerts Shawn and Mimi is stuck babysitting Claire while everyone else heads for the hospital. Shawn and Philip argue so intensely that they have to be separated when it turns physical. The doctor deems Belle and the baby both fine but orders the family to behave around Belle. Philip allows Shawn to go in and see Belle first and then while Philip visits Belle, he promises to be devoted to raising their new family. Mimi and Bonnie bring the baby monitor over to Mimi’s loft so they can still hear Claire while they prepare a romantic dinner for Shawn. Mimi and Bonnie head back to Belle’s loft when Claire cries leaving the monitor behind. Shawn returns home and through the baby monitor, hears Mimi talking to Bonnie about how she knew he was Claire’s father all along.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick tries to get all the good he can out of his strep throat. Liz struggles with what to do about her baby and Lucky's situation. Alexis resists the idea of chemo, something that Ric and Sam do not agree with. Ric sends Jax in to convince her to change her mind. Jax makes no progress and asks for Lainey's help. She sends him to Sonny for aid. Carly finds her stay at Sonny's nettling, to say the least. As their fighting escalates, Michael calls Jason to come and intervene. Ric tells Lorenzo it is time to get their plan going. Nik reports that Lucky is safely in treatment.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie has a meltdown on Spencer and Antonio has to hold her back at least three times using his whole body to get in her way. Michael and Marcie arrive and see that Natalie is in a bad way. They take her to Bo's office and sit her down for some news. Nora and Paige meet Betty who used to know Paige back when Thomas died. She didn't believe anything that she read about Dr. Miller. She knew Paige well and knows that she could of done what was expected of her in her sleep. She wasn't even the main surgeon doing the work on the man. She was just closing up. They called her work a butcher job. Paige calls Hugh's adoptive parents to let them know what has happened and she leaves out the information that she is Hugh's biological mother. Michael and Marcie. Arrive when Natalie is freaking out and they take her to the back for a talk. She hears that Eve is in town and is suddenly concerned for the poor woman who has do deal with the news that her son is dead. Michael tells Natalie that John was planning a celebration. She knew that. He told her that he had a surprise for her. She hears John was going to propose and freaks out. She backs away from the ring when Michael gives it to her. She leaves the room crying and wails in the back hall of the station. Layla goes to her sister and Cristian and delivers the news. Evangeline can't believe that. She wants to go and see people but Cristian sees she is upset and tells her to stay home while he goes to see Natalie for the both of them. Cristian bumps into Vincent who hadn't heard the news yet. He talked of how McBain hated him. "I guess that Nat will need a little comforting now." Cristian warns the man to stay away Vincent laughs. "I guess the way is clear for you now." Cristian, Evangeline and Natalie are all friends and things are not like that with Cristian and Nat anymore. Paige doesn't really want to tell Spencer what happened to their son. Nora gets back to the station tells Spencer that Hugh was in the accident and has 2nd and 3rd degree burns. "I am just telling you this because I am a parent too!" Jessica is angry with Nash for sleeping with Claudia. Claudia can't believe her reaction to him moving on with his life. When talking alone with Jessica, Claudia runs her mouth and asks in a rude manner why it was that Natalie was bringing balloons into a hotel of all places. Jessica turns and punches her hard in the mouth. Natalie has left the station and is walking through the park. She stops when she sees Cristian walking towards her, searching for her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad was back in the office, chatting with Valerie, after his tryst with his secret lover the night before. Whitney brought Miles to visit, arriving just in time to see a telling look pass between Chad and Val as they were picking up some papers she'd dropped. Still no official word as to whether she's his secret lover or not..... Simone, Paloma, and Jessica showed up at the Crane pool for a swim, but Jess was dressed in long pants and a long sleeved shirt, and didn't seem interested in swimming at all. She slept in a lounge chair, sayind she and Spike hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. The girls tricked her into getting close to the pool, then pulled her in, but were shocked by her reaction. They were even more shocked when she finally took her wet shirt off to dry, and they saw the bruises all over her body.

Theresa and Pilar talked about her telling Ethan he's Little Ethan's father, and Theresa decided to write a letter to him, to be opened only on her death. She gave it to Valerie to be taken to the company safe, along with other envelopes to be delivered to Ethan, and of course Val dropped them, and left the letter on his desk. Julian advised Fox to make sure Miguel doesn't take Kay from him, but Fox trusts her and won't believe anything is going on between them. At Tabitha's, Kay tells Miguel she wants nothing more to do with him since he slept with Siren as soon as she left him on the beach, but he told her he only pretended so Fox wouldn't know they'd been together. She was touched by his concern, of course.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Billy is on to Jack. He has figured out that Jack has Raaz Cosmetics in his back pocket and is trying to get the company back. "Tell me the truth Jack. I may be able to help you with this." Michael goes into Katherine's office and tells her, off the record that Jack has been behind the purchase of Jabot all along. "He is the owner of Raaz Cosmetics!" Sharon asks Victor why he sold his shares to Jack and if he regrets it. "I don't regret the things that I do. That is a waste of time." Jack doesn't confess his dealings to Billy but agrees to let the boy be a mole for the cause. Michael has a file with him and he shows it to Katherine as proof that Jack has been underhanded the whole time. He refuses to reveal his sources for the proof of Jack's dealings, to protect his contact. Gloria leans on Kevin and the pressure is so heavy that Kevin caves and tells his mother the very things that Michael asked him not to. When Gloria hears of Jack's actions she claps her hands. "I knew it!" Katherine is concerned about this proof that Michael has given her, but at the same time she can't ignore it. She calls Abhijit Nair and cancels the appointment. Gloria is just about dancing a jig, but Michael is tense. He reminds her that they broke the law and that no one can find out what they did or they will be in trouble big time. Katherine goes to meet with a representative from The House of Kim. She likes what she hears and later Michael checks them out and they seem to be what they say they are. Jack calls Mr. Nair to make sure that he is ready for his meeting that afternoon. Jack is shocked to hear that the meeting is canceled. Billy drove his grandmother to the meeting and runs back to tell Jack the news. "She isn't going to sell to Raaz Cosmetics anymore. She is meeting right now with The House of Kim to make a deal for Jabot." Jack is furious. He vows to find out what is going on and more importantly who is behind this. Sharon comes to NVP's offices and seems confused. Jack wants to take her out for dinner but she declines his offer, even when he insists. She leaves for home. "Maybe she knows what you are up to Jackie." Jack turns around and finds his father is in the room in a chair. Jack isn't in the mood for this again. "Get out!" he shouts. "And take your ectoplasm with you!" He turns his back on the old man, not surprised anymore by these appearances. "Great! Now I gotta hire an exorcist!" He turns and John is gone!

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