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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

When the lights go out, Maddie becomes petrified. Holden tells Luke, Lucinda and Bob that Lily spoke to him telling him not to give up because she is coming back to them. Gwen asks Will to stay with her instead of going to the hospital, which thrills Will. Dallas wonders why Jade didn’t tell him she was pregnant; she claims she was dazed from the accident. Jade’s nurse overhears this and looks upset. A bundled up stranger comes to Lucy’s rescue when she is trapped in her car with Johnny; the stranger never talks to Lucy and when a heavy limb is about to fall on her, he pushes her and Johnny out of the way, trapping himself under the limb; Lucy promises to get help. Emily goes into labor; Meg gives her medicine to slow her contractions. The women are forced to work together. A fire erupts trapping Meg and Emily. Casey shows up knowing Maddie is afraid of the dark; they play a board game, eat ice cream, talk and grow closer. Paul and Dusty try to bribe a cab driver to drive them where each of them wants to go. The driver offers to take them both for a hefty sum. Will and Gwen talk and grow closer, as Will tries to reconcile with Gwen. They make love. The nurse demands to know why Jade didn’t tell her she was pregnant before she had x-rays taken? Jade claims ignorance. The nurse explains they have to talk to the OB on call now. A shadowy figure hovers by Lily’s bed. Dusty and Paul’s trip is cut short when a live wire falls across the road; Dusty and Paul abandon the cab to walk to their destinations. Jade sneaks away from the nurse. Holden and Luke are stunned to find Lily’s bed empty. Dusty finds Lucy and Johnny in the storm. Meg tries to get her and Emily out of the barn, but the flames and heat are too intense; Paul shows up on the other side of the door and sees his fiancée and mother of his child trapped.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Standing by the side of the busy, foggy, PCH, Hector demands that Shane tell him what he wants. Phoebe assures him that Shane has told her the entire story and he means no harm, he won’t tell Taylor’s secret. Eric comments on Stephanie’s happy mood about her sons, but he doesn’t share her hopeful pairing of Thorne and Taylor. She is curt when Lt. Baker comes by and dismisses him for continuing with the case. Taylor and Thorne continue their almost love making until she puts the halt to it, he thinks because of guilt over Darla. He assures her there is no hurry and he’s not upset, he’s willing to wait. They say good-bye when Phoebe tells her she needs to talk to her about something important. Hector and Shane join in and Shane keeps explaining his actions to Taylor and that he will keep her secret. Hector isn’t buying it and has his own scenario of a big blackmail.

Stephanie defends her position with supporting Thorne and Taylor. He comes home and explains further how great the night went and goes up and tells his sleeping angel the same thing. They can expect good things in the future. Taylor announces that if Thorne is going to be told, she is going to be the one to do it. What does Shane want? He affirms only to have a good place to stay, the opportunity to work for her, her trust and friendship and in return he will offer his loyalty and his silence. She can trust him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max breaks his toe after kicking his car when Stephanie beats him in the time trials. Chelsea learns from gossiping nurses that Max is at the hospital. Chelsea tries to tell Max about being cleared of doctoring the file but Max doesn’t want to hear it. Max and Stephanie relax in the sauna and kiss. Chelsea follows Max to the garage and Frankie tries to assure her that Max will want her back once he learns of her innocence.

Bo tells Hope about Shawn being Claire’s biological father. Victor returns to town and confronts Philip about his arrest. Philip lies at first claiming he was arrested after getting into a fight with strangers. Bo and Hope head to the loft to tell Belle about Marlena being missing. The stress of the news makes Belle start cramping. Bonnie brings Mimi sexy lingerie and information about a far away townhouse to try and help her keep Shawn. Shawn has Frankie serve Philip with papers suing him for joint custody of Claire. Mimi tries to be supportive when she hears of the suit from Shawn but Shawn overhears her telling her true feelings to Bonnie.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lucky vows to beat his addiction and be a good husband to Elizabeth and a good father to their baby. Elizabeth privately fears Lucky is turning his life around for a child that may not even be his.

Alexis lashes out at Sam and Ric after learning Kristina saw her while she was comatose. Jason comforts Sam after Alexis' outburst. Alexis makes a decision about her future treatment. Sonny accuses Jax of playing games with Carly and predicts he will end up hurting her in the end. Carly assures Sonny that she can handle whatever might happen between her and Jax. Robin tries to ease Patrick's fears.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie sits alone. She hears knocking and goes running to the door thinking that John is there. It is Jessica and the disappointment shows on her face. Jessica soothes her sister and even makes her a banana and honey shake for her headache. Nash is working the blender and explains to Claudia that bananas are good for a hangover. She wants to know if he remembered the night before and he did. He remembered everything. He actually wants to talk to her about that… He feels like he cheated on Tess. Claudia asks if he actually feels like he cheated on Jessica. There isn't anything in the kitchen to make the shakes so Jessica heads out to get the ingredients. When she returns, Natalie is gone! She calls Antonio and tells him that Natalie has done a runner. He turns and sees Natalie in the doorway. He goes to get Bo for her. While he is gone, Natalie sees an officer erasing John's name and runs over to him, shouting at him that John hasn't even been dead five minutes yet! Bo comes to her and she tells him that she really needs to see John. Just one more time. He brings her to the office and tells her that she should read some of John's files, and read about the cases that he worked on if she wants to feel John again. Eve arrives and gets the bad news about her son. She looks at her engagement rings and she and Marcie agree that Natalie deserves to know what it is that John was planning for her. He tells her that she doesn't deserve a one-night stand and that the sex the night before isn't going to happen again. She takes his rejection well, and dresses. He walks her to the door, wearing nothing but a towel, and pecks her on the cheek. Trouble is that Jessica is in the hallway and sees them. Natalie comes across Spencer in the station as he is being questioned. "You did this! You bastard! You are the reason that John is dead!" Nora gets a call for the next of kin for Hugh Hughes. Luckily Paige is standing with her. Hugh was in the same accident that John was, but he wasn't killed. Paige and Nora head over to the hospital where they find Hugh bandaged from head to toe with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. "How do you want to handle this Paige?" Nora asks. "Are you going to tell Spencer?" The bandaged man clenches and unclenches his fist at the sound of Spencer's name.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney confided her fear that Chad is having an affair to Theresa, who can't believe he'd do that. Jared overheard Valerie talking about having an affair with a co-worker and thought she meant Julian. When she said that's not the one, Jared seemed to put two and two together and figured out she meant Chad, then warned her that people would be hurt if she continues with this person. It didn't stop her from rushing out at the first chance, while Chad waited impatiently for his lover to appear. Once the person showed up, we still didn't see who it was, but the inference is that it's Val. Sheridan tried to convince Luis she really wants nothing more to do with him, but he fought against believing it. He finally did, however, and they both showed the pain the final break is causing them.

Fancy and Paloma came in as Sheridan was leaving, and she told her niece to take care of Luis. Fancy is willing, but realizes the pain Luis is in is too fresh and strong at this point. Sheridan went home and found the papers allowing her to adopt James were waiting to be signed, and started on her new life as wife and mother. Julian is still hurting because of what he feels is Eve's rejection of him, and he reverts to the old, ruthless Julian by calling her names and saying she never loved him, only used him for his money and position. She tried to say it isn't so, but refused to put him ahead of TC, so he told her to get out. It seems to be over between them, and it was not a pretty parting of the ways for either of them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor returns to work and Jack is there to give him a knick-knack that he can display on his desk. Victor loves it. Jack wants to talk business, but Victor instead would like to talk about calling in his loan. He sees that Jack isn't going to be buying Jabot after all and so he would like his 250 million dollars back. Jack's mouth drops open. The doctor will be telling the Winters later that day if Devon has suffered brain damage or not. Jack tries to change the conversation to the demonic little gift that he got Victor, but Victor wants to talk about his money. "I can't give it back. I used it to invest more in NVP and buy some real estate. Victor finds it funny that Jack didn't mention that to him, or talk to him about the fact that he is dating Sharon. Dru brings in things from home that will make Devon feel better when he wakes. She brings awards and CDs and the family all mill around Devon's bed talking happily, waiting for him to wake up. Gloria and Kevin find an email that John had sent to Jack telling him that he should take care of Gloria and treat her as one of the family. Gloria wants to take the email to the judge but Kevin tells her 'no'. They really can't be sure if that will make a difference to the judge, and they are not supposed to have it anyway. Billy comes to his grandmother to apologize for the way that he talked to her before. He starts leaving, but Katherine tells him to wait. She calls Michael for a talk. She allows Billy to sit in on it after first making him promise not to tell anyone about the discussion. Billy listens in about how there are two deals on the table for the purchase of Jabot, and that The House of Kim will get strong consideration if Raaz Cosmetics doesn't come through. Billy rushes to Jack with the information and Jack immediately gets Abhijit on the phone telling him to up the offer 25 million more. Katherine is surprised when she gets the call from Abhijit Nair, but later agrees to the deal. Kevin and Michael figure it out. They see emails that are sent to EFO are being forwarded…TO JACK ABBOTT'S. Jack is behind the deal. Devon comes out of his sedated sleep, but it appears to the family that he can't hear anything. Victor looks irritated at the ugly alien-like gift that Jack has given him as a welcome back to work present. He suddenly tosses it hard and fast over his shoulder, where it falls into a filing cabinet.

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