Wednesday 9/27/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/27/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Zach and Dixie's trial is underway. Kendall tells Josh she wants to wash her hands of Zach and doesn't plan to be at the hearing. Dixie tells Zach he needs to realize that Kendall is not there for him and might be hooking up with RYan and she's concerned that he is letting Kendall stomp on his heart. Kendall asks Annie if she really sees Ryan as nothing more than a friend. Annie tells Kendall she is not ready for another relationship and supports Ryan and Kendall getting back together but does not approve of Kendall trusting Zach and letting him near her child when he might have buried Greg alive. Josh and Babe discover that Colby has been playing dead. She tells them they better keep her secret or she will tell JR that they slept together. They tell JR, Adam and Krystal. She spills the beans to JR. But he does not believe her and tells her she better not make such accusations of his wife or she will be sorry. Ryan and Annie talk about the mystery of whom Emma's real father is. She admits that this mysterious person does not even know that he is a father. Right then, David is planting evidence in Tad's apartment and tells him he may not even be able to find his own daughter. But he has the goods on Tad. Tad has no clue what David is talking about.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty’s flight continues to be delayed because of the freak storm. Lucy plans to take Johnny to the hospital herself, but when Barbara comes home she forbids it. Emily arrives at the farm to talk to Meg; Meg becomes nervous when Emily reaches into her pocket… for gloves it turns out. Meg pleads with her to stay in town but Emily informs her that she will not stay so Paul and she can humiliate her and then take her baby away from her. Will saves Gwen in the storm, but she isn’t exactly thrilled at first. When they can’t get the car started and out of the ditch they have to go to their house to call for a tow truck. Jade runs off the road, as does Mike, when they are involved in a pile up on the Interstate. Katie worries about where Mike is. Margo is called about the car crash on the Interstate when she is with Katie. When Barbara turns her back on Lucy to call Bob, Lucy leaves with Johnny. Dusty listens to his cell messages and hears Johnny is sick; he demands to be let off the plane. Jade is saved by Dallas who takes her to the hospital. Jade panics when he suggests Bob check her out, but is willing when he suggests another doctor. Will and Gwen talk about their relationship and things seem to be taking a turn for the better, but they are interrupted by Dallas calling about Jade; Gwen’s attitude suddenly hardens again and she tells him to go to Jade. Meg locks Emily in the barn and calls Paul to tell him frantically what is going down. Katie sees Mike’s car at the crash scene, but he is gone, leaving a pool of blood behind. When Margo’s attention is elsewhere, Katie decides to go looking for Mike. Emily calls out to Meg for help when she doubles over in pain. Dallas asks Jade why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant? When Will heads out to see Jade, Gwen stops him asking him not to go. Lucy crashes her car, but Johnny is fine. The only way to get to the hospital is to walk through the woods; however, they seem trapped in the car. Dusty offers a cab driver $500 to get him to Memorial; Paul is beside him suddenly offering the cab driver $1,000. Meg rushes to Emily’s side, as Emily frantically tells her that her water broke!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric questions Stephanie how Taylor’s meeting went and she delights in telling him that Taylor is having a surprise dinner planned by Thorne. He’s surprised and not totally for this union since she was married so long to Ridge, and this romance is too soon. Thorne and Taylor dance and he mentions wanting to work up an appetite. Taylor wonders if this is a simple thank you and he asks is that all she wants it to be? They dine, hold hands and he tells her he wants to take their relationship to the next level. They both agree they can’t imagine their lives without each other, but not all will feel that way. Thorne doesn’t give a damn what others think; his little girl adores her and his family likes her. He wants her to be part of his life. He confesses that he feels like he is falling in love with her. She echoes the same. And as he kisses her and this might be leading to more, she begs Darla to forgive her.

Hector bemoans that Shane McGrath knows about Darla’s accident and he’s bound to blackmail them or even worse. Shane spills his guts to Phoebe about all the details, trying to reassure her he’s not there to hurt her, but to help her. Hector gets Harry to drive him to find Phoebe. They do and Harry slips up and roughly pulls Shane out of the car and throws him to the ground with Phoebe demanding that he stop this.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate and EJ keep the cameras rolling while Will admits to having run away to Chicago but escorts them out so the family can talk privately. Will had no knowledge of the computerized voice call or that his family thought he’d been kidnapped. The family learns from Bo that the computerized voice call was traced to Patrick. Kate, EJ, and Austin head out for a drink to celebrate the ratings brought in by the telecast and Carrie soon joins them. Carrie and Austin move to their own table to talk privately while Kate and EJ discuss keeping Sami from reuniting with Lucas. Lucas decides that Will needs more involved parenting and asks to move in with Sami. Bo argues with Tek over using manpower to try and prove Patrick’s claim of being framed.

Abe takes Lexie and Theo out for a day of family fun and Tek walks in on Abe and Lexie kissing during a sentimental song on the jukebox. Tek watches from afar and then confronts Abe when Lexie steps away with Theo. Roman learns from the Trenton police that Marlena was last seen leaving her New Jersey hotel room that morning. Roman calls John down to the station to fill him in and shortly before John catches the next plane to New Jersey, they learn that a bloodstain was found in Marlena’s hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Fortunately, Lucky's shot goes wild and he does not shoot Liz or Jason, but in her anger she blurts the news about her pregnancy. Carly makes no bones about it, she and Sonny are not getting back together, even if she and the boys have to stay with Sonny while the house is repaired. She is also irate when she finds out Sonny intercepted a dinner invitation and flowers from Jax. Lulu's professor uses reverse pyschology to get her to agree to stay in school. Ric clashes with Sam and Nik over whether or not to pull Alexis out of the coma, since waiting increases the odds of brain damage occurring.

Carly and Jax share an evening filled with romance and forgiveness a year after he lost his child with Elizabeth in the carwreck Carly inadvertently caused. Lucky vows to LIz that he will clean up and be a good father, but she has told Jason she plans on divorce after too many second chances that failed.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva talks with Billy about how to help her die. He at first doesn’t want to listen, but then they make jokes about how to end it all. She makes him promise that no one will know about the cancer. Jonathan and Reva share a mother-son moment by eating ice cream, going to the movies, and playing hop scotch. He tells her that he envisioned her going out as a tragic movie star.

Cassie finds an obituary announcement and gets Josh to take her to an old foster home where she spent over five years with a woman named Lois Singer. She tells him about how the woman made her life miserable. Josh feels sorry for her and assures her that she will never have to face demons alone again.

Later, Billy gives Reva a diamond ring and asks her to marry him. He tells her that he will be there for her in the end.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Bo is at Natalie's place and she tells him that she is studying and can't talk right now. He insists and boldly walks in the place. "It is about John." She closes the door but hopes that he makes the visit short. She explains that the balloons are for a celebration that she plans to have when John comes home. "He isn't coming home." She grabs her coat, "Well, what hospital is he in?" Bo says that John was in an accident and didn't make it. Michael tries to put on a better face before entering the house but Marcie hears him coming in and opens the door to tell that they got the go-ahead to adopt Tommy. He tries to be glad but she can see that something is wrong. He blubbers and finally gets it out that John is dead. Marcie is stunned. He tells the whole story and only feels better when Tommy is in his arms. David is getting tossed out of Renée's restaurant. He apparently made a pass at the mayor's wife. Dorian saves him from getting kicked out. He asks Dorian to run away with him. He isn't kidding. He is getting treated badly in town and doesn't want to stick around for Spencer's trial. Dorian can't leave. She has to work things out with Clint and Adriana. A woman comes to David and hands him her business card. She is a movie director and thinks that David is hot for his age. She offers her work if he will call her. David says his good-byes to Dorian and they share one last magic kiss before he is out the door. Claudia is in bed with Nash, and she keeps stopping him to make sure that he knows that she isn't Tess. He does. While she is busy kissing his body literally from top to bottom, he looks over at Tess's picture on the bedside table and he puts it face down. In the morning, he remembers that he put it down and picks it up again. Michael is about to call his mother but then decides not to. She is coming to town the next day anyway. She was going to bring her engagement ring for John to propose with to Natalie. Natalie won't believe that John is dead unless she sees the body. Bo doesn't want her to see what he saw. "He was burned Natalie." It is only when he shows her the necklace John had on him that Natalie accepts what is told to her. Bo wants to take her to stay with family but she insists on staying at the house 'with John'…alone. When alone, she puts on John's leather jacket, and pulls it tight around her while she inhales his scent from it. She spends the night sitting at the window, in the jacket, staring out into the night.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis was very excited that Sheridan had finally come to her senses, and he began talking about their new life together and how it would be. She seemed to get caught up in it, but finally told him she wants nothing more to do with him. Fancy bragged to Paloma about what a great job she did of telling Sheridan and Katherine off, then became upset when Paloma told her she and her mother had practically ordered Luis to forget Sheridan and hook up with Fancy. She was offended that they thought a Crane would need their help to get a man, and that Luis had to be bullied into wanting to be with her. Eve and Julian seemed to make up, even made love, but when he said now that they are together again she can leave TC's medical care up to the doctors he's hired to care for him and they can begin their lives together. She balked at that, and he realized she really is the floozie people said she is - at least that's his take on her making love to him but refusing to forget about TC.

Whitney wondered why Chad and Jared were talking about a motel when she overheard him saying he wished he were in the motel room right now. He made an excuse which she really didn't believe, then went to meet his paramour at the seedy motel. Jared warned him that, even tho he doesn't know what Chad's secret is, he needs to come clean to Whitney or he will lose everything he cares about. Theresa seemed to be getting better after her near death in the steam room, but she started passing out and had a high fever, so Whitney and Jared began to worry something else might be wrong. Theresa assured them she is fine, but passes out again right after. She did tell Whitney she's decided to keep Jared and forget about Ethan during her waking moments.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Billy can't understand why the family company can't be sold to the family. Katherine explains that Jack can't get it, and Ashley was named in the suit. "Sell it to me!" Katherine can't do that. He says that he can raise the money, as that is what banks are for. She knows that if she did that, eventually, Jack would manipulate the situation to get the company back in his hands again and she can't let that happen. Billy gets mad with her, saying that she hasn't been handling this with any sense. Devon seems to be taking a turn for the worse. Neil and Drucilla sit with him and Neil holds his wife as she cries over their son. Kevin is monitoring Jack's computer and sees when he sends an email regarding a company called, EFO. 'Thank you for the prawns. I will take you up on your offer for windsurfing next time.' Kevin runs to Michael's office and asks him if he knows of a company named EFO. He tells how the place is some kind of contact for Jack from his trip. Michael knows nothing of that company. Billy goes to his brother, complaining about the company being sold. He knows that he and his siblings should be running it. Jack tells his brother that it is probably too late for them to do anything about losing the company. Jack hasn't got any information to do anything anyway. "I can get you everything that you need." Jack thinks about that for a minute, smiling but then decides that he doesn't want to get his brother in the middle of this. Billy insists. Jack will think about that and get back to him. Brad is upset with Victoria about not wanting to have a baby with him right now. She wants to have a baby but thinks that this is the wrong time. He just thinks that she is afraid of him. He walks out. She sees him minutes later talking with Sharon in the lunchroom. She goes to the club and shares drinks with JT. Brad finds her and apologizes when they are alone. " I understand Victoria. It really isn't the right time to be having a baby." Jack sends another message while Kevin is in talking to his brother. 'Thank you for the information on Jabot.' Kevin sees that message later. Michael talks to Sharon and is surprised to find that there was a detour and that she went to Belize with Jack. Kevin does a little checking and finds out that EFO was incorporated in Belize, it seems to have a really huge cash flow for a new company. Sharon is out having a drink with Jack when she tells about Michael asking about their trip and where they went…

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