Tuesday 9/26/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will dreams of Gwen. Gwen is having trouble getting over Will, even as she starts her new life in the dorms. Mike has a change of heart about being tested; he goes looking for Katie to tell her at the same time she is looking for him to apologize. Emily accuses Meg of following her; Meg calls Paul to say she can’t do this anymore, but Paul pleads with her to keep following her. Will and Gwen meet Elwood, who is a dead ringer for Alex, who turns out to be his cousin; Elwood asks Gwen out. Jade prances around in the barest of ‘clothes’ in front of Will. Nancy advises Katie to throw out her thermometer, how to books and calendar and remember she has a husband with feelings involved. Lucinda tries to talk to Dusty about Lucy, but he is not interested and just wants to get out of town to NY. Henry goes to see Maddie at Tom and Margo’s, but when Margo is called out because of the weather, Henry lets a lurking Emily in; she is determined to find Daniel’s passport because she is leaving town. Gwen borrows Casey’s car to buy some stuff for her dorm room. Will suggests Jade go look for a job and gives her money to buy clothes to keep warm; Jade is insulted and knows he wants her gone. Dusty gets stuck on his plane as he tries to fly out to NY. Johnny’s babysitter calls the hospital about him having a fever and Lucy takes the call. Margo visits Katie to see if she is ok; Katie is waiting with candles burning for Mike, but admits to her that she is very worried where he is. Meg heads home to check on the Farm as the weather worsens. Henry insinuates to Meg that Emily may run with Daniel, so Meg calls her and threatens to call the police if she doesn’t meet her at the Farm. Lucy thinks she needs to get Johnny to the hospital. As Jade is driving, she thanks Will about all the pretty clothes she is now able to buy. Gwen’s car veers off the road; Will comes to her rescue.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick and Bridget stare at each other as he quizzes her is she sure she is pregnant? She keeps repeating it, yes, and it's his child. Nick is speechless and Bridget tells him she is shocked too, but say something! He wonders why she was going to tell Brooke first before telling him. She doesn't know, but babbles something about wanting to find out first the direction the pregnancy was going. She wants to have her HCG levels checked. Brooke comes down looking for her honeymooning husband and there is an awkward moment when she finds Bridget still there with her husband. The baby cries so she retreats upstairs while Bridget says good-bye to Nick. She will have the test tomorrow and if all goes well, together they will tell her mother.

Shane smugly tells himself – a million dollars, that’s a LOT of money. But, he could set his sights a little higher.....more than friends....Hector walks in and lets him know he may be blind, but he's on to him and Shane won't be sticking around long. Shane quips he's awfully sure of himself for a man who isn't who he appears either. Hector is not one bit pleased when Shane takes Phoebe out to eat. Taylor receives a medallion from her A.A. group for 60 days of sobriety, and later Thorne surprises her with a romantic setting out by her pool. He tells Taylor he is very proud of her and she is the reason that his heart can live and love again. It's happened so soon, but he's not going to analyze it, just be grateful and accept it. Hector checks with a detective and puts together the clues and knows that Shane must have seen Darla's accident and now he's with Phoebe! Shane pulls over to the side of the road, just about where it was the night of the accident, causing Phoebe some discomfort. He begins to confess that he was THAT man. She tries to reach for her cell phone, but he takes it away from her. He tells her the whole story and how he knows it was her mother the police are looking for. She asks what does he want from her?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lucky convinces himself that busting Jason would save both his career and his marriage. Maxie warns Elizabeth what Lucky is planning on doing. After stealing drugs from the evidence room at the station, a stoned Lucky lures Jason to the docks and holds him at gunpoint with the intention of framing him for possession. The plan backfires. A paranoid Lucky fires his gun into the shadows with disastrous results. Lulu wants to withdraw from the world.

A calculating Edward is thrilled when Dillon announces he's abandoning a career as a filmmaker in order to focus on studying business. Tracy has doubts about Dillon's change of heart. Lulu confronts Dillon. Lulu mistakes her professor for a student when she tries to drop his class and gets more than she bargained for. Jason meets with Alcazar, who flaunts his newfound power. Jason plans on striking out against Alcazar without warning when the time is right.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Jonathan tries to see Tammy, but they keep missing each other. Lizzie pays a man to keep a watch on Jonathan and make him think that Alan is lurking about. Tammy has dinner with the Bauer’s as Remy’s “date”. Later, she is excited about a paper she wrote and kisses Remy who tells her that he has wanted to do this for a long time.

Josh and Reva kiss in the garage. Cassie arrives and sets them free. He tells Cassie that he and Reva kissed. She is upset, but he tells her that it meant goodbye. Later, Cassie tells Josh that she isn’t afraid of their relationship and that she loves him. Josh tells Cassie that he loves her, too. Reva is devastated that she still loves Josh. Billy consoles her and tells her that if she would give him a chance, he would make her forget about Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Bo has just gotten the news about John. Nora comes in and he tells her about the fact that John might be dead. He calls Michael and tells him so they can go up to the scene together. He will deal with Natalie later. Bo and Michael head up to the crash site and they get the story of the accident from the captain. Michael insists on seeing the body. He unzips the bag and then turns his head from the upset. Jessica is at the bar doing shots. She orders a drink for Nash when he comes to see what she is doing. Imagine Antonio's surprise at his saintly fiancée tossing back shots when he knows that she hates them. "Tess is a part of me, and so there are going to be more things that I like, that I didn't like before." Jessica even drags Antonio off for a quick dance before they leave. Claudia assures Nash that wasn't Tess and it will never be. In response to her comment, he grabs her and drags her to the dance floor. After the dance, Nash realizes that he isn't drunk enough and he orders more drinks. Claudia will not stop him… She knows that he is hurting and thinks that he should party if he wants to. He gets angry when they cut him off and decides to hurry home to the bottle at his place. Claudia convinces him to let her drive him home and when she helps him with her clothes, he suddenly grabs her and falls onto the bed with her, kissing and hugging. Michael looks at the body closely and still can't be sure that it is his brother. Suddenly he reaches into the pocket of the form and pulls out a piece of jewelry. "It is John!" Bo holds the good doctor while he sobs… Michael vents a couple of minutes, punching the ambulance nearby and finally falling to his butt on the ground… When the captain comes over to ask if the man can help with some casualties, Michael is on his feet in a flash! Bo doesn't like this, but Michael wants to help and he knows that John would want him to help. "Don't be a hero" Bo warns. Michael simply hands Bo John's necklace and follows the captain. Bo calls Natalie, leaving her a voicemail that he needs to see her to talk about something important. Meanwhile, Paige has come looking for Bo and she finds Nora instead. As they talk, Nora learns something important that she didn't know before…Spencer pushed Paige to do the surgery on Thomas McBain!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa was almost found out by Jared when he walked in as Whitney asked her whether he found out she slept with Ethan. Both of them felt relieved when it was apparent he hadn't heard them, but later he took Chad aside and asked what they'd been talking about. Chad said he'd tell him, but said he would be sorry he asked. A phone call from Valerie interrupted them, as she begged Chad to meet her, and he said he'd try to sneak out later. Jared overheard, and wondered what was up. Pilar and Paloma continued to nag Luis to drop Sheridan and go after Fancy, but he told them both to back off, saying he'll never give up on his true love because he knows she'll be back. Sheridan, after another round of ranting by Fancy, listened as Katherine explained she has to follow her heart, no matter what her head or anyone else is telling her, and when they finished chatting, she went straight to Luis.

Eve walked in on Julian and Valerie making love on his office desk and went to pieces. She and Valerie got into it when Eve told her she is ashamed of her, that she'd admired the way she worked her way up from nothing to a very high position at Crane, but now she realizes she just slept her way up. Val called her a coke-addicted whore, and the fight was on. Julian broke them up, then told Eve it is her fault he was with Valerie, since she rejected his love and ignored him for TC. She said she'd come to talk to him after realizing their love was worth too much to just throw away, and he tried to get her to do just that. She fought him at first, but then kissed him passionately.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael looks over the paperwork for the sale of Jabot and can't understand why someone would want to buy this company. Ashley overhears them talking and when detected she says hello and then slowly walks away. Michael is uncomfortable after that. Ashley calls her brother and alerts him to the fact that some company named Raaz Cosmetics has made an offer on their family's business. They arrange to meet. Billy is pushing the mail around, angry that Kevin enjoys a cushy executive office. "Has grandma sold Jabot yet?" Ashley finds that a strange question for someone in the mailroom to be worrying about. Billy heads to Katherine's office, pleading his case about her not selling the company. Katherine can't make proper business decisions based on Billy's emotions about the past. Abhijit Nair arrives and Billy is told to leave. He wants to sit in on the meeting but Katherine will not allow it. Jack denies that he has anything to do with Raaz Cosmetics when his sister asks him about it. "How do I know that you are not behind this?" Gloria is alone at Kevin's computer. She types Will's name in a search engine and reads. When Kevin returns, Gloria tells him that she has decided that he is right about her obsession about the company and has found a support group that she can go to in order to meet some people. Kevin loves the idea. Gloria heads to the meeting. She finds Will talking to some people but she stays away and later walks by him. He sees her and immediately comes over. He tells how he lost his wife two years previous and just comes to the group to meet others like him. She tells that she has been keeping busy reading and gardening. "I like to garden!" Will exclaims. She fakes surprise. He says that he misses his wife's spirit and Gloria bursts into tears. She tells that her hold on the company is due to her missing her husband's spirit and that it is time that she let go of it. Will is touched by her speech and pulls her into a hug. Mr. Nair is in negotiations with Michael and Katherine. Michael in the meanwhile can't remember where he heard of this Raaz Cosmetics. He hits the computer and is on the phone to talk to his brother. Michael ignores the call twice but the third time he answers and learns that Jack is connected to Abhijit. He and Katherine then see Abhijit at the elevator shaking hands with the man, and then Billy arrives, not getting involved but not seeming surprised either.

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