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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Colby is urging and bribing Sydney to help her hide and keep everybody believing she's dead. Adam comes back from trying unsuccessfully to find his daughter, concludes she is dead, and is devastated. Krystal, JR and Babe are all there for him. Tad and Brooke are also there. Babe is obviously drifting away from JR and only has feelings for Josh. All the people at Fusion know that. Jonathan and Amanda have spent the night together and are getting really close and comfortable being together. Jack catches them kissing and admits to Jonathan that he has no business judging him and owes him for saving Lily. He also warns Jonathan that there's been a slanderous story written in the tabloids about him. JR accuses Tad of setting Dixie up to get falsely accused of murder. Jamie is also wondering if Tad has done that and goes to ask Ryan and Kendall what they know about that. Kendall notices that Ryan is getting really friendly with Annie and is clearly not ok with that. Josh goes to see Babe at the Chandler house and overhears Colby and Sydney's voices. He and Babe go and catch Colby hiding and find out she's been having everybody falsely believing she's dead.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen wants to move into the dorms but is at a loss on how to get enough money to do that. Jade manipulates Will into letting her stay with him for a few days. Lucy is sure Dusty is using Johnny not feeling well as an excuse and wants him to simply own up to what the problem is. He tells her he can’t be around her anymore. Simon and Carly are having trouble kicking it into gear for their Open House and when Simon won’t stop coming onto Carly, she kicks him where it counts. Dusty explains that when he saw her singing all he could see was Jen. It wouldn’t be fair to even be friends with her when he still wants his wife back. Lucy pleads for them to stay friends, but Dusty can’t do it and walks away leaving a sobbing Lucy behind; Lucinda shows up and Lucy rushes into her arms. Maddie comes to stay at Tom and Margo’s and suddenly Casey doesn’t want to leave, but soon they are all heading off to move Casey into his dorm room. Kim learns Gwen moved out and Jade is staying – temporarily – with Will because she is pregnant with his child. Jade listens to their conversation and when Kim leaves Jade rushes to hug him to thank him for not blaming her for the pregnancy. Carly doesn’t think Simon is taking her seriously so she goes to leave but Gwen has come to see her and Simon uses this to make Carly stay. Gwen wants her to know she is enrolled in college but is trying to find a way to live in the dorms. Simon listens and explains she can get a scholarship through him; Gwen and Carly are skeptical. Simon asks one question of her and after she answers it, Simon writes her a check. Carly suggests Gwen cash it soon. Carly is moved by Simon’s generosity. Lucy tells Lucinda Dusty doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Lucinda thinks it may be that Lucy has awakened some past feelings he had for her and it feels like a betrayal to Jen. She advises her to give him time. Dusty asks Lucinda if he can go to New York to close a deal; Lucy fears Dusty is running away from her and voices her anger at Lucinda for pushing her to admit her feelings for him. Maddie and Casey get close as he is moving into his dorm and as they joke about how dorky his roommate might be, but then Maddie freezes. Casey promises he is in no rush because he loves her. Gwen is Casey’s new neighbor in the dorm. Will doesn’t want Jade to get the wrong idea about them; he is doing this for her because of what Gwen went through with Casey. The only thing they are going to share is becoming parents; he doesn’t love or and he never will!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget wrings her hands and finds this very hard to explain. She has disgraced herself and especially her mom. She is not going to Africa. Brooke tells her that is no disgrace and she is relieved and she is sure Nick will be too. When Bridget tries to explain more, Brooke will not listen and tells her she loves her and she knows she does not have designs on her husband. Not knowing Bridget is there, Nick arranges for the minister to come and they will renew their wedding vows. Brooke is delighted with such a romantic gesture. Bridget sticks around and watch. Felicia catches her and surmises she did not tell them her news yet, but maybe she shouldn't unless she still has designs on Nick herself, which Bridget denies. After the ceremony, Brooke grabs Nick and says now he's stuck with her forever and can they do this every year? Only if they have a honeymoon too, he quips.

Hector tries to convince Phoebe that this guy, Shane, is a thief and dangerous. But, Shane manages to innocently explain it all away, telling Phoebe she doesn't need a blind private eye. Later he plays coy getting Phoebe to attend to his injured arm. He hopes she doesn't hold what Hector said against him, and she doesn't. She KNOWS he's not a criminal. To himself, he thinks of her as so innocent and virginal, what is he to do, settle for the million from her mom or what? He gets Phoebe to accept a thank you dinner from him. Hector makes another SOS phone call and wants more dirt on this guy. Nick starts to go upstairs to his bride when he spies Bridget who has been watching him. They exchange sarcastic words as he reminds her they weren't going to tell her mom about their sleeping together, and he doesn't feel he led Bridget on. He's going to look to his future and she needs to do the same. She fires back that she can't. She's pregnant and yes it is his child!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie takes Chelsea out to Club Dune and after socializing with Lexie, admits her courtroom confession. Chelsea lashes out at Billie. Bo stops by to tell Chelsea that the DNA results were right as a way of repairing their relationship. EJ approaches them at the club and hints around at Chelsea’s drug use. Once Billie steps away, EJ agrees to keep that night quiet as long as Chelsea agrees to never use drugs again. Tek overhears Abe talking with Roman and Bo about suspecting Lexie and the subsequent argument has Abe threatening to take away Tek’s badge. Roman considers taking Tek off Eve’s case but Tek pleads to stay on because he’s gotten Patrick to trust him. Abe lies about why he’s really nervous as Lexie gushes about spending time together again.

Lucas confronts Carrie and Austin and Carrie has to step between them to keep Lucas from attacking Austin. Lucas admits that EJ ratted them out. EJ tells Sami about Lucas being up on the roof with Carrie and Austin and Sami rushes to the roof to scold Carrie. Austin confronts EJ about interfering but Sami stops the fight. Lucas tells Carrie to get out of his life and leaves her things in the hallway. Sami tries to console Lucas by assuring him that his soul mate is out there but Lucas doesn’t believe he’d be able to recognize such a woman.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly continues to not believe Max's claim that her house is flooded. Lainie and Sonny discuss his ambiguous relationship with Carly and how it affects the kids. He insists he is only protecting her and the children. When Lucky gets too forceful with Liz, Nik is there to stop him. Maxie tells Mac about her affair and the drugs Lucky has been hooked on. Jason and Sam share tender memories.

When Carly finally has to accept that her house is flooded, she freaks, sure Sonny has done this as well as damaging Jax's car. Though Sonny is innocent, he does arrange for the repairs to take longer than they should. Alexis survives surgery, but the outlook is grim. Mac punches Lucky, then fires him. Afterward, Mac blames Liz for what Lucky did, but Jason comes to her rescue. Lucky plans on busting Jason in revenge.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Olivia's hired man traps Ava in the elevator when he receives a phone call from Olivia who tells him the plan is off. He lets Ava go and she promptly goes to the police station to report the man. There, she finds Olivia who is happy to see Ava is okay. Doris, the DA, tells Olivia that she will be charged with murder and her child could go to foster care. Olivia finds the hired man and pays him a deposit, telling him that she may need his services later. Ava's adoptive father leaves a message on Olivia's phone that the name of his ex-wife is, Paralta.

Jonathan and Lizzie move to the penthouse and Tammy and Remy decide to go to supper at the Bauer house. Josh and Reva think about old times when they were younger while they are trapped in the garage. They laugh while remembering and Reva starts the car radio. She dances and invites him to dance with her. As they do so, they stare in one another's eyes and start to kiss, passionately. Cassie finds Billy who tells her that Josh is in the garage. She goes to find Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

The accident has happened but the explosions continue. There are a lot of people who are hurt and firefighters are soon on the scene, trying to help. There are about a dozen casualties. In the dirt, a policeman's badge lays open and dirty. Nearby, a charred hand is seen. Natalie is home and she has a bad feeling. She calls her Uncle Bo to tell him that she is worried about John. She also tells that John has some sort of surprise for her when he gets home. At the disaster site, an officer walks with his flashlight looking around. He finds a policeman's badge… Jessica tells Adriana how she is getting married and that Antonio is going to be a really great dad. She also tells how she has been having sexual memories of Tess and Nash, but assures that it isn't affecting her. "It is just something that happened to me once. When Jessica remembers how Nash saved Tess from Bruce, she suddenly realizes that things could have gotten a lot worse than it did. She rushes off. When she arrives to see Nash, he is in a business meeting with Vincent about the vineyard. Nash wanted to sell shares of the business but Vince wants the whole thing. Nash tells how the vineyard means everything to him and he needs it to show his daughter that their parents loved each other. He turns and Jessica is there. Vincent tells that he can see that he won't be able to convince Nash to sell but tells that he might just slide the man so money. After Vincent is gone, Jessica tells Nash that he is making a mistake going into business with that guy. "He is a loan shark." Nash knows but he has to take money where he can find it. Bo gets word about the accident that involved a couple of semis. The superior officer from the site calls Bo with a badge in his hand. "I am sorry to tell you that we have one of your men down here and he didn't make it." Jessica thanks Nash for saving her and then leaves, desperately needing a drink. Jessica is very late for her engagement party. Antonio is worried and can't reach her by phone. Adriana tells that she mentioned something about Nash before when they were together. Antonio rushes off to find his fiancée. The officer tries to identify the badge that he has but he can't read the name. He reads the numbers on the badge to Bo. "Oh my god!" Bo says almost dropping the phone. "It's Lieutenant John McBain…"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared and Ethan worried about Theresa, and each wanted to be the one to tend to her. She called for Ethan, and he was the one who got the roll. Gwen found them together and realized once again that his love for her was still there, as did Jared. Eve came to check her out and said she was lucky to be alive. She had been arguing with Julian because he withdrew funding for the hospital after she gave his engagement ring back to him, but when Gwen told her she needed to talk to him and try to save their love, she went back to do so. However, she walked in on him and Valerie making love on his desk, which horrified Eve. Fox found Miguel on the beach, making love to someone, and thought it was Kay. However, she had left earlier and Siren had come along, so they were the ones Fox found. Ivy was upset that Kay had gotten away before Fox got there.

Tabitha came home from Jupiter, feeling like her old self after her treatment for the Witch's Virus. Endora was thrilled to see her, and whipped up a Halloween-themed welcome home party for her, which Ivy, Fox, Miguel, Siren, and Kay attended. Fox was happy that Kay was home and hadn't been with Miguel, but Ivy was furious and threatened to stop the wedding. Kay decided she will marry Fox, since he's a great guy and she can't trust Miguel. Chris realized Spike had done something to Theresa once he heard she'd been hurt somehow, and faced the man down. However, Spike only wants money, and he told Chris again that he either starts funneling money to him or he will kill Theresa and tell Sheridan the truth about Chris. Chris says he'll do it as he can, but Spike can't kill anyone.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru is at home with Devon who has spent the night at the ranch with her. He looks even worse than he did the day before. She gets ready to take Devon to the doctor but he collapses immediately. Dru tries to call Neil but he doesn't answer his phone when he sees she is calling. She gets Devon to the hospital and still Neil watches the display as she calls him repeatedly. Soon Lily's phone is ringing and she answers quickly. "Devon is sick! I am at Memorial!" Lily and the others head to the hospital and are surprised to find that Neil was getting the calls from Dru and ignored them. Devon has meningitis and it is serious. They are doing a spinal tap. Sometimes there can be damage to the spine, and Devon could get brain damage. John appears to Jack again in his hotel room. He is furious with Jack and tells him how he is deceiving everyone, including the family. He is upset that Jack has Gloria's money and now Victor's too. Jack gets angry shouting that he has been doing this for the protection of his father's legacy! John becomes furious and smashes a vase on the table. "Don't you ever say that to me again!" Sharon comes running out to see what is going on but finds that Jack is alone. Gloria gets a book and finds that it is about Will. Michael does some checking for her and finds out that the man is a billionaire. Katherine tells Jill about Raaz Cosmetics and how they want to buy Jabot. Jill is suspicious. The timing on this offer is very suspicious. They see Michael at a table in the Athletic Club and decide to ask him about this. While they are talking, Will enters the club. Gloria sees him. Devon is going to be fine. The doctor tells that this disease can kill in hours and warns the family of the symptoms. Victor is angry that Nikki won't go on her trip unless Nick stays with him. "I have epilepsy! I am not an invalid!" Nikki says that if Victor wants to be alone, he will have to use one of a device that can call someone. He will not do it. After a while he gives in and will let Nick stay with him. Colleen's teacher is doing a class that day on reliquaries and JT tries to sit in but the mean professor will not allow him. Colleen goes to the man later and tells that she feels discriminated against because of her name and privileges. The man denies discriminating. She just wants to learn about art, she says. In that case, the man thinks that she should work for him as his research assistant.

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