Friday 9/22/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Everybody is still mingling at ConFusion. Jonathan is bartending and refusing to talk or think about Lily. Ryan and Kendall confirm that maybe they should use caution before considering getting back together. Babe and Josh make love. JR knows something is going on. He notices Jamie drinking and tells his brother he has no business lecturing him on alcohol when Jamie has his own issues to be drinking because of. Tad has some real problems that he is not ready to discuss with anybody yet.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen admits to Casey she can't stand that Jade is giving Will a child and she (Gwen) and Will can never have children together. Gwen informs Will that she is going to be moving into the dorms. Will shares with Luke that he thinks his relationship with Gwen is over but Luke he should give things a little time. Casey fires Jade and she gets thrown out of the Wagon Wheel motel so she asks Will if she can move in with him. Simon tells Jack that he should allow Carly to move on and not try to get her back just because he realizes he made a mistake by getting a divorce.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia feels this baby could bring Nick and Bridget back together. Getting an abortion could be a huge mistake. Bridget informs her she has no intention of ever aborting Nick’s baby, but she is not going to make the mistake of hiding it the way her mother did with her husband’s, Deacon’s baby. Her mother deserves to know the truth. Hector makes phone calls and finds the dirt on Shane and muses that this punk is outta here. Shane holds a photo of Phoebe and gloats to himself that she really likes him and perhaps he can milk the original million to a real jackpot. She’s some babe. He sees Harry though and he might present a problem. It’s not his business but clearly Harry doesn’t think she should have her gardener be a live-in.

Donna returns home just as Nick and Brooke are through with their ‘exercise’ and he is ravenous. Secretly he plans some surprise for her. He leaves the girls alone and tells them to be good to each other. Brooke wants to hear all about Europe and being with Ridge and likewise Donna wants to talk to her to make sure she has left Ridge behind for good. Not wanting Harry to horn in, Shane hides his pills and calls Phoebe to come help him as he is in pain. He persuades her to stay and keep him company at which time he smooth-talks her into what a great girl she is. Hector mistakes Harry for Shane and almost runs him off. They are both of like mind that Shane shouldn’t be staying there. Hector speaks to Phoebe alone, though Shane is lurking, and tells her about Shane’s shady past but she still believes he’s a good guy. Bridget walks in and overhears as Donna tells Brooke that she knows it’s hard for her to think of her and Ridge. But, she believes that Nick will never let her down and she thanks Brooke for giving her the green light with Ridge. Bridget rattles on and on but basically tells her mother she is not going to Africa, she did something and she tries to explain. How she judged her mother so often and now she realizes one tiny mistake can cause a lifetime of ramifications. People say they are given challenges to overcome and now she just prays they can overcome this and she won’t lose Brooke. Brooke asks what is she talking about?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ stops by to advise Sami and Lucas on how to best plead for Will’s return on the telecast. Carrie and Austin decide to stop for a drink at Club Dune while out posting fliers but Carrie pulls away from Austin’s attempts to comfort her. Lucas decides to go look for them when they can’t be reached and is angry to find them having such a leisurely time. Austin takes the blame and Lucas apologizes to Carrie for overreacting. Austin agrees to spend the night at Sami’s place so she won’t be alone but both he and Carrie, fueled by the frustration of not being able to be together, separately sneak up to the roof. EJ spots Carrie leaving the apartment and knocks on Lucas’ door to wake him up. Lucas walks onto the roof and finds Carrie and Austin kissing.

Belle rushes to the police station to tell John about Philip taking off with Claire. Roman and John advise Belle to be honest when deciding how to spend the rest of her life and Belle professes to be committed to Philip but secretly fantasizes about being a happy family with Shawn. Shawn finds Philip with Claire at the hospital lab demanding to see the test results for himself. The cops arrive and convince Philip to hand Claire over before taking him into custody. After being brought to the police station, Shawn and Mimi take Claire home while Belle stays with Philip until he is released on bail. Philip watches Shawn feeding Claire from the doorway and insists to Belle that Claire is still his daughter.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny sabotages Jax's car to prevent their date, making Max realize that ievitably, Sonny and Carly will reunite and, as he confesses to Jason, he will have to quit. He loves Carly too much to be able to stand having her back in the house. After she is saved from cardiac arrests, Maxie begins to dream of a future with the very worried Lucky again. However, he makes her hopes crash, burn, and turn to anger as he breaks up with her. Alexis takes a turn for the worse, necessitating a risky procedure Sam for which Sam is afraid to sign consent. Nik does not hesitate to agree. Emily is there for him while they wait for news. Sam does agree to being the girls' guardian if Alexis dies. Carly tries to keep Sonny from bothering her by sending Lainie to Sonny's; however, when her house floods, Max is sent to interrupt. Carly doubts the veracity of his report.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer tells Blair that he really did love her the whole time and that she was the one who lied to him. Todd suddenly appears spewing how love means never having to say that you are sorry. "Drop dead!" Todd reminds the good doctor that he was dead once and that he was the healer who brought him back to life. Spencer knows that he has been made out to be the bad guy in all this but he knows that Todd is worse and that is why it was so easy for him to steal Blair away from him. John is holding on the wheel, trying to steer the car to safety. Suddenly, he is at the graveyard, standing over his father's grave. His father appears, knowing that John has caught the killer. John seems troubled and his father wonders if finally, after having spent most of his adult life chasing this killer, if John is finally at peace. He isn't sure. John feels something was missing. He wanted to be there for his father. He remembers the night at the ER. His father was pointing. John thought that it was he, his father was pointing at, but it was actually Truman who was part of the team there to save Thomas. David was there as well and he was panicky staring at the scene of Thomas slowly dying. "Get that kid out of there!" Spencer grabbed his brother and ordered him to go home! Natalie is home and she smiles as she thinks about the past and memories of she and John in the beginning. She remembers telling him how he treats her like no one else. Cristian is in trouble. The public believes that he took a dive. The replay the part of the fight where he falls and Abbot's glove doesn't even make contact with Cristian's face. Cristian tells the press that there was something on Abbot's glove but everyone just laughs at his desperate attempt to save himself. The commission is investigating and will be making a decision on all that has gone on, but after that, Cristian vows to figure out what happen. John has his memories and even thinks sees the kids that he could have one day with Natalie. His father tells that this is the way that it should be. "You are going to propose aren't you?" A car horn is heard in the distance and John has to go. He gets up and walks out of the graveyard. He is back in his care in an instant, still trying to guide it to safety. His life flashes before him, each a snapshot of a special time…then CRASH! Everything is broken and nothing moves.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay and Miguel ran, half naked, to the beach after Fox arrived at the wedding gown shoppe, and Fox and Ivy went to look for them. Fox made his way to the beach, but we don't know what he saw once he got there. Ivy was having an awful lot of fun for a mother who was watching her son get ready to commit murder. Kay kept acting like she wanted Miguel to stop because she's marrying Fox, but really didn't put up much of a fight. She seemed to surrender quite easily. Paloma and Pilar continued to urge Luis to forget Sheridan and move on with Fancy, but he continued to refuse. Fancy continued whining to Sheridan and yelling at her because Luis won't stop loving her and move on to Fancy. Katherine came in and tried to explain facts to her granddaughter, but Fancy just snapped snottily at her, while Sheridan told her to stop disrespecting her grandmother.

Ethan and Jared faced off over Theresa yet again, with Ethan warning Jared to treat Theresa right, and Jared saying it's none of Ethan's business. Spike watched Theresa in the overheated steam room, and jammed the door shut so she couldn't get out. When she started banging on the door and yelling for help, Ethan and Jared heard her and came running. Spike, realizing he was about to be found out, put the handle back on the steam control, then took his knife out of the door and ran. Ethan and Jared had to break the door down to get to Theresa, who was passed out on the floor, and Jared tried to cool her down and wake her up. When she woke up, tho, she called for Ethan, not Jared.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley and Abby are having dinner at the club and Abby slips and starts talking about her grandmother. "What grandmother?" Abby says that she slipped as she wasn't supposed to talk about her yet. Ashley marches the child over to Brad's house where Becky is introduced. When Ashley, Brad and Victoria are alone, Ashley shouts at Brad in anger over his pushing Abby to keep secrets from her mother. "That is how people prey on young children!" Brad has a great idea. "Why don't you come and live with us?" Victoria's eyes grow wide. Rebecca doesn't think that she can do that. He turns to Victoria who he is sure will agree that she should move in. "Well, yeah!" Rebecca can see that George didn't check this out with Victoria first and she will not move in. She will be near enough for a visit and the kids can come and see her if they want. Victoria doesn't like it when Brad lets it out of the bag that they are trying to have a baby. Brad tries to reassure Victoria that she isn't to be leery of him because of all the things that she has learned of his true identity. Normally she would be assured by his declarations of love, but she isn't this time. "I promise you honey. No child that we have will be shrouded in lies." Later when alone, she calls the doctor's office and requests a prescription for birth control. Ashley is fuming. She goes over to Victor's place for a visit and Abby is thrilled cause now she can talk about her grandmother. Dru wants to know what this real estate deal is all about. Devon tells of the nightclub that Neil wants to buy. She thought that he was moving out. she gives Devon a file, taking out a couple of the papers and she tells Devon to bring those papers to Neil. She purposefully holds back a couple of important sheets. After Devon leaves, Dru calls the office and asks that a message be left for Neil to come and see her at the club to get the rest of the file. Devon arrives to give Neil the papers and hears him talking to Carmen about their kiss. He asks Neil about it and is told that the kiss is all that happened. Devon bumps into Carmen at the elevator asks her why she doesn't find a family of her own, and leave Neil alone… She in turn goes to the lunchroom. Neil starts going on about the recent trick that Dru tried to pull. Carmen doesn't want to hear it. "Everyone thinks that I am a homewrecker. I don't want to hear about your family's problems anymore."

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