Thursday 9/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Ryan dance around the issue of whether they have feelings for each other. And she concludes that he is the real deal and the only man she should love. It looks like they are both ready to wash their hands of Zach and Dixie. Babe and Josh cannot deny their feelings for each other. JR is having issues with his wife's interest in Josh and although he does not drink, Jamie, Di and Krystal are concerned about him. Colby is still hiding, evesdropping on conversations, and having everybody believing she is missing. Krystal is worried about how it will affect Adam if his daughter is dead. Jonathan is trying to get on with his life without Lily.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily wants Henry to help her kidnapp Daniel since Tom won't let her take him on her trip. Gwen doesn't think that she can't ever be with Will again because she can't accept that Jade is going to have his child. Meg avises Jack to get Carly backand make a fresh start with her. Jack follows Meg's advice and heads to the house with flowers to talk to Carly but he could run into Simon. Mike and Katie argue because he refuses to take fertility tests to figure out why they are having trouble getting pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Despite her protests, Hector tells Taylor that he is moving out tomorrow, but changes his mind when Phoebe brings Shane home to stay a few days. He feels Shane is taking advantage of the situation. He immediately calls people and finds he does have a criminal record in L.A. Phoebe shows Shane to his room and he looks around in sheer wonderment. He smirks that he’s got it all right and vows to make it last. Nick locks the door and Brooke prepares for their mother nature love tryst. They make love, giggle and he playfully punishes her. They also mention Bridget….and Nick looks guilty and worried when Brooke offers how safe she feels with a man she can completely trust and won’t betray her.

Felicia checks in for her appointment and also wants to see Bridget. She walks in just in time to hear Bridget announce that she is pregnant after looking at Christian’s test results. Immediately Felicia wants to know who’s the father? Is it Dante? Bridget denies that and finally confesses it’s Nick. On a night that one more time Brooke left him to go to Ridge. She was there to be his friend, but he’d been drinking and one thing led to another. But, he and her mother got back together and it’s better than it’s ever been. And she confesses with all her grumblings about her mother over the years, now she is acting just like her. But, she knows just what to do.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The Horton family throws a goodbye party for Jack and Jennifer. Bo and Kayla talk over their love troubles and Bo convinces Kayla to go the party to be with Steve. Kayla urges Bo to hurry up and make his move on Hope. Maggie and Jennifer advise Hope while Jack advises Steve on reuniting with their true loves. Steve remains cold to Kayla’s attempts but Hope is cordial to Bo. Jack and Jennifer say their goodbyes after Jack shares a touching dance with Abby and they rush to meet their plane.

Shawn tells Belle and Philip that the DNA tests prove he is Claire’s father. Philip refuses to believe it and demands that he run his own tests. Philip stands in Shawn’s way when he tries to comfort an agitated Claire. Shawn tries again and Philip pushes him out of the way before grabbing Claire and running out the door with her.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lainey questions Sonny about his motives for wanting to break up Carly and Jax. Carly gets an unexpected surprise as she anticipates her romantic evening with Jax. Sam arrives as Elizabeth is on the verge of opening up to Jason.

Alcazar and Jason exchange threats. Jason and Sam vow to stay together. Maxie's scheme doesn't go as planned. Diego hurls accusations at Lucky.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John wakes and Natalie is there beside him. She let him sleep in. He can hardly wait to get over this case so that he can concentrate on other things… He kisses Natalie now. He gets up and goes to Spencer's cell. Spencer wonders if people would miss John if he were to just suddenly disappear. Spencer says that even if the worst were to happen to him, John still wouldn't be over it. John was thinking that when he woke up that morning and that is why he is there. He is going to end it all right now, once and for all. John tells Truman that he is going to be exposed for the lowlife that he truly is. "And make no mistake, if you get off these charges, I will kill you myself." Dorian is having lunch with Kelly and Blair and they reveal that they know that their mother was arrested for kidnapping Adriana. Dorian denies the whole story. She lies as she tells it. She tells that she met Bruce in a bar and he found out about her and proceeded with the whole thing himself. David comes to see Spencer in jail and Spencer hates that David is enjoying seeing his brother in jail. "You are my only living relative," Spencer reminds him. David wanted a brother to teach him things but instead he got a brother that gave him a gun and walked him down the alley. He knows that Spencer getting convicted depends on David's testimony, but David will not help him get out. David finds Dorian, Kelly and Blair out and about and he tells how Adriana is at the police station and how Spencer is in jail. Dorian sees Rex and Adriana enter the restaurant. David warns her to be nice to Rex as that will help things. Dorian gushes on about how nice Adriana looks. David leaves and Rex gets a table. Adriana quits her job. "I am not your daughter anymore." Dorian sees red telling that she knows that Rex is responsible for this. Adriana is glad that she does that as it removes any doubts that Dorian should get another chance with her daughter. Blair rushes off. She goes to the jail to see Spencer. "You never cared for me?" he asks her. Rex sees that Adriana is so bent on getting her mother convicted that she is acts like her. John is in the car. He tells Nat that he is heading to his father's grave and will see her the next day. He has a surprise for her. He puts in a Jazz CD…His father loved Jazz and he thinks about Spencer saying he wouldn't ever be happy with this case. John suddenly hears screeching tires and starts swerving to avoid an accident…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay continued to try to stave off Miguel's advances, sort of, but finally gave in and began making love with him. Ivy called Fox to come help Kay, knowing he'd walk in on the two lovers and end his plans to marry Kay, but he managed to miss them when they ran out the back door. Kay still wants to marry Fox, but Miguel won't let up on his bullying her to choose him. Fancy went to Sheridan's cottage to jump down her throat because she won't really give up on Luis. Sheridan denied sending mixed messages, but Fancy wouldn't accept that, saying she's deliberately keeping Luis hanging on. Pilar and Paloma teamed up to talk Luis into leaving his hopes for a reunion with Sheridan and taking up a life with Fancy. He isn't ready for that just yet, tho.

Spike want's Chris to hurry and start syphoning money from Crane to him, but Chris told him it would cause too many problems if they start too quickly. He said Theresa is trying to change Crane's image and that makes it more risky for them, so Spike decided to do away with the Boss Lady. She was waiting for Jared in the steam room, but Ethan came instead, and wanted a replay of the day before. She tried to keep away from him, but he was persistent, and they ended up almost making love again before she could get him to leave. Once he was out the door, she ran to lock it, just in time to keep him from walking right back in. However, Spike found her in there and turned the steam up, hoping to bake her to death.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru is having a rough day. She tells Neil that she isn't going back to the therapy sessions. He won't let her miss them and will drag her to them if he has to. Brad meets with Colleen about their grandmother. It is the Jewish New Year and they plan to celebrate it that night. Jack and Sharon are at the hotel. She has a scandalous bikini on. She wants Jack to come with her to the pool but he has a meeting and will meet her later. Rebecca hopes that Victoria doesn't mind her being there and in her way. Victoria is fine with her visiting but isn't sure that she can get used to hearing Rebecca refer to him as George. Nikki shows up for an appointment that she and Victoria had in town, but Victoria has forgotten all about it. Nikki sees that Victoria has a guest and is shocked that the woman is Brad's mother. Brad isn't happy that Nikki is there when he returns home, or that Victor is on his way over. Victoria arrives and they all talk and get to know Rebecca. When Rebecca is out of the room, Nikki peers at Brad curiously. She wonders if he has more surprises. He and Victor hear the story, or most of it, of how Brad has been living with his fake identity for over twenty years. Brad conveniently leaves out the part about killing the kidnapper. He just says that the man who was chasing them died. Victor takes everything at face value, but Nikki can't shake her negative feelings about Brad. Sharon is out of the hotel room, and that is when Abhijit Nair arrives to meet with Jack. Gloria is on Kevin's computer and finds an image of Jack's email. Kevin is cornered and finally admits that he and Michael put something together to control the Abbots. She loves it! Katherine asks Ashley if she has ever heard of Raaz Cosmetics. She hasn't. "Well they approached us asking about the purchase of Jabot…" In the Caribbean, Jack has finished his meeting the Mr. Abhijit Nair. Jack promises that Raaz Cosmetics is going to have a profitable year. Neil and Dru go to the session. The doctor is surprised to learn that Dru cheated with Neil's brother. Dru accuses Neil of cheating and he says that he only kissed Carmen. The doctor declares a 'no contact' period. "Two weeks of no personal contact!" They go to the office and a deliveryman brings an envelope for Neil. Dru decides to open it. It is a copy of a deed. She phones Devon telling that he needs to help her find out what Neil is up to!

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