Wednesday 9/20/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/20/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Many people are out at ConFusion attempting to forget their problems and enjoy life. Ryan and Kendall are out together while Zach is in jail. SHe admits that she is not ok about trusting her husband for nothing. He admits that he might be ok if she gets rid of Zach and gets back with him. Jonathan is still thinking about Lily but ready to consider moving on. Amanda indicates she wishes she could be with him although she does not admit it. Julia disappoints Jamie by breaking up with him and informs Di that the reason she did was because she believes he's too young to commit. JR has some real issues involving worry that his mother will go to prison for murder and that he's losing his wife to Josh. Babe is ready to fire Josh and the reason is obviously because she has feelings for him that she cannot deal with. COlby stays hidden in the Chandler house, evesdropping upon Krystal and Tad revealing that they are keeping a secret from Adam. But she does not hear that they slept together.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly informs Jack their divorce is final, much to the dismay of Jack. Holden learns from Bob that the specialist they flew in believes Lily’s coma is permanent. Emily angrily confronts Meg and Paul about making a fool out of her. Meg tells Emily that she and Paul are engaged. Emily rails at Paul for being a liar, manipulator and always letting her down. She will make sure he never sees their baby. Paul threatens to die first, which Emily hopes he does. Katie tells Mike she got a call from someone today who can make their dreams come true – a fertility doctor. JJ and Parker find the divorce papers and ask if mom is going to marry Simon? Lily appears to Holden and tells him she is coming home soon and to not give up hope. Simon convinces Carly to move up the opening to their building by suggesting a broker open house; Carly and Simon will have to work day and night. Katie is stunned by Mike’s extreme reaction to seeing a fertility specialist. Paul makes plans to see a cutthroat lawyer who has an in with all family probate judges in the state. Meg asks how she can help? Paul needs her to keep Emily in town. Katie and Mike make up by reserving the Honeymoon suite at the Lakeview. Jack dreams Carly doesn’t want the divorce. Carly calls rousing him, asking Jack to keep the kids a while longer because she and Simon need to get some work done over the next 48 hours. Emily needs Henry’s help one more time to leave town. She pleads with him for one more favor so she can disappear for good.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Christian reminds Bridget he can not give her the immunizations if there is any chance she can be pregnant. She gets rather worked up thinking about her one night with Nick recently, but vows to herself she can not be pregnant but lets Christmas take the test as a precaution. She waits on pins and needles when he gets the results and wants to go over it with her. Jackie plays with Hope and Nick brings up the subject of another child to Brooke. Is that something she’d like to do? They discuss the possibilities. She loves kids but with older ones they wouldn’t be tied down and could sail to Fiji, wherever, with a baby they couldn’t.

Taylor and Phoebe have issues and politely disagree over Phoebe’s offer for Shane to come stay with them in their big old house while he recuperates. Taylor feels he is a complete stranger and they are doing enough just paying for his hospital bills. Phoebe quietly uses her leverage about her knowledge of Taylor’s involvement in Darla’s death to remind her they need to HELP people. Taylor finally gives is, just for a few days. Shane thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world – going to be set up in a Beverly Hills home, he feels better already.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie, Mimi, and Shawn rush to the police station to see Patrick. Patrick maintains his innocence and convinces Tek to look into the theory that he was framed. Shawn receives the DNA results proving that he is Claire’s biological father.

Abby joins Jennifer at the hospital and Lexie announces to the family that Jack is in remission. Frankie joins them at the hospital and Jack and Abby leave him and Jennifer alone so Jennifer can tell Frankie goodbye. Frankie and Lexie share their respective love troubles. Jack and Jennifer receive job offers to head the Spectator offices in London and they decide to move to London with Jack Jr. leaving Abby behind to attend college.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz contemplates the future and who might be the father of her child. Jason comes home to warn Sonny that Alacazar is more dangerous now. Lucky is shocked when Maxie wants to move in, but he does not want her to do so. Jax presses Carly to commit to their relationship. Before they can get too far, Sonny arrives to have a family discussion with Carly. Monica questions Emily's calling to the medical vocation.

Liz confides in Emily about the pending divorce, but Emily urges her to consider what that will mean. Carly agrees to be careful, so Sonny goes home to a counseling session where Lainie questions his feelings for his ex-wife. He admits to wanting her to break up with Jax. Maxie calls Lucky to say good-bye before she kills herself. Jason is taken aback to see how glad Liz is at his return.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Olivia tries to run down Ava with a car, but Ava moves out of the way just in time. Ava tells Olivia that she will tell everyone she tried to kill her after Emma emerges from her coma. Olivia continues to hear these words throughout the day and finally makes a phone call to a man and tells him that she needs someone to go away. The man arrives and Olivia tells him that she wants Ava to go away. Buzz finds Olivia and tells her that Emma is now awake. Emma tells her mother that her sister was there with her while she slept. Olivia tells her she only has one sister, Lizzie, and Emma tells her no, not Lizzie and her sister has brown hair. Olivia remembers her mother's funeral when she went into labor. She has a girl and gives her up for adoption. Olivia then tries to get information about the adoption but cannot. She finds Jeffrey who gives her a contact name in San Cristobel. Later, after Emma is released from Cedars, she takes Emma to San Cristobel. Coop tells Ava that Emma is now awake and that they need to report Olivia. Ava is sad that Emma might not have a mother like her for her own mother died when she was young. Coop asks to see a picture of her mother. In San Cristobel, Oliva finds the contact Jeffrey gave to her and is given a folder regarding her delivery and the adoption. She sees a picture of a young, blonde woman named, Constance Sutton. In Springfield, Ava shows Coop a picture of a woman and he tells her that there is no resemblance. The woman is Constance Sutton, her mother.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John is still diving and searching for the gun. Natalie is waiting for him to resurface. She runs over to him when he is out of the water. "Did you find the gun?" He tells her that the currents below are very strong and the gun could have been dragged out downstream because of that. Suddenly, he opens his palm presenting the gun to her. Her face changes to one of gladness. Nash is on a binge and keeps ordering drinks. Claudia tells him that if he has a drink, she will have one too. He doesn’t believe her but she isn't kidding and he has to grab her glass away from her quickly when he realizes that she has the glass to her lips. Spencer ends a call to his lawyer and informs Bo that he will be out in an hour. He says that his son using this case to retaliate for not being a good father is going to get him out as that is the wrong thing to do. Bo says that Hugh didn't know of their relationship until after the man was arrested. David is in the room and he is shocked to hear that Spencer's son is Hugh. He finds it typical that Spencer would use the news of his son to haggle his way out of prison. Spencer's lawyer doesn't believe that his client was in breach of his probation, or that he had a gun that was tossed away. He and Spencer start walking out. They will let the judge take things from here. John walks in, stopping the determined duo and arresting Spencer for the murder of John McBain. Cristian fights the good fight. He does as well as he can, and Vincent even thinks that Ted was able to stop the deal in time. When he finds out that nothing was stopped, he immediately panics but watches quietly. Cristian fights, and in spite of being drugged, he holds up well. Evangeline can see that something is wrong but Vincent tells her that he is just fine. Abbot manages to get a good hit and Cristian hits the mat unconscious. When he wakes, he learns that he was knocked out and has lost the fight. Layla comes over to tell him that there is trouble and there is to be an investigation into whether Cristian took a dive or not. Evangeline knows that he has been drugged and will get the tapes of the fight to prove it! John shows the gun and it is immediately tested, nailing Spencer's coffin shut. Bo gives John the privilege of taking the crazy bastard to his cell. He walks along behind John, meekly, without a cocky bone in his body.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Jared continued their exercise/lovemaking today, and ended up in the steam room. When he went to get more champagne, Theresa was surprised to find Ethan standing there in front of her. Ethan and Noah continued their talk today, too, with Noah telling Ethan he needs to choose either Theresa or Gwen and stick with that one. He said he has never seen Ethan light up while talking about Gwen like he does with Theresa, tho, but tells his half-brother he has to make up his own mind, reminding him that what he's doing now is hurting everyone. Julian cancelled his support for the hospital after Eve walked out on him, and told Fox he has to do whatever it takes to keep Kay. Fox agreed, saying he will not allow Miguel or anyone else to take Kay from him.

Kay tried on the ghastly wedding gown Ivy bought for her, but swore not to wear it. Ivy had the clerk call first Miguel, then Fox, and tell them Kay needed their help. Miguel arrived, explained why he'd been with Siren the night before, and then started making love to Kay, with Fox about to arrive on the scene. Ivy couldn't be happier. Luis told Fancy she did a good job during the virtual reality training, since she continued after the bad guy and caught him, even after having been "shot". They talked about how he still loves Sheridan and she told him Sheridan still feels the same about him, and he needs to tell her to back off so he can move on. He won't, but Fancy doesn't seem to have a problem doing it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Dru is pacing, and acting frustrated. Sharon feels that she might be nervous about her appointment. "I am not scared! I am mad!" Dru shouts. Gloria rushes into the Athletic Club and runs to Katherine and Jill's table. She has just returned from her trip and she has great news for them about the work she did there for the business. Carmen tells Neil that the night before Dru broke the restraining order and came near her. Neil is very disappointed. Carmen will call the police if Dru comes near her again. Neil still tries to plead Dru's case. "You are either a fool or a saint." Carmen will see Dru in jail the next time she breaks the Order. Katherine and Jill love the prototypes that Gloria has brought for them to look at for future manufacture. Gloria checked out the three plants who are set to make the jewelry and she shows Katherine the numbers. Katherine is impressed. Jill can't get over how far Gloria has come in business to handle something like this. Gloria says that Ashley wanted her to fail and so she had to do well. Ashley invites Jack to go with her for lunch. She tells how Gloria is back from China and is assures her brother that in time this 'idea' that Gloria has come up with will soon be a memory. Katherine and Jill make a decision. They will talk to the lawyers and get Gloria's project started. Jack and Ashley walk into the club and see the trio. Jill holds her glass up high declaring a toast to Gloria and her great new idea! Gloria can't wait to get started on this, and she has a million other ideas just like this. Katherine and Jill wave Jack and Ashley over and tell them what a wonderful job Gloria did on her trip. Neil has a decision to make about the jazz club. He needs to get the opinion of one person in particular and then he will be able to make a decision. Dru is at her appointment. She tells how she feels that Neil is her husband and he is her family. She had to fight to get everything that she has in her life and she will fight for her family too. Katherine and Jill head out to start on the contracts for Gloria. Jack warns Gloria that pride comes before a fall! She knows. "And you are the perfect example of that Jack!" she snaps. When asked if Dru feels that Carmen got what she deserved when her things were destroyed, Dru says she did. By the end of the session, Dru is sobbing and tired and destroyed. She begs to leave and the doctor lets her go. She goes to the club and Neil asks how her session went. "It was terrible and I am not going back there!"

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