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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At first Derek and the prosecutors tell Ryan, Livia and Jack that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding both Annie and Jonathan and and that they could have had a mutual premeditated plan to kill Terry. But Ryan finds Terry's laptop and lets Derek read and observe all that he's written to Lily and many other girls. Jack tells them all that he will protect both Jonathan and Annie because they acted to protect society from Terry, where the law has failed. And at that point, charges against both Annie and Jonathan are dropped. Kendall is still having real issues in regard to Zach. She notices that Babe and Josh might be right for each other and she indirectly indicates that maybe she should get back with somebody whom she'd never considered getting back with. Could that be Ryan? Erica informs Jeff that maybe Josh will come around and bond with them. He admits to her that he really understands and appreciates her in a way he never did before.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Barbara warns Dusty that having Lucy near Johnny is as dangerous as inviting Craig into his life. Dusty defends Lucy and Barbara backs down, so it seems, claiming she is simply worrying that they will forget Jen. Later, Barbara summons Lucinda in hopes she will help keep Lucy away from Dusty. Lucinda refuses. Dusty and Lucy make another date. Paul and Meg hide out in his apartment pretending to be in a romantic getaway to Hawaii. Emily goes to see Henry to cheer him up, but she really wants him to help her break into Paul’s apartment to find out where he went. Henry and Emily dress in disguise and break into Paul’s apartment. Meg orders Emily out but not before Emily gets some parting shots in taunting her over their supposed break up. Will pleads for Gwen to come back and talk to him; Gwen shows up to see Jade and they have it out. Gwen talks to Will and admits she loves him and can’t imagine her life without him, she also knows she isn’t big enough to stand by throughout their life together while Jade gives him something she will never be able to give him. Will begs for her to stay with him, but Gwen feels in the end she will be resentful of him, Jade and the baby and she would rather leave now then later. Will is heartbroken. Luke advises Jade not to get her hopes up even if she is pregnant because he saw Will and the way he talked about Gwen, and nothing will make him feel for her as he does for Gwen. Emily and Henry overhear Paul and Meg talking in his apartment after she left, and she barges back in to confront them and to promise them that noone makes a fool out of her!

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shane goes to surgery and Phoebe spills her guts to Bridget that it was her fault and she feels so guilty. Brooke is worried about Bridget going to Africa, the why of it, and tells Nick that she hasn’t been happy since she lost him and this is typical of her. She misses both he and Nicole. He begs her not to go into the past like that. Bridget does come to tell her the news and finds Brooke discussing it with Nick. Bridget denies running away; she just needs to re-focus her life into doing something good and not just to dwell on herself. Shane appreciates Phoebe wanting to help but claims he is a loner, no family, but he’ll be okay and she doesn’t need to hang around and play nursemaid. Taylor visits and she too offers her apologies and they vow they will take care of everything. Brooke leaves to take care of business leaving Bridget to a tearful good-bye with Nick. About to get her immunizations from Christian, he warns her of the risks of these shots if she should be pregnant. She opines there is one small opportunity, but

she simply can’t be.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack and Jennifer make love by the campfire. Jennifer feels guilty about cheating on Frankie but doesn’t regret sleeping with Jack. Jack faints in Jennifer’s lap and Jennifer has a hard time waking him up. Jennifer flags down a passing rescue helicopter. Bo calls Shawn to inform him of Patrick’s arrest. Hope chooses to remain loyal to Patrick until Bo plays the disk and proves that it is the missing footage. Bo pleads to be reunited with Hope but resigns to abide by Hope’s wishes for space. Bo heads to the pier to pine over a picture of Zack while Hope visits Zack’s grave and talks to him about why she can’t seem to forgive Bo.

Bonnie drags Mimi to the hospital with a plan to alter Shawn’s DNA results. Mimi flirts with the male lab tech, Nikita, to distract him while Bonnie sneaks into the lab to try and alter Shawn’s results. Shawn finds Mimi flirting with Nikita and she lets Shawn believe that Nikita was the one hitting on her. Bonnie, unable to finish altering the results, hides under the desk when Nikita returns to the lab. Shawn tells Mimi the news about Patrick’s arrest and considers Mimi’s suggestion of Bo framing Patrick. Mimi calls Bonnie with the news and Nikita discovers Bonnie when he hears her phone ringing. Bonnie plays along with Nikita’s fantasy of her being a spy so he’ll help her out of the lab without any questions.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Luke makes the difficult decision to leave Lulu as he goes to investigate the doctor who may be able to help Laura. Georgie helps Dillon understand Lulu.

Carly pushes Jax away as she admits she fears Michael and Morgan would get hurt if they grow close to him and then he ends up leaving again. A jealous Colleen makes trouble for Emily at the hospital.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Cassie and Dinah go on a “man forgetting” jaunt. Blake tries to get Mallet to go back to Dinah, but he tells Dinah that he is through with them. Blake tells Jeffrey that she will beat him in the elections. Reva signs the divorce papers and she and Josh tell the other goodbye after thanking the other for their lives together. Reva tells Cassie to go to Josh after telling her she signed the papers. Josh misses 'the' phone call from Cassie. Olivia thinks back when she was much younger, pregnant and having a fight with her mother. She tells her mother that she is not going to keep the baby. Olivia gets drunk and Ava tries to help her. Coop wants to file a restraining order against Olivia. A drunken Olivia gets behind the wheel of Ava’s car, guns the motor and lunges towards Ava in a garage.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Vincent watches as Layla, her sister and Roxy all gather for the start of the fight and start cheering for Cristian. He rushes over to Ted. "Call the deal off." Ted can't do that as the fight is starting in seconds. The fighters come out and Evangeline sees something that isn't right. Abbot grabs Cristian's head and holds it, while punching him hand with the other gloved hand. John has done it. He has stopped Spencer from throwing the gun into the water. He holds his gun on the man now and orders him to put it down. Spencer stoops to get rid of the gun, then suddenly he pushes himself up as if shot putting and before the cops can figure out what he is doing…SPLASH! Spencer smiles. John is the first to figure it out and he jumps into the water. SPLASH! Spencer assumes the position smiling and is promptly arrested and cuffed. John comes out of the water but hasn't got the gun with him. Bo tells that they have divers who can do this job but John feels that the gun will be swept off by the current if they don't get it now. He takes another leap into the water. Natalie has gotten word that Spencer has been found but she doesn't know yet if the gun has been found. She heads to the waterfront and finds John soaking wet. He has diving equipment brought in and heads back into the water to keep searching. Cristian looks good in the first round. After the first round, Cristian goes to his corner. Abbot is looked after too. A man who works on him to keep him fresh, opens a bottle and pours a clear liquid into a towel. He then rubs Abbot's gloves with the towel. When Abbot punches Cristian after that, Cristian sees things blurry. Cristian knows that something is wrong with him and Evangeline feels that way too, but the trainer in Cristian's corner says that he is just fine. Vincent wants to call the fight off but Cristian doesn't see the point of that. He gets back to fighting and manages to get a couple good jabs in, knocking Abbot off balance. Adriana and Rex talk more about her situation and she is firm in her thinking that she can't move in with him. She will stay for now but she knows that she has to move out and be on her own for a while. Spencer is brought to the station and David is there to greet him. He knows that the man's minutes of freedom are limited now. Bo assures Spencer that when that gun is found, he will be sorry that he handled things the way that he did. "What gun?" Spencer asks innocently.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared treated Theresa to a relaxing afternoon of yoga and lovemaking in the office gym, which went a long way toward relieving her stress. Ethan and Noah talked about his problem of trying to figure out whether he wants Gwen or Theresa. Ivy interrupted and demanded that Ethan stick with Gwen and forget about Theresa, but Ethan still isn't sure what to do. Julian tried to give Eve a surprise by having the offices at the hospital redesigned and scheduling a yacht trip for the two of them while it's being done, but she got upset and gave him back his engagement ring, then walked out. He is not a happy camper now.

Kay hid Miguel yet again when Fox came back for his belt, then got him to wake up while she told him she is engaged to Fox, he respects and loves her, and Miguel can't make up his mind what he wants. She then went to choose her wedding gown, but found Ivy had her own idea about what she'll wear - a hideous creation that Kay will have nothing to do with. Luis treats his cadets to a round of virtual reality role playing, where they have to decide who the bad guy is and arrest them. Paloma did very well, but Fancy ended up getting "shot". Later, Paloma told Luis he was too hard on her friend because he wants her, but Luis didn't want to hear it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis talks to Nick about staying and forgetting about her trip since Victor is so ill. Nick wants her to go and he will come and see her on the weekends. Phyllis has noticed that Jack is very agreeable lately and that makes her uncomfortable. She heads to her meeting now with Jack, Carmen and Sharon. Nikki stands by and makes sure that nothing happens to Victor while he is having his seizure. Nick is really worried as his father will hate taking it easy when he has been used to working everyday of his life. Neil asks Nick how he managed to get away from Sharon and start a whole new life. Nick tells that he and Sharon tried but soon came to realize that even staying together for their child wasn't going to work. He is sure that in time everything with Sharon will be totally fine. At the meeting, Jack breezes through a few things making sure that go on and on about how wonderful Sharon is as their spokes model. When they are alone, Jack asks Sharon on a Caribbean trip. She says 'yes'. Nikki tells Victor how he had a thirty-minute seizure… He is not happy. His life has totally changed and he thought that he would be better after having had the surgery. Nikki will be there for him and she offers her shoulder now for him to lean on. Jack and Jeff meet at the Athletic Club. Jeff shows Jack that he has done. "I didn't think that setting up a corporation of this type would have been that easy," Jack remarks. Jeff has done his end of things; not it is time for Jack to handle the rest. Dru mopes on the couch in her pajamas and Noah asks her why. She just isn't feeling good that day. Sharon comes home and Noah is leaving the house, and she tells Dru to get up so they can go out and do something. Dru drags her carcass off the couch and puts on one of her prettier halter dresses to face the world. Neil comes over to see her. He was a little worried when he heard that she had called in sick to the office. "Oh, I am just fine!" she beams smiling…. Carmen worries that Dru will come after her. She vows that if Dru comes after her, she will not back down. Dru and Sharon are in the Club when Carmen enters. Dru is out of the chair and walking over. She offers Dru a cheque for her things getting damaged. Carmen only cares the Dru is already breaking the protection order. Sharon tries to smooth things over saying that Dru only thought that she could make this one exception. Carmen warns her that the next time she will be going to jail.

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