Monday 9/18/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/18/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Ryan tells Jonathan that he cannot talk to Derek without a lawyer. Jack comes in and surprises them both by offering to represent Jonathan. They ask him if he is serious and if they should trust him. He confesses to them that he's judged them both unfairly because of what their brother did to his sister. He admits that he was wrong and owes his life to Jonathan for saving his daughter's life. He knows Jonathan needs a lawyer and he can help. Ryan tells him they don't need his help. Jonathan asks to talk to Jack alone and confronts him but considers his offer. Lily is still nonresponsive but safe. Sydney and Sean return from the accident not hurt but wondering how they should process this whole thing. Colby hides herself and hears everybody talking about what a selfish brat she is and how she has some serious problems. Zach is alone in jail and angry at the world. He assumes that Kendall will go back to Ryan. Babe keeps up appearances with JR but makes it clear that she only cares about Josh.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Maddie decides to move back in with Margo and Tom so she can have a safe place to try to heal from her ordeal. Casey wants to live at home instead of moving into the dorm as he planned but Maddie persuades him to live a normal life so she can try to be normal as well. Simon's hangover keeps him and Carly from making love and Carly tells him they should wait until their project is finished and then see what happens with their relationship. Will tells Gwen that Jade is pregnant and Gwen tells him she can't forgive him this time. Gwen surprises Jade at her place when she arrives home from the memorial service and from the look of anger on Gwen's face she is ready for a major confrontation. Dusty is upset that Barbara is interfering in his freindship with Lucy.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget muses over recent happenings and conversations with Nick. She shocks her father and Stephanie when they want to throw a party for the newest doctor in the Forrester family. She meekly informs them the timing is bad as she is going to Africa for a year to help with AIDS patients. Brooke looks over some models in designer gowns and remarks it is Eric’s finest work. Nick ponders on what Bridget said that they must keep this secret forever. Brooke welcomes this second chance at their happiness. Shane begins to tell Taylor that he knows her secret; he was there that night. Hector interrupts before he can say more. But he is concerned that this young man is involving himself in Taylor’s private life and how he knows Hector. Shane explains it away that he read about him in the newspaper. Later he berates himself for being so close, yet so far away from telling Taylor. Phoebe catches him talking to himself and inserts herself into his space, even taking the hedge clippers and messing round with them and in a scuffle manages to cut Shane’s hand very badly. Taylor suggests to Hector that maybe he should stay there with her after all so Shane wouldn’t know that she was alone. Hector does think there is something weird about Shane and vows to find out what it is.

Brooke and Nick enjoy Chuck’s takeout of buffalo wings and beer in the office. Stephanie enters and they trade wisecracks and then she asks what is going on with Bridget? They know nothing so she has to inform them about her going to Africa. Brooke doesn’t make much out of it, but tells Stephanie that Bridget recently confessed to her that a part of her was still hoping Nick would come back to her. Now maybe she realized that wasn’t possible and going to Africa was a way of coping with that. Stephanie tells her no offense to Nick, but Brooke is still in love with Ridge and Bridget still in love with Nick. So Brooke should enjoy the illusion while she can and then hope that Ridge will take her back. Brooke tells Nick not to feel badly; they have a marriage full of love, understanding and honesty. And as long as they have that, it will last forever. A frantic Phoebe takes Shane to the hospital emergency room where Bridget oversees the procedure.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max consoles Abby as she worries about her parents. Abby eavesdrops as Frankie talks to Max about letting Jack and Jennifer be together and they receive word that Jack and Jennifer are alive. Jack forages for food and firewood and his and Jennifer’s intimate moment is interrupted when Jack chokes on one of the berries he retrieved. Reminded by their past adventures, Jennifer decides that she’s meant to be with Jack and kisses him.

Kate insists on sticking around to see whom Bo is bringing in and Abe, Roman, and Tek question why EJ is also interested in the case. Abe asks the same questions of Lexie in an accusatory fashion and Tek doesn’t buy Abe’s apology after Lexie explains that she’s only waiting for their planned dinner date. Bo shows Patrick and Hope the shoes and the gun as reason enough to haul Patrick in for questioning. Patrick denies having killed Eve and once at the station tries to claim Bo set him up. Hope gloats to Kate about Billie’s courtroom confession. Kate and EJ head to Club Dune and Kate claims that Patrick was truly the one to bribe Eve for the disk but EJ doesn’t believe her. Bo waits until he has the results from forensics and then calls Hope into the office alone so he can show her the missing disk and the proof that only Patrick’s fingerprints were ever on the disk.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz is bruised, but unharmed beyond that. She refueses to tell Lucky about the baby. She moves ahead with her divorce plans. She leaves with Nikolas. Robin offers Luke hope that she might be able to help Laura, he rejects the idea until he sees how much Lulu needs her mother. Sonny insists in a threatening way that Ric go sit with Alexis. Everyone is kind to Lulu after the abortion. Ric thinks that the plan he and Lorenzo have to eliminate Sonny needs to happen now.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

At Towers, Olivia runs into Ava who tells Olivia that she got the new doctor placed on Emma’s case. Ava asks Olivia why she hates her so and that Olivia doesn’t know anything about her. She begins to tell Olivia about how she misses her mother as she held her when she died. Olivia remembers her own conversation with her mother the day she died, goes berserk and fights with Ava, pushing her on the balcony outside Towers. Coop arrives and saves Ava. Later, Olivia goes to Emma’s room and the doctor tells her that the treatment options are limited for Emma. Olivia looks horrified and tells Buzz that she cannot lose another child. She remembers once again the conversation with her mother. A very young Olivia, obviously pregnant, tells her mother that she cares more for her child than she (her mother) ever cared for her.

Dr. Baker tries to catch Jonathan and Tammy in bed, but cannot. Jonathan tells Tammy that maybe it’s time to cool things between them for they will be caught by Alan.

Billy arranges for Reva to play in a poker game to win money to give to Josh for the medical bills. She cleans house by telling the men at the game that she has cancer, they believe it, fold their cards, she tells them it was all a lie, and wins huge. Cassie finds out that Reva didn’t sign the divorce papers. Josh goes to Reva’s room and Billy and she arrive with a suitcase of money which Reva spills on the floor in front of Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Hugh goes to John and tells him that he did as they planned but he has no idea if the trick worked. A man comes to John and tells him that Spencer is on the move. John doesn't want Hugh to come but then lets him, warning the man to keep his head down. Clint is blue and Nora can see that when she finds him at the bar. "Whatever it is, fix it," she warns. "Life's too short!" Clint gets on the horn and asks Bo to let Dorian out of jail. John and Hugh get in the car and follow Spencer at a distance using the tracker in the man's watch. Spencer parks in front of the bus station and enters. He goes to a set of lockers and inserts a key in one of the lockers. Adriana has decided that she won't move in with Rex, but she will move into a place of her own. She wants to get over to her mother's place to get her stuff before Dorian finds a way to get out of jail. "Get her out of jail!" Bo does as his brother asks. Dorian runs to Clint and thanks him. She thinks their an item again but that isn't the case. He just wanted to help her out. Rex is alone at the apartment. He has some sort of delusion where Dorian is stepping on his fingers as he lays on the floor. Adriana bumps into her mother on the way out of the house. "I am your mother!" Dorian tells her. Adriana reminds her that she is just a woman who allowed her to live in her belly for nine months. "My mother is Ramona is Puerto Rico!" Spencer is in and out of the station in a flash. He goes out the back way to the alley. The cops come in but they don't see Spencer anywhere. The cops get to work tearing off every door to every locker in sight. They find Spencer's watch and nothing else. Spencer comes out of the alley and takes the parcel out of his pocket. It is a gun. It is wrapped in white cloth. Spencer leaves the area. John shows up out back, looking for Spencer. He doesn't find the man but has an idea where he might be. Spencer goes to his second location. He thinks about watching McBain getting shot and David running off, about coming out of hiding after Thomas lay dying and about his father making him promise to take care of the twin set of guns. He was to give David one of them. Spencer promised the man. Spencer now turns to the body of water before him. He pulls his arm back and in the process of throwing the gun, John appears. "Freeze! Don't make me shoot you!" Spencer raises his arms and slowly turns to face John.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney and Theresa talked about whether Ethan or Jared is the man for her friend, and she told her she has to choose Jared since Ethan still won't leave Gwen. Theresa agreed that is the right thing to do. Ethan and Chad chatted about the same thing, and Chad was very sure Ethan should stick with Gwen, since he's a good guy and good guys don't cheat. He remembered he himself is cheating on Whitney, but quickly put it back out of his mind. Gwen is just happy she now has Ethan to herself, or so she thinks. Fancy took her anger at Luis' continuing love for Sheridan out on him during their martial arts class, pinning him to the floor and demanding he say "Uncle" before she lets him go.

Kay tried to keep Miguel hidden until Fox left for work, since she can't get him hidden during Fox's short forays from the room, and it seemed to work fairly well. She managed to get his mind off making love to her again, and a phone call from work was the final clue that he needs to leave. Once he left, Kay again tried to carry Miguel to his room, but Miguel had other ideas and ended up kissing her in her bed. Fox forgot his belt, however, and is on his way back to the room at that very moment.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki comes down to finds Victor swaying. She panics, but he tells her that he is only dizzy from the drugs. He has a flashback of holding the gun on Nikki and not recognizing her. He is so sorry for that now, but she knows that it wasn't him. He hates that everyone has to dote on him but that can't be avoided. Nikki is staying home that day to be with him. Drucilla enters the Athletic Club and hears people talking about her and how they feel sorry for her husband since he has to be married to her. Lily gets into a catfight with two girls who bad-mouth Dru. Colleen comes over suggesting that she and Lily get beverages… That is when one of the girls tells Colleen to stay away from the whipped cream. "What?" Colleen shouts. Drucilla goes to the coffeehouse and to her daughter and Daniel… Victoria tries to get Brad to talk to her but he stays closed off. She worries as he is either having a hard time letting out his feelings about the two men that he killed, or he is nothing more than a cold, heartless killer. Brad reminds his wife that the used to be a killer, he was trained as one but that was a long time ago. "…And then there is Sharon," Victoria says. Brad knew that Victoria would get around to complaining about Sharon. She can't help it. When Victoria sees him looking at Sharon, she knows that is the way that he should be looking at someone who is his wife. Brad finds that all an excuse. "You are afraid of me, and you are using Sharon as an excuse so that you don't have to deal with your fear of me." Nick can see that his father is having a time with his symptoms. Victor gets a headache and heads upstairs to rest. Nick notices that his father is wiggly on his feet. His equilibrium is off somewhat. He discusses this with his mother when she comes in with lunch. She knows that Victor is going to hate not being in control again. Nick doesn't care about that. He reminds her that they have to just keep an eye on him and make sure that they know what's going on with him at all times. They don't know it but Victor is at the top of the stairs listening to every word. Later when alone, Zapato starts barking, and Victor has a full seizure on the couch. Colleen says she isn't hungry when JT offers to take her to eat. When alone she looks at herself in the mirror. She hears the mouthy girl's voice in her ear again as she looks at herself. "Stay away from the whipped cream." Brad gets a call from Paul who wants to meet. Brad goes rushes to see Paul and finds that Rebecca is with him. They hug… "I love you mom!"

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