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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At the hospital, everybody is afraid that Lily has been raped. But it cannot be proven one way or another, since she is non-responsive and Terry is dead. Ryan escapes the hosptial because he cannot sit around and do nothing after all that has happened. Jonathan talks to Derek who seems to be on his side, but who warns him that the jury might believe he shot Terry out of jealousy and not out of self defense. Sean and COlby are found after the yacht crashes and Sean thinks it's all a joke. Zach is stuck in jail and Myrtle goes to attempt to help him. Jeff observes Erica talking to unconscious Lily and sees how supportive she is to her stepdaughter. He admits to her that he really sees the change in her from when they were married. Derek tells Annie that since she has broken the law by taking her daughter out of New York, and she has now shot RYan, Emma will be placed in foster care. Jamal is ready to stop at nothing in order to help her although Livia warns her son not to break the law as it will only cause more trouble. Erica informs Jack that the doctors have confirmed that Lily was not raped. And she reminds him that there is one person he has to thank for that; Jonathan. Jack goes and apologizes to his unconscious daugther for the error of his ways to keep her away from Jonathan. Right when Derek is ready to arrest Jonathan, and Ryan is trying unsuccessfully to help his brother, Jack declares that he will represent Jonathan as his lawyer.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Maddie can't stay for the memorial service and runs out of the church. Margo goes adfter herand Maddie cries and tells her how she feels about the rape and her sister's crime. Dusty andLucy run into each other at the movies and decide to sit together and watch the movie. Jade tells Will that she is going to keep the baby and raise it alone. Simon and Carly make love in Santo Domingo. Dr. Hughes shares memories of the teens durring a touching memorial service for them. Will struggles to find the words to tell Gwen that Jade is pregnant.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Grandma Stephanie answers Ally's questions about Taylor, if it would it make her mommy sad if she loves her? Stephanie replies that her mommy loved her and wanted her to be happy, so she thinks it would be okay; for Thorne too. Thorne joins in and gives Ally pictures and she adds one of Taylor to the Darla shrine table. Thorne remarks to his mother that all of a sudden with no disrespect to Darla, Ally is practically planning their future together, he and Taylor and Phoebe. And waking up this morning with Taylor there felt right. Stephanie urges him to go with his instincts; sometimes out of great tragedy can come great joy and happiness.

Hector makes a crack about Taylor spending the night at Thorne's and he warns her she is going way too fast. She wants him to stop talking like this. She has made a promise to Stephanie and she vows to keep it. Hector calls Stephanie to warn her this isn't going to work. Taylor will crack when she tells Thorne and he will hate her. It will all be Stephanie's doings. Stephanie says Hector is just jealous. Later Hector tells Taylor he hoped he could be there for her, fill a need in her life but she has moved on with Thorne. He professes his love for her, and he can't stay there if she wants to be intimate with another man. She agrees if this is going to turn into something inappropriate. Shane practices his little speech to Mrs. Forrester and asking her to write a check for one million dollars. He’ll be gone. But, if he stays poor, she’s going to jail and that doesn’t make much sense. He drops by Taylor's and Phoebe goes and gets her mother. Thorne calls Taylor and they giggle over the turn of events and make a date for dinner that night. Finally able to catch her face to face, Shane tells Taylor this is not about landscaping. He saw what she did, he knows her little secret.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kate and EJ offer their new local TV channel for an on-air appeal to Will’s kidnapper. EJ asks so many questions about Eve’s case that Roman becomes suspicious. Lexie comes to see Abe at the station and tells Tek about Abe wanting to reconcile. Tek doubts Abe’s sincerity.

Jennifer and Jack survive the shooting unscathed. Jack and Jennifer sneak into Enid’s cabin and after finding the phone unusable, they get rid of Enid when she returns by convincing her that a flying saucer has landed down the road. While Enid is gone, Jack uses an old phone to reach Bo and give him the lead they discovered. Jack and Jennifer duck out when Enid returns and they seek shelter for the night in a cave. Bo calls for a search warrant to follow up on the lead from Jack and discovers the muddy shoes, the murder weapon, and the missing disc. Billie goes to the court to speak on Bo’s behalf and admits under oath that she purposefully made it look like she and Bo had slept together at the motel. The judge calls for a continuance before Hope can announce her new decision after hearing Billie’s confession and Patrick takes Hope home only to find that his is the house Bo is searching. Bo arrests Patrick for Eve’s murder in front of Hope.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy comes home and compliments Luke for his handling of his daughter. Liz decides to leave Lucky after finding pills in his jacket. She goes to Nikolas who then goes to Maxie's where he finds Lucky and tells him he's a fool, and Liz has left him. Despite her antipathy toward Ric, Sam asks Sonny not to remove Christina from her home, leading him to say he has doubts about her fitness to raise his child.Carly comforts Jax as he deals with Alexis' impending demise until Sonny shows up to ask for Carly's help as he takes Christina out of Ric's home. Carly does not think that's a good idea. In response to Lulu's request, Luke goes to see Laura while Lulu has the abortion. Lucky goes home to rather violently tell Liz he will not let her leave him. When she tries to get away, he blocks her and she falls.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer shows up at Blair's place. Jack comes running and jumps into the man's arms. "Have you moved back in with Todd?" Blair will not talk about this in front of her son. She sends him upstairs. "You have gone too far!" Blair spits. John and Hugh put their plan into action. They are tossing Spencer's room. They are really making a mess of it, just to make the crazy bastard nuts. John gets a call. Spencer has been spotted at 202 Lincoln Road. Bo calls and he recognizes that address. That is where Blair lives. John has to get Spencer away from her. John sends one of his men to the hotel phone downstairs. "Call this number and tell the man that there are cops at his apartment." Blair tells Spencer that he shouldn't have come. He tells that Jack was the one that called him. She orders him out of her life. He sees clearly that she is finished with him now that she done what she set out to do. "You use sex to get what you want Blair. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, but you were the biggest one!" He gets the call and turns to her again. "Cops are ransacking my apartment. Are you happy now?" John learns that Spencer is on his way. "Are you ready Hugh?" The officers leave and Spencer enters his apartment. It is completely destroyed. Hugh steps out of the bedroom. Spencer didn't realize that it was the personal job of the DA to see to these things personally. He asks Hugh what he is still doing there. "I am your son…" Spencer gets immediately angry. He thinks that this is an elaborate trick and that John and Bo have come up with it. Hugh tells him that it isn't. He reminds the man of the courthouse and how he was staring at Spencer, saying that he was trying to see if there were any similarities between them. He hands Spencer the proof that Paige gave him, proving that they were related. Spencer takes the papers and now asks quietly if Hugh is really his son. "Yes," Hugh replies. He tells how he will not be prosecuting the case after all. Even so, Spencer can't understand why Hugh would be coming to him now like this to help him. He wonders what is in it for Hugh. Hugh tells that he has already screwed up by letting to bail money be low. " I can't do this. I want to help you. I can't send my father to death row. If you have anything that connects you to the Thomas McBain murder, you are to get rid of it, right away!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Dreamland hit Harmony today. Miguel dreamed Kay came to his room and they made love, then he sleepwalked to her room and got in bed with her. The problem was that Fox was in the shower and Kay had to figure how to hide Miguel before Fox walked in. Asleep in the back room at the police station, Luis dreamed of Sheridan, first telling him she wants him, then telling him they can't be together. Fancy came in to get some forms and thought he was telling her he loves her, then got angry when he said he loves Sheridan. Chad dreamed of being with his lover, talking about Whitney and what would happen if she found out about them, only to have her show up and demand to know who his lover is. Luckily he woke up, just in time for Whitney and him to go to his office.

Fox kept remembering seeing Miguel and Kay kissing, and worried that she may not want him any longer. After they made love, however, he felt better about them. Ethan dreamed he was making love to Theresa again, then woke to find Gwen in his arms. Theresa talked to herself about her and Ethan making love so much last night, and Jared walked in, assuming she was talking about him. Later, he took papers to Ethan, evidence in the Stuart Allen trial, and demanded a signed receipt, as well as making references to how much more of a man Theresa finds him to be than she does Ethan, and the two ended up in a fight that left them both unconscious on the floor. Theresa told Whitney what happended the day before, and of course her friend thought she'd been the one doing the chasing. Even after it was explained to her that Ethan was the one that wouldn't leave Theresa alone, Whitney couldn't help but show her disgust at the fact they were together again.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael tells Kevin that they are going to fight fire with fire. He is going to do his best to make sure that Jack will not get control of the company where his mother works. Kevin loves this and starts calling their mother. Michael tells him to leave her out of it. He isn't sure that he can do what he sets out to do yet. Jack in the meantime, wonders what conditions would have to be present to have Katherine sell the company… He figures that if she wants to sell it to someone who will not be associated with him that just might be a good idea after all. First he needs to know if Katherine is still in the market to sell no matter who wants it. Billy finds out that she does and relates that information to Jack. Jack calls his good friend Jeff and pitches an idea to him that he wants to make sure that no one else will find out about. Kevin offers to help his brother and Michael is down with the illegal idea. Kevin saved the code that Phyllis used in the Newman computers and he uses it now. He pops in the CD and uses it to get into Jack's computer. Now, every time that Jack sends or receives an email they will see it. They even have access to Jabot's servers with this thing. If Katherine or Jill pisses them off, they will know how to proceed. Michael loves this idea! His brother is a genius. Victor has his hearing and is released with the promise that he will take his pills and alert the family if she starts feeling strange again. Victor goes home with the family and is petting Zapato who has missed him very much. He wants to get to the toolbox and make a gate to keep Zapato from eating Nikki's shoes. Nikki won't let him do that. She goes to make him a sandwich. While she is gone, a quiet tone starts in Victor's ear. It gets louder and louder. It is unbearable and Victor has to close his eyes tight until it passes. Soon it is gone and Victor turns to his dog again, petting him like before. Jack has an idea. Katherine wants to avoid anything looking like she is involved in making a sale of Jabot, with the hint that Jack will be a part of the company again. She could get sued. Jack calls his friend Jeff and pitches his idea. Jeff asks if 'this' is being done to stay under the wire with the banks… Jack doesn't exactly answer him but what he does say is that this project will be called EFO International. "You and everyone will know all about this in time. Watch out! Someone will be looking! Email me!"

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