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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack goes frantically looking for Lily. He runs into Jonathan but still distrusts him to be near his daughter. Colby and the teens are still partying. But after sleeping with Sean, it looks like she may be having second thoughts about disregarding her father's wishes. Adam tells Krystal he's ready to put his foot down with his daughter. She tells him she can help him with raising a teenager. After Ryan is shot, the cops question Annie. She explains that she accidentally shot Mr. Lavery because she thought he was her ex husband, who is a predator and from whom she and her daughter and many others must live in fear. She asks the cops what they would do if a predator hurt their child and asks them, if they do not believe her, to ask Jackson Montgomery how he feels about what Terry might have done to his daughter. Jack discovers that Jonathan found Lily and shot Terry dead. But Jonathan admits he does not know if he got there in time or what Terry might have done. Lily is still completely non-responsive. They rush her to the hospital. ANd Dr. Jeff Martin orders a rape test. Annie finds out that Jonathan has finally rid society from her ex husband and is gratefulto him although very worried about Lily. When everybody is distracted, David gets a DNA sample from Emma by telling her he has an invisible lolly pop which is really a cotton swab. ON the yacht, Colby steers it back to the harbor. Sean tries to stop her before she crashes. But it looks like it's too late and there is a crash.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The teenagers of Oakdale hold a memorial service fortheirdeparted friends.Barbara is happythat Gwen and Will have reconciled. Barbara also feels blessed that God has given her another daughter Gwen. Paul lies to Emily and tells her he is going on atrip to get away from Meg but what he really needs is a break from her. Casey and Maddie try to rebuild their relationship the first step is to go to the memorial service together. Carly is sad about getting divorced from Jack soSimon tries to cheer her up by getting her drunk to forget her troubles. Carly looks ahead to her bright future but the future gets a cloud over it when the cheif investor in her and Simon's project drops out because he is broke. Will tries to end his relationship with Jade but that is harder then he thought it was going to be when she tells him she is pregnant with his child.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Shane rehearses his little story to Taylor and asks for $1 million for a reverse story not to tell the police that he saw the whole Darla accident because it wasn’t her fault. If she doesn’t want them to know she was there and driving, then he won’t tell them and thinks he should be compensated. He muses to himself that he is sure she will go for this. Clarke, Sally, Thorne, Ally, Taylor and Phoebe celebrate Darla’s birthday and Ally hopes her wish comes true. She’s delighted to give Taylor a beaded necklace and Taylor is touched. Then Ally professes her love for Taylor and wants her to sleep in her bed while she uses the sleeping bag.

Brooke lashes out at Bridget when she tells her that she told Nick the truth that she still loved him. Nick walks in on the outburst and they decide to have it out. Bridget back peddles and tells Brooke that she is sorry that she is so weak and she didn’t mean to cause problems. Brooke understands that Bridget was only trying to tell the truth and she couldn’t bear it if something came between them. A look comes between Nick and Bridget that THAT will never happen. Taylor and Thorne accidentally meet later in the kitchen and he confesses he can’t sleep. But he wants her to know that what Ally told her earlier, he feels the same way. Bridget kisses the urn and packs Nicole’s things away. Brooke apologizes to Nick for running off to Ridge and giving Nick doubts. He doesn’t feel like he’s a wiser man, but he is more humble and feels like a lucky man that she is in his life. She feels sorry for Bridget, but says she can handle it.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Frankie worries that Jack and Jennifer never came home last night but Abby at first happily assumes that Jack and Jennifer have run off together. Frankie is able to convince her otherwise and since he has to attend Hope’s divorce hearing, he enlists Abby’s help in contacting the police. Jennifer and Jack wake up tied to a pole in a woodshed. After arguing about Frankie and Jack’s being selfish, they are able to get free and discover a cabin. The woman inhabiting the cabin greets them with a shotgun and fires at them after they identify themselves as reporters.

Maggie and Alice come to the courtroom to try and persuade Hope to rethink the divorce plans. Bo searches through Eve’s effects and finds a bank statement but they have to call in headquarters’ help to try and locate the bank it is from. Patrick comes by the station to inquire about Eve’s case and Abe has to break up a fight between him and Bo when Patrick gloats about being with Hope. Patrick arrives at the courthouse and Alice calls him on wanting Hope to divorce Bo. Frankie offers to let Hope change her mind but Patrick negates the offer by claiming that Frankie only offered because he is Bo’s brother. Bo calls Frankie to let him know that he’s going to be late because of searching for Jack and Jennifer. Frankie tries to tell Hope but Hope refuses to hear the reason assuming that it’s a sign of Bo’s guilt.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Alexis shares emotional goodbyes with her loved ones before an extreme medical procedure. Sonny has no intention of keeping his word to Alexis. Elizabeth learns Sam and Jason are back together.

Lulu sticks by the decision she made. Elizabeth realizes Lucky is still taking pills. Sonny is in denial over Jax and Carly's relationship.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Paige tells Spencer that he has a son and he doesn't believe it. She tells that five months after they divorced, she realized that she was pregnant and didn't tell him because she saw the way that he treated she and David and she didn't want that for their child. She moved to the West Coast to have the baby but realized that she had too many doubts about her ability to mother and be a doctor at the same time. Spencer thinks that Bo or McBain has set Paige up to do this. She can't convince him any more than she has and so she shrugs and starts walking off. "Wait! Okay, I will listen. Tell me more about my son!" Paige asks if Todd's son is still alive. Spencer will not give that up. "I need more or we stop talking now." Paige thinks and says that all she will tell him right now is that his son lives in Llanview. Bo and John figure that Spencer must have some serious family issues, as he is obsessed with things surrounding families. John thinks that is something that they can use. John goes to Hugh and hears how Hugh wonders what kind of man Spencer could have been had he not decided to live his life the way that he has. He tells John not to worry as he will not blow this case. "What if we want you to though?" John figures that he could use Hugh to pull a scam on Spencer and get him properly convicted. Hugh says that he will help in any way that he can and he will not lose check of his emotions. Jack is upset when he hears that his mother is broken up with Spencer and he worries that his mother is going to marry his father. "I want Dr. Spencer!" he shouts. Todd shouts at the child making him cry. "I am your father!" Jack secretly calls Spencer and tells him that he needs to talk to him. John and Hugh put a plan together to fool Spencer into giving up what they need. Dorian is in jail and David comes to her, angry that she almost got Adriana killed. He is mad but he will help her and be a friend to her. Bo hasn't done anything about Dorian's charges, and so David is sure that the man is only trying to scare her. Adriana plans to move out of the house. Rex says that she can move in with him if she wants. Todd manages to have a nice talk with Jack. The boy warms up to him but refuses to give the man a hug when is asked to. Todd warns that if Jack doesn't warm up to him, he will never forgive Blair. After Todd leaves, the doorbell goes off. Blair opens the door to Dr. Spencer Truman…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan almost managed to talk Gwen and Jared into believing he was alone in Chris' office after having dropped off some numbers for Chris to crunch, but there was still some doubt there. Theresa was out on the ledge outside the window, but got into another window and entered the office, berating Ethan for being there and for helping Julian and Stuart Allen in their lawsuits against her. Gwen and Jared bought the act, and both were thrilled she had been so hard on her ex. But both also thought Ethan had been there snooping for evidence for the Allen lawsuit, also. Kay watched Miguel dancing with Siren and got more and more angry. She asked him later why he'd told her he loved her and then went out dancing so suggestively with Siren, and he was unable to tell her anything because Siren still had the picture of him kissing Kay, and was ready to show it to Fox. Fox realized Kay was upset, and vowed she would never cheat on him again. The final outcome was that Kay announced she would be marrying Fox next week.

Noah and Fancy finally met up when she came into the Blue Note to drink her sorrows away. They ended their chat agreeing to try to be friends again. Luis went to the station house to shower Sheridan's perfume off himself, and found Paloma and Roberto working on the murdered johns case. He went off on them, but Paloma wouldn't let him get away with it and followed him to the shower room for an apology. They ended up talking about him, Sheridan, and Fancy, and she told him he needs to forget Sheridan and fall in love with Fancy.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon looks at the newspaper and sees that she and Jack are on the first page of the Life section. She smiles thinking about the night before. Jack sees the picture while alone at his house as well and he smiles. Brad sees it and isn't pleased. Victoria comes in and he only tells that he was reading about the party the night before. He leaves to see about checking his messages. Victoria goes over to the newspaper now and sees what Brad was looking at…the picture of Jack and Sharon on the front page of the Life section. Billy sees the paper and isn't happy. He tells Jack that he read that people think that their family's company isn't doing well and will fail. Jack loves that article and wishes that he had planted it himself. He feels that the bad press will make it easier for him to get his company back in the family if is doesn't seem successful. He leaves the house now to go and see about getting the funds together to buy the company back. Katherine and Jill talk over what to do about Jabot. Jill wants to get rid of it, even if it goes to Jack. That will get rid of a lot of their problems. Katherine likes that idea but could face a lawsuit if she follows through with it. Brad and Victoria go to the hospital and find Sharon there. She tells that even though she isn't a part of the family anymore, she will help in anyway she can. Victoria suggests that she and Jack handle anything that comes up with NVP and Jabot. Later when Brad doesn't know that she is looking, Victoria spies her husband watching Jack and Sharon as they talk like close friends. Brad looks very disturbed. Victor tells Michael how he has been thinking of buying Jabot. Michael thinks that is a very bad idea. Brad sees that Victoria is upset and assures her that Victor is going to be just fine. She tells that what is upsetting her is the look that she saw on Brad's face when he saw Sharon with Jack. Brad says that he only worries about Sharon getting hurt again so soon. Sharon feels awkward at the hospital and not in the family. Jack tells her that she has every right to be there. He suggests she help by taking Nikki for a walk. She does that, and it is then that Jack convinces Victor to sign papers for the sale of Jabot, giving Jack control. Just one problem. Katherine refuses to sell to him. Billy gets the news later and tells Jack that he knows that Michael has something to do with this. Jack gives Michael a piece of his mind, but Michael isn't backing down and is ready to fight.

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