Wednesday 9/13/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 9/13/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Ryan has discovered that Lily left the party, he contacts Jack and they search for her. Adam is concerned that Colby and Sydney are also missing. Sean has taken the two girls and a big group of teens out on a yacht to party. Lily has gone to meet "Asperger boy" but discovered he's Terry the predator. WHen she sees who he is, she struggles to get out. He slaps her hard. ANd all her senses shut down so she can no longer respond to anything. Jonathan goes and looks for Lily, knowing she probably went to their old meeting place but cannot find her. Now that she is vulnerable, it looks like Terry is ready to rape her. When Erica finds out what could be happening to her step daughter, she relives what she went through. SHe goes to talk to Josh who suprises her by offering her support and hoping that Lily is ok. Annie is hearing all of the taunting and belittling that Terry did to her throughout their relationship, and his telling her that nobody would ever believe her charges against him. Alone in Ryan's house, she grabs the gun she's been secretly keeping on the book shelf. And when she hears the door open, she fires a shot, thinking she's shooting Terry. But she shoots Ryan and he falls the ground.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When Lucy is flustered at work because of Dusty, Bob advises her to get her personal matters worked out before she comes in. Dusty wants to know why she took off when they were supposed to have drinks? Lucy finally admits what Barbara said to her, and to an extent she agrees. Dusty wants them to be friends, but Lucy thinks they can’t be just that and that is why she needs to walk away from him. Paul is nervous about telling Emily about how the sale of the Intruder fell through and Meg is annoyed. Paul meets with Emily and when he tells her about the non sale, Emily becomes angry at him for getting her hopes up, only so he could let her down again as usual. During her ranting, she develops pain, doubles over and Paul rushes her to the hospital. Meg is there and is convinced Emily has Paul wrapped around his finger with her crisis. She understands preeclampsia is real, but she can control how she handles stress, but Meg is angry that Emily is not and is using Paul as a crutch and he is letting her. He claims to be solely interested in his child’s welfare, but Meg listens in when Emily asks Paul to stay with her and he tells her that he won’t leave her side when she sleeps. Will and Gwen talk about their relationship and Gwen realizes she and Will share an unbreakable connection because they are married, and she wants to keep it that way. Will promises never to hurt her again; they reunite. Casey wants to get through Maddie’s trauma at her side. Maddie is reluctant at first, but Casey wins her over. She is helping him catch up on some soon to be schoolwork when some of his friends arrive and are not exactly pleased that she is there. Maddie overhears their concerns about how she stayed quiet about what Louis did, and how she didn’t know what her sister was capable of. They think she is a ticking time bomb who is only concerned for herself. Maddie bolts after hearing this. Casey finds out and calls her, but Maddie sadly won’t answer his call.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Bridget again that he must come clean and tell Brooke what happened between them. She’s thinking only of herself and is against it. Brooke comes over and questions Bridget’s upbeat attitude; who’s the secret admirer? Saying there is none, Bridget does admit she is still in love with Nick. She tells her she had been waiting for Brooke’s marriage to end so hers could begin again. Harry surprises Nick at the boat by announcing his intentions of moving out. He chastises Nick for being married to a mother yet sleeping with her daughter.

Taylor tells Phoebe she is invited to the overnight birthday party for Darla at Thorne’s. Hector is very displeased as he is sure Thorne will make his move. Shane invites himself into the house and meets Taylor. He casually discusses Darla’s car accident with Phoebe and meets Thorne. Shane’s very impressed by the house and surroundings. He goes home to a 6X9 foot hellhole with nothing but a beer in the refrigerator. He stares at the huge wall newspaper montage of Darla and the hit and run accident and vows that it’s too bad that one man’s loss is another man’s gain, but tomorrow is payday for him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Patrick surprises Hope with a trip to New York for dinner via a private plane. A bit of turbulence sends Hope into Patrick’s arms and they kiss. Patrick gives Hope a basket full of expensive baby gifts and she questions how he was able to afford everything. Patrick insists that he’s financially secure and questions whether Hope still plans to go through with the divorce. Hope, though conflicted insists that she still plans to divorce Bo.

Bo offers to join Kayla on her search for Steve at the pier. Bo and Kayla stop in The Cheatin’ Heart to look for Steve but leave to look along the pier when they don’t spot him. Billie and Steve walk in right after Bo and Kayla leave and as Billie and Steve talk, Billie decides that it’s not worth coming between Steve and Kayla. Kayla and Bo return to the Cheatin’ Heart after deciding to end the night’s search with a drink and confront Billie and Steve when they discover them dancing a farewell dance.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam asks Nik to ask Alexis to appoint him the girls' guardian in the event of her death. He refuses, unless she gives a good reason. Sonny and Ric argue about Sam. Then, Ric goes to Alcazar for help in killing Jason. Lainie pushes until Alexis admits her feelings about the Ric/Sam situation and how Sam is a disappointment to her. Jax is determined to pass all of Carly's tests. Dillon deals with his feelings about the pending abortion. Alexis finds out she has pneumonia.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Mallet is mad about what Dinah did the night before and the pictures of her and Jeffrey on the Springfield Burns website. Dinah and Mallet receive phone calls from Towers and realize that the other never canceled the wedding reception and are now stuck with the bill AND the reception festivities. They each plan to have a separate party to celebrate the break-up and guests are not allowed to cross over the line. Guests arrive and Dinah and Mallet try to make the other jealous. Finally, Vanessa and Matt show a video of Dinah and Mallet’s engagement days. This mellows the two and finally, Mallet asks her to marry him. After they discuss this, she says yes and announce to the guests who are elated. She dresses in the gown that Vanessa just happened to bring along. But, as the music begins, Jeffrey detains Dinah and tells her in private that she has to do an errand for him for the agency has sent information to the Spaulding mansion. She refuses and he tells her that if she doesn’t, she will go to prison. Finally, she agrees to do this. She tells Mallet to please trust her and that she must do something, but cannot tell him what it is. He tells her that if she leaves, everything is off and not to come back. Dinah goes to the mansion and steals the information as Alan-Michael comes back and quizzes her presence there. She leaves with the information and delivers to Jeffrey. Later, he apologizes for making her miss the wedding and their relationship in general. She tells him that she didn’t get the life she wanted and doesn’t want to be alone tonight. They start to kiss and Jeffrey lowers her to his bed, Dinah still dressed in her wedding gown.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Hugh almost tells Spencer that they are related as father and son. John is furious and lets him have it in the office about almost blurting out the secret. Hugh promises that he will handle this right. All John cares about it getting Spencer convicted of shooting his father. He knows that Spencer will be doing damage control as soon as he leaves the station and John will have him nabbed the second the man does something. "Funny isn't it?" Hugh observes. "The son of the victim is teaming up with the son of the killer, to bring justice to the whole matter." Blair has Starr ready to go home but they have to wait for the papers to be signed. Starr lays into her mother about climbing into bed with Spencer when she knew that Todd was innocent and was wronged. She tells her mother that she disgusted. She knows that there had to have been another way to handle this and that her mother just looked at that option, of using sex to get what she wants. Kelly gets pain from her pregnancy and when she feels better, Nat whisks her off to get something to eat. Natalie implores Kelly to stay in town and not rob the family of the chance to know the baby. "Don't let Spencer win." Kelly says that she is thinking of the baby and not about winning. She will stay for now to deal with the Spencer thing and then she is leaving town. Kelly remarks in a joking fashion that Natalie is awful bossy and reminds her of Dorian. "Then there is something to be said about Dorian," Nat says. Todd wants to know where his son is, while Kevin wants to know why Spencer made him sterile. "I never did that!" Spencer does have a flashback though to the time last winter where he found Kevin in the phone booth and knocked him out. Kevin was laying in the snow, and that was when Spencer felt safe enough to remove his mask and do what he had to do. Todd offers to talk to Hugh to keep the bastard out of the death chamber, but all Spencer says to that is. "The lot of you can go straight to hell!" David asks about Dorian. When he hears the woman is in a holding cell, he rushes to her. Paige can see that there is still love there… Cristian and Evangeline spend the day in bed making love, eating and making love again. "We have something." One of Bo's men comes in and announces that the tracker that they put in Spencer's watch is giving off signals. "He is at the hospital!" Paige finds Spencer at the hospital. "I will make you a deal. You tell me where Todd's son is, and I will tell you where your son is…"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Ethan continued to make love as Jared and Gwen tried to get into the office. When they heard the two outside calling them, Theresa tried to get Ethan to hide, but he wanted to face Gwen and tell her and Jared the truth. However, the truth did not include asking for a divorce because he loves Theresa more, so she told him to keep quiet and hide. They continued to argue about this as Gwen and Jared worked to get the door open. Fox and Kay made love, and afterward he asked her to elope with him. She doesn't want to do that, and he wondered if it's because she's changed her mind. She says no, but seems to not be really sure. Sam and Ivy were in Tabitha's kitchen, searching for more of the fish stew that had turned him into a wild man in bed last time, but found none. When Fox told them he and Kay had moved their wedding date up, Ivy decided they all needed to go dancing so she could work on getting him away from her arch enemy.

Siren tried to get Miguel to make love to her, but he wouldn't. She threatened to show Fox the picture she took of Kay and Miguel kissing, but he was all for her doing it, so she went to do just that. When Miguel realized Fox would be angry at Kay, too, he chased Siren and told her not to do it, so she suggested they go dancing, and ended up at the Blue Note, where Sam, Ivy, Fox, and Kay are. She tried to get him drunk so he'd lose his inhibitions, and then he tried to teach her to dance, with Fox and Kay watching. Fancy and Luis had a heart-to-heart about Sheridan, and she realizes that he still loves her aunt, and she herself is second best. She decides to call it off, since she wants to be first in her man's heart.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Michael get off the elevator and bump into Will and Ashley. "Would you like to have a coffee?" she asks Will. He would like that but has to get to work. He leaves smiling. Ashley just glares at Gloria and Michael feels the tension. When he asks Gloria about Ashley, she just smiles. She isn't worried about Ashley, not as long as Katherine and Jill are running the company. Kevin is outside the door when Katherine and Jill are talking about selling Jabot, and who should get it. They know that Jack wants it but they also know that he can't afford it. "Where would he get that kind of money?" Jack calls the office looking for Victor and that is when he hears that Victor is in the hospital. He goes right over there to visit. Nikki is there when Jack enters. "He is just fine!" she says quickly when she sees him. Dru has the hearing that morning. She worries that her children are going to find out about this. They have heard and they try to call her but she sees they are calling, she doesn't answer the phone. Dru is anxious. She wants to talk to Carmen and get her to drop these charges but Sharon feels that she should leave the woman alone. "Let your lawyer handle it!" When alone, Dru can't help it and she dials Carmen's number. "Oh hi Carmen. I am so sorry for what happened last night." CLICK. Carmen hangs up. The phone immediately starts ringing again. Neil enters and learns that Carmen isn't answering the phone because it is Dru trying to talk to her. At the courthouse, Michael tries to make a deal with Will but he alerts Michael to the fact that Dru called Carmen this morning and apologized, so she is in fact guilty already. Michael has his back to the wall. "Will, how can I keep my client out of prison?" He and will confer. Michael comes to Dru with the terms of an agreement. She will agree to 60 hours of community service… deal with the property damage… stay away from Carmen…only being in her presence with a third party. She will have to do this for two years as a probationary measure. "Can we just throw some more money at girlfriend?" Neil and Michael are stern and they get her to agree… Ashley puts together an assignment for Gloria. "You are going to China, that is if you want to keep your job." Victor talks to the doctor about medication and how surgery could cause permanent brain damage. She would like to continue exploring the different types of medications, but Victor is through with that. "I want the surgery."

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