Tuesday 9/12/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/12/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Colby and Sydney are feuding at the party over who gets the attention. Lily goes to the woods, to her favorite tree in search of "Asperger boy". Terry appears covering his face with his hooded jacket and shades and does not speak. She suspects nothing. He text messages to her that he is terribly shy, afraid of social situations and has never had a girlfriend. At that point, she boldly encourages him to open up to her. And she goes with him to a private cabin where he does not reveal his face until he gets up the courage and gets her into a vulnerable state. Meanwhile, Amanda kisses Jonathan. They are both missing Lily and feel helpless to do anything about the situation. He pulls away and tells her he doesn't want to use her. But he responds. And they end up sleeping together. But Ryan discovers that Terry has been lying about his wearabouts and calls to find Lily. Jonathan finds out that Lily could be in danger and runs to be with her, completely forgetting about Amanda. The cops go to Tad's while and and Zach are in a brawl. At first they don't know what to do. But they arrest Zach for assault. Annie does not tell anybody. But she remembers how many women Terry has conned and how unsafe they are around him. And she pulls out a gun that she is hiding.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey awakens in the hospital and asks for Maddie. Henry goes to see Will and Gwen with a favor. Lucinda is pleased to see Lucy arrive with Dusty. Paul and Meg crash the presentation for Mr. Yamamoto, and Barbara is not happy to hear about Paul wanting to buy the Intruder for Emily. Meg provides a united front when Barbara assumes Meg can’t be pleased about this. Dusty and Lucy are a hit with the Yamaoto’s. Will and Gwen go to see Maddie, who tries to push them away at first, but soon all three of them make up. They convince Maddie to go see Casey at the hospital with them; she fears Casey may turn his back on her and she couldn’t take it. After they leave, Henry is broken up with guilt and sadness; Emily arrives and tries to lift his spirits. Dusty asks Lucy to go for drinks after the event. Paul asks Lucy about talking to her father and she tells him she will no longer be getting messages to him. Meg tells Dusty she is engaged. Barbara corners Lucy and suggests she not rush Dusty into anything; he has to grieve and she should not put her needs ahead of Dusty’s. Paul tries to get the Intruder by going through Cass. Meg wants to talk about their wedding; she thinks maybe October, but Paul reminds her his baby is due then. How about spring? Meg hides her disappointment. They are interrupted again when Cass calls back telling Paul that Craig will never sell the paper to him. Meg thinks that is the end of it, but Paul won’t take no for an answer, which bothers Meg. Maddie sees a thrilled Casey; he wants them to stay together and get through her trauma together. Maddie blames herself for all the kids who died. Lucy backs out on her plans to have drinks with Dusty claiming she has to fill in for someone at the hospital; Dusty is confused by her quick turn about.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Separately Taylor and Thorne visit Darla’s grave and he feels that Darla brought them together. Stephanie opines to Phoebe that she doesn’t like the fact that Hector is in the house. She thinks Darla would want Thorne to move on and be happy. And that could be with Phoebe's mother. Phoebe is surprised that Harry is Nick’s friend that she has agreed to show L.A. A mysterious Shane, who claims to be part of the new gardening crew, pops out from the bushes and startles Phoebe. With Shane watching, Harry talks Phoebe into touring L.A. on his bike. Dante urges Felicia not to wait anymore for the perfect time for her entire family. He wants to marry her now before Dino starts college.

Stephanie and Taylor have words about Hector’s vulnerability and helplessness and what he wants to happen. She warns Taylor that Hector IS going to cause trouble and his feelings for her is going to be a big problem for Taylor. Thorne interrupts and tells his mother to lay off; they are going to support Taylor’s decision. Stephanie gives one last word of advice to Taylor – let nature take it’s course with Thorne. Then before she leaves, Hector walks in and she gives it to him with both barrels. She accuses him of taking advantage of Taylor and if he doesn’t leave, she will throw him out herself. He preaches his theory again that Taylor will spend 20 years in prison and Thorne will never recover. She warns him again that only four people know the secret – her, Taylor, Phoebe and him so he’d better not say one word about this. Shane watches Thorne and Taylor from the shadows and he sees him make a date with Taylor and kiss her. Alone, Taylor tells herself this is just a secret she will have to keep forever from Thorne.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

EJ discovers an inebriated Chelsea at the pier and finds ecstasy in her purse. EJ threatens to turn Chelsea in and starts to call Billie but Chelsea throws his cell phone into the water and runs off. EJ follows Chelsea to the bar and stops her from drinking. Chelsea turns her charms on EJ when he stops her from flirting with other guys. EJ tells Chelsea about Sami’s threatening phone calls to explain how he can be so sure Chelsea isn’t the mystery stranger. Billie tries to convince Max to believe in Chelsea’s innocence. Stephanie delights in hearing that Max and Chelsea are through. Billie enlists Stephanie’s help in convincing Max but Max is convinced that Chelsea is never going to change. Billie lets it slip that Chelsea changed Bo’s emails to Hope and it makes Max even more convinced that Chelsea isn’t worth having in his life.

Kayla treats her and Steve to a romantic room service dinner at the Salem Inn. Kayla suggests that they go house hunting but Steve vetoes the idea of living together. Kayla tries to seduce Steve but he pushes her away and storms out. Billie discovers Steve playing the harmonica at the pier. Steve tells Billie that he and Kayla are through. Kayla heads out looking for Steve. Steve and Billie kiss.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly assures Sam that she is on her side. Sonny puts Ric in his place and leaves him with a warning. Carly is touched when Jax says that he trusts her. Dillon lashes out at Lulu. Luke stands by Lulu. Lucky clashes with Luke. Nikolas and Emily get Alfred to the hospital.

Alexis urges Emily to get back together with Nikolas. Elizabeth refuses to fight with Maxie, who is hurt when Lucky comes to Elizabeth's defense. Maxie tells Lucky she won't get him any more pills unless he makes love to her.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd is still being held from strangling someone in the courtroom. John too gets completely out of control with his shouting and ranting about Spencer getting bail that sounds high, but is well within his reach. David gets permission to speak and tells the judge that his brother will be out of Llanview and there will be those who will live forever in fear if he gets out. "Myself included." The judge takes all that he has seen and heard into consideration but still decides that bail will stand at one million dollars. Spencer is being led out when Kevin springs on him, trying to get a shot at the mad man. A riot almost breaks out. Jessica is alone and she enjoys the memories of Nash and Tess. Antonio and Nash arrive at the diner and Jessica is jittery. Antonio notices but she says she is fine. Nash guesses that she is seeing Tess's memories but Jessica denies that. Antonio leaves to answer a call. Once he is gone, Jessica admits to Nash that she was in fact having a memory that he shared with Tess. Hugh confesses to John that he is the son of that bastard. John tells Hugh that he isn't anything like his father. When asked if Hugh is going to be able to give his father the death penalty if it comes to that, Hugh assures him that he will be fine with that. Kevin is being held until he can compose himself. He shouts at Spencer, asking why he did this thing to him. Spencer responds that it is bad enough that the man has such bad personal problems, but he also has to deal with his son sleeping with his fiancée. Everyone is horrified! David asks Spencer where Blair is. Spencer answers that Blair is dead to him now. Hugh assures John that he has control of the case. Cristian goes to Todd and tells that Blair thinks that he is getting involved with Vangie. Todd asks Cristian what he is going to do about that, then he leaves. Evangeline over hears them and she and Cristian have it out. Nora tells Evangeline that with a man like Cristian, she has to find other ways besides words to get her point across. She uses the shower and her body to get her point across. He says that Spencer isn't really his father, just someone he happens to be related to through DNA. Hugh goes into the station where Spencer is and Hugh stares at the man trying to see if there is anything in there that remotely resembles him. Spencer is unsettled by the staring. Hugh gets out of control shouting at Spencer that he is going to convict the man of every crimes that he has committed.."…even though…" Spencer asks, "Even though what?" Hugh swallows and just tells that Spence is looking at the man who is going to sentence him to death!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan and Theresa were making love again when Jared and Gwen came looking for them. The door was locked and Jared couldn't remember the code, so they went away without finding them, but Ethan was ready to run back to Gwen before he got in trouble. Theresa wanted to tell them both the truth, once and for all, then blasted Ethan for his wimpy ways, and wanting to stay married to Gwen while keeping Theresa around, too. She said they either tell the truth or end it. Ethan, as usual, is vascillating, and then begins making love to her all over again. Jared and Gwen return after not finding them anywhere else, and this time he has the code in hand. Kay and Miguel were making out in the living room until Fox showed up. Siren got a picture of them, and wondered whether to show Fox or not, then decided not to until she can bag Miguel. Fox took Kay upstairs and talked about how they have to be honest with each other. She agreed, but didn't tell him the truth about Miguel, and doesn't seem to know which man she really wants. Miguel rebuffed Siren's advances and then found the picture on her phone. When she said she's show Fox if Miguel doesn't sleep with her, Miguel was more than happy to let her do just that.

Sheridan told Luis they can't be together, even tho she loves him more than Chris, but Luis isn't happy with that choice. He begs her to come back to him, but she won't, and goes home to her husband. Fancy is there, telling Chris Sheridan loves him, and when they find the charred pictures of him, she says that proves it. When Sheridan gets home, she acts as if nothing is wrong, and Fancy notices her new perfume, saying she likes the smell. Later she meets up with Luis, and when she moves in close she smells Sheridan's new perfume on him and realizes they've been together.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor wakes and finds that he is tied to the bed. He is alone. Nikki comes in and when she goes to touch her husband, he shrinks from her touch. "Don't touch me! You wanted to get rid of me all along! I will never forgive you for this! Now get out!" Sharon isn't happy to find Phyllis in her house and when Phyllis refers to the Tack House as her home, Sharon laughs at her. The smile leaves Sharon's face when she learns of Victor possibly being ill and Noah having run off from the sitter. Phyllis is on her way to the hospital and Sharon manages to overcome her dislike of the woman enough to ask her to give Victor her love. Neil drives Drucilla home and is disgusted by her. She is ruining her reputation because she can't help herself lately with the lashing out at Carmen. "Just be glad that Carmen isn't going to press charges. Meanwhile, Carmen has gone to the police station and she has filed charges. The officers then tell her to head home as they are on their way to arrest Dru. Dru is crying in Sharon's lap. She Dru come forward with the information right away, but then it is too late. The police arrive and cuff Dru, arresting her for 'Aggravated Residential Burglary'. Sharon watches in horror, not knowing the full story. Nikki goes back to the waiting room where her family waits. "Hello, I am Detective Schaeffer and I am here about your husband waving his gun around earlier…" Nikki panics, but Victoria is sure that this is just a formality due to the doctor having a file her report. Neil arrives to warn Dru about the arrest. He is too late. Neil and Sharon head to the station and get Dru out. Dru is in the car not even 5 minutes when she starts ranting about Carmen. Neil is asked to stay but he doesn't feel talking would do much good. Dru is devastated when the door shuts behind him. Sharon suggests that Dru see a therapist and Dru loses it. "You are siding with Neil! You think that Carmen is the victim don't you? I know what I have to do! I have to get that Carmen away from my husband." Victor is feeling better, and acting better. The doctor has come up with some temporary solutions and Victor seems like his old self. "Come on let's go home." Nikki tells him how he can't leave for at least 3 days. Victor knows that he is sick but that isn't a reason to commit him. Nikki then tells him about the incident in the house when he held the gun on her. Victor has no recollection of that and sobs like a little child when he realizes that he could have killed her, and not even have remembered it.

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