Monday 9/11/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/11/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jeff and Josh run into each other at the bar. At first Josh wants nothing to do with his biological father. But he is intrigued to find out they have one thing in common. They are both incorrigible ice chewers. Erica goes to visit Kendall and Spike and Kendall admits to her mother that she has so many fears and a need to protect her son from danger. At the bar, Danielle, Simone and Erin all admit that they have an inseparable bond. Lily goes to meet Asperger boy. But he hides himself and does not speak so that she has no clue who he really is. David can see that Julia is very emotionally attached to Jamie and he tells her that it's not worth it to allow any person to have an emotional tie to you. Jamie reconnects with his grandfather.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lucinda’s business event creates a reason for Dusty to ask Lucy out on a “date”, after Lucinda’s urging. Will takes Gwen to stay at Carly’s. She is still hesitant about where their marriage is going, but is moved when Will brings her a box of memories to feel safe with from home. Gwen takes Will up on his offer to be housemates. Katie considers moving, but Mike won’t let Simon run them out of town. Sadly, Katie learns she is not pregnant. Holden finds Jade with Luke holding Ethan and puts his foot down. Holden doesn’t want Jade in their home or lives. Jade overhears and takes off and Luke goes after her. Jade knows what she has to do about her pathetic life. Jack is having his doubts about the divorce, but doesn’t know how to admit to it. Carly desperately wants Jack to give her a reason not to go to Santa Domingo to speed up their divorce. Carly rips up their divorce papers, but Carly and Jack still can’t risk opening up to the other about how they truly feel. Carly and Jack almost kiss but Simon’s honking interrupts their moment. Jack doesn’t want Carly going to Santa Domingo but when he finds out Simon is going along, becomes frustrated and signs the forms and Carly leaves.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget pleads with Nick not to go back to her mother, but to come back to her. He will never be truly happy with her mother as she is addicted to Ridge. Nick states he drank too much and he over-reacted about Brooke; he wants his marriage to work. She points out she is devoted to him and he can have a stable life with her. He apologizes for her hurt. She begs him not to tell her mother about last night, ever! At least let her hang on to her dignity. Reluctantly he agrees. She reminds him that if he does tell, they all lose. This is a secret to keep forever.

Hector can’t see her, of course, but catches Taylor in Thorne’s arms. He is grateful but doesn’t think it’s necessary that Thorne help move furniture for him. Thorne states that if Taylor can help Hector as much as she has helped him, then he can move on easier with his life. Hector understands the situation and asks a shocked Thorne to leave. Piously, Hector begins to tell Thorne he should concentrate on his little daughter and not be seeing a new woman, Taylor, in his life this soon. They exchange jealous words and Hector lunges at Thorne when he can’t get him to leave. Hector starts lecturing Taylor that she doesn’t need Thorne in her life. It is Hector that can help her. She states she wants to be Hector’s friend, but her involvement with Thorne is not open from discussion. Thorne watches from outside the window. Ridge fills Donna’s ears with all the wonderful details of an upcoming round of trips throughout Europe. Brooke walks in catching them playing kissy-face. She tells Ridge she is NOT jealous, but she is definitely less than pleased with their behavior. He tells her he wishes it were her, but he meant what he said. He is going to move on with his life and he’s going to Europe with Donna. She admits this must be good-bye and they hug, declaring they will miss each other. She remembers happier times with Ridge and knows that Nick would never let her down.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea makes a written statement admitting to the file but denying the embryo switch. Bo sends Frankie out of the room before vowing to make Chelsea pay. Chelsea has Bo call Shawn out of dinner with Mimi and Bonnie to get a DNA sample in order to prove whether the file was doctored. Mimi and Bonnie stress over the truth coming out while Shawn is gone and Bonnie worries Mimi when she is too interested in the old story of how Sami once switched DNA results in her favor. Billie comes by and believes Chelsea’s claim. Jack and Jennifer hand over Jack’s watch as payment for Sal using his prison contacts to get another meeting with Deep Throat II. Deep Throat II finally calls and has them come down to the warehouse. After arguing over who will take the lead, Jack and Jennifer are kidnapped by thugs.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Warnings seem to be today's theme; Alexis advises Jax that he should be careful about Carly, Sonny gives Carly the reverse warning, the mayor tells Sam to make sure she does not get involved with a man who could endanger her mother's reputation, and Alfred tells Colleen to keep her dreams of Nik under control or he will see her contract is terminated. Carly does nto take the advice, but gives some of her own; tell Alexis the truth about Sam and Ric. Nik confides his worries about Liz and Lucky to Emily. Once again, Dillon asks Lulu to let their baby live. Alfred's heart attack prevents Emily and Nik from going on a date to the mayor's party. Lucky again promises Maxie he will leave Liz soon. She is not pleased that soon is not now, and goes to talk to Liz. Sam tells Ric to never touch her again.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Beth returns home and finds Rick who tells her that Lizzie and Jonathan were married.  She is upset and phones Lizzie.  Jonathan and Lizzie go to the mansion to find Beth. With Lizzie in another room, Jonathan tells Beth that if she tires to do something about his and Lizzie’s marriage, he will plaster the pictures of her and Rick on a downtown billboard.  Lizzie realizes Jonathan doesn’t have his phone with him and doesn’t tell him.  Jonathan tries to connect with Tammy for a rendezvous.  He realizes later that his phone is missing.  Reva faints and Josh takes her to Cedars.  While there, Billy tells Josh to go home for he will take care of Reva.  Rick takes care of Reva and Billy lies and tells him that Reva went drinking the night before; explaining why she fainted.  Rick realizes that Reva and Billy are “together”. 


Josh gets drunk and starts a fight in a bar after Cassie tells him they need to be “just friends”.  Reva arranges for Cassie to go to Josh at the bar.  Cassie takes him home and tells him that she is his great friend.  Reva tells Billy later that this fits into her plan and is doing the right thing. 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer and John are alone in the courtroom.  "When I shot your father, he cried like a little baby," Spencer says.  John hits the man and pins him to the table in the room, trying to make him tell more.  he tells that Spencer confessed when Evangeline and others enter and pry his murderous hands off Spencer, but Spencer immediately denies any knowledge of all that. Roxy is pissed. She had to watch the TV to find out that Rex had been shot! She is his mother and therefore his best friend and feels she deserved more. Nat tries to keep her out as the doctors want Rex calm but Roxy will not be stopped. "I am his mother, now get out of my way."  She nearly knocks Nat over on her way in. Dorian is dragged handcuffed into the station.  She struggles with the lady police officer and accuses her of brutality.  Clint is there and is shocked to see her. He thinks that she is hiding something behind her back and then is shocked to see the cuffs. She tries to make light of her part in the stalking but Bo is there to straighten things out.  Clint dumps her!

Jessica is alone and she thinks about some of Tess's memories where she and Nash were marveling at the stars. She can't help but smile.  Adriana is with Rex again and she tells that she has news. "I have had my mother arrested for the stalking."  Rex isn't sure that this is a good idea, but she insists that this is what she wants, even though her face is sad.  Roxy isn't the best mother but she finds Roxy to be more of a mother than Dorian ever was to her. Todd wasn't planning on going to the arraignment.  He visits with Jessica instead who can't believe that he could give Blair up because she slept with another man.  Todd feels that Antonio touching her after Nash is a little hard to swallow. Hugh couldn't be mad at his mother if he wanted to. She brought him into the world. They hug and Bo sees that.  After Hugh leaves to go and start the case, Paige tells Bo that Hugh is her son and therefore Spencer's son as well.  Bo is upset now.  He can't see how Hugh will be able to convict his father.  The case starts and to everyone's surprise, but Bo's, Hugh accepts Spencer's request for bail in the amount of a million dollars.  Todd freaks out and John asks Hugh if he has sold them all out.  Spencer smiles…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan walked into Theresa's office to discuss the lawsuit and scared her badly, and then they argued about why he keeps coming around her now that she's over him. He told her he's worried about Jared, which angers her, and they end up in a shouting match. It quickly turns into hugs and kisses, however, when she tells him to stay away from her and he says he can't. After the kisses, he tried to run back to Gwen, but Theresa locked the doors and demanded he make a choice, and told him again he could be her co-CEO and help run Crane. Miguel watched Fox and Kay kissing, getting more and more jealous, and when Fox was called to the office, Miguel made his move. He told Kay he loves her, but she wasn't buying it, so he grabbed her into a kiss.

Fox heard Theresa tell Ethan her mistake was in allowing Ethan to continue to have contact with Gwen, and Fox decided he'd better get back to Tabitha's and keep Miguel away from Kay. Too late, as Maria urges her daddy on and Endora threatens her with magic because she wants Kay with Fox. Sheridan and Luis hid from Chris, Fancy, and James, and listened to Fancy and Chris talk about loving them and not being able to live without them. Sheridan decided she can't hurt Chris, while Luis urged her to do what she knows is right, since she loves him more than she does Chris.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil drags Drucilla into the other room and he tells her that she has made a spectacle of herself. She is drunk and only cares about flirting with him. He grabs her shoulders and holds her away from himself. He can't talk to her right now, and puts her in a cab, sending her home. He returns to the party and tells Carmen that he is sorry that she had to go through the shouting attack with Dru. Carmen would like to make sure that this hasn't affected the guests, but all that Neil cares about is how she is handling things. Victor has his gun on Nikki when she enters the house using the back door. He doesn't recognize her and thinks that there are others outside like her who want to hurt him somehow. It is a couple of minutes before he recognizes Nikki again and drops the gun on the couch. She calls Nick and Victoria and they, along with Brad go to the hospital with Victor. Turns out that the medication that Victor had been on for his epilepsy has been causing this schizophrenic reaction. They will have to find something else to give him. Victor demands to be sent home and he is angry with Nikki for his being there. The doctor tells Victor that he will not be leaving. He will be restrained if necessary. Victor doesn't care who she is. He demands to be taken home. He looks at his family, accusing them of scheming against him and he gets so angry, he lunges at them from his bed. Nick and Brad grab the man and it takes the both of them to pin him to the bed. The doctor gives him a sedative and Victor is out. The doctor tells that she has no choice. Victor is a danger to himself and he will be held by the hospital and moved to the psyche ward until a hearing is held to determine what to do with him. Nikki doesn't want that but she has no choice. Dru is taken out of the party but she returns and heads upstairs, lying to the housekeeper to get into Carmen's room. Once up there, she gets scissors and destroys Carmen's clothes. Neil walks Carmen to her room and they find Dru in the room. Neil begs Carmen not to call the cops and he drags Dru out. Once alone, Carmen can't keep her promise to Neil and she calls the police and presses charges. Jack and Sharon enjoy some heavy petting on the couch. He wants more but she needs to understand what this is. He assures her that this hasn't anything to do with Nick and Phyllis. That makes her rest easy. They head upstairs for a naked romp. Jack and Sharon are seen kissing by Phyllis when Sharon arrives home. Sharon isn't happy to find Phyllis in her house.


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