Friday 9/8/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 9/8/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Colby's party is underway. But she has a problem when it does not start as soon as she has wanted. Unknown to her, Babe has arranged for people to come and acknowledge Sydney before Colby gets the "royal treatment" that Adam has promised her. Colby tantrums and nobody can deal with her, except her father who only wants to give her whatever she wants in order to make up for lost time. Kendall no longer trusts Zach. Ryan does not know what to tell her about the situation or if he's guilty of killing Greg with Dixie, as Tad informed her that Zach was. Jonathan has a premonition that Lily is in danger although he has no information about what she is doing. He tells Ryan that he must not let Terry come to Pine Valley. But Ryan assures his brother that they will catch Terry and Lily will not be in danger. Jonathan is ready to stop at nothing when he cannot protect Lily, even if it means going to Ireland to murder Terry. Ryan talks him out of it. Sean takes Lily to Colby and Sydney's party. But she secretly text messages "Asperger boy" unaware that he is Terry. ANd she informs Sean that she has somewhere to go. He doesn't argue. But the guards discover that she is gone and inform RYan who knows he must protect Lily. Jamie informs Tad that he intends to leave the country. Tad tells his son he accepts that although he'd rather Jamie not do that. BUt Jamie reconsiders and admits to his father that he cannot leave his family.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The show is pre-empted today due to the U.S. Open

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show is pre-empted today due to the U.S. Open

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle interrupts Shawn and Mimi’s attempt at intimacy claiming to need Shawn’s help with Claire. Philip calls Shawn with the news of Chelsea’s arrest and he rushes to the station. Belle and Mimi argue over Belle’s barging in and Belle agrees to call before coming next time. Frankie arrives to represent Chelsea and a confrontation from Shawn and Philip leads to Max punching Shawn on Chelsea’s behalf and Chelsea admitting that she did leave the file in Shawn’s room. Max declares their relationship to be over when it is revealed that only Chelsea’s fingerprints were on the DNA results page. Jack and Jennifer visit the newspaper office to research the gun photo and then head to a pawnshop owner who gives them the list of registered owners who have that type of gun. Jack and Jennifer spot a name they recognize on the list.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Luke blasts all the Quartermaines over how Lulu has been treated, then threatens them with a lawsuit over the defective condoms and has a heart to heart with Lulu. Alexis worries about the future of her girls, especially Kristina, which hurts Ric, as he feels Molly is being slighted.Alexis again urges Sam to get along with Ric. Sonny discusses with Lainey what he might do if Alexis dies. Later, Lainey confronts Alexis about why hasn't she told Ric and Sam she knows about them? Liz tells Nik that she is pregnant and having doubts about Lucky. Colleen continues to dream about a future with Nik, though Helena is not pleased with that notion. Sonny reminds Liz that Jason loves Sam.

GL Recap Written by Siri

The show is pre-empted today due to the U.S. Open

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Rex is stabilized. He has a tube in his chest and he is still very weak. Adriana tells her mother that she knows all that happened and what she did. Dorian denies everything. Bo and Paige arrive and get an update. Bo tells Dorian that he will be getting to the bottom of this, finding out who is responsible for it all. Todd goes to see Spencer. Spencer taunts Todd about having had Blair in his bed, night after night, after night. Todd gets frustrated and turns to the guard standing nearby and he overpowers the man. He takes the man's gun and points it at him. "Get out!" The guard leaves. Todd then turns the gun on Spencer. "Keep talking…" Spencer says that the actually has no idea what happened to Todd's child. He blames crazy Margaret for that. Todd still holds the gun on him. John and Natalie learn that one of the vials found in Spencer's office had a virus that renders a man sterile. Natalie wonders if this was what made her brother sick some time ago, and eventually sterile. Natalie phones Kevin and tells him of her findings. Kevin tells Kelly and she is furious. Kevin has to return to Llanview and get more details about this. Kelly decides that she will return to town as well. "If Spencer is responsible for making you sterile, I will make him pay." John tells Hugh of the sterile virus and how more tests are being run on the other vials. When John hears that Todd is with Spencer, he doesn’t like it and rushes out. Todd tells Spencer that there was information in the safety deposit box that proved that Spencer had a connection to Margaret. John rushes in and sees Todd with the gun. He pulls his own and aims it at Todd. Todd gives the gun up and John and the guard say they didn't see any gun pulled on anyone in there. Adriana corners her mother and forces her to admit that she did in fact set Rex. She says that she did it all to protect her daughter. Bo comes out of Rex's room and Adriana asks him to please arrest her mother. "She was responsible for all that has happened to me. She set it up!" Dorian runs up to Bo and denies what Adriana is saying. Bo decides to take Adriana's word over Dorian's and puts her under arrest. Paige heads to Hugh's office. He starts ranting about how he has a solid case on Truman and will not let him loose. Paige listens quietly and then tells that Spencer is his father and that she knows this because she is his mother.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

More confusion today. Jared may love Theresa, but she's wondering if she can forget Ethan. Chris believes Sheridan is all his, but she's realizing she can't live without Luis, and he feels the same. This one ended with a long-awaited kiss, too. Whitney is really happy that she and Chad aren't really siblings and can marry and live happily ever after, but although Chad says he agrees, he runs off to hop in the shower with an unseen someone as soon as he can. And Fox goes all out to woo Kay, even tho he's still steaming about seeing her and Miguel going at it. Miguel has decided to make her realize she really loves him as much as he loves her, and Kay....well, she seems happy with Fox (although a little suspicious of his motives), but can't seem to stay away from Miguel.

Spike showed up at Chris' new office, wanting to know when he would be able to start syphoning money to him from the Crane coffers. He told Chris Sheridan was still aching for Luis, and vice versa, but Chris doesn't believe it....until he sees them kissing in Luis' office. Spike hung around the office when Chris left, and let himself back in at the first chance. He found the access codes in Chris' locked desk drawer, but didn't have time to make use of them before he had to hide from Theresa. She checked the office after seeing the door open and the light still on, found no one there, put the access codes back into the locked drawer in the desk, and then got grabbed by Spike!

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack arrives to pick Sharon up for the opening. He brings her flowers and Victor and Nikki are surprised to see him there. Victor lashes out at Nikki for saying that she is surprised that Jack is there after all that went on about buying Jabot earlier. Victor takes her comment as a personal offense, as if to say that he made a bad decision in thinking that buying Jabot would be a good thing. She tries to defend herself but can't stop his rambling. Jack and Sharon watch stunned as Victor gets out of control. Paul tells Brad that his mother is missing. She was to go to Positano but never got there. Brad was expecting a call from her but never got one. He tries not to worry and tells Victoria she shouldn't worry and that things are not as bad as they seem. "What do you mean by that?" Victor is behind the couple and he has heard what Brad has said. Brad and Victoria tell that they were just talking about the event and nothing more. He doesn't believe them and warns Brad that he will find out what is being hidden from him. Jack and Ashley are not happy to see Gloria at the event. She reminds them that she is VP of Creative Affairs and has a right to be there, even though she wasn't invited. She sees Ashley away from Will later, and Jill talking to him. She goes to a corner. "Kevin call Jill NOW!" Jill's phone rings and she has to go and take the call in private. Gloria is immediately on Will thanking him for doing the best he could for John. "I know that you are a friend to the family and I hope that I am included as one of your friends…" Gloria talks to Phyllis about her new life. Phyllis is so happy. She whispers to Gloria that she is not only happy about the baby and Nick, but that she is getting married as well. Gloria sees Jack behind Phyllis and she says, very loudly. "Married! You are getting married too?" Jack hears the ado and turns with a sad face when he realizes that Gloria is talking about Nick and Phyllis. The media is at the event and they hear the news as well. A reporter goes to Dru and they discuss Nick walking down the aisle. Sharon hears what has been announced at the party and asks Nick if he couldn't just wait to tell people later. He apologizes; saying it just slipped out. Victoria happens to be watching when Brad goes to Sharon to talk. At the start of the party, he asks Sharon about her friendship with Jack. She tells him not to worry about it. Paul comes to Brad. "Your mother is missing. She was to arrive in Positano, but a contact tells that she never did." Brad was expecting a call from his mother but never got one.

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