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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Colby demands everything to be her way for her sweet sixteen birthday party. Adam wants to indulge his daughter. Krystal, JR and Babe tell him that she is playing him and he must not let her have her way with everything. But he tells them that he's missed out on too much time with his daughter. He will never have that time back. And he has to do this for her. Di tries and fails to get answers from Zach about his feelings for both Dixie and for Kendall. Kendall asks Babe what is the nature of her relationship with Josh. Lily is ready to meet "Asperger boy". She does not tell her father about her meeting but tells him she wants to leave the house to go shopping. He won't let her go anywhere alone but tells her that Sean can accompany her to her outing. Lily and Sean dress formally and get ready to depart together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen decide to have a memorial service for all their friends they also agree to start over. Mike and Katie continue to argue because Mike thinks Katie still hhas feelings for Simon although Katie insists that isn't true. Paul and Meg decide to keep their engagement a secret from Emily untill the baby is born. Emily is positive that once the baby is born Paul will come back to her and they will be a family. Jack signs the final divorce papers even though he isn't sure he wants to divorce Carly. Simon persuades Carly to get a quick divorce by flying with him to Santo Domingo.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Nick she needs him to put the ring back on his finger and give her another chance. After last night, he doesn’t think he can do that. He explains he went to The Marlin and was angry. Bridget meanwhile is hopeful that she and Nick have one more chance as a couple. Before Nick can tell Brooke any more, Bridget calls and begs him not to tell her mother. Brooke says the marriage is too important. It’s not going to end this way……or ever. She won’t take no for an answer. Finally he allows her to put the ring back on and they seal it with a kiss.

Hector tells Taylor she is a saint after all he put her through for her not to mind that he is staying there in the house with her. Brother, Christian, having just heard about Hector while he was in Africa, comes with Thorne. Taylor conveys to Thorne she doesn’t feel the same way about Hector and has told him so. Thorne is glad and although it is too soon after Darla’s death he has deep feelings for Taylor and he thinks Darla would support that. Desperately, Hector begs his brother for help in finding some new procedure to help him get his sight back. Felicia pumps Bridget but she doesn’t tell her any details; they just talk about the kiss between Donna and Ridge. Bridget then tells Nick that although she left him, she never let him out of her heart. She blathers on as he tries to tell her…then she sees the wedding ring and he explains he is giving the marriage another chance. And he will tell Brooke the truth and she will forgive both of them.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack has Frankie and Jennifer join him at the hospital to receive his test results to find out is he is remission or not but the results are delayed. While at the hospital after Frankie leaves, Jack receives a call from someone claiming to have information about Eve’s murder and Jack agrees to meet him. Jennifer follows Jack and when Jack realizes it, “deep throat” bails leaving a picture of the murder weapon behind. Maggie closes down Chez Rouge to hold the press conference for the Salem Grand Prix and Stephanie and Max decide to pretend to be rivals in front of the press. Abe has Lexie come to the station and claims that he wants to work on their marriage now. The fingerprint results reveal that Chelsea was the one who left Claire’s file in Shawn’s room and Bo is ordered to arrest her in front of everyone at the press conference.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lainey questions Alexis' motives for throwing Sam and Ric together. Elizabeth gets confirmation that she's pregnant but is uncertain who the father is.

Carly tells Jax what he will have to do to win her back. Maxie anticipates a future with Lucky. Alcazar wants to make a deal with Anna.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

BANG! The gun goes off. Adriana and Dorian watch as Rex pushes Bruce's dead body off him. Adriana rushes to Rex and they hug and kiss while Dorian watches quietly. Jo, Bo and their men arrive to execute a search for more evidence to hang Spencer. "Bo, I think I found something." Meanwhile, David arrives at the jail to visit his brother. He gets out his picture phone and takes a pictures, being sure to get himself in it as well as his brother who sits behind bars, behind him. He knows that Dorian will find this picture to die for. Natalie is at the bar and she sees Clint looking at his phone and then putting it down. She knows that he is thinking about calling Dorian and she tells him to just do it. Dorian checks the man out and confirms that he is dead. She feels they should call the police now. Adriana tells that she would love to do that, so that she can tell them all that her mother has done. Rex doesn't care about that now. Adriana is bleeding. She can't understand it. She doesn't feel pain anywhere. Rex starts staggering. Adriana and Dorian can't understand what is wrong with him. Suddenly he falls hard to the ground. John and Bo get the strong box open, but John closes the lid again. A strange mist, or fog drifts out of it. Paige told them that the box is sometimes used for cold storage. They look in the box again and are not sure what it is that they are looking at. "Maybe it is the thing that he used to make Margaret forget her life." Paige arrives at the jail to ask Spencer how it feels to be locked up and put aside. He starts to threaten but she isn't afraid of him anymore. Rex has been shot and Adriana and Dorian work hard to keep him alive while the paramedics make there way there. There is a point where it seems like Rex isn't breathing anymore. When Rex is strapped in, Adriana starts making her way to the ambulance but Dorian tells her that isn't a good idea. "I don't care what you think, and I never want to see you again," Adriana says. Bo and John send the storage box to the lab. John gets the call that there is news and he and Natalie head out. Bo gets a call that Rex has been shot and he and Paige head out to meet him at the hospital. Spencer thinks about his brother's visit. They discussed the Buchanans and how Spencer hates them. He knows that unlike his brother and mother, he is strong. Michael and Marcie decide that they need to adopt Tommy and because of that, they are allowed to take him home with them right away.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Julian paid a visit to Theresa, telling her she needs to be more careful about the lawsuit and saying with Ethan representing the other guy, there's a good chance she might lose. She says she has no intention of losing, and if he believes she will, he doesn't know her very well. As he leaves, he runs into Jared and tries to get him to spy on Theresa for him, offering him a fortune to do so. Jared refused, as Theresa listened. She was very grateful for his loyalty, and doubled his salary right then and there. Ethan told Gwen he was going for a settlement, because a trial would be too hard on everyone involved, and if they win and destroy Crane Enterprises, a lot of people would be hurt. Gwen doesn't care, just wants him to win, and to see Theresa crushed by it.

Fox again daydreamed about killing Miguel, then started toward him with the knife again, but stopped when Miguel turned around and saw him. He jumped out of his chair just as Kay walked in and saw them, but Fox acted like he was just using the kife to cut an apple. Kay and Miguel were both left wondering what was up. Later, Fox told Kay he wants to move the wedding up so they can marry as soon as possible. She says she agrees, but seems to not be too sure about it. Sheridan told Katherine she still loves Luis, but can't leave Chris and James. Katherine told her to do what her heart tells her, asking if she can honestly say a day passes when she doesn't think of Luis even once. Luis remembers Fancy saying she won't quit the cadet program just so they can date, and thinks she's a girl he could love, but can't get Sheridan out of his mind.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

show is pre-empted for the U.S. Open

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