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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emma and Holden find out Meg and Paul are engaged. After initial reservations, Emma offers to take them all out for champagne. Meg is thrilled and calls Paul, who tells her he is at a meeting at the Lakeview and he will call her back. Paul is meeting with Emily to tell her he is buying the Intruder for her. Emily is unsure at first, but Paul convinces her he is looking out for her best interest. Emily and Paul are happily toasting their new relationship as Meg, Emma and Holden walk in hoping to surprise him to celebrate their engagement – guess the surprise is on Meg. Katie goes to see Carly about a job supposedly but soon Carly realizes she is there because of Simon. Katie claims she is just concerned, but it does appear to be more. Carly shares that she and Jack are finalizing their divorce so her life is too complicated to involve Simon; Katie apologizes but she just cares about her. When Jade is MIA, Gwen is convinced she is the slasher. Luke and Will defend her. Maddie takes the mask off of the pinned slasher; and is shocked to be looking at her sister Eve. Eve lays into her about how she is a slut and teased her husband by traipsing around in her little outfits until he succumbed to her. She pretends to be all innocent when she is a disgusting slut and all of the deaths are on her head. She had to stop her once she found out Maddie was going to try to blame Louis for what happened to her. She particularly wanted to kill Casey so she could take someone Maddie loved away from her like she did to her. Tom and Margo find an injured Casey with Maddie and they tell them the slasher is Eve, who has since freed herself and taken off. Eve runs into Jack and pretends to be searching for help for Maddie, but Jack is not convinced and arrests her. Henry walks up as he is and then he realizes she was involved. She responds by laughing. How could he do that to Maddie and all those kids? She coldly asks why he always fawns over Maddie and is even concerned about her as she is standing there in handcuffs. Gwen apologizes to Jade for accusing her. Jade still wonders if she has a shot with Will when she assumes Will and Gwen are still not back together, but Will and Gwen leave together as do Jade and Luke. Maddie prays Casey is ok.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget and Nick wake up in the same bed on The Marlin and she states they don’t have to talk about this, it just happened. He opines that he can’t live his life that way. He can’t and he won’t. He knows now Brooke can’t let go of how she feels for this man, Forrester. Harry comes home but spies them first and backs off undetected. But he comes back later and bumps into Bridget and they get into embarrassing belated introductions. Brooke laments to Donna that Nick didn’t come home and he’s not answering his cell either. She realizes she has been selfish and made him very angry. She swears to be the wife he deserves if he’ll just give her one more chance. Nick comes home and lays it on the line. He feels he has been patient and expected her to live up to her part of the bargain. Forrester tore her heart out time and time again but like a junkie she keeps going back to him. She confesses that she let Ridge kiss her and she kissed him back. He listens but tells her he is NOT putting himself through that again. If she won’t draw the line, he is. This is over. Just go run into Forrester’s arms, she has his blessings.

Back at her place, Bridget has fond but bittersweet memories of happier times with Nick and even tells the Nicole blanket that she thinks she and her daddy might have another chance. Brooke defends herself by saying she feels safe and deeply loved by Nick, unlike with Forrester. She knows she has put him through so much but she can’t let it end this way. She loves him too much. With tears streaming down her face, she begs him to give her one last chance by putting the ring back on his finger. He tells her about last night, there’s something she needs to know.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena tells John about leaving for New Jersey. Roman catches Kate snooping around Eve’s apartment looking for the disc he already found and arrests her. They view the disc but find that it’s a phony. Roman warns that the killer could be after Kate and Kate asks to be truly arrested for protection. Bo meets John and Steve to talk about Eve’s murder and is so late for Hope’s ultrasound appointment that she invites Patrick to join her instead. Bo arrives for the appointment in time to hear Hope referred to by a nurse as Mrs. Lockhart and storms off. Bo returns to the police station and confronts Kate when he hears about her being brought in. Austin decides to put off any further intimacy with Carrie until they are honest with Sami and Lucas. Sami tells Lucas, Carrie, and Austin about Will being missing and EJ’s attempts to contact one of Will’s friends turns up empty. Austin and Carrie decide that now is not the time to declare their decision. Sami lets it slip about the notes and everyone finally convinces her to call Roman for help.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason admits that if Sam had been with anyone but Ric, he might be able to forgive her, but not him. Both vent about their feelings over their mutual infidelities. Jason admits that he cannot forgive. They agree to part. Luke returns and is blown away with the news Sonny gives him, that Lulu is pregnant. He then gets Carly's input. Carly tells him that Lulu did nto want her baby to feel unwanted, the way she did, but that when she last talked to the girl, Lulu planned on keeping the baby. Edward immediately moves in to get Lulu to sign over custody of the baby to Dillon. Ric and Alexis find out how bad her cancer is. Liz and Lucky fight again.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Lizzie – Inside the Light

“Speak Now…”

Jonathan and Lizzie prepare for their wedding. He tells Tammy that he will always love her and she tells him they are doing this for the right reasons. Lizzie talks to Roxie and tells her that now, they will be a family. Alan threatens Jonathan that he knows this marriage is a scam. At the ceremony, the clergyman asks if anyone has objections; many have pensive looks on their faces, but no one objects. During the ceremony, Jonathan constantly stares at Tammy, who is very sad. She is the maid-of-honor and gives the rings to Jonathan and Lizzie. After being pronounced man and wife, Jonathan kisses Lizzie and the post-wedding party begins. He immediately searches for Tammy, kisses her in secret and tells her to meet him later that night at Outskirts. After the party, Jonathan carries Lizzie over the threshold to their room at the Spaulding mansion. He prepares to meet Tammy. He is stopped as he tries to leave the room. Alan and the psychiatrist stop him in his tracks. Tammy goes to Outskirts and waits alone. Jonathan and Lizzie are in the room and Jonathan drinks one drink after another as Lizzie waits for him in bed dressed in a sexy negligee.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Nash goes for a drink and tells Claudia about Jessica. Jessica tells Nash that he can be in Bree's life. He doesn't want to confuse Bree though. Todd outs Starr when she tries to use her 'illness' to put her parents together. Blair is angry but then gets over it when she realizes Starr's goal. Todd can't take Blair back. Adriana sits on a picnic bench with her hands tied behind her back. Bruce waits for Dorian to arrive to the scene. Adriana is worried when she sees him getting his gun ready. She asks him to take out the bullets and pretend that it is loaded but he ignores her pleas. He looks at Adriana now with new eyes. He tells her how he will have ten million dollars and would like it if she were with him. She wouldn't ever go willingly with this clown anywhere. He breathes in her face then and relates that he would even settle for a one-time go at her. She would rather be dead first! He will take that under advisement. Headlights appear and when Bruce looks at them, Adriana kicks him and he falls to the ground. She tries to run but Bruce tackles her. He is angry now and holds his gun on Adriana in anger. "Get that gun away from her!" Dorian has arrived and offers to call to make the transfer now. Bruce is so mad, he threatens to shoot Adriana anyway. Rex appears now with his gun aimed at Bruce. Bruce puts Adriana in front of him and orders Rex to drop his gun. Rex has no choice and does as he is told. Bruce pushes Adriana to Rex, but something is wrong. Dorian has her back to everyone. "Turn around!" Bruce orders with his gun trained on Dorian. She turns but has a gun in her hand when she does, and in one move, has it pointed at the dirt bag's head. They are at a standoff. They get closer, each determined to win the game of chicken! Adriana kicks and Dorian's gun drops instead of Bruce's. Rex jumps on Bruce and they struggle on the ground, each with their hands on the one gun between them. BANG!

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox is really steamed at Miguel and Kay for what he saw them doing yesterday, and is even thinking about killing Miguel! He daydreamed that he did, and later he walked toward Miguel with a knife in his hand. He and Kay made love, but he was so angry at her he could hardly control himself. She doesn't see how upset he really is, believing there's no way he could ever harm anyone, but Tabitha warns her he may do just that. She is trying to get to Jupiter's rings to cure her Witch's Virus, but is having a hard time leaving. Fancy and Luis decided they really want to see each other, but can't because she's a cadet. He suggested she quit so they can date, and she was tempted, but she won't do that.

Theresa is very upset at Ethan for taking the case of the guy who's suing her and Crane Enterprises. Gwen is happy, tho, and can't keep from making rude and insulting comments to her rival, so much so that Jared spoke up and told her to keep her mouth shut. Nothing stops her, tho. Theresa can't understand how Ethan could do that, and asks if he decided after seeing her and Jared making love. That stunned Gwen, who probably now realizes why he was drinking so heavily at dinner, and she was even more confused when Theresa asked how he could do this after.....then said nothing more.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon is upset that once again, Nick has made a decision that affects her without her input. He and Phyllis will be moving into the Tack House so that Nick can be close to his son. Sharon tells him to tell Phyllis that she should drop by and borrow sugar when she wants. "She borrows everything else…" Dru is waiting. She gets impatient and gets on the phone asking if Mr. James has arrived. She hangs up when she hears that he is on his way up. He arrives and she lets him know that she isn't pleased that he is late… They get into a business meeting, and the man tries to get Dru to buy into his proposals. Carmen walks in and goes to get a report behind Dru's desk. "Next time knock! I am in an important business meeting." Carmen didn't expect anyone to be there as she booked the room the day before… She walks out. Dru tells Edward that she can't understand how some people get their jobs… Edward suggests that they go and have dinner at the Athletic Club and talk business. Suddenly, Dru likes the way the man thinks. Kay arrives at the club where Nikki and Phyllis are setting up. She tells that Victor offered to buy Jabot and that if she sells it, it will go for 250 million dollars. Nikki finds that excessive, but that is the tag that Kay has put on it. Billy tries to talk his grandmother out of selling the business. He would like to research it and learn a little from his grandmother about it. Will arrives and tells Jill that he would have called her sooner, but he had to go to his uncle's funeral. Gloria watches them while she drinks alone at the bar. "You know that guy?" the bartender asks. Gloria says that she knows a little of him. "Why?" The bartender confides that he heard that the guy just inherited the mother load. Gloria looks at the man now with renewed interest. She pays careful attention to Will and Jill and listens when Will gets a call that he thinks is private. After listening to it, Gloria goes to Jill to confide that Will may be out with her now, but he just made a date to go with Ashley to the opening. Will returns to Jill with drinks, she turns on her heel and leaves. Gloria smiles. Victor bustles through the Newman offices like an elephant in a China shop. He tears a strip off two girls, when he gets the idea that they are talking about him, and when he finds Brad and Victoria talking with JT and Paul, he is sure that it is a conspiracy and orders them out! Brad is told that he had better not make decisions on his own. "I will not tolerate betrayal. I know that you are hiding something from me, and I will find out what it is…"

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