Tuesday 9/5/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 9/5/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad comes back to Pine Valley and goes with Dixie, Jamie and JR to talk to Derek. He shocks them all by agreeing to confess to everything he said on the tape. Kendall goes and asks him what he knows. He admits to her that he saw Dixie and Zach transport and dispose of a dead body the night Greg disappeared. Kendall is devastated to find out that her husband lied to her. She tells him that he obviously cares more about Dixie than he cares about their marriage. He does not admit to whether that is true or not. But Zach and Dixie find each other and admit that nobody understands either one of them. And they end up kissing. Josh is building a box and he wants Babe to bury him in it so he can experience what his father experienced before he died. She hesitantly does that and waits until he freaks and tells her he needs to get out. She comforts him while he relives the trauma his father went through.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Kevin tells Holden that Luke saved his life. Luke later tells Holden he finally told Kevin he was gay, but he freaked out and he is sure they will not be friends anytime soon. Gwen and Will barricade themselves in a cabin. Dallas tells Jack, Henry, Margo and Tom some kids reported to local police there were murders up at Raven Lake. Tom and Margo panic when they hear Casey’s name was not on the bus and that the kids reported Maddie was the one murdering people. Louis tries to tell Maddie about the murders when he is killed. Maddie wrestles with the slasher. Dallas learns the local police disregarded the call for help from the kids; Tom, Margo, Jack, Dallas and Henry head up to the Lake. Luke explains that Kevin threatened to beat him up, and once they are back at school around others, he will be the butt of all their jokes. Holden suggests he change schools, but Luke doesn’t want to run away and he knows Holden wouldn’t either; he is going to fight for what he wants and deserves like Holden did. Will and Gwen grow closer as they hide out; they are excited to hear the police siren, but worry when they only hear one. Luke and Holden are about to leave when Luke remembers he should check with Jade to see if she needs a ride home. Holden stays with Kevin until his parents get there. The gang from Oakdale finds Will and Gwen with the police. Will and Gwen nervously explain to Tom and Margo how a devastated Maddie told them Casey was dead. Jack and Henry find Louis dead, stabbed like everyone else and realize he couldn’t be the slasher. Maddie is able to escape from the slasher, but soon gets caught and is about to be killed when the attacker is hit from behind, pinned and knocked unconscious. Maddie sees her hero is Casey, whom she thought was dead. They happily rush to each other declaring how much they love one another. Holden talks to Kevin about Luke. Jack and Henry find another body and a bloody handprint left by the slasher and realize it is from a woman. Luke arrives back at the Lake and finds out what is going on and worries about Jade. Gwen starts to wonder if she is the slasher, especially after Will admits Jade gave him an alibi. Holden tells Lucinda how Luke saved Kevin’s life after Kevin treated him terribly. Lucinda thinks Luke is the wonderful man that he is, because he has Holden to model himself after. Maddie goes to remove the slasher’s mask.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Donna spying, Ridge holds Brooke and asks her if she will forgive him and come back to him? Donna is relaying the scene over the phone to Nick. Bridget tries to get him not to hit the bottle any more; that won’t do any good. He says lesson learned, but what does he do now? Nick breaks down, cursing Forrester and crying that he can have Brooke. Brooke tells Ridge she can not come back to him, the damage has been done. She will always love him but she doesn’t trust him. She wants safe in her life and that is what Nick represents. He tells her he will have to move on…..even if it is with Donna, but he won’t hurt her. She promises she will stick to her vows with Nick. Donna reams Ridge out for leading her on in front of national TV. She accuses him of not caring who he walks on. He finally shuts her up and tells her that Brooke chose Nick over him. Bottom line, Donna is what he wants and needs. It will be difficult for him to let go, but he will.

Thorne wants to make sure Stephanie isn’t pressuring Taylor. With hugs he says she may have saved his life. Hector tells Stephanie that she has a personal property sign on Taylor. Her son needs some loving, and she’s going to get it for him. And Hector knows he is an obstacle. She agrees that he and Taylor are NOT going to happen, so he might as well move out of the house. Stephanie interrupts just as Taylor kisses Thorne. And Taylor explains why Hector is staying upstairs. Hector tries to walk around and panics when he wanders out of his room. Taylor goes to help and assures him with hugs that she will be there to help him. Nick tells Bridget that he was a fool, believing in something that wasn’t true. He takes off his wedding ring and says it is over. She hugs him and cries that she just wants to take the pain away. She initiates a kiss and gradually he is into it too and guides her to the bed.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie and Lucas discuss whether Austin and Sami will reunite or if Austin will wind up with Carrie. Steve joins them and invites them both to watch the big game with him. Kate joins them soon followed by John. John tells the group about Eve’s murder and Kate is so bothered by the news that she runs out without her purse. Lucas rushes after Kate to return her purse and question her about her reaction. Billie questions John and Steve about why John was dating Eve but neither will give up any details. John calls Roman to relay his suspicions of Kate’s involvement in Eve’s death. Austin continues to plead his case to Carrie on the roof.

Marlena stops by Sami’s apartment to tell her about leaving for New Jersey. While they are talking, EJ confirms plans for “taking care of Marlena” while she’s in New Jersey. Marlena spots someone lurking outside Sami’s door but when she checks again, they are gone. Sami sends EJ out to investigate and while he is gone, Sami receives another mechanized voice call threatening Will. Sami calls the school principal and learns that Will never showed up for homeroom this morning.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Before being taken into surgery, Alexis pleads with Sam to cut Jason out of her life and an emotional Sam agrees to do so. Sam tries to distance herself from Jason but later arrives on his doorstep. Sonny tells Alexis what she wants to hear.

Sonny asks Carly to help him raise Kristina if Alexis doesn't survive. Alexis and Ric are reunited after her surgery. Lulu feels pressured by Dillon. A guilt-ridden Lucky manipulates Maxie to get what he wants. Patrick and Robin continue to grow closer.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva tells Billy that she cannot tell Josh about the cancer and that she knows he has found solace in Cassie. Billy and Vanessa talk about his “friend” who has laid a burden on him. Reva finally talks to Josh. He asks her why she left him and she tells him that she needed to protect him. He asks her if she is having an affair and she tells him yes, with Billy. Later, Reva tells this to Billy who takes it all in stride.

In the courtroom, the prosecutor has evidence that Lizzie did know she was shooting Alan. Jonathan stands up to testify for Lizzie and finally tells the judge that he will prove he can take care of Lizzie. After whispering something in Tammy’s ear, Jonathan asks Lizzie to marry him and the courtroom erupts. The judge releases Lizzie. Alan tells Jonathan that he will have him followed 24 hours a day. Tammy tells her mother that she gave up the man she loves. Jonathan and Lizzie get on the elevator and prepare to plan a wedding. Tammy looks at Jonathan. With sadness in his eyes, Jonathan looks at Tammy. The elevator doors close.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Rex calls Dorian to tell that Adriana was in the storage container that he found but she isn't there now. They argue about whose fault all this is but soon get back to thinking of how they can find where the stalker has taken Adriana now. Bruce takes Adriana to a rest stop. He tells how he did some underhanded things that other lawyers wouldn't do and ended up owing money for his actions. That is why he took the job when Dorian offered it. Jessica is the one left standing when the session is completed. Nash is upset but Jessica assures him that Tess is a part of her and his love for Tess is felt strongly inside her. Rex returns to Dorian's and shows her some jewelry that Adriana wore, as well as some food that she left as a clue. Bruce makes the call to Dorian. "It's time." Adriana can hardly wait to get home so that she can tell her mother that she will hate her for this forever. Blair has come to see Todd and finds him in an embrace with Evangeline. Todd is skeptical and disbelieving of Blair's story of how she came forward. Evangeline finds it unwise that Blair had told Spencer of her involvement with his getting nabbed. She knows that he could get out somehow. He hasn't been convicted yet. Blair won't take advice from her. Todd is sarcastic and she calls him an ass. He says they are perfect for each other then, as he is an ass while she is nothing but a bitch whore. Blair leaves the penthouse and heads to the gym to tell Chris that Evangeline and Todd were just in each other's arms when she was over there. Chris is sure that they are just friends… Blair turns to leave and finds Evangeline entering the gym. She asks what Blair is doing there, and Blair responds like Evangeline did earlier, that it's not like it looks. Dorian gets her instructions to meet Bruce at the rest stop to do the trade. She tells him that she will arrive alone. If she doesn’t, then Bruce will have to handle things his way. Adriana watches as he prepares his gun and then tucks it in the back of his pants. Dorian leaves Rex in the house, telling that she will be back soon with Adriana. Rex worries that this could all go horribly wrong. Bruce could even decide to take Dorian as well. He follows Dorian outside the house. "I am going with you. I am riding shotgun."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay continued kissing Miguel, wondering where Fox was, and never realized he was standing outside the bedroom door, watching. His anger boiled up and he went outside to calm down, then ran into Julian. His dad advised him not to show his anger, but to use it to get even later, which is what Fox did. Later, tho, he did say he was so jealous he wanted to kill Miguel. Siren gloated that Kay's spell hadn't worked, and when Kay came down looking for Fox, she rubbed it in her face. She then went upstairs to take over where Kay left off with Miguel, and began enchanting him with her Siren Song in the shower. However, once Fox said what he did, a bell rang, and Tabitha realized Kay's spell had worked, the first time in history that it ever had. Miguel snapped out of his trance and got very upset at Siren for being in the shower with him and for singing something that sounded like Fluffy coughing up a hair ball. Once she realized what had happened, she left and Fox came in with revenge on his mind. He picked up a hair dryer and headed toward the shower with it.

Fancy asked Luis if his kisses were because he likes her or just to get back at Sheridan. He told her what she wanted to hear, but reminded her they can't be together. She agreed to wait until she graduates the cadet class before persuing him further. He goes for a walk and sees Sheridan burning all his pictures in her fireplace in an attempt to get him out of her heart. He was really upset when she threw a card he'd made for her in the fire and realized it was really over. However, after he walked away, she dug it out of the fire, saying she could never part with that, and she'll never get over loving Luis. Luis went back to the Crane pool and Fancy. Tabitha's virus is getting worse, and Kay had to weigh her down to keep her from floating away, but she can't go for treatment until she comes up with the spell to make Miguel forget what happened with Kay today.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Sharon are kissing in her house. Nick comes to the screen door and watches them for a minute. He then knocks loudly. "You are starting to make this a habit Sharon." Jack and Sharon separate but Sharon tells him that the next time that he wants to come over he is to call first. Nick is glad that he has bumped into Jack as he needs something from him anyway. Jack looks for the report while Sharon and Nick haggle over him seeing Nick that day. She would like more notice. Dru is friendly to Daniel when she finds him delivering mail. She does with him pushing the cart telling how she used to do this very job once. Daniel is surprised that she is being so friendly. She tells that she meant what she said before. She will try to be nice. When they return to the hall, she sees Neil and Carmen getting on the elevator, going somewhere. Later Lily knows that something is wrong with her mother but Dru tries to hold it in. Finally, she blurts out; "Your father is having an affair with Carmen Mesta." Lily goes to the lunchroom and is hidden behind the door when she hears her father entering with Carmen. She listens to them talk for a couple of seconds and then she appears from behind the door. Neil and Carmen freeze when they see her. Carmen says hello, but Lily ignores her asking to speak to her father. Carmen leaves. "Daddy are you having an affair with her?" Neil is angry and knows this came from Dru. He goes to Dru shouting that if she ever uses the kids again, he will leave her for sure!" Dru tells Sharon how she connected with Jack. Dru warns that Jack is a ladies man and that she had better be careful. Sharon say that nothing serious is going on and that she is just living her life. "That gives me an idea," Dru says. She goes back to the office and is in the mirror primping her hair when Carmen enters behind her. She threatens to sue the woman if she defames her character again at the workplace. Dru turns to her. "You can take your PR report, scrunch it up and shove it where the sun don't shine!" Neil comes to Dru in the hall and see her glamming up in the mirror. He asks who she is getting dolled up for. "What do you care?" He grabs her roughly and drags her into an office. He gets in her face about her ideas about Carmen and he asks her to move on. "Moving on sounds good. I'm gonna get me some of that like you got with Carmen!" Sharon opens the door and isn't pleased to see Nick again unannounced at her door. "I want to more time with Noah… Phyllis and I are moving into the Tack House."

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