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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

When somebody comes to pull Tad out of the box, he is very surprised that it's Del and not Zach who put him there. Del tells Tad that he won't let him hurt Dixie. Di is helping Del keep Tad captive and is equally distrusting that Tad will have their sister sent to prison. He protests to them that regardless of his problems with Dixie, he would never hurt his two boys by taking their mother from them. Di then believes him and lets him go. He contacts JR and Jamie, tells them where to meet him. But Derek catches the three of them. Dixie goes to confess to the murder to Derek but he does not buy that she acted alone and wants "truthful" evidence about how Greg was murdered.  He wants her to implicate Zach but she won't. On the Fusion rooftop, Kendall and Babe admit they have a lot in common with their respective trust issues involving their respective, murdering, lying husbands. Josh is alone in his room secretly building something.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Will and Gwen survive the slasher's repeated attacks against them and this draws them close enough to almost kiss. Gwen and Will forgive each other for their mistakes. Maddie is chased by Ian and Louis and both men want to kill her. Louis is killed by the slasher before he can tell Maddie the slasher's identity. The slasher also kills Ian while Ian looks for Maddie in the boat house. Dallas gets a phone tip that someone is killing teens at Raven Lake so he, Jack, Margo Tom , and Henry head to Raven Lake to rescue the teens from the slasher's knife.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor takes Hector through the paces of finding his way around his new room in her house. She tells him she thinks he is perfect when he says she is the only person he cares about how he looks. And the crazy things he did, he did because of the way he feels about her. Stephanie goes to Taylor’s and tells her she knows about the kiss with Thorne and wonders what her intentions are? Stephanie is grateful for her help and friendship. When she realizes Hector is upstairs, she heads upstairs to have a talk as this is a man who will take advantage of Taylor and the situation. She tells them both this is wrong and her offer of the facility still stands. And to Taylor that this is a recipe for disaster. Hector opines that he hopes Taylor can see this is nothing more than a controlling mother who’s only focus is on her own son. Taylor offers that the man just lost his sight and she’s only offering to help him. Alone with Hector, Stephanie tells Mr. Hero this is a pretty sad situation and he is playing on Taylor’s innate goodness and guilt. She states that it is this simple - her son needs Taylor in his life, and that’s the way its going to be!

Brooke has a tirade to Nick about the antics of Ridge with Donna on the Rich Ginger Show. He likewise is livid that they are in their bedroom, late at night, yet arguing about her leaving to go see who Ridge is kissing. She doesn’t heed his strong pleas not to leave the house. Ridge explains to Donna that people love it when you do the unexpected. And she was terrific. She asks if it was all for publicity or was any of it real because for her, it was real? He tells her what she wants to hear – he meant every word of it. She wants to speed up the process of his forgetting her sister, so he obliges by kissing her passionately. Brooke barges in and tells them to stop this instant and accuses them of acting like moon-struck teenagers on national TV. Likewise, she accuses Ridge of trying to make her jealous and she’d like him to leave Donna out of it. He denies it and says he is into Donna. He vows this is his life, not payback for her marrying Nick. She barks at Donna to get out so she can talk to Ridge alone. She lambastes Ridge for purposely picking her sister and then reminds him of choosing Taylor over her and all that followed. Ridge reads this as her wanting their life back, as much as he does. She admits she still loves him, always will be the love of her life, but she is married to Nick now.

Nick is polishing off a bottle of liquor on The Shady Marlin when Bridget comes aboard. Sarcastically he tells her about Brooke’s leaving him alone to go take care of Ridge. He calls Donna to find out what’s happening, only to be told they are kissing. Ridge is telling Brooke it is not too late for them. He wants her to be his again.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abe isn’t happy to hear that Tek didn’t know about Eve’s murder because he left the church to be with Lexie and Abe’s badmouthing of Lexie leaves him and Tek close to blows. Roman shows Abe and John the church’s surveillance footage showing Lexie hiding out of sight in the back of the church and asks Abe to wine and dine Lexie in order to investigate her as a suspect. Lucas joins Austin at the Pub for some brotherly consolation and support when Lexie arrives badmouthing Sami. Lexie nearly tells the truth about Sami’s blackmail but is able to explain it away. Austin and Lucas assume Lexie is simply biased and leave to try and convince Sami to reunite with Austin. EJ wakes Sami with breakfast and helps calm her after a nightmare. Sami discovers another note left by the mystery stranger and the note orders Sami to give up custody of Will to Lucas in order to keep her secret. Sami is so upset at the thought that she gives in to EJ’s romantic advances and they kiss.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lainie suggests to Alexis that it might be healthier if she confronted Sam and Ric about their one night stand. Alexis suspects that Sam overheard. She is also concerned that she might babble when she is coming out of anesthetic. Sonny and Jason plan to find who took Sonny's files and eliminate them. Lulu and Dillon have a screaming match over whether or not she has the baby. Later at the hospital, Edward tells her he will do whatever it takes to make sure the child is born. Carly is determined to not forgive Jax; he is equally determined to win her back. She runs to Sonny's and arrives in the middle of a therapy session, demanding that he helps keep her from doing something insane.

Jason finds Sonny's file in a dumpster. Lulu turns to Carly for advice on how to handle the pregnancy. Maxie refuses to get Lucky pills unless he proves that he cares about her. He promises to leave Liz for her. Liz has flashbacks to her night with Jason. Sonny urges Jason to forgive Sam, but he says he cannot. Alexis asks Sam not to get back with Jason, no matter what.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair visits with Spencer who begs her to tell him that none of this matters and that they are both alright. She can't say that. She tells that she has seen the evidence. Spencer blames Todd for all that has happened to him. He says the man is making all this up. Blair turns on him. "You son-of-a-bitch! Todd didn't do this to you! I did!" Evangeline comes over to see Todd. She asks what has been happening with Blair. He tells that nothing is going to happen. He calls her a lying slut who will never change! Jessica tells Nash that he can stay and be there while the session is taking place. Dr. Jamison counts backwards from ten and Jessica goes under. She sees herself as a child and there is a man… He is Norman and he takes Jessica to his house. She recognizes the wallpaper and the bed… Todd tells Evangeline that he can't go back with Blair even though they slept together. He says that she uses sex and she manipulates to get what she wants. She was like that when he met her but now it is different. Blair tells Todd that she has slept with Todd and that it happened right before he came over to the apartment. Spencer feels like she has thrown everything away. In spite of it all, he still loves her and is in love with her. He can even do the only thing that Todd can't do for her. He forgives her for all this. She knows that this night she will be sleeping well, as she will be as far from his engagement ring as she can get. She fishes it out of her cleavage and drops it on the floor. He calls out for her loudly as she walks off. Todd walks Evangeline to the elevator and they hug goodbye. The doors open and Blair exits surprised to find the two in an embrace. Jessica is trying to face the memories alone. She is deep within her session when Tess emerges. Jessica freaks out, unable to deal with the memories of her being filmed. She cries and Tess comes to her. She offers to handle it and when she moves forward, Jessica wants them to do it together. They hold hands and face the fears together. Nash gets to talk to Tess for a minute. She winks at him and flirts with him but then Jessica is back and calmer than before. Jessica has to go now. She tells Tess goodbye, but Tess comes with her and holding hands they walk into the light, and one of them emerges… "Who are you?" Dr. Jamison asks… Spencer is alone now. He reaches with his arm as far as he can and he manages to get the ring. He sits on the floor of his cell and tells himself that when Todd screws up Blair will come back to him.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Jared worked things out and decided to stay in the hotel room. There is a lot of kidding back and forth, and some dancing, and then the lights go out. He goes to find more candles while she strips and gets in bed. In the hallway, he gets conked on the head, and knocked out cold. Ethan and Gwen are still eating in the restaurant, and he is drinking heavily, trying to forget what he saw in Theresa and Jared's room. It's not working. He tries to keep up a facade so Gwen won't know he's upset, and it seems to work. She tells him she got them a room there, too, and then they start up there. He has something else to do first, so she goes up and gets in bed, waiting for him. After Jared was knocked out, Ethan wandered down the hallway and sees an open door, figuring Gwen left it that way for him. He goes in, undresses, and gets in bed....but he's with Theresa, and they both start kissing without knowing who the other one is. Luis works to save Fancy's life after finding her floating in the pool, but it turns out she was only faking. He acted angry, but ended up making out with her in the pool, just as Sheridan and Chris arrived, planning on a midnight swim. She was not happy with what she saw.

Kay worked to get Miguel to make out with her so Fox could come in and find them, as Tabitha fought a Witch's Virus and tried to find a spell to make Miguel forget about what he and Kay do once Fox is cured by getting jealous of them. Spike and Jessica have dinner at the hotel restaurant after he bought her a nice dress and a diamond tennis bracelet. Simone and Paloma were at the same restaurant, and were surprised when Jess told them Spike has changed. They don't believe it, and warn her to be on guard. He was accosted by a tough guy he owes money to, and decided to let him have his way with Jess as a means of repaying him. Jess isn't aware of this, tho, and when she goes looking for Spike, the guy attacks her, dragging her away screaming as Spike watches.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

 (The show is probably pre-empted today because Monday's USA show is pre-empted for the U.S. Open.)

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