Thursday 8/31/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/31/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Ryan has revealed to her that Zach is lying about "something", Kendall gets a lawyer to file for divorce. She asks Zach to come clean about his involvement in all of this. But he does not tell her what was up with the CD that Ryan found in his closet with Greg's last dying words, if he planted the CD in JR's dresser drawer to set him up for murder, or of Zach killed Greg. Afraid that JR may be in trouble, Babe goes and asks Dixie to take the murder rap for her son, even if she didn't do it. She reminds Dixie that she might very well get a lighter sentence than anybody who could be charged with murder because Greg stole her child from her. She bets a jury will eat that up. At that point, Dixie goes to confess to Derek. Krystal asks Josh what his plans are for her daughter. He asks her why she would want her daughter to stay married to JR. After Tad has fled town, he awakens trapped in a box, very similar to the one Greg was buried in. He struggles to get out and assumes that Zach put him there. Somebody comes to rescue him and he's very surprised to see who it is.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Kevin thanks Luke for saving his life and apologizes for the cruel words he said to him but does admit he isn't comfortable with Luke being gay. Lucinda tries her best to persuade Lucy to help Dusty start a new life but Lucy doesn't think Dusty isn't ready to date yet. Barbara still blames Lucy for Jennifer's death and tells Dusty he should stay away from her to protect Johnny from Craig. The group at the lake find the bodies of Zach, Ann, Geneva and Alex and blame Maddie for the killings. The slasher attacks, Casey, Will Maddie, and Gwen but will any of them survive the attack?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is doing fine on the Rich Ginger Show with Ridge gloating from the wings and Felicia wondering what he is up to. She doesn’t want him to get back at Brooke by putting Donna in the middle of it. Rich puts Donna on the spot and wants to dish with her if her relationship with Ridge is more than designer/model. Nick perturbs Brooke as she is watching the Ginger Show. He wants her full attention as he has a green version of his tanker which she suggested. She is livid at Rich’s suggestive behavior concerning Ridge and Donna. He brings Ridge out only adding fuel to the fire. Egged on by Rich, Ridge announces this woman has changed his life in so many ways. In strolls this vision, and he is entranced like a bolt of lightening out of the sky. “Tonight, Rich, is the first day of the rest of my life.” And he plants a big, hungry kiss on her…..with Brooke fuming in front of a concerned Nick.

Thorne has flashbacks of his kiss with Taylor earlier in day. Stephanie reaffirms she wants him to move on with his life. He vows he is going to concentrate on himself and Alexandria, nothing else. He questions his devotion to Darla since he kissed Taylor yesterday so soon after Darla’s death. He’s surprised that Stephanie is actually encouraging this. Taylor brings Hector to her house since his scheduled ride didn’t work out and his house burned down so he has no place to go. He explains he can’t go to New York to be with Caitlin, he’d be a fish out of water. He feels sorry for himself because he doesn’t belong in the firehouse if he can’t be part of fighting fires. He doesn’t want her pity, but this isn’t the life he expected to have. She removes his dark glasses so he won’t be able to hide behind them. And offers for him to stay with her a while until he can make arrangements elsewhere. While she is out of the room, he takes a phone call from Thorne but conveniently doesn't tell her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip and Belle return home to find that Claire has launched a food fight in reaction to Maggie’s attempt to feed her. Belle and Philip enjoy a romantic night together and make plans for more family time together. Mimi has to stop Bonnie from waking Shawn with her outburst and explains that they are still in the clear because Shawn and Belle don’t believe they ever had sex. Bonnie worries that the Dimeras could be behind the embryo switching and fears for Mimi’s safety.

John has Eve show him some muddy footprints she found outside the door where Tek spotted the suspect leaving from. Marlena walks into the bridal room to find Sami laughing at an impression EJ just did. Marlena tries to get Sami to open up but Sami claims she called off the wedding because she knew she wasn’t grown up enough for the finality of marriage. Sami and EJ head over to Lexie’s house to confront her but Lexie denies having made the call. Lexie meets Tek on the docks to fill him in on Sami’s confrontation. Marlena walks in on Eve flirting with John and introduces herself as “Mrs. John Black.” They argue in front of Eve but later John corners Marlena in the bridal room to explain about the case. Marlena and John walk out together and discover Eve’s body on the ground outside the church.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly deduces that Ric and Sam slept together. Lainey convinces Sonny to continue his therapy sessions and offers to treat him at his home. Alexis is touched by Jax's visit.

Carly tries to hide her delight when she finds Jax waiting for her. Nikolas is ready to bury the hatchet with Jax. Tracy is genuinely concerned for Lulu and becomes determined to find Luke and bring him home. Lulu confronts Dillon.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Everyone seems to be having a bad dream. Blair dreams that when she tells Spencer that she is going back to Todd he becomes violent, grabbing her by the throat… Todd dreams that when he is about to marry Blair, she tells that she is really in love with Spencer and can't get enough of the sex with him… Adriana dreams that she hits Rex over the head and kills him… Spencer dreams that he finds a paper shooting target and turns to find someone aiming a gun at him. This person ends up shooting him. Spencer wakes to find John in his room. John can see he was having a nightmare and he tells the man that things are going to get even worse. He makes a signal and Eugene Snyder is brought into the room. Eugene recognizes Spencer immediately. John offers the man a deal in front of Spencer. Spencer tries to pretend he doesn't know the man but John knows better. He talks to Eugene telling him that this is the perfect time for him to get some payback. Eugene accepts the deal. Todd talks with Viki who sees that he is still having issues over Blair and Spencer. They turn on the news and watch Spencer getting arrested. Todd sees something and sits up straight for a better look. Viki convinces him to go and see Blair and he does so. She can see that something is wrong with him when she first sees him. He tells her that he saw what she was wearing on the news. "You slept with him when you promised me that you wouldn't. You just love beating the hell outta me don't you?" Blair offers to go to Spencer right now and tell him the truth about everything if that will make Todd feel better. It would. Rex has stayed over and he now takes his shirt off to take a shower. Clint drops in and is surprised to find topless Rex there. Dorian has no explanation, and so he just leaves. Dorian gets the money together. Rex warns her to agree to everything that the kidnapper tells her to. She doesn't like Rex coaching her. When Bruce calls, Dorian tells him that she isn't going to give him the money. She will pay when her daughter is home. Bruce gets off the phone and tells Adriana how her mother is refusing to pay for her ransom. Rex has been on his computer. "I know where she is!" Blair arrives at the jail. When John sees her, he walks over to her as Spencer watches. She says to John that she would like to talk to her fiancé. John leaves. She goes near the cell, and Spencer grabs her hand through the bars. "Tell me everything is alright Blair… Blair? Blair? TELL ME EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan got an eyeful today when he walked into the room where Theresa and Jared were making love on the table. He thought it was his client's room, and wasn't thrilled when he found them in that situation. He stormed downstairs, where he ran into his client and learned his real room number, then told him that he will gladly represent him in his lawsuit against Crane, and he will win it for him. Theresa heard Ethan's startled mutter and tried to call him back to explain what was going on. Jared told her it was self-evident, and she decided it's best and she should go on with her life and not worry about him being hurt. Julian paid a visit to Endora today, enjoying his time with her, but Tabitha was very upset and told him he can't spend time with her again. He said he will sue her as he's doing to Theresa unless she lets him visit from time to time. She tried to turn him into a rat, but Endora saw what she was doing and blocked it. Kay set about to seduce Miguel, who has come to tell her how he feels about her and try to get her to dump Fox for him. Fox had a chat with his father before they went into Tabitha's house and says he knows Kay loves him and there's no need to worry. Kay sees him coming into the house and heads upstairs where Miguel is waiting for her, so Fox can find them making love and get so jealous the Mermaid's Curse will be lifted. Her problem is that, while the Curse may be lifted from the two men, she may also lose both of them by her actions.

Fancy found out today that Luis can't go out with her as long as she is a cadet or at a lower grade than he is. She's not real happy about it, but will continue training. Pilar is also continuing, even tho Roberto is back. He supports her choice, although he's not real happy with it. Sheridan told Chris about Luis' investigation of him after they picked up the orchids he'd knocked over while trying to get Spike out of the house. It was a gift from Luis and she's really upset that it's been lost. Spike made his way into the mansion and made himself at home, until he heard Fancy coming, that is. She was ready for a swim, wishing Luis were there with her. She heard a noise and soon saw something that upset her....Spike, maybe? Luis got a call and left to take care of it, ending up at the mansion. He found Fancy floating face down in the pool.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley is worried. Jack isn't. She has been drinking a lot of coffee and Jack tells her that after this is over today, they can have something much stronger. She leaves to get dressed and Jack goes to the kitchen for coffee. "Pass the cream Jack…" Jack turns and John is behind him. Jack is so happy to see him and says that this is like old times. John doesn't think so because Gloria is gone from the house. He tells Jack that he hasn't honored his father's wishes and he wants Jack to make things right. Jack is stunned into silence as he listens to his father tell how he knows what has happened and how he knows how badly Gloria has been treated. "What's wrong Jack?" Jack finds his sister has come into the room and he tells how he and their father were just talking. He knows that she must think that he is crazy but in fact she feels that this could have happened to Jack because he has things that he has to work out with their father. "Do you?" Jack says that his father only came to say goodbye to his son, that's all. Sharon is with Noah and he tells how he had fun the day before with his father and Phyllis. He likes Phyllis and tells that he has a friend whose stepmom does nothing but shop. Sharon corrects his thinking, saying that Phyllis isn't his stepmom. "She will be," Noah says. "Dad's marrying her. I will get to be in a real family again…" The words sting Sharon. She tries to reach Brad but ends up telling Dru about it instead. Dru tells her that she should forget Brad and Nick. "You can do better than them girl!" Sharon smiles now. John appears to Jack, angrier than the time before. He insists that Jack tell the judge he made a mistake. Later Ashley comes to him worried and he tells her that this will all be over just as soon as they get rid of Gloria. When Jack arrives at court, he is stunned to see his father sitting in the witness chair listening as the judge speaks. The judge rules in favor of the 2nd Will being the valid one. Jack is happy but the smile on his face fades when he sees his father looking back at him sternly from the witness stand. Jack and Ashley go to the club. Ashley feels bad and almost feels bad for Gloria. Jack tells her not to worry. She can't help it and mentions that she hopes that their father is happy right now, wherever he is. Ashley goes home alone while Jack stays out. He orders a Gin Martini and then a second one when Sharon arrives alone. She and he have had a rough day. They make a toast to John Abbot and then sip their drinks. As they sit talking, Jack looks past Sharon's shoulder and his father is there glaring at him.

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