Wednesday 8/30/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/30/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad has left and many people have many different theories about the Madden murder investigation. Ryan tells Kendall he strongly believes that Zach might have killed Greg and might have planted the CD is JR's dresser drawer in order to frame JR. JR and Jamie go to the station in order to distract Derek so that they can get the tape he has that could implicate Tad. Annie goes to talk to Jack to inform him that the predator whom Lily met in New York was her ex husband and he must realize that Jonathan and Ryan are trying to protect her from Terry. Lily keeps talking, online to "asperger boy" whom she does not realize is Terry. He tells her he will go to see his shrink in Philly if he can see her. She first suggests they meet somewhere in a public place. But he's able to convince her that he cannot deal with crowds and would prefer to be alone somewhere with her. She agrees to that. Jonathan catches Sean and friends drinking with fake IDs and tells him he won't get him busted if he helps him protect Lily from Terry.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly is with Jack when a thank you note and wine arrives for him from Eve. Carly suggests they leave the limbo state of their life behind and move forward with the divorce; she is sad when Jack agrees. Later, both Jack and Carly opt to be alone, as Jack pours Eve’s wine down the drain. Paul and Meg work through her opposition to Paul buying the newspaper from Craig. They wind up taking a roll in the hay that is complete with a proposal and an acceptance. Gwen goes in search of Will and once again finds him with Jade and backs off. Will is determined to get his marriage back on track. Luke watches Kevin and Liv making out on a boat. The slasher is close behind Luke and almost attacks him, but Kevin gets hurt and Luke races to his side seconds before the slasher is set to attack him. Luke performs CPR on Kevin who remains unresponsive. Liv goes to get the car and Kevin regains consciousness for a moment only to lose consciousness again. Maddie confronts Casey who wants her to leave before someone sees her. She pleads with him to hear her out, which is hard especially when a knife drops from her bag. Louis watches them from afar. Geneva and Gwen see a man with binoculars. Maddie admits to Casey that Louis raped her. Casey and Maddie reunite, but are soon on the run when they find a dead Zach, and Maddie is convinced Louis is there and is after them. Geneva is attacked and killed. Casey and Maddie get separated. Gwen is devastated to come across a bloody and dead Geneva. Maddie is yelling for Casey when he falls to the ground behind her, unconscious and bleeding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shows a displeased Brooke some sketches that Donna will be wearing on an interview talk show that night. He notices her obvious jealousy. They argue about Ridge’s ridicule over Nick and his kick over Donna. He states that it’s not fair for her to ask him to be alone forever. Taylor tells Phoebe that Hector is blind. Thorne drops by and wants Taylor to go with him to the cemetery. He’s made a good decision, to drop the investigation and live the rest of his life without knowing who killed Darla. And he wants to run it mentally by Darla. Afterwards, he tells her that he often goes and sits and talks to Darla and he knows she would not want him to feel like this. To a very uncomfortable Taylor, he vows he can let the investigation go but until the day he dies he will always hope that the bastard that killed Darla will never find peace and will rot in hell! And someday he is going to be happy again. He apologizes for his sudden unexpected exuberance in kissing her.

Stephanie visits Hector and hands him a newspaper about the ‘hometown hero’. He wants to keep it short and sweet, why is she there? She suggests an institution in Minnesota that can help him with his blindness. He short circuits that and has no intention of leaving town so that will make Thorne’s life easier. The doctor examines him and tells him there are other places here in L.A. so Hector tells Stephanie he doesn’t need her. She lets him know that she is glad he has friends to help, but Taylor isn’t going to be one of them. Even without eyes, he can see her crystal clear. She’s saving Taylor for precious Thorne.

The Rich Ginger Show begins with Felicia doing publicity and Ridge along for the ride. A cutesy Rich assures them no personal questions about Miss Logan, what they’ll talk about -baseball? Felicia knows Ridge is playing one sister against the other, and he gloats that tonight one way or the other, one sister or the other, his new life begins!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Tek is unable to find the suspect after patrolling the church grounds. John, Roman, and Bo question Tek about having cops there and Tek tells them about Lexie’s threatening phone call and what Sami blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie. The foursome agrees not to tell anyone else to honor the fact that Lexie asked Tek not to tell anyone. Austin is able to place the ring on Sami’s finger but when it becomes Sami’s turn, she runs out of the church in tears. Austin goes to talk to Sami but Sami gives him back the rings and tells him that she can’t be the woman he wants. Roman tries to get Sami to confess about the blackmail but Sami only claims the same reasoning she told Austin for calling off the wedding. Lucas, while comforting Will, doesn’t like seeing Carrie be so concerned with how Austin is feeling. Belle starts to tell Marlena about spending the previous night at the hospital but Philip stops her. E.J. checks on Sami and she is overly relieved to see him as she thinks he’s the only one who knows what she did. Sami tells E.J. about the threatening phone call she received and her fears that Lexie was behind the call.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Edward and Tracy gang up to Lulu about the baby until Dillon intervenes.However, they wind up arguing about whether or not their child is a life. She leaves and finds a confidant in Georgi, who she tells about hearing Luke say he never wanted her and how that affected her. Nik tells Liz that she should consider leaving Lucky. Jax and Carly have a heart to heart talk that ends with her walking away from him.Jane tells her son all he did wrong in that encounter. After telling Maxie he can't be with her because he can't hurt Liz, who never cheated on him, Lucky sees her and Patrick talking and obviously begins doubting again.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva and Josh meet for the first time in months to talk. She accuses him of sleeping with Cassie. He tells her that for three months he has needed her and Cassie has helped. He tells her how cruel it was for her to leave. Reva makes snide remarks about his and Cassie’s relationship. He tells her they didn’t sleep together, but wanted to and didn’t for they both knew it would be a betrayal to her. As he starts to leave, Reva tells him she needs to tell him something. Josh says, “Goodbye, Reva”, and walks away. Reva meets up with Cassie and accuses her of stealing her husband. Cassie tells her that she (Reva) betrayed Josh and their vows. Reva tells Billy that she is afraid that she has lost Josh to Cassie and will tell Josh everything after Josh's ceremony in New York City. Cassie and RJ accompany him to New York and stand by his side during the ceremony. Reva goes, too, but watches from afar. Later, she meets up with Josh and tells him that she is very proud of him. After she leaves, she walks away……looks out over the ocean and cries silently…..alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John comes into Spencer's apartment with an officer. He is cuffed and he smiles as he is being cuffed. He is sure that he will be out in no time. Blair assures him that she will have him out of jail the following day. "I want to speak to my fiancée in private." John will not allow it. Spencer taunts John that he is doing this for the media attention and that he can suck it up all he wants but it won't be for long. Spencer is led out and Blair calls Spencer to tell him that Spencer has been arrested. Todd wants to know that Blair told Spencer the truth about her not really loving him. She hasn't done that yet. She wants to make sure that this is over before she comes clean to Spencer. Nat is sad. She tells Bo that she failed her exam. She was too wrapped up in the investigations and John and didn't stay focused enough. Hugh gives the word that their prisoner has arrived. David and Paige arrive happy as clams. Todd and Evangeline arrive next. Blair is the last to come in and she smiles at Todd when she sees him. Jessica arrives home. Everyone knows that the time is close. Her integration time is near. She is remembering the abuse and that is the major clue. She warns Antonio that she might not be the same person at the end of this. He assures her that he doesn't care, they will work this out. She talks alone to Nash next. He can see that she is telling him goodbye. She is sorry that she can't let Tess out to say goodbye to him. He doesn't let her finish her speech and he suddenly grabs her and kisses her. She is sorry for he and Tess. She has a session the next day and she invites Nash to it. 'Simple Assault, Dealing in Infant Children, Obstruction, Abuse of Corpse, Kidnapping, Intimidation of Witnesses, Conspiracy…There are just some of the charges that are going to be tossed at Spencer. He jokingly turns to David for support but there isn't any. He reminds Paige that she has made mistakes herself and they will never go away. "Go to hell!" is how she responds. Spencer remarks that Hugh isn't having such a great career. First he puts an innocent man on death row and now this. He assures the Commish that none of this will stick. He is sure that Todd only wants to see him in jail because he's been having sex with Blair. "You will never have her," Spencer sneers. "I already do," Todd retorts. John has lots of charges, but there is one that isn't on there that he wants. "We have to get a warrant for his office, hotel room and anywhere else the bastard hangs out. We have to find that gun!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan doesn't trust Jared, thinks there's something shady about him. He gets a client who wants to sue Crane for stealing his invention and pocketing the proceeds from using it, but Ethan says he can't take the case since he used to work for Crane. Gwen butts in and asks why, whether he wants to protect Crane or Theresa. He tells the man he will think about it and call him later, then has Gwen whining about that, too. Jared helps Theresa calm down after her encounter with Ethan, but she won't tell him that he's the one who upset her. Not being stupid, Jared knows that's not true, but goes along. He takes her to a hotel room to get some work done, but Theresa wonders what kind of work he's got in mind. Sheridan blasts Luis for investigating her husband, saying he's angry that they never married and she's with Chris instead. He assures her he's only doing his job and explains why he's suspicious of him. She still won't accept that. Fancy pulled her aside and asked if she's really ok with her dating Luis or not, since it seems she's still in love with him herself.

Kay finds out that the third part of the spell to remove the Mermaid's Curse involves getting Fox so jealous he'll want to kill someone, and decides Miguel is the way to do that. Meanwhile, Miguel asks Luis for advice on whether to follow Pilar's wishes and go after Kay for himself, and Luis tells him to go for it. Siren isn't worried about Kay's spell, since she doesn't think she can make it work, and vows to put Miguel under her Curse, too. Spike goes to the cottage to talk to Chris, who freaks out at having him there. He's afraid of what will happen if Sheridan finds him there again. Spike tells him to steal the money from Crane Enterprises and give it to him or he will tell Sheridan and everyone else all about Chris and what he's done, along with why he came to Harmony and pretended to be James' dad in the first place.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon in the house looking fearful and sitting in dark spaces of the room. The Baldwins are awake and Kevin isn't happy having to have slept in the living room. He wants to get his own place. Michael says he can stay as long as he wants. They get the call. John was in fact the one who wrote the Will that was brought to court at the last minute. Gloria is stunned. "Why would John do this to me?" Jack and Ashley sit at the table. Jack is happy not to have the stench of Gloria's perfume stinking up the house. Ashley isn't pleased. He seems to think that they are going to win this and she is concerned about that. She finds this morally wrong if Jack had anything to do with it. She is mostly concerned about what this says about her brother if he did in fact have his hand in it as she suspects. The phone rings, and they are given the word. The Will has been tested and it is in the handwriting of John Abbot. Michael's client accepts that John may have written that second Will, but that John wasn't in his right mind at the time. He tells of the prison brawl, the memory lapses, confusing the dates and times… He provides documents showing that John thought of Gloria as his wife, married her twice and trusted her in fact so much that he even named her as the person that he trusted the most to carry out his final wish in the DNR document. Sharon is stunned to find Nick and Phyllis with Noah at the main house with Victor. She learns that Nick is going to be telling Noah about the new baby that day. She thinks that she should have been notified about that first. Nick and Phyllis take Noah to the lake and they give him the news. He takes it well and asks if they are going to get married. "Yes," Nick says quickly. Phyllis turns to him surprised. "There will be a wedding very soon!" Ashley gives her testimony. "Gloria is a con artist who's been after my father's money from day one." Jack's testimony is just as scathing. "My father went to this length to keep Gloria from stealing his legacy!" The judge will make her decision the next day. Lauren goes to Jack and Ashley. "I hope that you two are happy with yourselves." Gloria tells them that their father would be ashamed of them. "Jack," Michael says. "I have made allowances for your bad behavior… There was enough for everyone…"

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