Tuesday 8/29/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/29/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh goes to the roof and notices Kendall and ach kissing and making it clear that they are scamming his affair with Dixie. He, then concludes that Dixie and Zach must have murdered Greg and Kendall, his "sister" is helping her husband get away with murdering his "father". Babe finds out what he's discovered and urges him not to go to the cops with the information against Dixie. She tells him even if he won't do it for Dixie or for JR, he can do that for her if he cares about her.Di and Del warn Dixie that she better leave town before she gets nailed for murder Jamie and JR tell Tad that they know he's been subpoenaed to testify against Dixie. They assume he will cooperate with Derek and put their mother away. And they won't let him get away with doing that. He then concludes to them that he won't hurt Dixie. So he will have to leave town before Derek can serve him with the subpoena.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dusty is not happy to find Lucy and Paul with their heads together.  Holden finally tells Emma that Luke is gay, which leads to an emotional reaction from both.  Meg helps them mend fences in the end though.  Jade lights into Kevin about how mean he is being towards Luke; how could he have loved him, Jade wonders at Luke?  Kevin is disgusted to learn of his feelings.  Gwen twists her ankle and when Casey attends to her, Will gets jealous.  Zach and Anne find Alex’s dead body.  Maddie secretly watches Casey and Gwen.  Casey admits to Gwen he wishes Maddie was fighting for him like Will was for her.  Anne is killed.  Lucy is hurt that Dusty doesn’t think she can handle her own life, as Dusty can’t help but watch out for her; Lucy admits it is flattering.  She does want him to let go of his hatred for Paul and concentrate on how happy he was with Jen.  Henry and Emily use their powers for good and not evil when she promises to use her newspaper to run stories and pictures of Louis everyday until he is caught.  Zach is killed.  Luke tells Will that he told Kevin he was gay and it went terribly; Will shares that he and Gwen are having trouble reconciling due to Jade’s constant interference.  Later, Will sees Jade walking alone in the woods; she claims she is there with Luke, but Will doesn’t believe her because he was just with Luke, but she convinces him to stay with her to go back to find Luke.  Maddie approaches Casey alone in the woods. 

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor conveys her regrets that Hector is blind. He apologizes for his actions earlier; what was he thinking? He was so relieved when he realized she was safe. And believes he deserves to be punished for his behavior. Nick has coffee with Harry at Insomnia and tells him to drop the sarcasm about being a big shot. Phoebe slips in and she and Harry make eye contact and notice each other. Phoebe sees Harry take money from the tip jar and calls him on it. He rubs her the wrong way about being one of those ‘entitled’ girls he’s met all over the world. Nick calls and asks Phoebe to help him with an old friend to show him the town.

Thorne is mad that Baker is hounding Taylor and Stephanie advises him to drop the investigation. He’s not sure he can accept closure by just letting go and someone not paying for Darla’s death, but he agrees to do it for the sake of his child. Stephanie tells him he won’t regret it. She knows he’s getting very attached to Taylor and they will help him through this.

Hector asks if Taylor can forgive him? She’s not quite ready but she does understand his actions just like she panicked when she hit Darla. They almost died in the fire but now they have a second chance. He’s not sure since all he ever wanted to be was a firefighter. Taylor talks with Hector’s doctor and then relays the bad news to Hector. They are not ready to give up on him but feel the eye damage can not be reversed. His life will change but he can adapt. He feels disabled and useless and doesn’t want her pity. She helps him up when he falls and they cling to each other and she promises they will get through this together.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abe ends up having to talk to Lexie as he investigates how Claire’s file ended up in Shawn’s cubicle. Bonnie overhears them talking and after learning the details from Lexie, rushes off to talk to Mimi. Tek enlists some plain-clothes officers to help guard the church and personally heads after someone he hears slipping out the front door. Sami finally decides that she does want to marry Austin and heads down the aisle. The two exchange personal vows and Will shares some kind personal words for the couple. Sami hesitates during the ceremony but chalks it up to nerves and continues on. Though no one speaks up during the objections portion of the ceremony, Sami becomes worried when Lexie arrives during the ring exchange.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Siri

Dinah and Mallet make love and afterwards, she remembers the words of Jeffrey about the file. She visits Jeffrey and gives him the file that was on Mallet’s desk. She tells him to please delete the stuff about her and he tells her he cannot. Later, Mallet finds Dinah and tells her that he knows she has the file and demands she give it back to him. They argue and Dinah slaps him after he accuses her of sleeping with him just to get the file. Later, a man pays a visit to Jeffrey in the courthouse. Jeffrey tells this man that just because he (the man) trained him, he batter be careful for if anyone stands in his way of his Springfield goals, he will dispose of them.

Jonathan, Lizzie and Tammy prepare to escape from Alan. Reva pays a visit to Jonathan and gives him a file on all the dirty deeds of Alan Spaulding. Later, Jonathan tells Lizzie and Tammy that they will stay and fight Alan. Josh shares a tender moment with RJ. Cassie and Josh start to get romantically involved as they are alone, but he receives a phone call from Reva who says, “Come home, Joshua”.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer is getting angry and can't understand why Blair is at Todd's place. She lies to him saying that she was there to get a black peignoir that her mother thought was good luck for her wedding night. She runs off to get it and while gone Truman turns to face Spencer. "She ain't never going to marry you dummy!" Todd sneers. They are almost in an argument when Blair returns and stops their conversation. She gets a call from John who tells that he should have the warrant in an hour or so. Spencer demands to know who is on the phone the second that she hangs up. She tells that it is an engagement surprise and that he has to be in the right place at the right time to get it, so they have to go. They start leaving when Spencer looks down at her hand. "Where is your engagement ring?" She says that she took it off so that she wouldn't lose it. He is disappointed not seeing it, but smiles again when she takes it out of her purse and puts it on. He sees no problem with the fit. It fits just fine. At the elevator, Blair says that she has forgotten the robe to the peignoir and returns alone to the apartment. She rushes to Todd's arms and hugs him, kissing him. She tells him that this is the last time that he will see her with Todd like that. Todd has a bad feeling about this and tells her that he doesn't want her to go. She has to see it through and promises to go to the suite with Spencer but not to his bed. She leaves… John goes to a judge, who is a friend to Spencer, and pushes him to sign a warrant. John brings the prize to the office and the cops get ready to go! Cristian has his press release in the park. Michael shows up and says in front of Evangeline that Cristian can't fight with that hand or he could damage it forever. Evangeline had no idea. Cristian assures Vange that he will be just fine. Carlotta overhears Cristian and Evangeline talking and realizes that the kids are in love. She is pleased. Vincent tells Ted that he will get what he desires, and that Cristian will be going down in the 5th or 6th round. Blair arrives home with Spencer and he realizes that she is jittery. He tries to touch her but she doesn't seem to want that. He tells her to go and put on the peignoir that she brought from Todd's. She doesn't want to but he pushes her and soon she is dressed and he is pawing her like a bucket of chicken. Someone knocks. "Is that the engagement surprise that you got me?" More knocking. Spencer opens the door. The press is there and hoards of police officer. Before he can speak, John is in his face. "You are under arrest!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay and Tabitha continue to try to get Fox to shoot an arrow into the bullseye that is Siren's rear end so the Mermaid's Curse can be lifted. When Siren's legs begin to appear, Kay kisses Fox while Tabby tosses more water on the mermaid's legs to get her tail back. Fox wonders why the floor's wet, but takes his next shot anyway, and it's a bullseye. It appears nothing happened, however. After a minute a reaction begins, showing the first part of the spell has worked. Then they have to do the second part, which is making Fox making faces while he hops up and down on one leg, under a ladder, holding a lit candle, and eating an oyster. This has to make Endora laugh, which it does after much work and manipulation. There is still one more part to the spell, tho, and Tabby says this part will make all the bad experiences Kay has had with magic spells seem like nothing.

Jared and Chad played one-on-one basketball while talking about Jared's relationship with Theresa. He thinks she's great and wants a future with her. Meanwhile, Ethan is in Theresa's office, kissing her. They argue about why he did it, and his "I don't know" explanation doesn't get it with Theresa. She finally says if he really wants to be with her now, let her know, and if not, then leave her alone. He started the whole "I'm married to Gwen" business, and she told him to get out, which he did. She cries because he's hurt her yet again, and yells at Jared because she thinks he's Ethan coming back. Jared takes her in his arms to comfort her, and first Chad, then Ethan start into the office, see what's going on, and walk out. Chad asks Ethan why he's upset, and Ethan tells him there's something wrong with Jared. Chad wonders if the feeling he's getting is in his gut, as he says, or in his heart, and Ethan had no answer. Luis taught Fancy to use a gun while she daydreamed yet again about kissing him. Later he tried to run a background check on Chris but ran into problems. While he talked about it, Sheridan came in and got upset.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is alone in the living room. She hangs bells on the front door, and thinks about her marriage and how it broke up. Dru comes running into the room. She saw a man in the yard walking around. Sharon isn't concerned. She tells how they have bumped up security. Dru demands to know why. Sharon tells her about the kidnapping and when Dru realizes that Sharon has been suffering alone, Sharon tells her that she had someone to talk to but not anymore. That is when she tells about her connection to Brad. Dru tells Sharon how she slept with Malcolm and Lily isn't Neil's. Jack gets a delivery of flowers and a card from Carmen and he phones her to find that she is alone at the club. He makes a date to meet her there. Neil sees Carmen alone and goes to sit with her. Jack arrives and Neil leaves the area. Jack talks about how he will be getting everything that he wants in life, and very soon. Carmen won't tell what it is that she wants. "You will just have to see," she says smiling at Neil who sits at another table staring at her. Noah has to do a presentation for school. Nick and Phyllis work with him and Noah has a good time. He tells his father he likes Phyllis and that she can come to dinner with them. Sharon is in the Athletic Club when Phyllis walks in babbling with Noah and Nick about the ghost in her apartment. She goes over to see Noah who soon runs off to wash his hands for dinner. "Well isn't this nice taking your pregnant mistress out with your son…" After she leaves, Nick tells Phyllis that they need to tell Noah about the baby soon. Sharon tells they have more security now. Sharon tells about the kidnapping and her connection to Brad. When Sharon learns Phyllis is the reason Dru's marriage is screwed, the gloves come off. They both indulge in a bitch fest about Phyllis and Carmen. Dru can't even go near Neil now as he thinks she is stalking him. Devon calls and Dru realizes that Neil isn't having dinner with him. Dru heads to the door. Sharon stops her. "I will come with you, so it looks like two girls having dinner." Jack asks Carmen if he can have his dessert in her room but she tells him now. After, she finds a cellphone and when Jack doesn't claim it, she takes it to the basketball court. Neil is there and they shoot hoops. Sharon and Dru arrive and find them on the court. They listen to Neil ask if she had fun. Carmen answers. "Well, I always have fun on my dates!" Sharon just manages to get a hand on Dru to stop her from going over there. The go back in, but later Dru sneaks out and watches the two from behind the chain link fence.

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