Monday 8/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh reveals to Kendall that the only person he intends to be close to is Babe. ANd if she cannot accept that, then she has no hope for being his sister. Derek has been listening to Tad's private conversations with Dixie and Zach where Tad implicates them for the murder of Greg Madden. ANd he tells Tad that he will have to make him a witness for the prosecution whether Tad wants it or not. Erica and Jack are having real problems. She wants Sean out of her house and back with his mother. He asks her why she dislikes his nephew but doesn't seem to have a problem with the maniac who is stalking his daughter. She tells him that he must listen to Jonathan and stop vilifying him. Jonathan tells Jack that he is determined to protect Lily from Terry with or without Jack's help, even if it means having guards all around Jack's house as long as Lily stays there. Annie reveals to Ryan that she believes he deserves better than being loyal to Kendall when she is married to a man who cheated on her and who probably killed Greg Madden. Josh steps outside the Fusion office to observe Kendall and Zach kissing. ANd he is able to tell that they have all been putting on an act that Zach has cheated on her with Dixie.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

When Mike walks in on a naked Simon and Carly, Simon lets him believe something is going on between them. Katie calls Mike to tell him she checked her temperature and he needs to get home. Carly is furious and walks out on Simon and heads over to Mike and Katie’s to explain. She finds a negligee clad Katie waiting for Mike. Katie wants to know what is up though? Carly finally spits out about what transpired earlier between her, Simon and Mike. Katie is clearly shaken, and later when Mike is home ready to make babies, Katie is distracted thinking since Carly came all the way out to see them something must be going on, and bails out of their love making claiming to have an appointment. Carly meets up with Simon later, who pleads with her to return to work for him, promising he will never disrobe in front of her again – unless she invites him to. When Luke mentions Jade hitched a ride with him to find Will, this ruins Will and Gwen’s talk. Kevin is not happy to see Luke, but begrudgingly agrees to talk to him. Luke finally comes out; Kevin is stunned and walks away without a word. Later, Luke tries to talk to him again and an angry Kevin calls Luke a freak. Tom and Margo talk about her guilt over not realizing Maddie was raped, but they are happy to have some alone time and that Casey and his friends are out of town and safe from Louis. Too bad the slasher is watching close by at Raven Lake where all the teens have gone for the weekend. When Will confronts Jade about following him there, she claims to be there for Luke since he is coming out. Will asks her to stay away as he tries to repair his marriage. The teens put together a football game and Gwen almost stays behind in the cabin where the slasher is hiding, but changes her mind. Alex, their nerdy friend goes back to retrieve his inhaler, unfortunately for him, as he is attacked by the slasher. Anne and Zach sneak away for some fun and head back to the cabin; when Zach gets up from the bed for some protection, Anne sees some shoes inside the closet and thinks someone is watching them. Zach whips open the door and a throat slit Alex falls at their feet. Back at the field, Gwen is aggravated when Will picks her to be on his team; Casey reminds her that Will is trying and his heart is in the right place; he wishes Maddie were there, but he knows he will never see her again, as he grabs Gwen’s hand to head back to the game. Unbeknownst to them, Maddie is in fact watching them from close by from underneath the stands.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie strongly suggests to Taylor that giving in to her guilt won't accomplish a thing. She is better served to help Thorne and Ally and in helping them, she can heal herself. Nick boards the Shady Marlin only to find it under living conditions and is surprised to see Harry, the teenage son of an old friend. He feels guilty because he was at the helm of the boat when it went down and caused his death. But, Harry doesn’t blame Nick. Nick is happy to share his vision of martial bliss. And Harry disparages the ‘tub’ and suggests it needs someone like himself to look after it. Bridget fills Thorne in on Phoebe’s anxiety attack and he wants to know about Hector. Lt. Baker shows up and wants to know that also.

Taylor explains to Phoebe that she has so much to make up for. Sitting in jail isn’t going to accomplish anything. Baker questions Taylor about the Ramirez fire and her involvement, down to examining the red marks on her wrist and asking how she got them. He plays cat and mouse with various questions intimating the fire might not have been an accident but someone wanting to kill someone for knowing too much. Stephanie declares that her son wants him to drop all of this so they can move on and she does not want him to interfere in the process. Then tells Taylor that Baker is only trying to intimidate her. They have made a decision and there is NO going back, clear? Taylor helps Thorne with Ally making closure of her mother’s death by hanging some pictures on her mommy’s hospital door. Stephanie gives grandmotherly advice to Phoebe that she shouldn’t have to carry this burden. To get on with her life and the adults are going to try to do the same. Bridget summons Taylor that Hector wishes to see her. Upon visiting, his back is turned and they rehash the fire and he’s surprised that Stephanie knows everything about Taylor and is actually agreeing with him – jail will do no good and she can be of better service to others by remaining free. She asks how he is and when he turns around, she realizes he is blind.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Roman stands up for Marlena when John questions her about moving back in. Hope and Jennifer catch up on their love lives. Kayla arrives with Stephanie and Steve. Stephanie and Max decide to sit together at the wedding. Steve shows John and Bo Eve’s bank records indicating that she made a sizable deposit the day after the disc went missing. Marlena overhears Kate question John about his date with Eve.

Sami lets Austin know in person that she has arrived for the wedding. Marlena questions Sami as to whether her bad luck getting to the wedding was her subconscious telling her not to marry Austin. Will and Lucas stop by to wish Sami their best. Chelsea covers for her outburst and Philip stops Belle from telling Chelsea and Billie about Claire’s file. Billie questions Chelsea but Chelsea dismisses her concern. Max confronts Chelsea and makes her fill him in on the attempts to reveal the paternity secret. Chelsea eavesdrops as Belle confides in Sami and Carrie about Claire’s file. Carrie calls Belle on her obvious desire for the information to be true. Lexie warns Tek about Philip’s conspiracy theory and how she believes it to be related to her threatening phone call. Sami receives a threatening phone call warning to expose her secret should she marry Austin. Sami hesitates before walking down the aisle and Roman offers to call off the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky refuses the drugs and keeps Liz and Nik from seeing him with Maxie. Sonny tells Alexis that she can't use her disease to try and dictate who loves whom. Lulu is still stressed and not sure what to do about her baby. Jax tackles Carly and kisses her, but makes a smart aleck remark that gets him a fist in the gut. She tells him that she's only there to rescue him from the gold digger. Jax is obviously clueless, but covers, and when Carly exits, he calls a friend, saying he is in the mood for some fun. Lucky forbids Lulu to have an abortion. Sam tells Sonny that Alexis can not find out about her night with Ric. However, Sonny is sure that telling her will protect Christina. While Lady Jane is trying to come up with a way to admit she lied, Jax arrives and introduces his attractive friend to Carly.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Bruce grabs the phone from Adriana and hangs up quickly. He is confused about why Rex is answering Dorian's phone. He hopes that she isn't screwing with him. He will have to resort to Plan B. Dorian and Rex argue over the call coming in just now. Dorian thinks that Adriana just hung up on Rex because she wants nothing to do with him. The phone rings again. Dorian and Rex make a quick decision and decide that she should answer. She does, pretending that Rex has left. Bruce warns her that she had better not be screwing with him, trying to trap him or she will never see her daughter again. Dorian and Rex argue about this later. He wants the cops in on the sting, but Dorian doesn't want a sting. She is sure that all this guy wants is the ten million dollars. Blair and Todd have just made love. She thinks that this means that they are getting back together but he tells her that isn't what it means. He asks her if she can promise not to sleep with that man again. Bruce confides in Adriana, telling her that he owes some nasty people some money and they won't be happy if he doesn't get it for them. She can tell that he might be killed over this, but he only warns that she had better be more concerned over his having to handle things another way if Dorian doesn't come through with the money. Rex agrees to work with Dorian. He will wait for this to be over and then tell the police what she has done. "Actually, if this guy is caught by the police, he will turn you in to the police anyway." The sound of the man's voice on the tape causes Jess to shiver and she hurriedly turns off the computer. Antonio makes the other officers leave and it is only Jessica, Eugene and Antonio in the room. She is starting to remember and she unleashes her anger on the man as Antonio watches. After Eugene is taken out of there, Jessica doesn't want to leave. She is remembering. She has a flashback of a hand coming to her across a bed. "I have memories and they are mine…before Tess existed…" Spencer looks for Blair. Michael enjoys Spencer looking frazzled. He jokes that Blair probably found out that Spencer was a criminal and left him. Spencer tries to get a hold of Starr's chart, but Michael won't let him see that and tells finally that Blair isn't with Starr. When Michael feels that Spencer has suffered enough, he admits that Blair left with Todd. Spencer runs out and goes to the penthouse. Todd opens the door and Spencer comes running in, finding Blair fixing her clothes. "What are you doing here?"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis tried to get Spike to admit he'd robbed the Crane mansion and shot Pilar, but Fancy got in the way again, as usual. She did try to help him after that, but Spike wouldn't budge. Chris told Sheridan he's changed his mind and now wants her to get him the accountant job at Crane. She seems a little confused by his change of heart, but agrees it's for the best and will do what she can. Ethan tried to talk Theresa into letting Julian have partial custody of Little Ethan, saying he's his father and the boy needs him. Theresa knows Ethan is really his father when she says he does need to be with his father, but says Julian is a bad influence. They then argue about Jared when he tells her she needs to drop him because he has a bad feeling about him, but she says he's just jealous and asks why he won't let her go when he will never leave Gwen to be with her. He starts to leave, the rushes back, takes her in his arms, and kisses her passionately.

Kay and Tabitha have the spell ready to take away the Mermaid's Curse from Fox. Endora does her part, and once they get Siren tied up and changed back to mermaid form, they are ready. Endora uses her magic to make a huge heart target, then zaps Siren onto the back of it so her rearend is behind the bullseye. Kay gets Fox to dress like Cupid by saying it's for a calendar for Maria's pre-school, then tells him to shoot an arrow into the target. No one considered he may not be the world's best shot, however, and he can't get the arrow where it needs to go. Meanwhile, Siren's fin is drying out and her legs are beginning to appear.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria pounds on the door and shouts. Jack comes out and tells her that she is evicted. She hasn't any idea what she should do now. He tells her to get a cab and go. Kevin finds his mother pounding on the locked door. When she tells him what has happened, he can hardly believe it. Jack comes out again and tells them they don't live there anymore. Ashley arrives and Gloria seems glad to see her. Ashley isn't surprised by the scene. "We discussed it and we are not comfortable with you living her anymore." Billy goes to see Katherine and Jill and he tells about the second Will and how Gloria wasn't in it at all. Kay rushes over to see the sibs who are enjoying the quiet and tossing out everything in the house that even remotely reminds them of Gloria. Kay has a lot of suspicions about this second Will and Gloria being left out of it. Jack and Ashley suggest that John and Gloria had a fight at the end and that might have caused their father to leave Gloria penniless. Katherine isn't buying. "He loved her, he told me so!" Michael decides that his mother and brother will be staying with he and Lauren. Kevin heads to the coffeehouse and asks Billy if he can help his mother out as she has been kicked out of the mansion. He is sure that Billy will be the example of a good Abbot. Billy says that he has no say about what goes on in the mansion. "Why don't you go and get someone else to help you with your problem?" Billy says. He then turns and walks off. Kay heads home and tells Jill all that she experienced over at the Abbots. After seeing Jack and Ashley, Kay seriously wonders now what is going to happen to her legacy. Billy arrives at the house and Jill and Katherine talk to him about staying in town and maybe learning the business. He is a Chancellor and an Abbot and they know that he has business in his blood. He was thinking of just heading out traveling but tells that he has an interest in working in the family business. Now that Katherine has left, Ashley is very concerned. Kay is now suspicious of them and the second Will that has shown up. Ashley knows that Michael is going to be after them for years if it takes. She doubts this Will will show to be that of her father's handwriting. Jack plans now on getting Jabot back. Ashley finds that Gloria getting kicked out, the second Will showing up, Victor being friendly to Jack and Jack getting his hands on NVP are all huge coincidences that work in her brother's favor. She asks Jack if he has been causing these coincidences. "Perhaps I have…"

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