Friday 8/25/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/25/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR comes home from the hosptial and Babe does not konw what has happend to him until her mother tells her. Krystal tells her daugher she hopes she was not "with" Josh on the night JR got injured. Colby evesdrops upon their conversation where Babe confirms that they were. Krystal concludes that the last thing JR needs to hear is that his wife was with Josh. Knowing he has not been told, Colby spills the beans to him about it. Once again, Erica tries and fails to bond with Josh. He tells her that he spent the night with Babe, knowing he will provoke her with that. She tells him she used to provoke her mother in the same way he is doing. But he still does not respond to her. Kendall and Ryan mull over what their relationship is all about. Zach talks to Tad about his recent attitude and distrust of Dixie. ANd he concludes that with the way Tad is behaving, Kate is better off living with strangers. David acts nice to Dixie but keeps the picture of Kate and privately plans to make sure she enver sees her daughter again. Derek tells Tad taht he will make him the chief witness for the prosecution of Zach and Dixie.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and Jack decide to have a mature relationship for the sake of the kids. Carly pretends she isn't jealous when she sees Eve giving Jack a good-bye hug because she is going to stay with her sister in Chicago untill Louis is caught. Maddie is tormented when she imagines Louis is everywhere and she is positive Louis will never allow her to be happy. Carly and Simon also think its best to have a mature business only relationship but that is put to the test when Carly walks in on a naked Simon. The youth of Oakdale go to Raven Lake for Labor day weekend to have fun but they are unaware that the Oakdale slasher also came with them.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Thorne that she is sorry; she has ruined her life. He tells her not to feel that way; she has given him and Alexandria back their lives. Before she can confess, Stephanie intercedes and wants to speak with Taylor alone. Taylor is bitter that Stephanie won’t let her tell Thorne. Stephanie rebukes she wouldn’t even trust her to tie her own shoes at this point. She is not capable of telling anyone what to do. Her life is a mess and isn’t even her own anymore. Taylor is more confused but offers for Stephanie to just tell her what she wants and she will do it. Eric tries to help Phoebe and ends up calling for Taylor. Stephanie accuses Taylor of making Thorne need her. He only smiles for her. Taylor laments she only reached out to him, it was the least she owed him. And maybe earlier she had listened to the wrong people like she did with Stephanie and it cost her the marriage. Thorne interrupts, intent on finding out what Taylor came to tell him. Stephanie jumps back in and tells him about the fire at Hectors and they all go to the hospital when Eric calls and tells them about Phoebe.

Bridget is on duty and attends to Phoebe. She calls it a panic attack and assures everyone she will be okay. And she relays she believes Hector is alright too. Ally is missing in the chaos but they find her hiding under a chair. She thinks her mommy is upstairs so Taylor arranges for her to see the room where her mommy died, to have some closure. Stephanie frowns at the closeness of Thorne, Taylor and Alexandria. But when alone with Taylor and Phoebe, she chastises them to get serious, she wants to hear the truth now. She barks at Phoebe to pull herself together and stop blaming herself. This was an accident. She wants her to watch her mother and make sure she goes to the A.A. meetings. Taylor barks back and tells her this is NOT Phoebe’s responsibility, to leave her alone. Stephanie gives a stern lecture that she is not trying to run their lives. People die needlessly every single day, but it’s the living that matter. To keep moving forward and in this case help Thorne and his little girl. Taylor laments she is doing that, but she has to tell Thorne the truth. She can not live with this guilt. Stephanie argues that guilt is the biggest waste of emotion in life. And telling Thorne won’t give him any peace, just let it go. If he can learn to live with it, so can she. She owes it to Darla.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip doesn’t think a DNA test is necessary because he is sure Belle and Shawn never slept together. Belle verifies Philip’s claim but Lexie still wants to research the origin of the file. Mimi is overtly relieved but is able to explain away her reaction when questioned by Belle and Philip. Lexie allows Shawn to be discharged. Austin wants to go see Sami before the wedding and ignores Lucas’ advice against the idea. The bridal party decides not to let Austin know that Sami is late and Carrie steps outside the room to try and stall Austin. When Austin won’t let up in his desire to speak to Sami, Chelsea comes out and declares that Sami stood him up. Carrie defends Sami and E.J.’s absence to Kate and Chelsea. Austin still believes in Sami. Marlena uses the down time to talk with Carrie about her true love marrying Sami. Chelsea surprises everyone when she is shocked to see Belle and Philip arrive at the church together.

Sami and E.J. plead their innocence to the arresting officer. Sami and E.J. try to convince Officer Peters that she is Roman’s daughter but he doesn’t believe them. John stops by the station to help further his plan of entrapping Eve and overhears Officer Peters admit that Sami truly is Roman’s daughter. Two prisoners sharing the booking cell assume Sami is a fellow hooker. John taunts Sami by stalling but finally gets her released and drives her to the church.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky's is tormented by nightmares, and Liz by guilt. Sonny worries about what Ric might do as acting D.A., and is angry about Alexis' demand that Ric be allowed to raise both girls if she dies. Alexis tries to make a tape for the girls if she dies. Patrick confronts Robin about the way she is pushing him away. Sonny receives a letter April wrote Robin, gives it to her, and the two share memories. Nik tells Lucky to get help. Alexis asks Sonny to ask Jason to keep away from Sam. Maxie overhears Liz tell Emily how it hurt her to see Lucky with "that tramp", and if he takes drugs again, she's gone. So, Maxie gets Lucky some drugs.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Natalie is facing Spencer and she demands to know what the man did to Blair. Spencer wants to know why she would think that he would hurt her. Natalie clams up, but Spencer doesn't let her off the hook. She tries to leave but he will not let her. He wants to know why she thinks that he would hurt Blair. "I have seen her huddled with McBain… Is there something that I should know about?" Natalie gets him off her back saying that Blair and Starr are her family and she has a right to be concerned about them. Blair spills and tells Todd everything. He is calm for a moment but then realizes that she has been sleeping with this man even though she knew that he was innocent. He thinks that the cops have been pimping her out but she tells that she has been doing this all on her won. She tells of the safety deposit key. "What is in there?" Todd asks. She has no idea. John and Hugh look through the safety deposit box back at the office and they find a letter. It is in handwriting but not signed. An expert is brought in and the man is presented with the letter from the safety deposit box and another and he confirms that the author of both letters is the same person. Todd is having trouble absorbing all that Blair has dumped on him. He is afraid that he can't accept this. She had a feeling that things were going to end up this way, but she had to try. He is kind to her at this point. Antonio finds kiddie porn at Eugene's house and when he looks up, Jessica is at the door. She comes in and shouts at Eugene for his crimes. Hugh finds the letter that Spencer has written to be very strange. It seems that it is going to be sent to Todd's child when he is older. There is a photo with the letter. The letter tells the child not to go looking for his father as he wasn't a very good man… Bruce has Adriana calm now. He promises that he will not hurt her. He just wants the cash. He lets her call Dorian. Rex gets David to help him sneak into the house and he is there when the phone rings. He gets to it before Dorian. "Hello?" he answers. "Rex?" she replies. It was almost a 'good' thing. Hugh describes him as a narcissist who likes to be the one who decides what should go on and who gets what. Natalie runs to John and confesses that she might have come on too strong and that Spencer might be on to Blair. "If he is on to Blair, then she is dead!" John says. Todd and Blair are too close and they end up kissing tearing their clothes off. Spencer things about Blair and then runs out to find her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared accepts Theresa's job offer, and makes himself useful right off the bat. As a thank you, she lays a passionate kiss on him, just in time for Ethan to walk in and see. If looks could kill..... He had just gone to visit Pilar, who begged him to leave Gwen and be a family with Theresa, Little Ethan, and Jane. She said he is Jane's father, and Little Ethan's too, then covered it by saying L.E. thinks of him as his father. Once he sees Theresa and Jared he seems to lose the urge to follow Pilar's request. Gwen met with Sheridan in the Book Cafe, where Chris had taken her for breakfast, and told her friend she thinks Ethan still loves Theresa and wishes he'd go with her if he does, because she doesn't want a man who doesn't want her. Sheridan advised her to wait and give him time. While they talked, Chris met with Spike behind the book shelves. Spike heard him turn down a job offer by Sher for becoming an auditor with Crane Enterprises, and wanted to threaten him into taking the job and siphoning off millions for him.

Luis is still intent on proving Spike shot his mother, and also thinks Chris is involved. Sam tells him it's probably only because he's married to Sheridan, but Luis tells him he has reason to believe Chris isn't what he says he is. His "proof" doesn't impress Sam, but when the bullet analysis comes in linking the bullet that entered Pilar with the one that was used in a shooting at Spike's old bar, and also to the one they got from Chris' leg, it seems clear something isn't right. Fancy kept trying to get Luis' attention while also kissing up to Sam, but isn't happy when she hears Luis telling Sam he doesn't think Fancy is cut out to be a policeman.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Michael look over her situation and Michael sees that the fact that she wasn't legally married to John is irrelevant. He willed her a part of his estate and that is that. She doesn't have to be married to the man to collect… Michael tells his mother to take what she can and to move as far away as possible. He knows that John wanted her to be happy and that getting away from Jack and Ashley will give her that happiness. Jack and Ashley get ready to hear the reading of the second Will. They wait for their appointment and while doing so, Jack has a memory of talking with his father in the prison. John handed him an envelope and asked him to make sure the chaplain got it. Gloria decides that she isn't going to be selling off her Jabot stock and moving out of town. She wants to stay and fight. She won't be mean, she promises. "After all, you catch more flies with honey…" The Baldwins arrive at court and find Christine and the siblings are there. They start arguing. The Baldwins hear about this phantom 2nd Will and won't believe it. The Chaplain arrives in the middle of the proceedings and gives the judge the 2nd Will. She reads that according to this new document, John's estate is to be divided equally between John's children. Michael challenges the 2nd Will, stating that even though it might have been written by John, his mental state at the time of signing was in question. Jack sits in court, but isn't there. He remembers a special visit with his father where he was on a Dina rampage. Jack told his dad that he had to protect the kids by creating a document. Jack spoon-fed the old man the words the judge just read to the courtroom and John dutifully wrote them down. He also appointed Jack as sole-executor of his estate under Jack's instruction. John wanted to sign the day as being May, but Jack corrected him about it being April and sent him to the chaplain with the document. Ashley asks her brother if he had anything to do with the creation of this new Will. He doesn't say yes, and he doesn't say no. Gloria arrives home and has to walk through garbage bags to get to the door. She can't open the door, even with her key. Jack come to the door, smiling at her through the glass. He holds up a key at her and lets it swing between her fingers before walking off. Her eyes get big as saucers and so she turns and looks in the garbage bags to find clothes. The jolt knocks her off her feet, onto her butt on the ground.

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