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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucinda plays matchmaker for Dusty and Lucy her plan backfires but Dusty and Lucy have coffee together at Java and Dusty promises Lucy he won't tell Lucinda. Will decides to go to the party at Raven lake where Gwen and Casey are going because he wants to try and reconcile with Gwen. Jade tells Luke she might be in love with Will and persuades him to go to the party at Raven lake with her. Maddie admits to the police that Louis raped her and Henry gives the police the black hooded sweatshirt he found in Louis room. Louis goes after Maddie but Henry saves her. Louis goes to the Lakeview and takes his knife from a drawer in his room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Hector unconscious on the floor, his house going up in flames and Taylor bound to the staircase, Stephanie demands to know from Taylor if she was the one who killed Darla? When minutes go by and Stephanie is practically choking her for a confession, Taylor finally admits yes she did kill Darla. Stephanie finds a knife and cuts her loose. Taylor attends to Hector while directing Stephanie to call 911 and then come help her. Thorne is flabbergasted that Lt. Baker’s theory is that Taylor did hit Darla and then deliberately didn’t tell anyone. Phoebe babysits Alexandria and is spooked by an apparition of a bloody hand on the photographs.

Stephanie pulls Taylor from the house as more beams fall and it seems to be collapsing. The firemen arrive and remove Hector before the house explodes. Baker investigates and finds suspicious evidence of the binding. Phoebe loses it when she keeps seeing Darla’s bloody, swollen, distorted face. Eric comes over and tries to comfort her. Stephanie takes Taylor home with her and shames her into a confession. Thorne comes in and Stephanie insists that Taylor tell him what she just told her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and E.J. duck into an abandoned home to get out of the storm. Sami is able to reach Carrie using E.J.’s cell phone but the phone dies before she can explain her whereabouts. E.J. discovers a ham radio and makes contact with a young boy in Saginaw that he asks to call the Salem police on their behalf. Sami discovers a trunk containing old wedding attire and upon E.J. donning the old navy dress blazer, they dance to the old time music coming from the radio. A police officer arrives but instead of rescuing them, he has come to arrest them for trespassing. Billie questions whether Sami being late is God’s way of giving Austin a way out for him to be with Carrie. Carrie insists that she and Austin are over.

Belle and Shawn read Claire’s file and learn the truth about her paternity. Shawn shows Mimi and Philip the file and Mimi acts surprised. Lexie verifies the file’s claim but Philip is convinced that this is a trick from the same mystery stranger who switched their embryos. Mimi wants to move on and ignore the claim since Belle and Shawn both believe they never made love but Belle refuses. Lexie offers to test Shawn and Philip specifically to see who is really Claire’s father.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny explains to Jason why they need to keep the peace with Alcazar. Ric receives an interesting offer. Sonny shares his dilemma with Lainey.

Alexis is grateful for Sam's support. Alexis' crisis, as well as Lulu's pregnancy, draws Nikolas and Emily closer. Lulu opens up to Emily.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

So far Pilar seems to be holding her own, as Luis continues trying to get the goods on Spike for shooting her. Just as he thought he had it in the bag, however, Chris threw a monkey wrench in by saying he saw Spike at the fair. This is making Luis even more suspicious of him tho, so he may get two birds with one stone. Later, at the Crane mansion, he and Fancy take a steam bath to relax, and she begins massaging him, leading to a kiss. Jessica asks Spike about how he knew she'd been attacked, and he said Chris told him. She seems to accept it, but still acts suspicious. Gwen orders Ethan to choose between her and Theresa, saying if he chooses her, he can't be running to Theresa's aid all the time. The phone rings and she's sure it's Theresa calling, but it's Julian.

Julian told Theresa he's taking Little Ethan to a Red Sox game in Boston tomorrow, but he's drunk as a skunk and she tells him he's not taking her son anywhere. He argues with her, then calls Ethan, who comes to help him out. Ethan tells Theresa Julian has every right to be with his son, and it all ends with each side saying they will go to court. Ethan is sure she won't have a chance, but she tells Jared she can blow Julian out of the water. She still won't tell him or Ethan that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father. At the cottage, Sheridan is worried about whether the guy who shot Pilar also shot Chris, and decides to have Julian change all the codes in case he comes back. Chris talks about Luis and Fancy dancing the tango and how well they seem to fit together. Sheridan agrees, but is none too happy about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Rex calls Natalie to ask her to pretend to be Adriana. She doesn't see how she can do that when she looks nothing like Adriana. He just needs her to sound like Adriana, not look like her. He shows her the message that he received and tells that he knows that the message wasn't from Adriana, but from whoever it is that wants Rex to think that he should stop looking for he. Natalie feels that Adriana is simply making a choice that Rex can't accept, but to Rex it is more. He can't risk finding another girlfriend dead like Jen. Natalie pretends to be Adriana and calls the credit card company to see if Adriana has been using her card, but when asked for the Social Security number, Natalie doesn’t have it and the call comes to a crashing halt. Rex then enlists David to help him with his problem and they go off to a table to be alone. Hugh gets his search warrant and John waits while they go check out the safety deposit box. Hugh doesn't find the gun, but the other thing that he finds makes him feel like he has hit the mother load. Evangeline visits John to see how he is doing and to tell him about her great relationship with Cristian. Spencer comes into the bar and talks with Natalie. When asked how Starr is doing, he remarks that’s she will be okay, she has nine lives just like her father. Natalie finds that a strange thing to say. What he means apparently is that if something should happen, Todd's spirit would live on in Jack. When she gets too inquisitive, he tells her to mind her own business. She feels that her cousin Starr is her business… Natalie says that she can't understand how Blair hasn't turned on him yet because of the type of person that he is. "I wouldn't let Blair turn on me," he says smugly. John calls and tells that he has been trying to reach Blair and can't find her anywhere. Her calls all go to voicemail. Natalie holds the phone to her ear and turns slowly to face Spencer. When she is off the phone, she confronts him. "You know don't you? What have you done to Blair?" Starr fakes passing out when she hears her parents arguing. Todd then forces Blair to come with him to his place and he picks and picks at the way that she has been acting until he figures it out. She denies everything. She gets a call from John and Todd sees who is calling and that helps to piece things together some more. He threatens to go and ask Spencer himself about this but Blair gets afraid and begs him not to do that. That is why she confesses that she is sleeping with the enemy to secretly help Todd get Spencer.

Nick and Phyllis arrive at Sharon's. "What are you doing here?" Noah asks of Phyllis. Sharon tells Nick later that it was a really bright move bringing his pregnant lover to the house that day. Nick didn't know that Noah was going to be there. Brad and Victoria arrive with Abby. Victor is returning to town that day and they want to have a little party. Phyllis tells Nick that she shouldn't be there. She is upsetting Noah who ignores her. Nick wants her there. "He has to understand that he is having a little sister. Traci is a little confused over everything that she has seen going on. She knew that Gloria and Jack didn't like each other but she didn't realize how bad things really were. Jack tells her that ever since the woman set foot in the house, their father's life started to deteriorate. Christine calls Jack and tells him that the marriage to John wasn't completed. The legal step of filing with the courthouse wasn't ever done. A smile comes to Jack's lips and he turns to Gloria and the others immediately delivering the blow. Gloria doesn't believe it. She finds that Jack is just taking this time to twist the knife. Even Ashley feels that Jack is a bit much to deal with on this very sad day. Jack says that he has missed his chance to make things right with his father, and that it is all Gloria's fault. He was going to make things right at Jabot and now he can't do that. Dru confronts Neil again about Carmen but he tells her that she is hallucinating and playing herself. Dru finds Carmen in the lunchroom and doesn't play nice when Carmen says 'Hey!' Carmen is tired of her. One day she is accusing and the other she is angry. Dru loses it and starts taking off her earrings and shoes to communicate some other way. Neil enters the lunchroom just in time to get between the women. "I will not be played!" Dru shouts. "You're playing yourself!" he tells her. Later that night, Dru plays Nancy Drew and heads over to Carmen's place. Upstairs, Neil is with Carmen and they kiss. She tells him that she likes it and they kiss again. Downstairs, Dru is standing through the sunroof of her car with binoculars. She sees her husband hugging Carmen. She slumps down sadly. Nick brings Phyllis to Sharon's for Victor's party. "Bringing your pregnant lover to the house was a bright idea!" Sharon remarks. Noah isn't pleased and ignores Phyllis when she talks to him. Nick thinks that in time Noah will get used to the idea that things have changed. "No he won't," Sharon says. "In fact, I am not going to get used to the idea either…"

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