Wednesday 8/23/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/23/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Tad goes looking for Dixie and notices JR lying unconscious and bloody in her room. She returns. Then Tad comes by to see the two of them lying over JR. He instantly assumes that Zach assaulted his stepson and Dixie did nothing to stop it. Tad is really losing it and blames Dixie for their failure to find Kate. David seems to know where she is, however, and spies upon "Emma" when she's with ANnie and Ryan. WHen JR comes to, he admits to Jamie that David assaulted him. Kendall is wondering what happened to Zach. She does not let onto Simone about their plan. Derek comes to question her. Babe is busy attempting to close a deal with Josh when JR is in the hospital. They get drunk on jello shooters with a rock star. ANd Krystal cannot get a hold of her daughter after JR's injury.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike quits working for Simon after he tells Carly and Simon he won’t work for someone who buys an inspection certificate rather then make the necessary structural improvements to make the building safe. Carly tries to walk out on Simon too, but he pleads with her to stay explaining that they would lose the deal if he had to wait for the building to be fixed. Once he hooks the investors, he promises to get the necessary work done. Carly is swayed by thoughts of being successful and independent. Simon and Carly wow the investors and close the deal, as do Simon and Carly when they seal the deal with a kiss; Carly quickly excuses herself though, not really knowing what just happened. The Snyder family and few others gather for the christening of ‘Baby Snyder.’ Holden and Luke name him Ethan after they find Lily’s list of names and meanings. Holden asks Luke to be Ethan’s godfather and Lucy his godmother. Dusty attends the christening much to Lucy’s surprise. Lucinda asks Dusty to have dinner with her and then after witnessing Dusty and Lucy talking, asks Lucy to join her for a quiet dinner as well – neither knows about the other’s invitation. Holden later visits Lily willing her to wake up to meet their son Ethan. He saw the meaning of his name – steadfast and constant - and realized it was perfect because it described their love. After Maddie admits to Henry what Louis did, Henry wants them to go to the police, but Maddie is scared for all of them and is even thinking Louis may be the slasher. Henry wonders about that now as well. Maddie stays behind in Henry’s car when he goes to tell Eve. Casey wonders about Maddie, and becomes even more concerned when he finds some bracelets of Maddie’s outside his door. Margo asks Eve about the mask and she lies, which she calls her on; Eve wonders coldly if Casey is trying to frame Maddie since she broke up with her? Margo leaves and Henry tells Eve what Maddie told him. Eve is disbelieving at first, but then when she hears more of the story, she starts to realize it is true. Henry demands they go to the police, but Eve is hesitant and Henry can’t figure out why? She wonders if Louis turned Maddie into a murderer? Her rage had to go somewhere; is she killing people to get back at all of them for not protecting her? Henry won’t hear it and assures her their sister is not the slasher. He goes rifling through Louis’ stuff to prove it. The lights go out on Casey and Gwen as Casey wields a butcher knife for protection, but it is a false alarm. Casey and Gwen decide to leave town for a few days to go to Raven Lake. Margo finds Maddie and asks her about the mask, and when she doesn’t answer her, Margo is forced to tell her she has to come down to the station. Henry finds a black hooded sweatshirt in Louis’ suitcase.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hector binds Taylor to his staircase while she screams and hollers and struggles to get loose, vowing to go tell Thorne the truth. He tells her what happens from this moment forward is entirely up to her. He knows the police will not believe their major cover up now. She’ll lose everything and he can’t stand to stand by and watch that happening to her. He sees himself as her Savior; he’s saved some money, they can go to Mexico and start a mission, doing good for others. Phoebe calls Thorne and alerts him that her mother should be there to talk to him. Phoebe calls Hector and he tells her that her mother is in the middle of something and will call her back. Stephanie stops by and questions Phoebe about her mother, and realizes how worried she is. Thorne questions Lt. Baker and determines that he thinks Taylor was the one who killed his wife.

To prove his point and glorify himself as this is what he does as a living to help people, Hector lights a rolled up newspaper with matches and holds the flame in front of Taylor’s face. She manages to kick him backward, and in the melee some beams give way as he hits the floor. He’s knocked out, with the flames now engulfing the debris with paint thinner turning over and making the flames even higher. Taylor screams and struggles more as the fire rages. Out of nowhere, Stephanie rushes in, but before she will unleash Taylor, she demands to know if she killed Darla.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The officer turns out to be a fan of E.J. and lets him off in exchange for an autograph. When they try to restart the car, they discover that it won’t start. Both Sami and E.J.’s cell phones stop working preventing her from getting another ride. Sami sees it all as a sign that she’s not meant to get married. E.J. enlists Sami’s help in repairing his car but Sami gets slightly burned when she stops holding the hose and releases hot steam. As they decide to walk to a nearby gas station, it starts to storm.

Bo insists to Hope that he will wash his hands of Chelsea until she can earn his trust again. Lexie and Shawn’s doctor give him a lecture about drinking so much. Everyone is relieved to hear that Shawn does not have brain damage. Chelsea refuses to leave the hospital until they learn that Shawn is going to be fine and then agrees to go to Sami’s wedding with Billie. Shawn accuses Bo of not caring whether he lived or died because he’d rather be with Chelsea but Hope defends Bo’s new attitude toward Chelsea when Bo explains what Chelsea did to their emails. Mimi is ready with an explanation when she assumes Philip, who has come to the chapel to tell her Shawn is fine, overheard her promise to God about telling the truth. Mimi changes the subject when she realizes Philip didn’t overhear anything. Belle goes in to see Shawn and discovers Claire’s file.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lulu overhears Edward, Tracy, and Emily discussing a batch of defective ELQ manufactured condoms and puts together two and two to realize why the protection failed on the fatal night.When she confronts Dillon, Tracy overhears, and thus, the family gets the news. Tracy and Edward can not agree on how to handle things. Tracy opposes marriage, Edward pushes it. Anna's break-in at Robin's old apartment interrupts Robin and Patrick's grief. Patrick goes to arrange the funeral, leaving mother and daughter to talk. Colleen suggests that she, Nik, and Spencer should go to Greece for the summer. Nik allows himself to be pressured into agreeing for a few days. Alfred is not pleased. Before Alfred can call Emily, she shows up on her own to let Nik know about his sister. Liz continues to worry about Lucky's recovery. Their "discussion" is cut short when Edward arrives to promise the Quartermaines will take full responsibility for the child that Lucky had no idea existed. Lulu goes to see Laura.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Rick tries to make up with Mel at home, but she tells him that he has so much of himself hidden from her that she cannot. Today is the hearing about his reinstatement. Rick tells Lillian that he misses the past with Phillip, Mindy and Beth. She tells him that he can have that same satisfaction in the present. Rick attends a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and tells his story of being addicted to pills. He also admits to being addicted to his past. Gus attends the meeting, too, and tells Rick afterwards that he is a hypocrite. Rick apologizes to Gus for ever judging him. Mel tells Beth that she is very tired of the “four musketeers” and the whole story. Mel has a “date” and doesn’t wear her wedding ring. Remy catches her and admonishes her for it. Mel, Jeffrey and Dinah have drinks and Mel realizes that she needs to try and mend her marriage. Dr. Grant reinstates Rick and Mel never attends the hearing. Mel and her mother prepare a dinner for Rick as Mel tries to go forward with her marriage. Meanwhile, Rick finds solace in the arms of Beth. She tells him that being with him is wonderful. After they make love, Rick whispers, “This has to be the last time. I just can’t do this anymore”.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Bruce comes with breakfast but Adriana will not eat it. He spiked her water and she knows he isn't to be trusted. He calls Adriana. She will not part with a dime unless she knows that Adriana is alive. He will give her the proof but first he wants her to get ten million together to send to an account in the Cayman Islands. Adriana has questions. Bruce tells that he isn't the one responsible for her well-being at this point. "What is this about?" He tells that this is about Cold, hard cash. Starr wakes and asks where her mother is. "Out doing Spencer?" Todd finds the outburst strange and asks where she would get that idea. Starr says that the doctor has been nice. After talking more Todd realizes that Starr is pretending and he laughs, thanking her for it, but also letting her know that it has been a waste of time. Spencer and Blair are in bed. They talk about their engagement and she asks about what it was that he did exactly to make her his. He offers to be as honest with her as she has been with him. Adriana learns that her mother is behind all that has gone on but she can't believe it. Bruce tells that she just started it and that the kidnapping part was his idea. Adriana still can't believe it. She knows thought that Rex will find her. Bruce doesn't think that will happen. He gets out his device and starts typing. He sends Rex a message "I hate you and I never want to see you again…Adriana…' Rex receives the message on his cellphone. Todd and Starr agree to keep Starr's secret a little bit longer. Blair arrives to see Starr and Todd is there. He takes her out of the room and asks her what is really going on with her. She isn't wearing her engagement ring but she maintains that she still is going to get married to Spencer. He understands her jumping into bed with Spencer, but he knows that marrying him isn't right for some reason. "What is the real reason for you marrying Spencer Blair?" John knows that there is evidence to be had in the safety deposit box but he can't seem to convince Hugh to get the warrant. They drag David in to pick his brain some more but he hasn't anymore information to give them. Nora drops by. She will be back at work soon but for now just wants to hang out and pick up any crumbs that there are at work. Turns out that she knows Judge Hodges whom she refers to as Hodgie and she is willing to try to get him to get them a warrant to search Spencer's father's safety deposit box.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pilar was revived and asked to speak with Miguel. She told him to go after Kay since it will make him happy. He's willing to do just that. Fox, watching them, wonders what they're talking about and has a bad feeling. Julian tells him not to be too nice, just do whatever it takes to keep the woman he loves. He is upset because Eve won't even talk to him now after hearing him seemingly revert to his old self while drunk. Jared continues to support Theresa, to Ethan's dismay, and that upsets Gwen. She tells him to his face he needs to be a man and decide which of them he wants because she's tired of watching him drool over Theresa when he's supposed to be Gwen's husband.

Chris helps Spike escape from the grounds of Crane mansion, but Sheridan calls the guards, who alert Luis. He and Fancy chase the creep down but lose him when he slips into one of Alistair's hidden tunnels. Sheridan lets Luis know they exist, and he decides Spike headed to Sam's house, so he, Fancy, Sheridan, and Chris all went to confront him. When they got there Luis began beating him, and later, under his questioning, Spike said he'd gone to the mansion to thank Fancy for saving Jessica from the rapists, and that he'd been at the fair with his wife when Pilar was shot. He asked Jessica to confirm that, but once she knew Pilar was shot and that there was no way Spike should have known about her attack, she told Luis she hadn't been with him as he said. Luis arrested Spike on the spot.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Traci, Jack and Ashley sit at the breakfast table and think about the many breakfasts they have had with their father at that very table. Ashley knows that things will never be the same again. Billy has agreed to take Colleen to the funeral. She sees that he has jeans on and asks if he is going to change. "I am not going to the funeral," he says. Gloria goes over to Michael's house and Lauren looks over her eulogy. She approves. Jack says that he was nice to Gloria the day before just to make things easier for everyone. All arrive at the church but Gloria. Jack feels that is just Gloria showing that she doesn't want to be there. Katherine tries to reach Gloria but isn't available. The service starts without her. Traci, Jack and Ashley, as well as Katherine and Jill all talk about John and how they experienced something good with him. Colleen and Billy skip the service and spend time talking about John and looking at pictures of the family. Gloria, her boys and Lauren head over to the church and see that it has been set up for the service. The minister comes out and all are shocked to hear that the funeral had just finished and she doesn't have time to do one for this part of the family now. Gloria knew it. Jack set her up. He gave her the wrong time for the funeral so that she would miss it. She reads her eulogy anyway. Kevin, Michael and Lauren sit and listen to it. Gloria forces herself to be happy so that she can honor John on this day. She tells that she wasn't always a good wife but John accepted her as she was. John and his siblings, with Colleen all sit around the house and talk about the family and they feel like at any moment, John is going to ask one of them for Pastrami, as he loved that stuff in spite of it being bad for him. They all make a pact to get together as a family at least once a year. They will drop whatever they are doing, wherever they are in the world to come home. They have a family group hug. Ashley still finds it strange that Gloria isn't anywhere to be seen. The door opens and Kevin enters very angry. Colleen is on him in a minute asking about what his problem is. Gloria comes in next, followed by Michael and Lauren. She knew that his fake hug with her the day before meant something but she didn't think that he would set her up to miss John's wedding. She feels that everyone in the room knew this was going to happen and that they supported it. Jack denies that he did anything to her. "You are out of my father's life, and you are out of the family!"

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