Tuesday 8/22/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 8/22/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Lily is on her computer, alone in her room, instant messaging her online acquaintance, who, unknown to her, is Terry the predator. Meanwhile, Jonathan learns that Ryan and Annie plan to lure Terry to Pine Valley. He's very concerned that Terry will get to Lily so he goes to warn Jack. Jack does not listen to him. David and JR get into a brawl. David is very angry at Dixie and wants to find Kate and take her from DIxie. WHen he hears that JR trusts his mother, he knocks him out cold. He then goes and spies upon "Emma" in the park, knowing that she is the same little girl whom Dixie has pictures of and believes is Kate. Babe is getting really chummy with Josh. Krystal warns her that Josh is trouble and could jeopardize her marriage. But Babe is adamont to her mother that she is not going to end her friendship with Josh. Jeff informs Erica that their son is really close to Babe and he doesn't see anything wrong with that. But Erica is adamont that she must put a stop to that. She goes to Fusion and runs into Krystal on the elevator. She is concerned that Babe will corrupt her son. But Krystal is concerned that ERica's son will corrupt her daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike informs Simon there is a rotting problem in his new business venture and recommends tearing the building down because he will never be able to get it inspected – presto, 5 minutes later Simon has the inspection and Mike is furious with his underhanded ways. Katie interrupts exclaiming literally they are going about making a baby the wrong way. Mike intends on warning Carly what Simon is up to. Meg and Paul disagree over how they handle Emily, but soon make up. Meg makes sure Emily understands that she is going nowhere. Emily tells Lucy that Craig, among other people, is what is ailing her. Paul overhears and attempts to fix the problem. Henry accuses Louis of rape and Eve ends up having to forcibly separate them; Eve supports Louis, but then goes running to someone else to talk about her husband. Maddie watches Gwen and Casey imagining they are laughing about her, when really they are not. However, they find an old picture of Casey and Maddie and Gwen identifies the mask Casey was wearing as the one the slasher was wearing – it is Maddie’s from Chicago. Henry finds Maddie and lets her know he knows what Louis did; Maddie admits to it and shares what happened; Henry wants her to fess up to Eve, but Maddie refuses. Jack apologizes to Carly for the way he has been treating her, and the two end up sharing some time together, only to be interrupted by Eve. Gwen and Casey admit to Margo about what they know about the mask the killer wore and its connection to Maddie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Phoebe that she can’t run away from her consequences, you simply must face them. She’s scared for Phoebe, Steffy and Thomas and wants the family to stick together. Ridge comes over at her request; she has something to tell him. But she talks in circles and though he senses some urgency, he can’t figure out what. Stephanie opines that she thinks Alexandria seems fine but it’s Thorne she is worried about. He states he must know why his wife died.

Lt. Baker drops in on Hector and has him explain why he chose to take Taylor and Phoebe to visit an inmate charged with vehicular manslaughter. He leaves with the hint that sometimes leads don’t solve a case, but the guilty comes forward. As Taylor picks up her purse to go and tell Thorne, Hector shows up and insists on taking her since she shouldn’t be driving. Stephanie has flashbacks and figures out that Lt. Baker knows Taylor is guilty. Hector doesn’t take Taylor to Thorne’s, but to his house instead and he won’t let her leave. As she tries to, he gets rough and grabs her, ties her up to the staircase and they scream and holler at each other until he breaks down in sobs of frustration.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

E.J. lets Sami oversleep. Sami, still half asleep, kisses E.J. by mistake. Carrie questions whether Austin expects something to go wrong at the wedding. Lucas chides Sami about having spent the night at E.J.’s apartment. E.J. questions Sami about her real desire to be with Lucas but Sami insists she’s happy to be marrying Austin. Austin questions whether Lucas still loves Sami but Lucas denies it. Carrie is stuck having to pick up Will from camp so E.J. has to take Sami to the church. The police stop E.J. for speeding and Sami accuses him of speeding to keep her from marrying Austin.

Belle refuses to leave Shawn’s side. Hope has a hard time going in to see Shawn but Bo convinces her to go in. Hope and Bo make heartfelt pleas for Shawn to wake up but he remains unconscious. Mimi asks Belle to go in to see Shawn in hopes that it’ll bring Shawn around. Chelsea’s grabs Claire’s file and eavesdrops as Belle asks a still comatose Shawn to fight and reunite with her. Chelsea tries to give Belle the file but Bo yanks her away from Shawn’s bedside. Bo listens as Hope begs God to save Shawn’s life. Chelsea sneaks back in to see Shawn and leaves Claire’s file by his bed. Shawn starts to wake up.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason comforts Sam as she tries to come to grips with the fact that Alexis has cancer. Sam promises Elizabeth she won't tell anyone about Elizabeth and Jason sleeping together. Alexis is honest with Sonny.

Alexis is grateful when Sam eases Kristina's fears. April's death hits Robin hard. Patrick refuses to allow Robin to push him away. Elizabeth stays by Lucky's side as he begins to experience the pain of withdrawal. Maxie buys more pills from a drug dealer.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Mallet tries to get Dinah to tell him about the fire and that he wants them to get back together.  Dinah tells him that she realizes she will not have love and compassion and everyone thinks she cannot be trusted, even him.  She tells him that Jeffrey is handling everything now.  Blake and Jeffrey make love again and she asks about his and Dinah’s relationship.  He tells her they are just friends.

Beth overhears Alan telling someone on the phone to follow Lizzie and realizes Alan was faking everything.  He tells her that since Lizzie tried to kill him, she will be labeled “troubled” now.  Beth realizes that Alan knew the gun had blanks in it.  He tells her that he and Alan-Michael were trying to protect Lizzie from herself.  Alan tells a horrified Beth that he will replace her lost baby with Elizabeth’s baby.  Lizzie admits to Tammy that she purposely shot Alan to protect herself and the baby.  Gus questions Lizzie about the shooting.  Doris Wolfe tells her that she and Jonathan will possibly be charged with attempted murder. Lizzie tells everyone that Alan has a nursery built with locks on the doors to keep her and the baby locked away.  At the mansion, the nursery door is locked, Jonathan kicks in the door.  Lizzie is shocked to not find a nursery, but a room filled with boxes.  Doris makes Gus read Lizzie her rights as she is arrested for the attempted murder of Alan Spaulding.  Alan tells Beth that they must keep Lizzie from becoming like Phillip.  He adds that he will get what he (Alan) wants.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

After hearing her mother had been killed by the robber (Spike) in the Crane mansion, Jared did his best to console her. Later he told a guard to check and make sure she had died, but they found out she is still barely alive. Theresa heads to the emergency room to be with her, but runs into Ethan on the way and runs right into his arms. He and Gwen had been arguing about her and Whitney scheming to keep Jared in Harmony and get him together with Theresa, and she realizes that he's the one who can't let go now. Seeing her rival run into Ethan's open arms only reinforced that belief. When Theresa left, Ethan wanted to follow her, but Gwen objected. He said they were going anyway, because Theresa needs the support. At the hospital, when Jared left to do something, Ethan ran right in to be there for Theresa, while Gwen could only stare after him in disbelief. Pilar seems to be holding her own for now, but no guarantees. Luis, on finding out what happened, determined to go find the culprit, but Chris has piqued his curiosity with his actions. As he looks for clues in the mansion, Sheridan goes to look for Chris, and finds him meeting with Spike, leaving her wondering why they are together.

Kay was still worried about Siren making love to Miguel, and Fox got upset because of that. His talk with his father got to him, and now he's worried she might actually be interested in Miguel instead of him. Kay doesn't know what she wants, but continues to say she wants to marry Fox, she just can't let Siren work her spell on Miguel. She finds him after seeing a vision of him in the spell book, and went to get him out of the fortune teller's tent, both to tell him about his mother and to get him away from Siren. Fox found them together, and was upset when she took off with Miguel to go to the hospital, totally ignoring Fox.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon thinks about Noah lying to her about the MP3 player. Nikki comes to see her and worries about her condition after the kidnapping. Sharon just wishes that everyone would stop asking her about that. While they are talking, Nick calls, but Sharon doesn't answer the phone and lets it go to voicemail. Phyllis is there when Nick tries to call Sharon and she tells him that Noah may just be acting up to get his parents together again. Nick knows that could be true. He feels that Noah might be too much for Sharon to handle. Phyllis suggests that they take Noah for the weekend. Nick will run that idea by Sharon. Noah comes running down the stairs to the living room. He thought that he heard his father's voice down there. " I had a nightmare." Sharon puts her arms out to give the boy a hug but he goes to Nikki instead. Dru calls Neil and he chooses not to answer her call. Carmen is on her cellphone. Dru follows her and hears her agreeing to meet Neil somewhere. Dru follows her out of the Newman building. Carmen meets Neil at some restaurant. He tells her that he is thinking about buying a dinner club where people can eat after work and listen to jazz. Carmen loves that idea. Dru arrives and sees the two sitting alone talking and smiling. Neil invites Carmen over to his place for coffee. She doesn't think that is a very good idea. He says that Dru is staying with a friend and that he has moved home for now. They rush off together. Dru follows from a distance. She sees when they enter the apartment and close the door. She gets on her cellphone. "Devon. There is an emergency. Get home right away." Jack and Ashley have Christine meet with them and they read the Will. Their father has given half of the house to Gloria and half of everything else. They try to pick Christine's brain about how to beat this but she assures them that they can't. Ashley finds that her brother is taking things too easily and that gives her cause of concern. Devon arrives home thinking that there is an emergency. There isn't one. "Dru called and told me to get over her and that the stove was on." Carmen gets the hell out of there. Devon checks the stove and finds that nothing is wrong. "I guess she made a mistake." A look of realization comes over Neil's face. "I guess that she did…" Ashley fights Gloria on the suit that she wants to wear to the funeral. Gloria feels left out of the family again. "You are a part of the family," Jack says. He goes to Gloria and hugs her…

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