Monday 8/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 8/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Believing that Zach is really sleeping with Dixie, Erica tries to persuade Kendall to dump her husband and be with Ryan. She goes to see Ryan but notices him with Annie and wants to find out if he's moved on. Annie takes her daughter to the park and runs into David Hayward. David has a premonition that he can find Kate and take her from Dixie. ANd he is somehow able to know that Annie's daughter may be Kate. Jeff goes to talk to Josh and attempt to get him to get back into medicine. Josh refuses to talk to him but Babe talks to Jeff and impresses upon him that she is the one person whom Josh is close to. He goes and informs Erica that he believes that Babe Chandler is close to their son and they should trust her. JR tells Krystal that he's concerned about Babe's relationship with Josh. Krystal goes to spy upon her daughter and Josh together and notices that they really do like each other.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Meg gets her job back at the hospital and her first patient is Emily – having another mild bout with preeclampsia. Emily goads Meg by demanding having Paul by her side during this. Will and Jade head out on the town and bump into Paul. Paul learns of Will and Gwen’s break up and offers Will some unsolicited advice, which falls on deaf ears, or so it seems until the end of the evening when Will explains to Jade why they can no longer see each other. Jade sees Luke with Holden and the new baby, and even ends up holding him. Luke talks to his comatose mother. Maddie claims to have lied about the rape. Margo and Dallas are confused as to whether Maddie is lying about the whole rape or simply about who raped her. Henry is told women sometimes lie about some of the facts of a rape in order to protect someone close to them. Margo speaks with Maddie alone but not before Lewis threatens he, Eve and Henry again. Lewis tells Eve that Maddie has had deep-rooted mental issues for a long time and cannot be believed, which she has ignored for a long time now. Eve pleads with Maddie to open up, but she tells her she just wants to be left alone. Lewis tells the same thing to Henry later but Henry is not biting and stuns him when he declares he is “looking at the piece of dirt who raped his sister!”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Lt. Baker tells Taylor he knows about her DUI and he’s figured out what happened the night of Darla’s accident. He lays it out scene by scene. Only trouble is, he can’t prove it. But he knows her, and she knows there is a little girl who has lost her mother and a husband who is living in Hell. He apologizes for disturbing her, but offers for her to call anytime she wants to talk. Felicia remembers her conversation with Bridget who still has deep feelings for Nick. She confides in Dante, who asks her to please not get involved. Bridget hears about it and is worried too that Felicia will blab. Nick finishes singing his song for Brooke and makes another pitch for her to join him at Marone Industries. She leaves him very unhappy when she puts him off by saying she is just too busy and she thinks it would be in everyone’s best interest for her not to take on any more work.

Felicia drops by Brooke’s on the premise that she has some papers for her, but manages to get to Nick her real reason – that Brooke still has feelings for Ridge. And Bridget is still in love with Nick. Phoebe visits Thorne and he questions her about if her mother would tell him the complete truth. She then finds her mom sitting almost in the dark and Taylor tells her that Lt. Baker doesn’t have proof but he knows the truth. She’s thought about it and she can’t live with this secret, can’t keep up this lie anymore. Thorne has to hear the truth and he has to hear it from her. She will take full responsibility and not involve Phoebe.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie tries to get Bo to take back his harsh words to Chelsea but Bo believes that Chelsea will never change. Chelsea’s attempt to tell Belle the truth is interrupted when Philip calls Belle from home. Belle isn’t thrilled to learn that Philip and Shawn had a drinking contest. Mimi rushes Shawn to the hospital and in turn alerts Hope who alerts Bo. Mimi calls to check on Philip and Philip and Belle rush to the hospital when Mimi tells them about Shawn. Hope and Bo bond over Shawn being so ill. Chelsea ignores Billie’s advice against coming to the hospital so Billie follows her there. Bo and Hope are outraged when they spot Chelsea but agree to let her stay as long as she stays out of sight. Mimi gets to go in to see Shawn first and Philip notices Belle’s obvious disappointment. Mimi promises a comatose Shawn that she’ll tell him the truth should he pull through.

Max plays mediator between Abby and Frankie when they cross paths at the garage. Frankie refuses to back off from Jennifer. Abby tells Max about Chelsea’s paternity secret and they fear what Chelsea will do with such news.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

When Lucky tries to break it off with Maxie and tell her that he's quitting the pills, she flips out and tries to get him to stay with her. Liz is terrified that Sam will tell Lucky about Liz and Jason, thus setting back Lucky's recovery.Jason assures her that Sam is leaving town. Alexis breaks the news to Sam that she has lung cancer and tells her about the surgery she is facing.Alexis then asks her to stay for her sisters' sakes and somewhat for hers. Ric overhears and offers his love and support. Robin offers April her loft to live in after she is released from the hospital.

Sonny tells Jason about Alexis and why Sam now can't leave. He asks Jason not to make it hard for Sam to stay. Ric and Sam reaffirm their mutual dislike and resolve to keep their night together hidden. Maxie tricks Liz into meeting her at the pier to talk about Lucky. April's death on Stone's birthday shakes up Robin and Patrick.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Olivia suspects Ava for the Springfield Burns and Ava the suspects the same about Olivia. On the website, Coop, Ava, Buzz, and Olivia see the headlines: “Family First, Huh? Not for this Springfield mom. Remember Labor Day?” A picture of Olivia is beside the headlines. Buzz realizes that Olivia is hiding something and finally gets her to spill. She tells him that she killed her own mother. When she was a young teen, she had an intense argument with her mother. Her mother had a stroke and died. She was left to raise Sam and her sister, Marisa, on her own and no one ever knew about the events surrounding the death of her mother. Buzz vowed to never leave Olivia.

Coop and Ava negotiate with Alan-Michael for Ava’s job with Spaulding. He accepts the conditions and hires Ava. Billy phones Jonathan to give an update on Reva, who is resting much better. Jonathan is angry about Josh and Cassie’s relationship and wants to tell them about Reva’s cancer. Billy makes him promise not to do this and that Reva already knows about Josh and Cassie.

After being startled by an intruder, Lizzie shoots the entering figure; it is Alan. Jonathan realizes the gun is filled with blanks and Alan revives only later collapsing with chest pain. After going to the hospital and being checked out, Mel decides to keep Alan overnight. After his family leaves his side, a healthy-looking Alan gets out of bed and makes a phone call. He tells the person that he wants them to follow Lizzie after she leaves the hospital. He adds that rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. Lizzie admits to Tammy that she knew she was shooting Alan.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

lair is at a loss for words. The whole room waits for her answer. "Yes," she says. Spencer tells all that he had to go to his safety deposit box that night to get it. John and Natalie wonder now if that is all that he went to the box for. Later, Blair and Spencer hug and she rummages in his pocket and gets the keys without him noticing. She rushes off and gives them to John and Natalie who sneak out to see what is in the safety deposit box. Todd can't deal with Blair marrying Spencer. Spencer gloats and goes to get his fiancée smiling meanly at Todd. Todd clears off a table and stands on it. 'I want to make a toast! To Spencer who tried to set me up to get killed for murdering a pregnant, so that he could marry that whore over there." He holds a knife to his chest but then does nothing with it. John and Natalie head to the bank and Natalie pretends she is going to throw up so the bank employee rushes off for a bucket. They open Spencer's box… Langston brings Starr what she has asked for. It is information that she has printed off to continue faking her amnesia. She has to research this in order to fool Spencer into thinking that she is really ill. Lindsay has had a few too many and she is sarcastic to Nora that second that she sees her at the gala. RJ says Nora looks nice and that is enough to set Lindsay off. "Why don't you just kiss her again?" To get back at RJ, Lindsay goes to the first man that she sees, (Michael), and she lays a big hot juicy one on him. Marcie freaks out. She thought that Lindsay was her friend. "I only did it as he was the first man I saw. He is a good kisser though." Marcie rushes off to have a shower now that she knows that Lindsay has put her mouth on Michael. RJ gets mad, but the truth is that Lindsay loves seeing passion finally from the man. "You want to see passion?" he asks. He goes to Nora and bends her over kissing her hand on the lips. "Why do you keep doing that?" Lindsay asks. Nora would like to know that too. Later while talking alone with Claudia, Nora says that she is starting to have feelings for something that she shouldn't and it is all wrong. Claudia says that she knows exactly what that feels like. Todd isn't ready to go and so he sits staring at Spencer and Blair. Spencer wants to continue their celebrating upstairs. He walks ahead of Blair. Blair stalls now, getting up slowly. "Damn you John," she says under her breath. "I need that damn key!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared and Theresa make up, with him apologizing and saying she is really a down to earth person, not the gold digger he thought she was. As they were talking, a guard came up to them and told her that Pilar had been shot and had not made it. Kay tried to convince everyone that Siren is a mermaid, saying she'd grown a tail in the dunk tank. No one else saw it, however, and Siren made a quick retreat, disappearing from the tank. She later saw Miguel and began her Siren Song, luring him into the fortune teller's tent to make love to her. Kay and Tabitha found the spell book Siren stole, thanks to Endora, and found a spell to take the Curse off Fox, keep her from putting it on anyone else, ever, and getting rid of her to boot. Fox found Julian drinking at a bar and got upset when his father told him to grab Kay quickly and don't let Miguel steal her away. It seems he's reverted to the old Julian, and Fox isn't happy about it. Eve is even less happy after she walks up and hears what he's saying, then argues with him about TC using his illness to get her back.

Luis and Sheridan both sign up for a Latin dance contest, but need partners, so of course they are paired together. The dance heats up, and both Chris and Fancy realize the spark is still there between the two, and jealousy rears it's ugly head. After they won the contest, Chris pulled Sheridan into a long, passionate kiss to show Luis she is his, while Fancy realized Luis still loves Sheridan and probably always will. It didn't stop her from trying to get his attention back, tho, as she asked him to teach her to do the tango.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack and Ashley argue with Kevin and his mother over John's reception. Jack takes a call learning that Gloria made reservations for the service at the Colonnade Room. He cancels them and turns to Gloria angry again as he had told her that he would be taking care of the service details. Kevin finds nothing wrong with his mother's plans. Jack and Ashley want to mourn and grieve in private but Gloria wants all the people who love John to have a proper goodbye with the man. Gloria gives in on the reservation idea but she pushes to have the media at the service. Jack tells that things will be done his way or else she can forget about attending. Nick invites Phyllis to lunch. It is a date. Sharon calls and says that she is picking Noah up and wondered if Nick wanted to have lunch with them. "I will pick up some food," he says. Phyllis hears all and sees that her lunch with Nick is canceled. Brad comes to Victoria and tells that a recent deal that was in the works went south because of Neil. Katherine and Jill arrive at the Abbots'. Jill tells how she and Katherine have decided to set up a scholarship fund in John's name. Kay is afraid that she agrees with Jack and Ashley and feels that the funeral should remain small. Gloria has other ideas too about the funeral, but Jack shoots them all down telling Michael that he should get his mother to understand she is really isn't as big a part of the family as she thinks. Billy announces that he will not be staying on in Genoa City after the funeral. Neil sees a picture of three children in Carmen's wallet and she tells that it is she with her brother and sister. She talks wonderfully of the sister, but frowns while talking about the brother who she refers to as a troublemaker. Dru enters the room and watches the two without saying anything. Carmen asks Neil if he has siblings and the sarcastically talks of his brother who proved to be nothing but trouble. Dru quickly walks out. Brad enters slamming a report under Carmen's nose saying it isn't good enough. He says that this wasn't what he wanted and wonders if she is actually as good as she says she is. She stands up to him pointing out his disrespect and later he apologizes. An all-out feud erupts at the Abbot mansion and finally Michael whispers to his mother that he sees she needs help and he is going to give it to her. "Just choose your battles," he warns. She goes to the living room then and with her two boys at her side, she tells Jack, Ashley and Billy that she has decided to have the funeral their way.

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