Friday 8/18/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 8/18/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Lily has given up on Jonathan and he's discouraged from attempting to win her back. Amanda pep talks them both but doesn't make any progress. Jonathan is surprised to notice Kendall being nice to him. He admits to her that he is no longer intellectually challenged and made a serious mistake to lie to Lily. She tells him that she believes he did nothing wrong and that Jack had no business running him out of Lily's life. Zach and Dixie are "pretending" to sleep together so that Derek catches them. But Erica walks in on them and informs Kendall what she saw. Kendall watches them on Zach's video camera and believes it's real. Ryan encourages Annie to not give up and believe that Terry won't be able to threaten her or her daughter much longer. And we see that her daughter looks exactly like the picture Dixie has of the little girl whom she believes is Kate. Lily talks to a stranger on line and tells him about her autism. And little does she know that it's Terry the predator.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks through brochures wondering to Nick if Bridget would like a trip or a car for her graduation from medical school. Thorne finds Taylor cuddled up on the couch sitting in the dark. She asks what is he feeling and he admits lost. He can concentrate on nothing but the bastard who killed Darla. And he must find him and look him in the eye and explain to him who Darla was. And he'd like to choke him with his bare hands. He doesn't like feeling like this and is afraid it will never leave him.

Hector's friend, Darryl, tells him Lt. Baker saw him at the prison today and is asking a lot of suspicious questions. Baker visits Stephanie and tips his hand that he thinks Taylor may know more than she is willing to reveal and he considers her a suspect, which Stephanie finds disturbing and outrageous. Brooke dismisses Nick's wish that she not take Ridge's phone call and states to Ridge that they will deal with this tomorrow. Nick doesn't even want her to go back to Forrester, but work with him side by side at Marone. Then he has a little song that he wrote for her - You and Me.

Thorne refuses to listen to Taylor beat up on herself any more, that the accident was her fault. He rushes out with her begging him to stay and listen. Baker then shows up at Taylor's and admits he is very close to finding Darla's killer. He states he knows what she did and he's about five seconds away from arresting her. Why doesn't she make it easy and come clean and tell the truth what happened that night?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn turns down Philip’s request for a fistfight. Philip asks Shawn to move out of town with Mimi but Shawn refuses that as well. Philip decides to engage Shawn in a drinking competition. Philip drinks so much that he falls down and Shawn falls down while trying to help him up. Lisa, the waitress, cuts them off and sends them home in a cab. Mimi and Belle argue over the custody arrangements. Mimi goes out looking for Shawn and runs into Hope on the pier. They talk and then decide to split up and both look for Shawn. Belle heads to the garage looking for Philip and Abby calls her on how she seems more concerned about Shawn’s whereabouts. Mimi reads Shawn and Philip the riot act when they return home. Shawn collapses onto the couch and Mimi can’t wake him up.

Chelsea tells Abby about discovering the true paternity of a baby but doesn’t reveal the identity of those involved. Abby advises Chelsea to tell the people the truth. Billie overhears this but Chelsea is able to explain it away. Chelsea decides to save the news for when it’ll most benefit her to reveal it. Caroline and Bo plead for Hope to be Bo’s date to Sami’s wedding. Hope refuses and argues with Bo about using Caroline for a guilt trip. Bo confronts Chelsea about changing the emails and washes his hands of her. Chelsea runs to the garage to seek Abby’s support. Once Chelsea realizes that Belle is there too, she considers that now would be a good time to reveal the truth about Claire’s paternity.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny and Alexis discuss Sam. Jason tells Sam he knows about her and Ric, and he tells her about his night with Liz. Lucky goes to his first narcotics anonomous meeting. Dillon and Lulu get into a yelling match over how to handle the baby situation. Liz agrees to hear Lucky out and will stay with him unless he falls off the wagon or hooks up with Maxie. Sonny gets a copy of Alexis' test results. Alexis admits to Sam that she has Stage Two Lung Cancer.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair has the key to the safety deposit in her purse. Spencer wants to stop at the bank first, she while he is buying her aspirin, she slips the key back on his key chain as it hangs from his ignition. He notices that she is jittery. She says she is nervous about the event as it is so important to him. He goes into the bank and Blair calls John to warn him that she doesn't have the key and that Spencer is going to his safety deposit box right now. Rex and Roxy talk at the station. She reads one of the stalker's emails and Rex realizes that the name of a butterfly is in the email. He refers to the Vanessa Atlanta but calls it rare, when in fact it is a popular butterfly. Adriana wakes again. She is in a room and free to walk around but only for a short time. He cuffs her to the wall so she can't take off. He assures her that she will be freed if things go as planned. He is positive that Rex has given up on her, but she knows better. Dorian paces the floor. She answers the phone to Bruce and she shouts at him for trying to control their deal. She tells him that this is called off. "Have you seen her recently?" Dorian gets suddenly quiet. He knew that would get her attention. He wants money, tons and tons of it or she will never see Adriana again. She picks up the phone to call Bo, but then quickly hangs up when she realizes that she could cause her poor Adriana to be hurt. Viki has a talk with Todd and explains to him that he needs to forgive Blair for the children's sake. She knows that he will not have any peace if he doesn't stop being angry. She also remembers that he lied to Blair for months about Margaret, so in fact he has been just as wrong. Viki feels the children are suffering for this now, and that maybe poor Starr was out that night and jumped the cliff because of all the tension in her life. John sends a man to watch Spencer and reports to Natalie that Spencer got something from the deposit box and it might be the gun. John hopes that is the case that Spencer hasn't gotten rid of the gun yet. Blair and Spencer arrive. Todd is trying to drag Blair off to talk to her but Spencer is making his speech now. Todd ignores him and keeps pulling on Blair's arm while Spencer is talking. Finally, she starts walking with Todd when she hears, "Blair will you marry me?" Todd and Blair stop walking and face the stage.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The hospital fair opened today, with each of the younger characters taking a spot in one of the booths. It was supposed to be a blind draw as to which booth which person got, but Kay talked the woman in charge into putting Siren into the water tank, hoping she will turn into a mermaid when she gets wet so Miguel will know the truth about her. Siren isn't happy, but gets in anyway, and is promptly dropped into the water by the young cadet who hugged President Bush at his graduation. Theresa ends up in the pie throw booth, and Gwen was the first customer, hitting her with several pies, until Ethan stopped her. Then others jumped at the chance to throw a pie in the face of a Crane, and finally Jared, who'd been watching her good-natured response to it all, took his turn, but turned the pie on himself. After all his arguing that he wants nothing more to do with her, it seems things are looking up.

Ethan was happy to see Jared was having nothing to do with Theresa, and Chad called him out on that, saying he needs to stop telling Theresa he loves her if he wants her to get on with her life. Ethan admits he does still love her, and even tho he wants her to be happy with someone else, it tears him apart to see her doing it. Fox takes Kay for a ride in the Tunnel of Love and it breaks down, leaving them in the dark. They decide it's a good time to make love, but when they start, he blanks out and she can't get him to respond. Tabitha tried to win a stuffed toy for Endora, but had really bad aim. No matter. Endora just zapped all the toy's she wanted to her, and the booth operator ended up chasing the mother and daughter all over the wharfs, trying to get them all back. Pilar won a boat for Little Ethan and decided to take it to him. Spike, having gotten the codes he needed to break in and steal everything from the mansion, finds her there and shoots her as she's calling the police! Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy together, and is in real pain. She admits to herself that she hasn't stopped loving Luis yet.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

John's body is being wheeled out. The staff apologizes, not realizing that the family still sits in the waiting room. Gloria goes to the body to say goodbye one more time and Jack goes over to her before she gets hysterical. Brad comes to tell Sharon that John is dead and that they can't let whatever is between them grow. She tells him that she is fine and that he should go to his wife. After he is gone, she cries alone. Nick and Phyllis have an ultrasound and they learn that the baby is a girl. The Abbots are home. Gloria has a meltdown, regretting letting John go and she accuses Jack of forcing her to end the old man's life. She starts thinking about the funeral and how she can organize it so that everyone can say goodbye to John. Jack and Ashley don't want that. They want to grieve in private. Gloria points out that once again she is being treated like an outsider. "This funeral will be quiet AND tasteful Gloria and that is what my father would want. If you don't like it, then you can go tell it to someone who cares. Colleen feels different now. JT tries to comfort her as much as he can. Brad comes over and tells Colleen that now that his secrets are behind them, he will tell her everything that she wants to know about their family and their history. She feels better about everything now and she and JT relax and start kissing. They end up in the bedroom where things start moving fast. "You don't have to do anything that you don't want to," he promises. She wants to, and so they start tearing at their clothes, falling on the bed. Nick and Phyllis head to her place. He spends a lot of time there. They tried to call Sharon and Jack when they heard about John but both were not answering. Nick thinks that he should move in. Phyllis is quiet. He wants to have the baby know his voice and he wants to tie Phyllis's shoes when she can't see her feet. He is trying to be sensitive to Noah and Sharon but he really wants to be a family with Phyllis. He runs out and gets her a big bag of healthy things to eat and a teddy bear. Still Phyllis is strangely silent. The Winters are not pleased when Lily shows up with Daniel for her graduating dinner party. Sharon was home but noises where scaring her, and so she arrives and joins the party. Everywhere Sharon turns she thinks that she sees the man who almost killed her… She leaves the table and heads to the bar. Drucilla finds her there later and can see that she was drinking a lot. She tells Dru to have a nightcap with her but Dru thinks that she should get her friend home and to bed instead.

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