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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and Ryan are determined to work together to help get Zach cleared of murder charges by making it look like he's having an affair with Dixie. Kendall causes a scene at ConFusion by lashing out at Zach and looking like she's having a thing with Ryan in response to Zach's infidelity. ALthough they are acting, she is having her doubts about whether to trust Zach. And he is not comfortable seeing how close she's getting to Ryan. JR talks to his mother and tells her he is worried that Zach will use her and break her heart. But Dixie tells her son that she does not see Zach that way. Hearing how highly his mother thinks of Zach, JR concludes that she msut be in love with him. Jamie is worried that his father has some terrible secret about Dixie that he won't tell anybody. Livia is determined to help Zach and Dixie beat the charges and calls a witness to tell Derek tha he saw the two of them together shacking up. But Derek does not buy it and is ready to nail them for murdering Greg. Josh does not seem to care about anybody except Babe and they really enjoy each other's company.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke shocks the Marone board members by suggesting certain changes, “greener and cleaner”. Nick beams with pride, others agree but old school George doesn’t appreciate her even being there much less dictating policy. Sarcastically, he asks if she will be wearing a negligee or nothing at all? Sally is surprised to see Thorne back at work so soon. He just dropped Alexandria off at art camp and laments that it’s pretty hard to be in the house alone. Diane Walker continues that she took her life for granted. One day everything was fine, the next it was ruined. It doesn’t matter to the Justice System, not who you are, just what you have done. She can serve her time and she can confess to the whole world, but nothing will lift that burden from her shoulders. She drives the message home to Taylor and Phoebe, don’t take that first drink and drive, you don’t want to end up here!

Lt. Baker visits Thorne but has no new information. Hector emphasizes again to Taylor that no judge is going to let her off without major jail time. And in order to help Thorne and Alexandria, she has to keep this secret. She has everything to lose and nothing to gain. Taylor finally gives in and says she will think about it. Lt. Baker, also there at the prison with another detainee, sees Hector, Phoebe and Taylor and becomes suspicious.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Abby plans a family picnic for tomorrow but Jennifer declines because she plans to attend Sami and Austin’s wedding with Frankie. Jack insists that Jennifer attend the wedding as planned despite Abby’s objections. Abby mentions going out with E.J. instead but Jack is against it. Billie catches Chelsea plotting to blow off her community service to be with Max. Lexie stops by the Pub and Billie invites Lexie to join her and Chelsea for dinner. Abe stops by but snubs Lexie. Lexie promises to go easier on Chelsea if Chelsea promises to give more of an effort towards her community service. Billie convinces Lexie to talk to Abe but Abe declares his plans to seek sole custody of Theo. Chelsea heads to the pier where Max surprises her. Max uses his own experiences to help Chelsea deal with her issues. The mystery stranger slips Claire’s file on Chelsea’s stack while she is distracted. Chelsea looks at the file and learns that Claire’s DNA is a match to Shawn.

Philip and Mimi force Belle and Shawn to sit down and discuss custody arrangements. Shawn and Belle are completely against the idea of Belle and Philip raising the child Belle is carrying and Mimi and Shawn raising the child the surrogate is carrying with added visitation for the second couple to see the other child. Shawn stops at the Pub where Abe advises him to fight for the right to be involved in his child’s life. Philip joins Shawn at the Pub. Mimi accuses Belle of being against the arrangement because it limits Shawn’s time around Belle. Belle and Mimi argue over whether to tell the babies the truth about their paternity.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Elizabeth are grateful to be in each other's lives but realize they can't be together. Elizabeth resolves herself to the fact that her marriage is over. Alexis asks Sam to stay but she insists on moving out. Alexis doesn't reveal to Ric or Sam that she saw them making love and later overhears Ric advising Sam to never tell anyone what happened between them.

Georgie and Dillon are affected when they receive their divorce papers. Dillon cheers Georgie by making their divorce a celebration of their new start together. Georgie and Dillon promise love each other forever. Patrick and Robin's relationship grows stronger.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair talks with John and he tells her what it is that she has to do in order to get the safety deposit key from Spencer. After this, he wants her out of it all. She will not go though. She plans to stay in the game until she gets everything that she needs to show Todd that she sacrificed for him. John promises to tell Todd everything when the time comes. Todd arrives early to get Evangeline and she isn't ready yet. Cristian arrives dressed for the gala, but Evangeline tells that she did in fact agree to go with Todd. Claudia comes to make a complaint. Natalie asks her why she is asking for John. When she hears what Claudia wants him for, she shouts at Claudia that she doesn't need the Chief of Detectives for that. John sends Claudia into his office to wait for him and then he reprimands Natalie for her behavior, warning that she can't work there if she is going to treat the complainants that way. He alerts her to the fact as well that she has to be the one to get the safety deposit key from Blair that night as John is suspicious of him. Blair runs home and messes up Spencer's tie to get him out of the room so she can get the key. She makes him go get a sewing kit so she can be alone to get the key. He makes a call to the bank, telling that he needs to get into his safety deposit box that night to get something important. John and Natalie have a plan and they are going to pull it off at the gala. Natalie gets details about ways to get out of the building without being noticed… That will come into play after Natalie gets the key from Blair. Rex accuses Dorian in front of Bo. Dorian denies, denies, denies… Clint comes into the room, sure that Dorian didn't do this. He thinks that the old Dorian may have done something like that but not the new and improved Dorian. If she did do a thing like that, he couldn’t ever look her in the eye again. Dorian thanks him for saying that. When alone, she calls Kimmie and orders the hired help to pack her things as she is going out to search for her daughter. The baby is sleeping, and so Nash decides he should go. Jessica gives him Tess's journal so that he can read it as that is all that he will have of her now that Tess isn't returning. He reads and gets comfort from the book. In the journal, Tess writes that she will do anything that she can to come out as long as Nash wants her. Claudia finds him in the park. She learns that he isn't returning to California with makes her happy as she isn't returning either.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Simone and Paloma come to Jessica's rescue, only to be attacked with a knife. Simone is cut, but not badly, and the girls subdue the attempted rapists until Luis and Fancy get there. Then Paloma goes to watch the booking while Fancy stays to dumpster dive for the missing knife. She finds it, then lands on Luis when he helps her out, leaving him gasping for air because of her stench. Theresa arrives at the Fun Fair area and tries to find out from Jared what he wants her to do. He answers with his usual smart remark, leaving her feeling hurt. Gwen and Whitney continue to bond over trying to set her up with Jared, and manage to get caught shaking hands by Theresa. They cover it over by using Whitney's engagement as an excuse. Theresa tries again to tell Ethan he's Little Ethan's father, but once again Ethan nixes it by announcing he and Gwen are moving away and taking Jane with them, and Theresa refuses to lose both her kids.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru has spent the night. She finds Sharon outside thinking. Sharon can't stop thinking about her ordeal with the kidnappers and what almost happened to her. Dru knows that something is bothering her friend but Sharon won't talk about it. She remembers Brad asking them all to keep the details of what happened a secret. She lies to Dru now, telling that she was worried about Dru and the voicemail that she left about Neil. It is decided that Dru will spend a few days at the house to chill out from the tension with Neil. Gloria says goodbye to John. Jack and Ashley stand by while she talks to her husband and there isn't a dry eye in the room. Jack and Ashley sit next with their father and talk to him about their family and the past. Jack wonders who he will turn to when he needs advice now. Ashley tells him to look inside himself as that is where their father has always been. Traci arrives and catches up with the family. Kay is crying now. It just finally hit her that her good friend is leaving them. Jill remembers John as a friend as well. All have arrived and are in John's room for the last goodbye. One by one they go to John and say their last words to him. The doctor tells that he feels that John is too weak to breathe on his own and that the process could be very short or take as long as a few hours. Dru goes to Neil and apologizes for her outburst the night before. He actually understands her being upset. Carmen isn't as understanding and isn't really interested in the apology. "All that I am guilty of," she says, "is being a hard worker!" Victoria was home. Brad called her in to see him and she is glad that he did. She has some things to say. She knows that he loves Sharon and is puzzled by his marrying her. "Was it my name, money or seat on the board? If so, then you need to know something. Those things come as a package deal with me in it. Without me, all those things go away. Brad is mystified by her words and still can't understand why she can't believe that he loves her. After they talk, she sadly goes to the office, and he goes…to see Sharon… Gloria, Jack and Ashley are the only ones who remain in the room with John now. They sit with him in a room that is darkened somewhat. It is a sad time. While they are sitting and just being with John, the doctor comes in and hits a button… He then simply walks out of the room. The family are stunned by how quickly things happen. They see the machines have been turned off and slowly, John's head falls to the side. Soon a look at the flat line on the monitor confirms that John is gone…

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