Wednesday 8/16/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/16/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh only seems to want to be with Babe. Erin telsl JR that she can help to see if she an find some "dirt" on Josh and get babe to end her friendship with him. Kendall is furious with Zach for the fact that she had to see him and Dixie on the television tabloids without being warned. He tells her he did not intend for it to happen. David Hayward spied upon them. She sounds like she wants to believe and trust him. But she may not be there. Ryan appears very protective to Kendall. They affirm that they really appreciate each other. Annie seems to really appreciate Ryan and all he has done for her. But as soon as she is alone, her predator ex husband is able to reach her by phone and tells her he wants to see his daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly tells Simon she is realizing her life is changed and Jack is no longer a part of it. She is thrown though when she deplanes and finds Jack sitting there in a wheelchair after having been grazed by a bullet. She overreacts wanting to be there for him, but when Jack sees Simon with her, he tells her she is no longer his wife and need not worry. Simon tells Carly to forget about Jack and get on with her life, but Carly can’t resist and goes looking for Jack, only to find him laughing and enjoying the company of Eve. Carly leaves unnoticed and returns to find Simon at the bar. Luke has it out with Damian and promises him he is no longer any father to him. He is told he can press charges as can Lucy, but Luke decides it will take too much of his time in the next few months being dragged through court; he wants to focus on his family now. He agrees to sign his trust papers because he doesn’t want any Grimaldi blood money and then gives Damian his family ring back. He is and always will be a Snyder. Later on the plane, Damian promises to see about that. Luke and Holden bond again. Lewis and Henry continue to clash; Lewis talks with Maddie alone, but she doesn’t want anything to do with him even as Lewis tries to remind her how close they were. Maddie remembers Lewis being in the bedroom with her and she wants him to tell Henry, but Lewis claims she is all confused. When Maddie runs off, Lewis tries to stop her roughly and Henry threatens to pull off his arm and shove it down his throat if he does it again. Lewis promises noone will stop him from taking care of Maddie. Gwen can’t seem to get past the fact Will was with Jade before she was attacked. Gwen and Casey talk about how the people they love are letting them down and turning out to be people they don’t know. Eve hopes Casey still is in Maddie’s corner, but he is now having his doubts. Eve opens up to Jack about Lewis and how he acted and is now acting around Maddie. Has Jack ever felt when he was married that he didn’t know whom he was married to? Will moves into the Wagon Wheel motel next to Jade. Jade flirts with Will who seems not to be bothered by it. When Jade goes on a food run for Will and her, she bumps into Casey and Gwen and casually mentions to them that Will is staying at the motel with her, supposedly under the pretense that Gwen may be worried about him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge repeats to Brooke that she should leave Nick and come back home to him. He sees it in her eyes, she is still in love with him. She’s making a mistake with Nick and he knows because he made one very similar a short time ago. But, if she is determined to go on this course with Nick, he’ll have to move on. Eventually he will meet someone else. Is she willing to let that happen? Phoebe dogs Taylor to get her to eat something. She says she can’t, she’s sick inside. They discuss what confessing might mean. Thorne would understand and perhaps he could make the police understand. She doesn’t want this secret to destroy their lives; she is going to tell Thorne. Hector shows up and demands that they all talk now. When she tells him she is going to tell Thorne, he insists they go with him.

Donna shows up and tells Nick to get over Ridge and not worry so much about her private life. Brooke gets all teary-eyed when Ridge makes his pitch for her to stay. She knows she will always be jealous of him with another woman and she will miss their connection, but she can’t be there, it’s too painful. Donna questions Ridge’s talk with Brooke and he reports she is afraid to express her feelings for him. Hector takes Phoebe and Taylor to prison where he introduces them to Diane Walker. They’d formerly worked in charity work together. Now she is serving ten years for vehicular manslaughter. She shares her story with them, how the police came and dragged her out of bed and she confessed. She thought it would give her some peace and put it behind her. But it didn’t. Being here is worse than anything you could imagine; something to be avoided at all costs.

Despite less than enthusiastic response for Brooke being there, she attends the Marone board meeting. She about sets them on their ears when she suggests they change colors of their freighters from black to green.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Hope and Kayla talk about their spouses over French fries. Billie cautions Patrick against assuming that Bo will give Hope up without a fight. Patrick asks Hope to help him study for the police academy exam and they end up handcuffed together. They run into Bo when they are forced to come to the police station to retrieve the handcuff key. Chelsea pushes for Billie to go after Bo upon hearing of Patrick’s plans to move on with Hope. Billie suggests that Chelsea dedicate her community service to Zack by doing good deeds. Bo and Steve share beers at Club Dune before Stephanie arrives and joins Steve at a table. Steve confides in Stephanie that he wanted to stay out of town to protect his family but Stephanie tells him that she’d rather have him around despite the danger. Eve slips up and mentions knowing Kate but covers by claiming she and Kate only ever talk about the police fundraiser. When Eve steps away, John fills Bo in on his theory and is surprised when Bo shares his suspicions of Kate without John ever having to mention Eve’s slip up.

Chelsea baits Austin with the idea that there is more than a place to stay going on between Sami and E.J. tonight. E.J. surprises Sami with a candlelit dinner and admits that he pre-planned for this evening by giving Sami pearl earrings hidden in oyster shells. Sami accidentally spills the sauce on them both and Austin arrives to find them scantily dressed. Sami is able to sweet talk her way out of the situation and is shocked that Austin was not only jealous but also believed her truthful explanation. Sami senses that they are being watched but doesn’t notice the mystery stranger on the fire escape. E.J. assures Sami that he’ll take care of Lexie at the wedding.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Emily refuses to spend the night with Nik, fearing a rebound relationship. However, she is injured as she walks to the launch. Patrick prevents April from being kicked out of General Hospital. Sonny realizes Max wants Carly and gets some mileage out of teasing him. Dillon and Georgi celebrate their divorce. Emily winds up staying the night at Wyndermere.April insists that Robin and Patrick are in love, despite his denials. Robin visits Sonny to talk about Stone and Patrick. When Ms. Sneed tries again to get April tossed out, Sonny intercedes. Patrick admits to Robin that he might be in love with her.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd brings Evangeline home. She wants to cook her own breakfast and do things for herself for a change. Layla comes out of her room and greets her sister. Vincent then comes out. "What are you doing in my sister's bedroom?" Kelly is brought kicking and screaming into the police station. She has been arrested and she has no idea why. "I told them to arrest you," Hugh says. Turns out that Vincent only came over in the morning to help Layla fix her computer and nothing happened. Todd tells Evangeline to enjoy life and not get stressed out about stuff. He tells her to enjoy all that is around her for a change. At the end of his soliloquy he says, "Would you like to go out on a date with me tonight?" Hugh found out that Kelly was leaving town and so he had her picked up. She was on her way to the airport. Antonio hears Kelly ranting and threatening to have Hugh arrested and he talks to her privately, telling that he and Jessica know about the baby. Kevin told them. She can't stand the thought of everyone knowing the truth when she starts showing. Kevin doesn't want Kelly to leave. Bo and Antonio start work on vice. Antonio wants to find every tape that the molester made of Jessica as a child. They check the computer and find that there are currently five or six known predators living just a few miles from where Leeds used to live. Antonio wants those addresses. Bo gives him the information but warns that he has to do this by the book. Evangeline still isn't sure that Todd isn't using her but she agrees to go to the gala. When he has a private moment, Todd asks Vincent if he knows Spencer. "He is someone who might have needed your services at some point." Vincent doesn't now that cat! Spencer meets at a restaurant with a businessman. They go to a private table and Spencer chooses a ring. "Now all she has to say is 'yes'."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Pilar continue arguing about telling Ethan he is really Little Ethan's father, but Ethan is agreeing to help Julian fight for equal custody of the boy. In the end, Theresa listens to her mother and says she will tell him the truth. Paloma and Fancy finish their first day of recruit training after Fancy manages to finish 20 pushups. They are both in pain, but proud of themselves. Paloma heads to the Book Cafe to talk with Simone, who is working there, while Fancy prepares to take a shower. Luis had the same thought, tho, and while he's soaping up with the water off, Fancy steps in the same stall. Jessica visited with Simone for a while, trying not to answer her friend's questions about her reasons for marrying Spike. She then heads to the Lobster Shack to see if she can get a job. Once there, she is met by two school "chums" who know what she used to do, and they send her out back to look for the manager with the intent of getting what they want from her. She is being held by them as the show ends.

Jared is doing a good job of setting up the hospital carnival, getting so warm he takes off his shirt. Chad seems to be a bit jealous when Whitney remarks on the man's hot body. He quickly gets over it, tho, when she tells him he looks just as good and she'd rather ogle him. Jared comes to talk to them, but bolts when Whitney says she will call Theresa to come help. He wants nothing to do with her since she "lied" to him about who she is.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Dru watches as Neil walks in with Carmen. When he sees her he comes over to her table asking what she is doing there. She says that she was waiting for him. She apologizes quietly saying that she is sorry that she thought that they could stay away from each other one night. Nick is at the house. Sharon tells him to go and be with Phyllis as she knows that is where he would rather be anyway. Gina comes to see what's going on. Dru tells to forget the romantic diner. Then Drucilla decides to have the dinner served to her husband and his girlfriend. She warns the two to chew twenty times before swallowing or they might choke. Jack and Gloria butt heads. He threatens to have himself appointed legal guardian. "Why," Gloria asks. "So you can turn around and kill him?" Jack and Gloria get into it and don't stop until Michael comes to calm things down. That is when Phyllis arrives. She listens to John and agrees that he has to find a way to end the way that things are for John. Paul arrives and Ashley fills him in on all that has happened. Dru shows up at Sharon's house fit to be tied. Sharon tells Nick he can go and he lets the girls talk alone. Neil apologizes to Carmen over Dru's behavior telling that it is her problem if she thinks that something is going on. Carmen has to wonder if there really isn't anything going on between them like Dru thinks. Drucilla tells Sharon that Neil is smitten with Neil. She can't take a step back from Neil as Carmen is right there and she isn't the kind of woman who gives up on something that she wants. Gloria brings pictures into John's room and arranges them so that when John wakes that is the first thing that he will see. She can't help but listen to and look at the machines connected to her husband when the room is quiet. Jack tells her that he is contacting an attorney in the morning. "That won't be necessary Jack," Gloria says. "It is time to let your father go."

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