Tuesday 8/15/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jonathan agrees to his end of the bargain with Jack where he will admit to Lily that he's fully recovered from his intellectual disability and faking his condition, after Jack drops the petition to have his daughter declared legally incompetent and annul her marriage to Jonathan. He tells Lily and she freaks to find out that he lied. She tells him that she cannot read him and does not know if she can trust him any more than she knew that about Terry. Jonathan is devastated. Amanda tries to console him and encourage him not to give up on Lily. But it won't work. Erica returns home to find a bunch of scantily clothed young people partying unannounced. She orders them all to leave. But one young man introduces himself to her as Sean Montgomery, her former stepson and Bianca's half brother. She begrudgingly agrees to let Sean stay in the guest room. But he goes and startles Lily. At that point, she tells Jack that she is very disappointed with what he did to his daughter. And she'd rather not have his nephew disrupting her home. At Fusion, Kendall and the Fusion staff see an unexpected new tabloid about Zach and Dixie together. Although she's agreed to "pretend" that Zach slept with Dixie, she had no clue that David Hayward recorded them on his video camera. He is very angry at Dixie. And Kendall is having real doubts about her marriage to know that this has gone on behind her back.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

There is a struggle at the airport, shots were fired, but Holden ends up with the gun and he and Luke are reunited. Damian admits that he needed Luke to sign over his trust to end the vendetta, but he claims Serge imprisoned Lucy. Luke learns that Damian is not dying; he also learns Damian is ashamed he is gay and was the driving force behind Ross Kreeger, not Lily. Holden asks that Damian be arrested. Luke tells Damian he is not his father. Lucy is taken to the hospital after having trouble breathing, but seems to be on the road to recovery. Dusty and Lucy work through their problems regarding Jen’s death and bond. Paul helps Emily with her work; Susan notices how happy Emily is after Paul leaves and begs her not to go down that road again. Paul tells Meg things with Emily went better then expected. Jade provides Will with an alibi when Margo wonders where he was before Gwen and Casey were attacked. Dallas finds Maddie hiding on Will and Gwen’s front porch. She claims she was there to stop Casey and Gwen but saw the slasher running out of the house. Dallas thinks Maddie is not telling the truth. Margo tells Eve, Henry and Lewis that Maddie needs a solid alibi for last night. Lewis wants he and Maddie to spend time together and talk like they used to; this suggestion is met with a glare from Maddie. Will is forced to defend himself against Casey. He tries to get Gwen to forgive him; she believes he didn’t attack her, but that doesn’t change how he cheated on her and lied to her for months. She also didn’t forget Jade was his alibi that night. She is still moving in with Casey, which prompts Will to stalk off - with Jade no less. Gwen and Casey bond over the fact neither one of them knows what is real anymore because of Will and Maddie; Gwen leaves with Casey

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Late morning, Nick and Brooke are snuggling in bed. They both lament that two days away from each other was just too long. He informs her about Ridge’s visit the night before and how he thinks Ridge is taking advantage of Donna and she’s not resisting. Nick expounds that Ridge is doing this just to make Brooke jealous and it looks like it’s working. Donna reports to work late, trying to act business as usual. She finally asks Ridge if it is true what Nick said; that he’s using her to make her sister jealous? She doesn’t want to play games. He tells her he didn’t answer because he doesn’t know the answer. He doesn’t completely scare her off and she reminds him that even good girls like to occasionally play with fire. She’s taking this ride and not getting off.

Felicia and Dante are smooching up a storm in the Executive office when Bridget walks in. She lets them know she is happy they are back together and that there is at least one happy ending. Felicia comes clean with her previous Botox and suntan lotion switch and Bridget apologizes for her not knowing her own mind and interfering in their relationship. Felicia gives her a stethoscope for a graduation gift and tells her now that she can cure other people’s hearts, it’s time to work on her own. She knows it’s all about Nick. Brooke walks in on Ridge with his hands all over Donna – working, of course. She coolly dismisses Donna so she and Ridge can go over sales figures. And ends up telling Ridge he has a disregard for her feelings, and she can’t take it any more. He reminds her that she is with his half-brother, so she surmises this is payback. He simply says it’s him moving on with his life, which is what she asked him to do. But, what he really wants is for her to tell Nick it is over and come back to him.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Officer Eve Michaels calls the mystery stranger to demand more cash. John joins forces with Tek to try and find out who among the police department is framing Bo. John deduces that new cop Eve is worth checking out and asks her out on a date in an attempt to trap her. Kate, having been called down to the station by Eve, witnesses the invitation and John admits that Marlena asked him for a separation. Kate warns Eve about letting John find out the truth. Bo laughs at Patrick’s desire to be a cop. Hope spites Bo by claiming she’d readily volunteer to be Patrick’s partner. Hope finally tells Bo exactly what was said in the emails she received and Bo realizes that Chelsea changed his original emails. Hope sticks to her claim of wanting Bo to prove he didn’t tamper with evidence and still plans to go through with the divorce.

Lucas eavesdrops on Stephanie as she talks on the phone with E.J. about joining their new company. Lucas advises Stephanie against working with Kate. Sami pulls Austin out of the business meeting with E.J. and Kate to work on wedding plans. Kate asks E.J. to help stop the wedding by seducing Sami. Lexie has to repeatedly yell at Chelsea for spending too much time away from working. Chelsea overhears Sami talking about the wedding and is surprised that Sami didn’t tell her about the changed date. Chelsea and Sami exchange insults. E.J. offers to let Sami stay at his apartment tonight and Sami vetoes all other options to get Austin to agree to the idea. Austin doesn’t like hearing E.J. talk of making Sami’s last night as a single woman special. Austin invites Lexie to the wedding as a way of mending Lexie and Sami’s relationship but Sami worries when Lexie turns him down to work on “explosive research.”

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason and Elizabeth are grateful to be in each other's lives but realize they can't be together. Elizabeth resolves herself to the fact that her marriage is over. Alexis asks Sam to stay but she insists on moving out. Alexis doesn't reveal to Ric or Sam that she saw them making love and later overhears Ric advising Sam to never tell anyone what happened between them.

Georgie and Dillon are affected when they receive their divorce papers. Dillon cheers Georgie by making their divorce a celebration of their new start together. Georgie and Dillon promise love each other forever. Patrick and Robin's relationship grows stronger.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John tells that there is a safety deposit key that he needs to open a box that Spencer has. She shakes her head. "I can't do it!" Spencer enters the room as Starr is explaining to Langston how she is faking her amnesia. When the friend leaves, Spencer comes over to Starr telling her that her parents never married and that they had troubles. She says she wants to go to sleep now. Rex comes looking for Bo but finds Natalie instead. She is angry that Adriana would think that Rex was the stalker but Rex understands how this all happened. He blames Dorian who has done thinks like this in the past to him. To her the end justifies the means. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree," Nat snaps. "Yes it does!" Rex says. "You of all people should know that." Bo has to get the picture back to Spencer's apartment. He gets Renée to do it, while he waits outside. When she exits, Spencer is standing there. Bo tells that there was thought to be a leak and so Bo waited outside while Renée entered to check it out. Spencer seems to let that go. Bo brings up Lenny. Spencer denies that he know any Lenny. Bo finds that funny as David remembers him very well. Marcie tells Michael that she went against his wishes and followed the couple with Thomas. She shows him the pictures that she took and he is disgusted with them but pleased that Marcie took the initiative. Social services is going to find a new family for the child. Michael knows that the new couple will be great as he intends to make sure that the new couple is he and Marcie. Blair decides that she will in fact help to find this missing key. She can't do it immediately though as she wants to make sure that Starr is okay before searching for the key. Bruce tells Dorian that he has gotten Adriana to run off from Rex and for that he needs a bonus. She hangs up telling him that the job is finished. Bruce knows that she will call back. "That's if she ever wants to see her daughter again."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The old TC was back today. Julian was very upset at not being with Eve since TC came home, and said he's going to Paris without her. TC then went into full anger mode, yelling at her to get out of the house. Trying for sympathy or trying to help Evian? Julian later asserted his desire to spend more time with his son, but Theresa won't allow it. She said he was never a good father to his older kids, and won't be any better now. Ethan stood up for Julian, saying he'd not only ask for partial custody, he'd want a full six months a year. That caused her to once again stop herself from telling Ethan and Julian that Ethan is Little Ethan's father, even tho Pilar had talked her into doing just that. Pilar stepped in at that point and seems to be going to tell the truth. Tune in tomorrow. Gwen and Whitney got Chad to talk Jared into staying in Harmony by getting him the job of managing the hospital fair. Now they have to get him and Theresa together so Gwen can feel safe with her hubby.

Miguel and Fox continually sniped at each other while trying to set up the fair booths. Tabitha told them both to settle down, and the did seem to get a lot more done afterwards. Kay showed up, as did Siren. Siren got Miguel away from the others and began singing her song, which Miguel began to respond to. Kay had brought the old seaman to keep Siren in line, and they both heard her song, too. Kay ran to find Miguel while the fisherman found Siren. They were last seen with him chasing her from the area. Kay told Tabby she might have a plan to get rid of Siren and get Fox from under her spell. No details, tho.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Decisions have to be made. Family and friends realize that John is already gone, although he breathes with the machine. Jack thinks they should wait for Traci to arrive and then let John go. Gloria disagrees. She is sure that John will get well again. Colleen, Rebecca and Abby arrive at the house and get the whole story. JT is still suspicious that Brad isn't as innocent as he seems to everyone else. The doctor tells that John arranged for Gloria to be the only one that can have the plug pulled on John. Jack reminds her that John is suffering and that he needs to be let go when the time comes. Gloria won't hear of it. Nikki is with Sharon and Nick at the house. She tells Sharon that she knows how Sharon feels. Sharon doesn't want to talk about it and wants to put the incident in the past. She answers the phone to Brad. He and she talk while Nikki sits and listens from a chair. Sharon turns and looks at her for a moment. Nikki suddenly gets up and leaves the room. Brad wants Sharon to promise that she will call him if she needs anything. Victoria is listening and when he gets off the phone, she warns that’s she wants to stay married to him but will not be made a fool of. Sharon tells Nick doesn't have to stay. Brad shows up and manages to get Nick and Sharon to agree never to reveal his secret. Nick goes outside the house. Sharon tells that Nick has been sweet and caring to her but all she really wants is for that to have been Brad. "I want to be with you so much Brad." Nick calls Phyllis while outside. "I have to stay at the house tonight. Dru asks Gina to set up a special dinner. Carmen suggests that she and Neil have a working dinner. Dru asks Neil to pick up dinner at Gina's. He agrees to do it, but he also accepts Carmen's invitation to eat. Dru is at the club early. She wears a fetching dress to surprise Neil. She hears a familiar voice coming in. She looks up and sees Neil entering the restaurant with Carmen…

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