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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica and Kendall try, unsuccessfully to bond with Josh. He sets them straight that they are not his family. The only person whom he cares about and believes cares about him is Babe. Zach and Dixie put their plan into motion to look as though they are having an affair so that they can be cleared of murder charges. Afer Jonathan realizes that Jack will never accept his relationship with Lily, after finding out that he's faking his "condition" to her, he tells Jack that if he withdraws his court petition to annul their marriage, then Jonathan will come clean to Lily about getting his mental faculties back. Jack then tells Jonathan that they have a deal, only because he knows that once Lily finds out the truth about Jonathan, she will get rid of him and end her own marriage. Jack tells the judge that he withdraws his petition. JOnathan confesses to Lily that when he passed out and went to the hospital for the CAT scan in New York, it cured his previous condition. Knowing that he's lied to her, Lily concludes that her marriage is a lie and she cannot forgive Jonathan or trust him after that.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Carly watches as Simon helps himself to a woman’s diamond necklace. She is mortified that he swiped it as a game and then makes him return it. Carly and Simon can’t help but enjoy each other’s company though. Damian is nervous as he and Luke try to get on their flight; Damian feigns lightheadedness when Luke is concerned that Lucy isn’t calling him back. Serge demands Damian get Luke on the flight tonight and he is going with them to make sure it happens. Damian isn’t pleased but Serge reminds him of the money he owes their friends. He has to make Luke sign over his trust; he gently reminds him what happens if Luke predeceases him. Jack and Holden are at the airport as well trying to stop Damian from leaving the country with Luke; they enlist the help of a Federal agent. Serge overhears this plan and panics, causing Damian to lose his cool. Serge takes Luke hostage and Jack is shot. Lucy and Dusty are tied up in the Fairwinds wine cellar, but are able to get loose, by breaking a gas pipe by accident. They break down the door with an ax and rush out just before the cellar explodes. Dusty and Lucy are thrown clear, but Lucy won’t awaken. Meg rushes to their aid after hearing the explosion when driving by. When Lucy awakens, she can’t breathe. Paul worries about Emily, even moreso when she ignores his phone call. He stops by, after Meg makes the suggestion and she explains she is trying to work part time back at the newspaper. Paul is upset thinking she needs bed rest. They come to an agreement to try to stay on friendly terms but with boundaries. Paul then offers to help Emily with her work. Gwen struggles with the slasher and seems to get the bette of him when she knocks him out. She calls the police, but the attacker wakes up and tries to choke her. She awakens later finding Will standing over her. He claims he heard her screaming; Gwen thanks him for saving her life and tells her she loves him. When Casey awakens, Gwen explains what happened, but she can’t identify her attacker because he had a mask and dark hooded sweatshirt on. Casey points out that Will has one on even though it is 70 degrees out. He is suspicious of what Will is capable of doing to get his wife back. Will assures both of them he would never hurt either one of them. The police arrive, Will is further questioned and he seems nervous. Outside, Dallas hears a noise when checking for evidence and finds a fearful looking Maddie sitting with her knees pressed to her chest on Will and Gwen’s porch bench.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor gets the riot act from Thorne about Phoebe’s mother killing his baby’s mother and then befriending them to assuage her own guilt. Thank God, it was a dream as Phoebe awakens her. Ridge visits Donna at Brooke’s while she is away with Hope at camp for a few days. Donna is on Ridge’s side and wants him to see his son, R.J. without the hassle of Nick being there. She also laments that perhaps it is time for him to move on from Brooke. They reminisce that he has changed her life, her life in the magazines.

Bridget visits Nick and explains the situation with Dante; good man but wrong choice for her. She was never in love with him. She was still trying to get over Nick and she will someday. She tells him she is now Dr. Bridget Forrester. During a moment of nostalgia, Nick comes home and bellows at Ridge that he should have been gone by now. He doesn’t believe this crap about ‘business’. Nick tells him in no uncertain terms he feels he is using Donna to get Nick out of Brooke’s life, to make her jealous. She confronts Ridge and asks if that is true? He leaves telling her they will talk about this later. She's hurt and begins to sniffle. Thorne calls Taylor with his doubts about Hector but tells her that he knows Darla is looking down and is very grateful for Taylor’s help with him and Alexandria.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami and Austin make rushed wedding plans and Sami delights in Kate’s horrified reaction to the news. Kate reluctantly agrees to attend the wedding without complaint and E.J. offers to get “Blue October” to come play at the wedding. The mystery stranger lurks outside the apartment door as Sami and Austin talk of their wedding. E.J. gets Sami, Austin, and Kate to join forces and go into business as equal partners in sponsoring a racecar. E.J. proposes a deal to Stephanie to be their driver. Max and Stephanie flirtatiously fight over access to Shawn’s engine plans. Chelsea complains to Billie that she was assigned to filing at the hospital for her community service. Chelsea stops by the garage to complain to Max but ends up ecstatic to hear Stephanie offered a deal that would take her away from Max. Max, however, has his doubts about the deal.

Hope runs crying into Patrick’s arms. Hope explains that she was crying because she filed papers to officially divorce Bo. Patrick admits to Hope his desire for a romantic relationship. Hope agrees to the possibility but pulls away from his kiss. Hope encourages Patrick’s desire to become a cop. Kayla, Caroline, and Bo tease Steve about his and Bo’s past dart playing competitions and they decide to have a rematch. Billie stops by and Kayla suggests a women against men competition. Steve jokingly teases Kayla and everyone is shocked when he calls her “sweetness.” Bo receives Hope’s summons to divorce court and tears it up. Bo storms into the house to talk to Hope and finds her in Patrick’s arms.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam and Ric's night of passion ends in tears. Liz turns to Jason for comfort. Lucky asks Nik and Emily to take care of Cam and Liz because of how badly he screwed up.Then, he gets on a roll and insults the two of them and his dad in absentia. Lulu considers going on a trip out of Port Charles. Sonny asks for the facts on what's wrong with Alexis, healthwise. Sam tells Ric she intends to tell Jason the truth about her night with Ric. Liz and Jason's fond memories turn into something more passionate, but it's only supposed to last one night. Sonny yells at Ric for cheating on Alexis with Sam. Sam comes up to Jason's just as he and Liz are having an intense moment.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer watches as Todd and Blair kiss. They don't know that he sees them. He takes a deep breath and walks off. Natalie is upset. She missed too many classes when she went to Thailand and now she can't pass her Forensics. John has an idea. Claudia thinks that Bo wants to talk to her about the attempted robbery, but he quickly turns the conversation to her interest in Jessica. Adriana wakes and finds that she is tied up in the car. She fights to get free but can't. Suddenly the door flies open and Bruce peeks in. "Going somewhere?" Rex goes to see Dorian. He demands to know where Adriana is. Dorian turns the tables on him and decides that if Adriana thinks that he is the stalker, she needs to back her on that. She tries to call the police but Rex stops her. He doesn't understand her reaction to him telling her that Adriana is missing. She wouldn't let Adriana out of her sight before the trip. He figures that she had to have been behind this. Dorian denies it. Rex can tell that she likes that Adriana is afraid of him. When the stalker gets close to Adriana, she kicks him hard. He warns her that she had better not do that again. Dorian denies all that Rex accuses her of and doesn't want his help finding her daughter. When he leaves, she goes to the phone and sees Bruce has called. "Hi Bruce what is it?" All he says before hanging up is that plans have changed. Dorian is confused and looks at the phone strangely, wondering what that was all about. Spencer is furious with Blair for kissing Todd. Blair says they have to do that. Spencer gets Starr's results and shows Blair that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Starr. Starr is alone in her room. Langston comes to visit and apologizes for daring her friend off the cliff. Starr says that she has no idea what her friend is talking about. Then she smiles. "There is nothing wrong with me. I am faking."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad proposed to Whitney, then got on the phone and made a date with his mystery person. Theresa is upset because Jared won't have anything more to do with her because she is Mrs. Crane, and nothing Whitney said helped her. Jared was storming out of the building, then stopped to yell at Chad on the way for not telling him about her. Gwen and Ethan both got jobs at the same law office, but it's on the 10th floor of the Crane building and they will be running into Theresa all the time. They can leave Jane at the child care center, tho, and Gwen figures Jared will keep Theresa to busy to bother them. She got very upset when she ran into Jared and he told her they are through. Ethan was waiting for the child care department to open so he could enroll Jane and Theresa ran into him on her way to spend time with Little Ethan. He is sorry when she tells him what happened, but thinks she can now find someone better.

Sheridan is missing Luis a lot, especially when she goes through a box with pictures of him in it that she's sending to storage. She still isn't sure she likes Fancy being with him, but knows she has to let him go do whatever he feels is best. Chris keeps trying to get her PDA so he can get the codes for Spike to break into the mansion, but he just can't quite get it done. Luis works the new recruits hard, trying to get Fancy to quit. She manages to do what she's supposed to do - just barely - except for climbing the rope. She hurt her back when she fell off, then had to go on an eight mile run with the rest of them anyway.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick is almost killed when the man in the suit realizes that he doesn't have the reliquary. Nick offers to take Sharon's place and then the relic will be delivered. The man in the suit will not fall for that trick. He fears the police could be outside. He doesn’t want to negotiate and guarantees Nick that if the reliquary isn't delivered to him immediately he will not only kill Sharon, but Nick too. Billy arrives at the hospital and gets an update. He talks to his father but John doesn't move. The doctor comes to the family and friends telling that the part of John's body that tells him to breathe doesn’t work anymore and he is on machines now. His condition is irreversible. Gloria will not accept this and wants another opinion. Dru still stays at home waiting for Neil to return. He doesn't. Lily finds him at the basketball court and he tells that he is staying at the club. She and he play Gin in the Athletic Club. Dru and Devon play board games at home and she assures him that things are going to get better for the family. "You'll see." The man hears JT and Paul at the door and orders them out. JT and Paul come out but it is just a trick to get Brad in the back without the man catching on. Brad has his gun on the man and the man's henchman has his gun on Nick. Sharon is there behind a curtain but she is sitting on explosives. The exchange of the reliquary for the remote that sets off the bomb is made. The henchman shoots and is shot… Brad has his gun on the man who tells that he killed Brad's family and even made the girl watch her father get killed. Brad gets rid of his gun, and decides to kick the man's ass proper. At the end of it all…one of them is dead.

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