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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Lily's competency hearing is underway. Before it starts, Erica urges Jack to give it some time before going through with it. Ryan come to confront Jack and asks him how he could do something so drastic and tells him it will only hurt his daughter. In response to that, Jack informs Ryan that his brother is fully functional and has only been faking the "mentally challenged" state that he is in. And he doesn't want to find out what other kinds of lies and cons Jonathan may have pulled or plans to pull with Lily. Hearing that, Ryan is really surprised and demands that his brother tells him honestly if he is really back to the fully functional Jonathan. Jonathan admits to Ryan that he is but he won't let Lily know because she will feel all alone without having him the way she knows him to be. Livia represents Lily and Jonathan and calls many witnesses to confirm that Lily is more than competent and that she and Jonathan have a real love together. Zach informs Kendall that the only way he can beat the murder charges is to have the court believing that he is, in fact, having an affair with Dixie. She is a little worried about how she's going to pull off a facade that husband does not love her and has cheated on her. Tad is really upset with this belief that Dixie may be sleeping with Zach. Josh starts working and coming up with many ideas for Fusion after Babe has hired him. Erica and Kendall come by and watch him hugging Babe.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden asks Jack to help him buy some time so that he can prove to Luke Damian is lying about his illness. Damian admits to Lucy he has been lying to Luke about his illness. Damian tells Lucy she drank the drugged tea and once she passes out he locks her in the wine cellar. Dusty finds Lucy but before he can get her out Sergio arrives and ties them up and locks the wine cellar. Maddie confronts Gwen and tells her to stay away from Casey or she could die just like Lia. Will tries hard to get Gwen not to move out of the house and give him another chance but Gwen decides to move out of the house anyway. The slasher arrives at Gwen and Will's house and hits both Casey and Gwen over the head and is poised to stab Gwen.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne stands his ground when Hector asks him to leave his house now. He manages to get Taylor to leave. Hector remarks he knows he wants answers, but he does not have any. He says it was an accident but Darla fell into the path of a car. Thorne offers that he’s only making excuses for the monster that killed his wife. He’s going to find the son of a bitch who did this and on Darla’s grave make him pay! Hector calls Taylor and warns her that Thorne is heading to her house. He gives it one last ditch effort to get her not to reveal her complicity in the case. They would lose it all.

Felicia and Dante panic when they realize Dino is missing but they vow to track him down with a Global Positioning System by the PDA and a laptop. They head to the Van Nuys Airport. Dino is riding in a car driven by a man, seeming okay. They find him aboard a plane and then Eric shows up and reminds Felicia that he was taking Dino for the day and he did leave a note. He takes the boy for ice cream and Dante confesses his love for Felicia and he won’t let her or Dino out of his sight again.

Taylor tells Thorne she doesn’t deserve his comfort, but he disagrees. She has been there for him and Alexandria for weeks now. He knows Hector wants him to call off this manhunt, but he vows he never will until he finds this evil person. Breaking down, Taylor tells a shocked Thorne that she knows who it is. She knows who killed Darla. She is the person he is looking for. She killed Darla.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack tries to get Jennifer to stop doting on him. Jack and Jennifer come close to kissing but Jennifer pulls away. Abby asks Max for a job and after some hesitation, he agrees. Abby admits to Max her desires for a Jennifer/Jack reunion. Frankie stops home for lunch and sadly listens as Jack and Jennifer bond over family memories. Abby is secretly thrilled when Max gives her her first assignment of contacting E.J. to reschedule his meeting with Max. Max calls Frankie down to the garage to look over a contract and while there they discuss Frankie’s current marriage situation.

John and Marlena make love but Marlena still wants time apart. John reluctantly agrees to stay at the Salem Inn. Roman visits Marlena when she returns to her office at the hospital and catches her up on Carrie’s non-pregnancy. Marlena shocks Roman with the news of her separation from John but delights in his instant promise of support. Shawn suggests working to convince Mimi and Philip that he and Belle can be just friends despite their past. Mimi continues to eavesdrop until Shawn declares that his heart belongs to Mimi now. Belle gives Shawn back his family’s ring. Philip and Mimi run into each other and Philip shares his theory of the embryo switch being done on purpose.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Patrick returns to Robin's and confesses that he's scared of getting her sick. Sonny and Lulu talk during the blackout. Liz confronts Georgi about the way she's covered for Maxie. Alexis is forced to ask Jason for a ride to the hospital, but suddenly can't breathe. Lulu confesses her pregnancy situation to Sonny and he offers her any help she needs. After going off on two doctors who appear to be on the verge of an illicit tryst, Liz gets sent home. Sonny learns that Alexis is ill.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Josh spots Reva. Jeffery puts the pressure on Dinah. Harley and Gus vow to find out who started the fire at the Beacon. Mallet decides to spot keeping tabs on Dinah, and tells the FBI as much. Harley and Gus wonder if there is a connection between the website, and the Beacon fire. Lizzie lies to Tammy. Reva returns to Cross Creek before heading to the airport with Colin. Josh realizes that Cassie is determined to leave town for good. Cassie leaves Josh a note. Reva reminisces about her life with Josh, and all the time she has spent at Cross Creek. Lizzie helps Jonathan. Reva thanks Colin, and he thanks her as well. Lizzie finds out that Alan has cut her off again. Instead of following Reva, Josh goes to San Cristobal. Mallet sees Jeffery & Dinah together, and becomes suspicious. Billy arrives in New York to support Reva.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Todd passes by Spencer who is trying to seal a deal over the phone for a house for 'his' new family. Todd goes into Starr's room, telling that he wants her to come and live with him. She wants the whole family to return to the penthouse like before. Bo and John get an expert who will look over the picture of Spencer and the guns. Paige gets an update from Spencer on Starr's condition. She sees Todd and Blair with Starr in Starr's room. She likes seeing the girl with both her parents. Spencer says that he will be the one that Blair leaves with when they go home. Paige wouldn't be too sure about that. "Did you hear Spencer? Bo got his job back. You are good Spencer, but Bo is better." John and Bo are stumped. They have to find the gun. They start running checks all over town using Spencer's name. They find nothing. John is at the shooting range when it suddenly comes to him. He rushes back to work. He hits pay dirt! He goes to Bo and tells him that they have been searching S. Truman all along, when they should have been searching N. Truman. Paige comes to visit. Bo can't put her picture on his desk yet until they figure out what they mean to each other. John took a chance that Spencer has been using his father's name and he has. There is a safety deposit box under N. Truman and Bo and John figure that he uses that name on the box as that is where the gun is. Starr is confused but Spencer isn't worried. "It is just the trauma to her head." She thinks that 2 X 3 is 5, and she can't tell what day it is. She thinks her parents are engaged and getting married. She hopes to help with the wedding. She asks them to kiss for her now. She complains about her aching head when they don't want to. Finally they kiss while Spencer watches through the window in the door.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Jared became enraged when he found out Theresa is actually Mrs. Crane. She tried to explain why she didn't tell him, but he didn't want to listen to anything she said, and he stormed out of the office, telling Valerie he will never work there. She, of course, was shocked. Fancy and Paloma were allowed to start training, but Luis let them know it's only temporary. Fancy started her moves on him when he handed out the gun belts and she just couldn't figure out how to put it on unless he did it for her. Dumbell that he is, he complied. Sheridan watched and wavered between being jealous, hurt, and hopeful the two can help each other move on.

Chris tried to stand up to Spike today, but when the scum told him he knows Chris' whole story - that Alistair hired him to woo Sheridan and pretend to be James' dad to get in good with her - he decided he has no choice but to help him break into the Crane mansion and steal everything he can carry away. Miguel resisted Siren's singing and went to tell Kay that he loves her now, but that left Kay confused as to who she really wants to be with. She wants to be with Fox, but Miguel was her first love. Endora and Tabitha are no help at all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The paddles are used on John and he survives that battle. Drucilla is in the house alone and feeling blue. She looks at pictures of her family… She gets the phone and starts dialing but then she stops. Victoria has finished her tamper job on the relic in order to fool the kidnappers to think that it is another piece, but there is one part at the top she couldn't copy just right. John is unconscious now. He is hooked up to a ventilator to breathe and he is unconscious. Jill arrives and she and Kay spend time with the man. Brad suddenly figures it out. There is something inside the reliquary that is why the kidnappers are so bent on having it. They worry as now their fake will not produce what the criminals need but they have to try and so they move into action. The doctor comes to the waiting room. He tells that they can't stop the bleeding in John's brain, and that he has a request on file that John has put in place and it prevents the hospital from resuscitating him in the event that he goes into cardiac arrest, or stops breathing. Gloria gets hysterical, but Jack and Ashley understand the request and know that this is exactly the thing their father would do. The kidnapper instructs Nick to be the one to drop off the reliquary. He heads out. Brad goes to meet JT and Paul at the storage container now that they have found it. Victoria is alone and she looks at the video of Sharon. Her face changes. She runs to her cellphone. Brad is annoyed that Victoria is calling now. "Brad Sharon wasn't the one that wrote that number on the video." JT and Paul are smashing and hacking at the storage container trying to get the door off. They are sure that Sharon is in there. Brad shouts to JT and Paul that this is a trap! JT and Paul freeze in their tracks. Nick arrives at the drop off site at a church in Parma. No one is there. Nick calls out but no one answers. Suddenly, a gun is put to the side of his neck. "Nick Newman. Good of you to drop in…"

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